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  1. None. From the free or the not free ones. Clan mate got GZ.
  2. MyopicHedgehog

    Stat shamers and toxic behaviour. Why is this allowed ?

    I have poor stats but I want to improve. How can I (who struggles with making the correct play when in game) explain to someone how to play better (unless they are making an obvious mistake)? Do I understand some things from a technical perspective? Yes. Can I contribute to some conversations? Depending on the conversation, yes but mostly in the sense of how I feel a ship/class is to play for me or how I perceive the "meta". Do I have any authority (e.g. telling El2azer that he's wrong re CV play)? Absolutely not! If I set myself up as an authority (which I don't!) then better players are entitled to point out that I don't know what I'm talking about so I don't mislead others, and posting stats is the best way to show that. I want helpful advice from good players to help me improve, not moronic verbiage from people that can't play trying to boost their egos. I am personally thankful for those better players that take the time to do that.
  3. MyopicHedgehog

    Twitch Drops

    Never got any when my twitch account was linked - watched many hours of content too. De-linked account and not going to bother with this again.
  4. MyopicHedgehog

    How do you like latest "Space Battle" mode "Torpedo Beat"?

    Great fun - far more fun than randoms often are - should be kept as a permanent game mode in some form or another.
  5. MyopicHedgehog

    where are the new containers?

    Oh boy, those are pretty sad drop rates. WG publish the darned % for each drop please - be responsible rather than greedy.
  6. MyopicHedgehog

    WG - Add more heroic music to the game, thank you

    I think I hate you. In fact I'm not sure whether I hate you more than I hate my morbid curiosity for pressing "play"... Well played sir, well played.
  7. MyopicHedgehog

    Important: PTS 0.8.2 CV UI Changes

  8. MyopicHedgehog

    Naval Aviation containers

    Way too many duplicates this time around (and no ship missions). WG either need to improve the drop chances & RNG or start publishing the %ages.
  9. MyopicHedgehog

    Old Gits Having Fun Clan on the lookout.

    Just a heads up, we're still interested in having more join us :) Makes scenarios more fun for starters ;)
  10. The same "trolls" that are saying we'll watch Alita battle angel instead? Those "trolls"? Or did you miss the </s> tag off?
  11. Considering what RT just did to hide the embarrassment of only 27% of users wanting to see the new Marvel film, this is not such a good example I think! How many reviews are out there that do get updated? OP has a good point IMHO.
  12. MyopicHedgehog

    End of an Era

    You need to switch to BB to ride the white line tho...
  13. MyopicHedgehog

    End of an Era

    I think that what Ilya Wolf is saying is that you shouldn't have been so far in advance of your team, i.e. you overextended. This is not a criticism, I do it all the time... Just means that we need to be more passive (fun and engaging eh?)
  14. Easy - run the Lightning without concealment expert on your captain and get good at dodging. Had over 1mil potential and survived in one match - of course it depends on how well the reds can shoot so YMMV! Should be able to get around 500K per match (probably best kept for co-op though!) But I have to say that this mission design has me not bothering with any of it, just like the dreadnaught one. And I won't be buying it at the price it's selling either.
  15. MyopicHedgehog

    Ranked battles rework - Stars retirement

    Problem is that some people play to keep the star - which dooms your team to a loss right off the bat.