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  1. Sorry, until the drop rate increases, there is no incentive for me to watch your twitch channel when I could be playing Warships instead! Those of us that work & have kids have limited enough time in the evenings ;)
  2. MyopicHedgehog

    Newport scenario after changes

    Please do! The AI seems to aggressively target cruisers, ignoring BBs (sound tactics to be true) but with the usual standard of random BB players this makes cruiser lifetime problematic if you are trying to play the objective.
  3. Same here, watch Friday stream, no drops. Enjoyed the stream tho. Apparently the drop chance is lower than the chance of getting a premium ship from the Xmas containers...
  4. MyopicHedgehog

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    20 mega + 20 large Just one ship. The Marblehead. Yeah, don't feel that this was money's worth at all. The rest, 12,500 coal x 2, 12,000 dubloons, flags & camo.
  5. MyopicHedgehog

    Co-op bots buffed?

    They also blindfire at the start of the game without you being spotted - with startling accuracy...
  6. MyopicHedgehog

    Looking for a UK based active clan

    Hi there, sent you a PM! :)
  7. MyopicHedgehog

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    Absolutely not. Would be better to have the option to switch to another equal tier ship of the same class to suit the lineup better - and I'm not a fan of that so much either as I can't see it working. No, the issue is usually passive/run away/damage farm attitudes and people expecting the DD to spot/cap with no back up or the cruiser to spot/tank with no back up (at least this is without a CV in play - with one or two CVs in play it's a different ball game)
  8. MyopicHedgehog

    30% coupon CAN be used for Jean Bart!

    Mildy annoyed - got Atago instead as couldn't get JB with the voucher. I suspect that the Atago will be better for me (and was cheaper) so I'm not massively salty but still this was a pretty big screw up WG.
  9. That's not cricket - it refused to let me do that...
  10. MyopicHedgehog

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    It's a little disingenious - it says resupply for in game currency at the bottom - there are two currencies! We should have an option to resupply where it costs silver but not gold. Thankfully I've always assumed that it meant gold and not credits but I would be annoyed if I missed it one time...
  11. MyopicHedgehog

    Weekly Highlights: Remembrance Day - Discussion Thread

    Poppy patch please for Remembrance Sunday. Veterans day is a US thing. The poppy is a mark of respect for all soldiers, no matter which side of the conflict they were.
  12. MyopicHedgehog

    T8 BB's in T10 games, an idea for survival.

    There seems to be a thing that where two ships are in close proximity it makes it very difficult for the game to "lock" on the one that you're shooting at (even using manual lock), kind of giving you a survivability buff if you team up like the OP mentions as it decreases the accuracy of incoming fire. Of course that can also mean that the reds accidentally hit what they should have missed...
  13. Also even in English the male pronoun can be used quite naturally to apply to females - frequent in legal documentation. Just usually add a note to that effect for avoidance of doubt. Just like "man" can be gender neutral as the short form of "mankind".
  14. MyopicHedgehog

    The Ring Round 3 - New Code Active

  15. MyopicHedgehog

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    In WoT it was common to see scores such as 15:0 15:1 14:2 etc. The games would sometimes be over in 3 minutes! Those were roflstomps. Any game that ends with one side having a huge majority or in an accelerated timeframe should be considered a roflstomp IMO.