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  1. Ryan220

    Once a potato, always a potato

    Thanks all for the comments, links and advice. I'll take a look at T3 and T4 later once Ive watched a few tutorial videos. Given that I never really got ahead of the Russian Cruiser learning curve, would it be a good time to start a new nation from scratch? The Royal Navy ships werent around when I last played and seeing as served in the RN it has quite a bit of appeal to me.
  2. Ryan220

    Once a potato, always a potato

    Hello all. I logged on last night for the first time in a very long time. I took a break as I wasn't really very good at the game and never seemed to be getting better - in fact I think I was getting worse, especially as I crept higher up the Tiers (im dont know if my stats are visible as I dont know how to turn them on or off tbh). I used to use a T6 Russian Cruiser, but I forget the name and didnt think to check last night. Id always get pummelled to scrap no matter how I varied my speed, heading or angle and I never yolo'd either. Anyway, back to the original topic, I logged on and decided the best approach was to hop onto a T1 Cruiser (a US one Eerie? and and an RN one which I also forget) I jump into a Co Op match and had a great time. I couldn't hit a barn door (especially on ships travelling at angles) and I was pretty much in the bottom three for every match but I really did have fun. I'd rather hoped that in such a low Teir I might have done a bit better but "once a potato, always a potato" I guess. I think I might start playing again (after watching some of the training vids)
  3. Ryan220


    Hello all. This probably a bit of a stupid question, but I'll ask ot anyway. First off, Im fairly new to the game, Im not very good at it, but I really enjoy it. The fact that I "game hop" prob plays a large part in my not improving. The above isnt related to my question - I just wanted to state you can be rubbish at a game and still enjoy it. Onto my question. Im currently levelling a Budyonny. I try and never, ever show my broadside to the enemy. However this can lead to issues where Im just getting closer and closer to the enemy if theres no handy cover available. If Im fighting multiple enemies Im dead as soon as I turn. I try to stay angled but in 99% of games its my turns that kill me. Any suggestions appreciated
  4. Ryan220

    A quick question about XP

    Thanks for the info. Ive spent a lot of time waiting for matches to end since I got my Budy :-) Im keeping bow on/ angled when engaging, now I just need to work out how to extend range to target without exposing my squishy stern (Ive already read about and learned first hand that exposing my broadside is a death sentence).
  5. Just another quick question from me regarding Experience points. During a match I always hang around after I have been sunk so that I can watch the remaining members play and hopefully learn from watching them. If I decided to leave the match as soon as I am sunk will it prevent me from earning XP or reduce it? Thanks
  6. Ryan220

    A quick question regarding premiums.

    Cheers for the answers. I have no plans to buy Premiums above my Tier. Im quite happy learning my way up through the levels.
  7. Hello all. I have just unlocked my T6 Budy (havent had a chance to take it for a spin yet, but Im really looking forward to it) so I assume I can now purchase the Russian T6 premium (Molotov ?) Because I have only levelled up the Russian cruiser line does that prevent me from buying premiums from other countries until I have worked my way up those Tiers? Thanks
  8. Ryan220

    Some questions about the basics

    Thank you all of the info. Lots of very useful information. Much appreciated.
  9. Hello all I am a new player to WoWs. I've been trying to work out what the basic strategy for a match is, but its all a bit random. My assumption during my first few matches was we all just dash forward and pound the living daylights out of one another. To a degree this did happen, although it was quite a slow pounding as most people (myself included) couldn’t reliably hit anything. Now I've progressed a little bit there seems to be four basic approaches to a battle 1) Scatter – never ends well 2) Split death ball/ death train – two small teams never usually ends well as each group lacks firepower 3) Mass death ball/ death train – usually works well if it keeps moving otherwise a lot of collisions can occur. 4) Long range dual – pure attrition, best shooters win. It always appears to be totally random as to which method is going to be used. I always hope for option No.3 because to my mind it provides concentrated firepower and “shared armour”. So, at the start of each match I try and group up with the BBs because 1) I can provide a bit of air / DD cover when required (question about this below) 2) hopefully the enemy will fire at them instead of me (armour sharing) What is the Cruisers job in WoWs? I see it as an escort role – shared air cover, shared armour and deterring (if possible) DDs What is the typical strategy used in WoWs? What is considered the best strategy? Many thanks in advance
  10. Ryan220

    Hello and a newbs question

    Thank you all for the replies. Some very useful info. Much appreciated. Im sure I will have more questions at a later date - (my current issue is working out how to reliably lead a target thats travelling at different angles) which is my next topic of forum research, so if I cant find that answer, it'll be my next question. Thanks again
  11. Hello all New player of 2 weeks here and Im thoroughly enjoying the game. The in game community is quite tolerant of newbs like myself and the forum community looks to be very friendly and helpful. I've been lurking in the forums reading up on this and that to give me a better understanding of the game. I am pursuing my career only in Russian ships (Cruisers) at the moment – choosing Russian ships was a spur of the moment thing. I would have chosen RN if there were more ships as I used to be in the RN. On to my question – Im currently just progressing up the Russian Cruiser tree, grinding out XP to move onto the next ship etc (I've just got my Kirov and I absolutely love it. I read the guides and reviews on it and was a bit reluctant as everyone says lots of firepower, but a bit squishy, but as long as MM favours me I have a ball. Put me in with the higher tier ships and its touch and go) You can tell Im an old person as I've forgotten my original question, but its OK as I've just thought of another J. To get the next Tier Cruiser (Buddy something or other) do I have to grind out the research points in my Kirov or can I use any ship in the Russian Cruiser tree? Back to my original question – so Im currently just levelling the Russian Cruiser tree. Is this the best thing to do or should I be mixing it up with Russian DDs or even other nations? I assume that its probably just a case of level whatever I want, but its best to ask in case there is an “optimum” way. Final question – I've read the basics on gunnery, target leading etc, but couldn’t see anything on the passive or active sight (cant check the terminology as Im in work). Which should I be using? Does it matter? Final, final question – will I ever be able to hit targets at max range or am I forever doomed to watching my shells splash into the sea? Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies.