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  1. fightsteel

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    They been nerfing premium ships for a while Warspite already had a nerf for accuracy/armour and now there nerfing the whole top tier British battleship for no real reason. I mean maybe tier 9 and 10 but King George V and Duke of York have terrible firing angles and only 14inch guns and now they need an above water citadel!!! HMS nelson play style doesn't work on KGV or DoY. How about nerfing the Russian paper battleships tier 6 & 7 with so much bow armour they would be submarines just run some calculation for surface area and armour thickness or at the very least the weight is so far forward there waterline would look like there sinking. There high chance of causing fire, decent speed which is unrealistic of design of 1912 & 1917 (16inch gun) respectively unless you are saying they could have been some how refitted in between the wars you can't have it both ways. The armour layouts are insane they need there armour reducing and repair party changing to a charge-less approach with longer cooldown and reduced speed comparable to ships design in that era. Or just stop with the nerfing of stuff for a while.
  2. fightsteel

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    I actually think CV's need to learn to protect there DD's dropping fighter consumables in the enemy planes path forcing the enemy carrier to manoeuvre away from the friendly DD. As in any random battle DD spot for all other ships otherwise it gets very difficult in a battle where the DD's have been eliminated. If the carrier fighter consumables had a better engagement range or could be assigned to guard a friendly warship it would go so way to mitigate the issue DD's have without having to nerf anything. Also they need to fix the mechanic tier 8 being in a tier 10 battle just doesn't work very well or there should be a limit to how many points the tier 10 captain has if he end up in a tier 8 battle to level the playing field some what?
  3. fightsteel

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    I've seen the boost bug and the random take-off turning bug where they fly off in completely the wrong direction normally in a ultra hard turn and sound bug where there no engine noise at all.
  4. fightsteel

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    Just managed to unlock HMS Hermes and first combat impression aren't great but that was to be expected at the moment with torps doing only 3k damage and flak ranges of tier 4 and 5 ships being longer than secondary gun ranges...go figure that one out!! A/C are very slow even the strike a/c (100kts in game where as the cruising speed for a gladiators is actually 184kts) slower than the torpedo planes off the Langley I know was in a match with one and both aircraft carrier ended up doing 17k dmg and bottom of the table not for lack of effort but poor damage figures and terrible loss of planes. Only running the 3 point captain given on purchase but if you cannot do decent damage people will not take them into game. There nice to look at in the harbour though which is exactly where she will now reside.
  5. fightsteel

    New CVs

    I like the idea with spotting but might go a little farther that if the detection range for a/c and ship spotting was reduced some what and spotter planes/planes only reported to visible position of both a/c and ships being spotted to the player doing the spotting and possibly on the minimap for the rest of the team as a ghost outline brackets not accuracy reporting physical position but not inside islands that might just be the solution people are looking for. The composition of the strike a/c should also not be reported as likewise ship type shouldn't, but should be reported once an attack is performed by either ship or planes. It will give tactical play back to the carrier and lets DD hide a bit more effectively provided there sensible and turn off AA fire in smoke though I would have though there should be a reduced detection range associated with being in smoke firing AA!!! There might be a case for light AA fire i.e. sub cannon flak weapons below 0.5cal not generating an AA detection in smoke!!! A light AA fire toggle button possibly as most higher level DD's use there main armament for AA suppression fire. AA power does need reducing probably by between 10 to 15% long range but maybe increased by 20% at very short ranges but I wouldn't go for a hard cap of one CV's per team but two CV's as there the possibility then of teamwork between the carrier groups and the rest of the team taking out stubborn targets. CV's also need to be able to control there own ship without having to sacrifice plane in the air.
  6. fightsteel

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    The mechanics for the collection seem to function quite nicely. I did however get a little confused by the colours applied to crowns and florins as to which was the superior currency as typically I would have expected silver colour to be lower value and gold to be high value but other than that it really quite quick for a grind. I must have opened getting on for nearly 75 containers but didn't get any of the ships that might have been in the containers. Could you give us an idea of the drop rates of the other ships in the containers?
  7. fightsteel

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    Can the dev's please give us a clue how many Crowns or Florins we need to collect to get early access to the British CV's on the main server? Do we need to link our accounts between PT and main servers? Played a far amount of carriers and they are still getting pawned at all levels of the game squadrons just evaporate. Not sure the engine boost button is working either in combat. I've had to restort to dropping torps at 5km or so from big targets to preserve the planes. Can you change the mechanic if you don't have a full squadron so you can actually put in a full attack group of at least 3 a/c having 2 is just not worth it. It would also be useful if whilst carrying out an attack the rest of the squadron stayed outside of the flak arc's as you tend after the first attack to re-join you squadron directly above the ship you've just attack not a very good position to attack again from!!! Solving that would go some way to having better carrier game play, as most of my loss in a/c tend to be in re-position from the first strike re-join to the main squadron.