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  1. fightsteel

    Suggestions thread

    Most major nations have captains in the armoury that can be purchased for credits please can you implement ones for the more minor navies or at least one that can be shared between them to encourage those lines more! Also might want to make commonwealth captains trainable on RN vessel as well please.
  2. fightsteel

    Submarines are Coming

    Actually the allies had homing torpedo for aircraft for sub hunting based on acoustic noise from the propellers! The way this new homing works is active acoustic homing as the direction can be determined by the player not passive decided by the torp. Active acoustic homing didn't exist until a lot later so no they shouldn't get this tech. Yeah that German sub used Hydroperoxide probably more dangerous to the crew than anyone else. But the general purpose fleet submarine wasn't anywhere near as fast. I believe if they get a detection range reduction by 50% on submerging they should get a 50% speed reduction as it like a destroyer having its detection range reduce without having to stay within the boundaries of the smoke. There no penalty thus the advantage isn't then transferred to the hunter.
  3. fightsteel

    Submarines are Coming

    I totally agree as it is you have to be on top of a DD to spot it and thus on the first pass cannot attack. If the detection range is smaller on subs there going to be invisible from the air. The whole point is at the moment every ship can fight every ship. Okay carrier maybe not so but sub completely destroy that sort of game play.
  4. fightsteel

    Submarines are Coming

    Submarines doing surface speed underwater that's a joke so subs can run rings round slow moving targets really no tactical game play here at all! Homing torps is another joke or are they going to implement the towed decoy that is on every ship. More unskilled game play auto depth charges yay!!!
  5. fightsteel

    ST - Submarines

    Oh this is going to be a disaster for sure if they don't do the following. 1. Any weapon larger than 0.303 inch should be able to pen subs and do damage. That mean ship aa guns should engage surfaced subs down to 20mm. 2. Strike aircraft well have to do gun run attacks. Load out of depth charges for a/c will be needed. 3. hedgehog/depth charger projectors and acoustic detection and ranging will need implementing. 4. Ramming a sub shouldn't result in minimal or no damage to surface vessel. That just some initial thoughts.
  6. fightsteel

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.6

    They been nerfing premium ships for a while Warspite already had a nerf for accuracy/armour and now there nerfing the whole top tier British battleship for no real reason. I mean maybe tier 9 and 10 but King George V and Duke of York have terrible firing angles and only 14inch guns and now they need an above water citadel!!! HMS nelson play style doesn't work on KGV or DoY. How about nerfing the Russian paper battleships tier 6 & 7 with so much bow armour they would be submarines just run some calculation for surface area and armour thickness or at the very least the weight is so far forward there waterline would look like there sinking. There high chance of causing fire, decent speed which is unrealistic of design of 1912 & 1917 (16inch gun) respectively unless you are saying they could have been some how refitted in between the wars you can't have it both ways. The armour layouts are insane they need there armour reducing and repair party changing to a charge-less approach with longer cooldown and reduced speed comparable to ships design in that era. Or just stop with the nerfing of stuff for a while.
  7. fightsteel

    CVs are terrible to play against!

    I actually think CV's need to learn to protect there DD's dropping fighter consumables in the enemy planes path forcing the enemy carrier to manoeuvre away from the friendly DD. As in any random battle DD spot for all other ships otherwise it gets very difficult in a battle where the DD's have been eliminated. If the carrier fighter consumables had a better engagement range or could be assigned to guard a friendly warship it would go so way to mitigate the issue DD's have without having to nerf anything. Also they need to fix the mechanic tier 8 being in a tier 10 battle just doesn't work very well or there should be a limit to how many points the tier 10 captain has if he end up in a tier 8 battle to level the playing field some what?
  8. fightsteel

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    I've seen the boost bug and the random take-off turning bug where they fly off in completely the wrong direction normally in a ultra hard turn and sound bug where there no engine noise at all.