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  1. MyopicHedgehog

    WoWS Warhammer Collab

    That is well done! And so true :(
  2. MyopicHedgehog

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Yep - all part of the plan to attract the sheep for shearing. Although having tried RTS briefly, I'm not sure that it was truly easy? Except they are not amateurs at extracting £££. At game balance - you'd have a point there... But the rest of that part, yup. WG - selling gambling to kids (let's not forget the age rating of the game...) Yes and no - there should always be a challenge but it shouldn't feel like you have no chance. Some of the best games have felt like work but it's elating to actually do well in that situation. The biggest issue (aside from the lack of balance) is that WG refuse, time & again to institute a decent tutorial/training mode.
  3. MyopicHedgehog

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    With the Kremlin in the game why should Yama LU be nerfed?! Kremlin has much better dispersion in game than Yama and also has a much faster turret traverse (and is much more survivable).
  4. MyopicHedgehog

    points gained from your first soviet containers

    7 containers, 40 tokens - so 6 x 5 and 1 x 10
  5. MyopicHedgehog

    Buy Ochakov and pyotr Bagration

    Thank you - you've hit the nail on the head here. In a cruiser or DD you know you've messed up fairly swiftly so it's easier to learn from that mistake. With a BB, the mistake is often missed as it takes longer for you to die. Which is probably why I hate playing BB (and I'm a slow learner).
  6. The expiry date used to be shown for those x3 missions. So the x3 is not limited to 25 battles? Wow. That's uncharacteristically generous considering previous similar missions!
  7. MyopicHedgehog

    New Russian Event is a Letdown

    40 tokens for 7 boxes from directive 1... Much wow.
  8. MyopicHedgehog

    Italian BB's

    isn't that because in LWM's words, she's a tier 7.5 and not a tier 8 ship? Just add Balti AP to her and I bet she'd be more popular.
  9. MyopicHedgehog

    So WeeGee will shove subs down our throat

    Because their balance department has done so well so far... One might almost suspect that they have Ménière's disease...
  10. MyopicHedgehog

    Nerf the Venezia?

    After some consideration, probably a bit of both. SAP is just a poor concept for this game. Although its the omnipresent specter of the CV which any nerf needs to be considered under, as I personally think its great to have a counter to the 6x Stalin line up... TBH, WG have ballsed up their own game so hard in several areas that I'm not sure that its going to help - the Venezia is the symptom of a far greater problem with WG & their attitude to this game.
  11. MyopicHedgehog

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Do you really find this? It's the maneuverability that helps it survive vs CV - its AA does the grand sum of bugger-all vs CV.
  12. MyopicHedgehog

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Hmm - so basically Stalingrad is, like Venezia, situationally very strong but if nerfed would become underpowered? Yet another WG success in ship design then... I suppose that WGs refusal to create a "BC" class and balance them properly has something to do with this.
  13. MyopicHedgehog

    Memorial Marathon Codes

    Thanks - for some reason, Firefox & WG don't like each other at present...
  14. MyopicHedgehog

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Funny. If I screw up and get smacked, so be it, that's on me and I'm not complaining about what happens if I get it wrong. Stalin is already an incredibly strong ship - borderline OP in point of fact, it just doesn't need enhanced AP pen angles... I can think of other ships at that tier that aren't as strong and still don't have that.
  15. MyopicHedgehog

    Nerf the Venezia?

    Just getting rid of the super AP (in terms of the pen angles) should do it