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  1. MyopicHedgehog

    Guys, I just got the mission for Raimondo Montecuccoli

    To make up for the actual cruisers being massively underwhelming (and that is an understatement in itself). I'm struggling to see what the point of them is other than to disadvantage the team that they're on. At this rate, I'm not gong to waste any free XP on them and I'm torn between grinding the XP needed on the A-meh-lfie (credit Aragathor) to get the T9 or rub my face up and down a cheesegrater... Just playing the T8 in a way so as you don't get nuked right off the bat is enough to get as many -1s as if you played a CV instead.
  2. Yet another case of balancing by spreadsheet by the devs and seemingly little understanding of how their game actually plays. Unless the T9 and T10 are a massive improvement, or there are some sensible buffs, this line will only be for masochists. Every time I've played them I keep thinking that they are missing something and I'd rather play the Japanese cruisers than them. Even the Myoko. Of course, we don't want these ships to be OP, it's ok for them to be a challenge to play well but they need to have game impact and be fun to play - at present it seems like you need to play as far back as possible so you don't get dev struck by the first salvo that's fired towards you. And when they angle against you...
  3. slow to switch to desktop and endscreen loads slowly
  4. MyopicHedgehog

    [OGHF] wants you - to have fun with us

    Fed up with the grind? Come and join us :)
  5. MyopicHedgehog

    Genova and boxes

    This - it is a really weak ship. I'd rather play the Hill...
  6. MyopicHedgehog

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Played on the same team as the @THE_JUDEAN_PEOPLES_FRONT I think it was - played valiantly but couldn't buy a win. I got surprised (my fault) by a Jutland (playing Benham) and that was the end of my game. He went down tanking and swinging like a boss. Was a good game even if we lost.
  7. MyopicHedgehog

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    I think it's also because the written word isn't always very good at conveying what "you" mean.
  8. MyopicHedgehog

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    8v8 clan battles? Why, FFS WG, why? You just killed it for almost every small clan out there. I get that 6v6 may have felt too small @ T10, but 8v8 is too much. We struggled getting enough active players together to do the last 6v6 season.
  9. MyopicHedgehog

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    Agreed - win or lose, you still want to have fun, and in my book, that means fighting hard, doing the best you can and learning from your mistakes (although recently, pressing "battle" for randoms seems to have been one of those mistakes...). We have had a few very hard fought games recently that we lost but were still fun and some wins that just weren't fun at all. I'd rather a well fought loss that was fun than a stomp win that wasn't. After all, you learn more in defeat than victory...
  10. Hey there, OGHF are looking for more active players to join us. Having dipped our toes into Clan Battles we want to do more of it and are doing more regular divisional play (as lets face it, random battles teams often suck). We do play for fun, but we do like to win(!) and we're always looking to improve :) We do have an older demographic (hence our name!) but younger players are welcome! We mostly play together in the evenings during weekdays (6pm on). If you want to join in with us, please contact us! We have our own forum (as part of the OGHF clan) and our own Discord. https://oghf.org.uk/
  11. MyopicHedgehog


    As noted, the problem is that as soon as a BB sees a Smolensk they often just abandon the flank and expect that massive pool of hitpoints and thick armour known as the cruiser to deal with it (cause you know they stand up really well to focus fire). But then the one BB that does have a pair just gets BBQ'd further reinforcing the perceived wisdom of running away.
  12. MyopicHedgehog

    WG you have got to teach your players

    Awarding XP and credits for good/team play would be a start - plus stopping these grindy missions that incentivise actively sabotaging your chance for a win. A good tutorial would be an even better start. Better rewards for capping & spotting would be good. I mean even WoT shares XP for spotting damage.
  13. MyopicHedgehog

    Clan Battles season 7 discussion/predictions

    Eh - Kremlin, Stalingrad & Smolensk - plus a DD... We're rather concerned that the 8v8 & T10 format is going to mean that we won't be able to field a team :( The T8 season was a great learning experience for us and it's sad that our regular active player count is so low that we may not be able to build upon that.
  14. MyopicHedgehog

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    True - I wouldn't want skill based MM - skill balanced MM (or a better balanced MM in general) would surely be an improvement?