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  1. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    How to follow a game on social media with no internet? :) Ok, i could have buy some magazines in the hope there is mentioned a mass-reset-button. But even if, with no internet i cannot click a button like this. So it is not about exceptions. It could have got handled from beginning, like that all commanders get reseted in general, so that all players, no matter if actual inactive or active, can have start with untrained commanders into a new future with a new skill-system. But not how it got really handled, that active players can do it cost-free and all inactive have to pay for it. All whom was inactive while that test-phase, for what reasons ever, will have now the same issue. So we can not call it "exception". Especially my prayer was, that all people get a cost-free reset, which have not participated the test-phase. That would cost them nothing, but it will lead to lower earnings in future, if people go away like me. Shall i spent money for dubloons or golden eagles in future? I have spent my money in the past for doubloons, because Warhsips is better gamedesigned than the naval battles from an "oppponent snail ..ehm.. company". i still think so, but i cannot play after that mistaken and forgotten detail, that there are inactive players out in the world. I cannot play wit subefficient commanders for ages, until i have earned enough commander-xp for reskills. Here my little story how i came to Warships: I flought planes in a specific game from a other snail ..ehm.. company ^^ Then there got announced that naval battle will come. But i was not barely able to await it, so i searched for an alternative, and i found Warships at 25th October 2018. Because i love the marine, especially submarines. Originally is was ment as interim solution to play Warships, until the naval battle get released. Some day: Naval Battles came, but it was (! in my opninion !) not very good gamedesigned, in point of gameplay. So i decided to stay with Warships I recommended the game to friends. I was thrilled for the most updates. I defended wargaming while the submarine discussion. I even uploaded two german replays of my most exciting matches on youtube. A 3rd replay-upload about Zao was work in progress. I was happy with the game and the planned features (submarines). 20th February 2021: Until this case ... where i am forced to say permanently goodbye, if i get not helped out
  2. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    Willing to pay is the keyword. I was willing to pay even hundred euros if they ever release a german submarine type 21 in future. "I was ..." (Past). Now they have lost a potential customer due to not thinking about how to handle a commander-skill-rework correctly. They forgot to give inactive people (inactive while test-phase) the possibility, to reskill all their commanders at least once for free, soon as they come back. Instead the captains got autoskilled somehow, far away from efficiency. I want to come back, but i actually can't. I can't and won't play with subeffective commanders. It would destroy my experience and gamefun. And it would lead to the lose of many matches for my teammates in future. I hope wargaming gives people which were inactive while test-phase 1 reskill per commander for free once. As far as i heard in Warships Legends it is permanently free to reskill. So if they do not earn money there, why not show goodwill in this cases where players were inactive while test-phase on pc-version ? @Wargaming: everyone can make mistakes, but also everyone can fix mistakes. There is a solution for everything. But: To let me pay 10'000 dubloons for repairing over 40 captains is no solution. To let me play for ages with subeffective commanders to gain enough elite-commander-xp for a repair (reskill) of over 40 captains is also no solution. I do not cheating or using mods or something. I have even bought an Ata'go B, i bought the scifi-camo for Moskva (8k dubloons worth) and i bought the Mainz. I was just inactive (unable to play) while testphase due to technical issues. Why i deserve punishment like this with over 40 subefficient autoskilled commanders?
  3. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    Sadly i have spent money for it. At first i bought Atago B. Later i bought about 8000 doubloons to buy the scifi-camo for Moskva. Recently i bought the Mainz. Now i regret that i have supported this company, because they have virtually destroyed my account And no solution in sight. At least the supporters from the tickets have not the ability or the force or the permission to help me.
  4. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    Short report of the last ticket: They wont give me a free reskill of my captains. So i got moved out of the game, because of my account is destroyed due to auto-botched commanders. Not enough Elite-EP available to reskill even one commander. And logically i have no will to spend even a half dubloon for reskill the botched commanders, because it is not my fault that they are botched. They got auto-botched from some automatic while i was inactive due to technical issues. They got trained in a way how they would be less effective as possible. At least i cannot play any of my ships how i want them to play, how i played them before the update. All people who where inactive while the test-phase are same lost like me and will have now botched commanders too. Wargaming is sending with this action a message: "Never be inactive for a few months and never miss any test-phase, or we destroy your whole account with an automatic, which does not care about your playstyle! If you do nevertheless, you will need to spend many money to repair the defects of your account". Was a nice gametime, until this fail management. All has an end, only the sausage has two. I leave an gamebreaked account with botched commanders Bye all o7, i hope it never happen to you what happened to me I deinstall this game now, i never upload a video again, i unsubscribe and unfollow their channels. I never recommend this game again.
  5. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    I think so too that they wont take care for single cases in consideration. But it is their fault how they managed the rework. They could have leave behind all inactive or active players with unskilled commanders. But no, they botched all the commanders ... it is like some automatic or an Ape would have skilled them. And that happened to all players which where inactive this last few months. With this action they punish partially inactive players. Now, after the active players have reskilled their commanders, it would be logically unfair to them to reset their work again. But they could offer from time to time a zero-cost-reset. As far as i know it is standard that commanders can reseted at any time for no costs in WoWs Legends. But i will and can not longer play this game with this botched commanders. I would be not effective in any battle-type in any ship. I doubt that they even can imagine how hard they've destroyed my account. I would be doomed to play with botched commanders for an extremely long time to gain the neccessary xp. And i won't dare to buy me out with doubloons out of this damnation, in which they have put me.
  6. _Nexis981_

