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  1. Misaka_Waifu

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    everyone here avoid the point of this topic, bunch of shills
  2. Misaka_Waifu

    The pathetic state of Ranked

    Why is this allowed, people with no will to perform in a competitive manner in a game, allowed to join and ruin everything ? players >1200 pr shouldn't be allowed into ranked because god forbid if you happen to play poorly in a single game, because you will lose it for sure, because 50% of the team wants nothing to do with teamplay and strategy bbs hiding on 10 line, dds suicide in the middle 30 sec after start this isn't about giving people a competitive game mod, it's about milking the experience as much a possible in order to make players spend time and money into the game
  3. Misaka_Waifu

    [EU]Looking for Clan (EN/FR)

    Profile : https://worldofwarships.eu/fr/community/accounts/538721646-Misaka_Waifu/!/pvp/ships/?bestShip=bismarck I speak French and Enlish 24yo I can play most of the time Looking for an ACTIVE clan (enough people to play with most of the time) If some of you people are into manga/anime that would be great