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  1. oz3bto

    Disconnected from server

  2. oz3bto

    Disconnected from server

    Maby the pros can change the server status on the website .. Still says that servers are running ..
  3. oz3bto

    Where will go your Dunkirk captain?

    Right now he is on Belfast
  4. oz3bto


    If you cant handle 2+ in MM go back to tier 4.....
  5. We have been 12 in same match .. All but 1 div. on same side .. Hell of a game
  6. oz3bto

    Is Triple Shiratsuyu Divisions Enough to Made BBabies Cry?

    We go in with 3 DD´s of same type .. Som BB´s get pissed when they is hunted down by a DD division Or 2 DD and one fast ca/cl .. Badass team that can take down anything
  7. oz3bto

    Tier VIII MM completely bonkers

    Stop whine about MM is wrong .. MM is fine .. Tier 8 DD can beat the sh** out of tier 10 BB ... So what is the problem ? Love my kageo .. Ill take down Montana + Yamato and the Kurfurst any day
  8. Is it a joke ? To complete you need ranked battle and tier 5 ship...
  9. oz3bto

    Division Matchmaking

    WUY??????? .. Stop play low tier or get better !!! Last night we had a 2 man division .. Me in my tier4 isokaze and clan mate is his tier3 campbeltown.. Just playing for the fun We ended up i an tier 4/5 with carrier .. Clan mate is onlyone i tier 3.... No problem.. He beat the crapout of them .. So 2+ no problem if you have som skills And its your own choice to go 1 tier below rest of division.. Always MM highest tier or its not fair
  10. oz3bto

    Dear WG, please make the following matchmaking impossible

    Love when claners join 2-3 divisions in a game .. More fun .. All from same clan on same team please Then its time for some real fun...
  11. oz3bto

    Update 0.6.1 - Overall Stability

    Cant start game ... "Version is older than server .. Update" .. .And there is no update .. Tried 3 times .. same message
  12. oz3bto

    How is your S.DRAGON mission going?

    Done yesterday ... Hope for more
  13. oz3bto

    Old WOT exploit is back in WOWS. Still not fixed.

    Back in the good old days (Iam almost 40 so...) we played "Unreal Tournament" and clan members all joined the same server on same team and KICKED [edited]!!! The haters well .. Tried to bee better and beat the clanmembers... Simpel.. If you make it hard for them maby they invite you to the clan .. That was the way for me into one of the best clans of that time Today in WOWS .. Well if i see an enemy with clan tag .. He is my target.. If any clanmembers on team .. Ill try to help them