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  1. MyopicHedgehog

    skill changes: free respec for ALL commanders

    Agreed - and how about it being automatic rather than having WG choose where skills should go - afterall, they don't even play their own game any more (it appears, judging by certain recent proofs *cough* Flandre).
  2. MyopicHedgehog

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    So free respec?
  3. MyopicHedgehog

    Most fun ships banned in CBs

    Agreed - they also need to extend this to TX CB next time it comes around (starting with excluding CVs from it!)
  4. MyopicHedgehog

    Armada: Leone

    What - it's a trash heap so don't bother? Soon to be the first ship you can get in a santa crate... Nice one WarGreed. Hard pass.
  5. MyopicHedgehog


    More a guarantee of abject failure...
  6. MyopicHedgehog

    Game bugged - Clan battles failed

    The Hampsters seem to have picked up on WGs' concern for the state of the game...
  7. MyopicHedgehog

    AA spec

    Isn't it in all players' benefit if a super-unicum in the class in question corrects false assertions made by others? Although I suck massively, I have learnt much from El2azer and other good CV players' postings. I for one do not want to working from a false premise when playing the game...
  8. MyopicHedgehog

    Clan battles season 9

    I do - $$$$$$$$$$ That's about it. When they say they care about the game, they mean $$$$$$$ {before anyone gets butt-hurt, this is based on observation that the decisions made by WG tend to run (in the main) counter to playing WoWS being a fun experience - especially in CB}
  9. MyopicHedgehog

    New Slava is trash

    RN heavy cruisers would like a word...
  10. MyopicHedgehog

    Narai OP - credit nerf now at 0,75 : 1 (credits for dam)

    Bought Elite and a bunch of other games on Steam sale (finally have a gaming PC again after a long absence). WG can go shove it with their current way of treating players and the game. [Elite was sadly not on sale :( ]
  11. MyopicHedgehog

    WoWS Warhammer Collab

    That is well done! And so true :(
  12. MyopicHedgehog

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Yep - all part of the plan to attract the sheep for shearing. Although having tried RTS briefly, I'm not sure that it was truly easy? Except they are not amateurs at extracting £££. At game balance - you'd have a point there... But the rest of that part, yup. WG - selling gambling to kids (let's not forget the age rating of the game...) Yes and no - there should always be a challenge but it shouldn't feel like you have no chance. Some of the best games have felt like work but it's elating to actually do well in that situation. The biggest issue (aside from the lack of balance) is that WG refuse, time & again to institute a decent tutorial/training mode.
  13. MyopicHedgehog

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    With the Kremlin in the game why should Yama LU be nerfed?! Kremlin has much better dispersion in game than Yama and also has a much faster turret traverse (and is much more survivable).
  14. MyopicHedgehog

    points gained from your first soviet containers

    7 containers, 40 tokens - so 6 x 5 and 1 x 10
  15. MyopicHedgehog

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    Thank you - you've hit the nail on the head here. In a cruiser or DD you know you've messed up fairly swiftly so it's easier to learn from that mistake. With a BB, the mistake is often missed as it takes longer for you to die. Which is probably why I hate playing BB (and I'm a slow learner).