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  1. sofrdk

    Update 0.6.11 - General Feedback

    I think it is sad to see what World of Warships have become over the last 12 month. WG promished us that players that actually went into fights and not stayed back camping would be offered more XP etc. But I am the type going forward, pushing no matter if its in Gearing, Des Moines or Yamato, but if I camp, I almost get the same out of winning. WARGAMING: U have created a unique game for many players, but you have felt down to the floor over the past 12 month, crawling around, not sure what to do. I am one the players, that have never bought a ship in the game, everything have been earned by doing a hard work, but is it the benefits you're teaching the kids today, that camping also matters? Should the game just be a bit more perfect, then hit the shipowners that play the camping type, by taking XP from them for every time they just sit back and let the few of us do the hard work. It's illegal in Denmark to drive to fast. When driving to fast 3 times, police can take the persons vehicle and destroy it and the persons gets nothing than a nice ticket and a warning of doing it again. World of Warships is a moneygame, more than a seriuos game. I intend to close my account due to the 90% of players destroying the game and even so my statistics for every battle. When I play a T10 battle, I expect to see T9 and T10 players in the game, not T7 and T8. I would rather wait 5 minutes every time to see T10 players in my T10 game, than wait 1 minute and meet T7 and T8 players without enough experience in the game to play with T10 players. For a player that have earned the ships by hard work and now have 3x T10 and 2x T9 ships in the port, it is sadly to play with players that dont have the same experince and wont play as serious as a T9 player will to achieve his T10 ship. Hit me if I am so wrong!!! WG - I cant be the only one that wants more for the experienced players than for the non-experienced!!! It's a give and take, either you are a part of a game and fight, or else you stay back, camping and loosing your earned XP, there's not a middleway to do the things to make all happy. The 10% are the most valued players in my mind, loosing them, it like closing the game forever.
  2. sofrdk

    Account deletion

    Breaking what rules?
  3. sofrdk

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Topnice score today :)
  4. sofrdk

    UFO's landed in WOW?

    Am I the only one, that have found these UFO's landed in WOW?
  5. sofrdk

    Søger Dansk Klan

    Vil jeg bestemt lige overveje :)
  6. sofrdk

    Søger Dansk Klan

    Søger en dansk klan jeg kan deltage i. Vil ikke sige at jeg er blandt de bedste, men heller ikke de værste. Jeg spiller ikke defensivt og er oftere offensiv i min spillestil, da jeg ikke er til at gemme mig og vente på at der sker noget. Sker der ikke noget, tager jeg gerne teten og sørger for at finde dem der skal skydes på. Så har i brug for en teammate der ikke sidder på sin flade røv, så skriv gerne og spørg. jeg svarer hurtigere på minmail sofrdk snabelA gmail punktum com. Jeg vil sige med det samme at jeg ikke gider at spille med personer under 18 år.
  7. sofrdk

    Disconnected from server

    Denmark down also - annoying - almost finished a game and then pooooof game down!!!
  8. sofrdk

    Unable to login, technical issues found.. ?

    Exact same problems here in Denmark - annoying when just plaing a game and got disconnected :(
  9. sofrdk

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionTried this with several ships. I die, then press SHIFT on keyboard, following game in free mode. When see all ships from behind as image attached, camera suddently turns 180 degrees. I'll try again and same thing happens, it can't stay where it is. 2. Reproduction stepsAllways happens in free camera mode. 3. ResultUsing mouse to look around. 4. Expected resultI should have been able to follow the rest of the game from an angle where I feel that the fight is best. 5. Technical detailsHave happened every game i play
  10. sofrdk

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    The "Cool down" mode is not good for those with small armadas, like noobs and so. These game modes Aegis etc. are WAY TO DIFFICULT to get trough. I am aware that it should not be easy, but on my real account I manage to win often, but this game modes have never given me just a little chance of winning. If new players are introduced to this type of gameplay without a chance to win, then they will go play another game. Its all about a win/win situation, not losing all the time.
  11. sofrdk

    Am I the [edited] here?

    I sail in my T8 BB. An enemy shoots at me and my teammate shoot at him. I went to a better shooting range before hitting him 8 times taking the enemy out. My teammate [edited] get angry and starts shooting at me cause I took his kill. He's kill??? Are certain kills reserved!!!!! But am I the [edited] for hitting the enemy 2 times, making a fast kill? Seriously, just because he had a T10 cruiser, dos'nt make him a god and have to decide who gets the kill and who dont.
  12. sofrdk


    I enjoy the sounds of the game, especially the sounds from the british fleet when starting up engine. That should be the same on all ships. Must also give people right about the hit sounds, they could be better.