    How is your current level of satisfaction? [Poll]

    Public letter: I had not the possibility to play the game while commander rework because of internet-technical issues. I expected, that all commanders are in an unskilled state, so that i can reskill them as far my internet is working again. But after my return yesterday i had to register instead, that some automatic has failskilled all my commanders. I have now 100% failskilled commanders on all of my about 40 ships. My Game is unplayable now. I can no longer play the relevant ships how i want to play them. RIP World of Warships. A supporter already told me in a ticket: "You had enough time to reskill your commanders". No, i had even not, because i was not able to play the game the last months. Check my activity. Why you have not left behind inactive players with unskilled commanders? Why you gave those players failskilled commanders? Money? But not with me wargaming, i will not pay you for destroying all my commanders My warships-world is broken now. Or should i say sinking? Call me a rat, but i will leave a sinking ship. I ask for it for the last time: Please set all my commanders into unskilled state. I have not enough elite-commander-ep to reset even one commander. And I will not dare to use doubloons for it. At least not if it is not my fault that all commanders are failskilled.
  7. _Nexis981_

    CV Diskussionen

    Bin ja seit Release dabei, hab sogar einen Lifetime-Account bei STO und kann jederzeit wieder anfangen ;) Stimmt, wenn man es nur free2play spielt, hat man einige Einschränkungen, dann macht es bestimmt nur wenig Spaß irgendwann im Endgame. Ja, die Engländer finde ich auch gut, die britischen Träger spiele ich sogar lieber als die deutschen. Hab echt keine Ahnung warum ich die deutschen Träger versuche. Die haben halt ein echtes Manko weil die Raketen so nutzlos sind. Ich meine, wenn ich mit den AP-Raketen auf nen Zerstörer nur 396 Schaden mache, ist das echt genauso armseelig wie unnütz. Und ein Angriff auf die Kreuzer-Breitseite bringt auch nur bei 2 von 10 Schiffen ne Zitadelle.
  8. _Nexis981_

    CV Diskussionen

    Das ist Gewöhnungssache ;) Ich finde die englischen Täger gut, und sogar besser als die deutschen. Zumindest haben die englischen brauchbarere Raketen und Bomben Weis garnicht warum ich mir überhaupt die deutschen Träger antu' Vielleicht stehe ich ja auf Hardcore und Schmerzen? Na dann viel Spaß beim freispielen der King Georg V. Was Schlachtschiffe angeht bin ich aktuell noch bei der Orion. PS: Kann ich von deinem Avatar ableiten, daß du auch StarTrek Online spielst? :)
  9. _Nexis981_

    Container-Inhalt vorbestimmt, Entdeckung?

