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  1. SelwynSlide

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to be involved please. Thank you for organising this again.
  2. SelwynSlide

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    So far none for me. Done all the directives that I can without a tier 7 or 8 British DD. Hopefully better luck next week.
  3. I agree, this looks like a great step forward. The one concern I have is carriers being OP at the end of a battle. With infinite squadrons available to the CV, a ship that has had most of it's AA knocked out by HE during the battle will be easy pickings, whilst the CV will be able to fly full strength squadrons. I think it risks carriers being able to wipe out late game ships too easily. I do wonder if a cap should be placed on the number of planes a carrier can launch (which adds diversity to the different CV's in the game as well as makes CV players use their planes wisely) or the planes should get weaker over the duration of the battle to reflect the battle attrition that would have been incurred.
  4. SelwynSlide

    Wreck of Lady Lex Found

    I think it would be great if Wargaming could get a Paul Allen easter egg or tribute into the game at some point. He's found the Lexington, Indianapolis, Musashi and the Italian Destroyer Artigliere. It's almost like he is using the game tech tree to decide which ship to look for next!
  5. SelwynSlide

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Thanks Guys, very generous! 1. Atlanta 2. Warspite 3. Doubloons.
  6. SelwynSlide

    Karma number

    I think that your karma score should give you a credit boost. 1 karma rating = either 0.5% or 1% more credits. Gives the karma number a function and gives people a reason to compliment people who do well.
  7. SelwynSlide

    Wait a sec, RPF Is not that game-ending.

    I've only come across it once so far... on a Wakatake. I was sailing my campbeltown around him in plain sight so it was a complete waist of a skill for him.
  8. SelwynSlide

    Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - New Skill System

    I was just thinking the same. If it updated every 1 minute 'detected' players would still be able to play the game without being permanently tracked.
  9. SelwynSlide

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Thanks guys. Very generous of you. ID: SelwynSlide Ship: Warspite
  10. SelwynSlide

    AA range indicator when playing CV

    I see where you guys are coming from about revealing too much info about ship builds/captain skills. How about if it was a single ring showing the stock long range AA for each ship? CV players would then have a rough guide as to a 'safe' distance from enemy ships, but if someone has an AA build then the CV player won't know until it is too late.
  11. SelwynSlide

    AA range indicator when playing CV

    Hi everyone, I've had an idea which I hope might improve CV game play and wondered what you thought. How about when you are playing as a CV and you press ALT a ring appears around each of the enemy ships showing the AA range of that ship. CV players could then safely navigate around the enemies AA without accidentally straying too near. Multiple rings could be added to show long range, mid range and short range AA cover. Maybe colour code the rings so that you can tell how effective the ships AA is at that range as well? Red for lethal, orange for some damage and green for weak AA damage. I think this would allow CV players to avoid 'accidental' loss of planes by straying too near to enemy ships. What do you think?
  12. SelwynSlide

    Idea - Saving lives

    If the enemy saves your crew then they could get a lifesaver ribbon and the credits/experience that go with it. Enemies that sink you are less likely to be close enough to save your crew though.
  13. SelwynSlide

    Idea - Saving lives

    The need for adding crew is an issue, but I did see that they are looking at crew animation for the port so they might do it for battles as well?
  14. SelwynSlide

    Idea - Saving lives

    Hi everyone, I've had an idea that I think would add something to team play and could reduce ship service costs. What if, when an ally ship is sunk (detonations wouldn't count as they are a bit too explosive!) their 'crew' are in the water and they can be saved by allies. Move your ship within 1km of the sinking ship and slow your ship down and the 'crew' of the sunken ship will get saved over time. More 'crew' you save more experience/ribbons/credits you get. Bonus to your ally who lost his ship is that his service costs are reduced as he doesn't need to replenish the crew back at the port. They could even add in extra rewards if you save an enemy players crew. What do you think?