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  1. battle_ensign


    Mr Conway, Some time ago you said on live stream, that crashing out and going pink was always the fault of the player. This total BS on your part because it only ever happens on patch day for me and only as a game starts. Just now I went pink for the second time in 4 years as a live update check from WG crashed my game and I'm not at all happy. Will you please aknowledge it is your crap coding just as much as as the players fault. As i'm typing this the game crashed again where yesterday and the five days before it was stable.
  2. battle_ensign

    Meet the World of Warships Team

    Well said Super
  3. battle_ensign

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    that because the patch is not ready and never was
  4. battle_ensign

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    Prepare to take off ? more like prepare to uninstall. as usual the implementation is a complete fail. As usual WG you try to do too much at once and we have to put up with the consequences.
  5. battle_ensign

    EU server connection issues.

    same happened to me when i tried to play ranked -desktopped and couldnt get back in and now ive three penalty pointsa through no fault of my own.
  6. battle_ensign

    Bug Reports

    Great, thought I'd try ranked battles picked a ship pressed start battle and bang, on my desktop. Now I cannot get back in and if I get penalized for your piss poor coding I will uninstall all War gaming products. i am fed up with this crap every sodding patch. Then when i do fuinally get in game the match has finished and ive got 3 penaltiy points through no fault of my own. FFS WG this is not the way to please and influence your player base.
  7. battle_ensign

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    Bye WG You can stick update 8.0 where the sun dont shine.
  8. battle_ensign

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    I Dont care about the penalties if I see a CV in game I will just AltF4 I'm not paying good money for this Excrement . From the videos I've seen from Notser the CV rework blows and WG should sack the bugger that came up with it.
  9. battle_ensign

    Problems with playing on Mac

    I play WOWS, WOTS, BF1, BF4 ( from November, BF5) on 2012 upgraded Mac Pro via boot camp and win 10 with few issues. 12 core, 3.07ghz, 64gig ram, with both sdd and normal HDD's, Nvid triton 12 gig vid card. 31 inch monitor. Cosair strafe KB annd mouse. As CF suggests, even ther most powerful mac book will struggle though
  10. battle_ensign

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    US cruisers have sunk having entered the St Petersburg triangle.
  11. battle_ensign

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    Thanks for letting us know.
  12. battle_ensign

    Notsers CV video

    Probably because people realise that with 200+ cv in the queue and ony 2 per side in any given game, no one would get a game anytime soon. Ill be honest here, I dont like playing CVs and I dont like facing them , in the hands of the right person they are OP. I would suggest take away Manual drop from all tiers OR Apply random duds (some, not all fail to arm ) in some drops. Another possible option is make the take off and recovery more time consuming, say 10-12 seconds per plane.
  13. battle_ensign

    Insignia & Emblems

    Give us a button to turn these badges/emblems off. Its bad enough getting killed by players without having to endure this excrement as well. And sort out the divisions window, my 14 year old son can program better than that. it moves all over screen and is always in the way for picking ships. Little tip, IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX THE BL**DY THING.
  14. battle_ensign

    OKT> Revolution- limited repairs

    I have to say, its growing on me and with superintendent, 5 repairs are enough to complete most matches. I just wish WG would advertise the more unusual gimmicks of premiums more openly in the shop. I 'm sure people are right that the repair gimmick was mentioned in videos on the various sites but they can be missed. And i certainly missed them.
  15. battle_ensign

    OKT> Revolution- limited repairs

    Dear war gaming, I want my money back ! No where can i find it stated that the ship has limited repairs ( its wiki page comes up as 404 ) had i known it was the only ship in game with a limit of 4 repairs (premium repair) I wouldn't have bought it. I feel conned and im pissed off.