    Ah, okay. Danke euch beiden, dann habe ich ja richtig vermutet Das mit dem Stream habe ich verpasst. War mal faszinierend in Aktion zu erleben, daß es wirklich ab Containergenerierung vorbestimmt ist.
  10. Also, zu allererst möchte ich mal schildern, wie es mit meinen Accounts war. Ich hatte auf dem Live-Account mal 12 Container auf Halde liegen und etwa 400k freie Ep. Zu dem Zeitpunkt wurde der Account-Fortschritt wohl auf den Test-Account übertragen. Neulich habe ich nämlich mal wieder beim Public Test reingeschaut, und da hatte ich 400k freie Ep und 12 Container auf Halde liegen. So, nun sei erwähnt, es waren die gleichen Container in der absolut gleichen Reihenfolge wie auf dem live-Account. Von den 12 Containern, sind aber nur 3 relevant für diesen Topic: "KotS (King of the Sea)" -Container "Versuche dein Glück" -Container (mit den 2 Würfeln drauf) Supercontainer Die anderen 9 waren 2x Kreditpunkte-Container, 1x Signalcontainer und 6x Kohlecontainer. Bei diesen habe ich mir nicht gemerkt was drin war. Aber als ich die 12 Container auf dem Publik-Test-Server aufmachte, fiel mir sehr wohl auf, daß bei den oben genannten relevanten 3 Containern exakt das gleiche raus kam. Beim KotS-Container kam exakt das gleiche Sammlungsstück raus wie auf dem Live-Server. Und bei der Anzahl an Sammlungstücken wäre das ein großer Zufall, wenn auch ein noch möglicher Zufall. Bei dem Würfelcontainer (Versuche dien Glück) kamen 750 freie EP raus, genau wie beim Live-Server. Beim Supercontainer kamen 24 Stunden Premium raus, exakt wie beim Live-Server. Also 1 Zufall würde ich noch als Zufall betrachten, aber bei 3 Zufällen in Folge zweifle ich an Zufall Das bedeutet doch, der Inhalt der Container ist vorherbestimmt. Oder? Also zumindest sobald die Container generiert wurden, steht fest was drin ist. Es ist also nicht so, daß beim öffnen des Containers ein Zufallsgenerator entscheidet was raus kommt. Sondern bereits beim anfordern/generieren des Containers bestimmt ein Zufallsgenerator was drin sein wird. Da die Container ja kopiert wurden vom Live-Account auf den Test-Account, wurde der bereits fest stehende Inhalt mit kopiert. Ich weis, aus dieser Info kann man keine Vorteile ziehen, aber ich finde es ist gut zu wissen und wollte es mal mitteilen. Besteht natürlich immernoch die Chance, daß ich wirklich 3 Zufälle in Folge hatte
  11. _Nexis981_

    CV Diskussionen

    Kleiner Tip: bei Flugzeugtorpedos ist die Reichweite egal. Also skille am besten deinen Kapitän so daß er 5 knoten schnellere Torpedos hat. Das kostet dich zwar 20% Torpedoreichweite, aber Reichweite ist wie gesagt Wurscht bei Flugzeugtorps. Man wirft ja eh meistens erst kurz vor dem Schiff ab, und nicht schon 5 Kilometer vorher ;) Du hast dann 2 Vorteile. Erstens musst du dann weniger weit Vorhalten weil die Torps ja schneller zum Schiff aalen. Und zweitens kann der Gegner bei schnelleren Torpedos schlechter ausweichen als bei langsamen. Dann gibt es da noch Unterschiede bei den Nationen. Die deutschen haben sehr schnelle Flugzeug-Torps, wohingegen die Engländer gefühlt ar...lahme Torps haben. Welche Nation fährst du denn? Bei England solltest mindestens 3x soweit vorhalten, wie dein grüner Balken breit ist. Bei Deutschland ungefähr nur 1x soweit vorhalten wie dein grüner Balken breit ist. Hoffe du weist wie ich meine ^^ Legende: <//= (<- Schlachtschiff, Fahrtrichtung: von rechts nach links) ||| (<- Zielbalken) Bei England: ... ... ... <//= ||| Bei Deutschland: ... <//= ||| Bei Interesse kannst mich ja im Spiel mal kontakten, dann zeig' ich es dir im Übungsraum Hab die T6 Weser und die T6 Furious. Da sieht/merkt man den Unterschied deutlich zwischen Deutschland und England.
  12. _Nexis981_

    Different Forum Accounts?

    OK thanks. Oh, so this NA-Account is also an separate game-account? With zero progress? Hm, i am actually rethinking if it is really neccessary to write there Thanks to all
  13. _Nexis981_

    Different Forum Accounts?

    Are there 2 different Forums or are there existing Fake-Forums from World of Warships? Here at this Forum i am logged in and i can create topics. But at this forum https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/216464-question-about-moskva-and-the-research-bureau/ i am not logged in. And if i try to login it says "wrong email or password". Is this a fake? Shall i change my password now, for security? At first i thought: "ok, the one forum is ending with .eu and the other ends with .com. Maybe that are two different forums which needs a sepearte account." But if i try to create an account on the .com-forum above, it says "you are already logged in as _Nexis981. Continue with _Nexis981_ or create a new Account?". I clicked to ontinue with my existing account, was logged in with my existing account, then went back to the topic (above), but then i was not logged in again ... .... -> i am slightly confused Shall i now create a new forum-account for the .com-forum? Thanks in advance Nexis
  14. _Nexis981_

    Music change in port after battle

    Have the same issue and this issue still exists. I would move this thread to bug-reports, because it is a Bug ;) Sometimes the port-music does not start after match summary. Actually the only way to fix this is to change to another port and then change back to the port which yoou want.
  15. _Nexis981_

    Scharnhorst Arktis Tarnung

    Schade, ok, danke.