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    Using torpedoes to blow stuff up! Especially battleships!
  1. _ASW_

    An infographic about carriers

    Oops forgot the link: https://schoolofwarships.com/2017/03/23/aircraftcarriershistoryinfographic/
  2. _ASW_

    An infographic about carriers

    This infographic pretty much sums up the carrier situation through wows:
  3. _ASW_

    An Awesome website I found

    I find TAP too brief. Their post about sea smackdown was just the video that was on wargamings website. But I do go there for update leaks.
  4. _ASW_

    An Awesome website I found

    The Armoured Patrol. They are really good for leaks and stuff but I think their articles are a bit brief.
  5. _ASW_

    An Awesome website I found

    I was looking around for world of warships websites that will teach me stuff and I found this: https://schoolofwarships.com/ It looks like a relatively new website, but looking around it has some pretty cool stuff on it, which is why I have shared it here. What do you think of it?
  6. _ASW_

    I need help: How to get better

    Thanks for all the support I just did a pretty good game in my Nicholas
  7. _ASW_

    I need help: How to get better

    Thank you! just so you know I spent a bit to get 3,300 Doubleoons when I first got the game, realising how good it was. I love playing matches, and I guess I was missed by YouTube!
  8. So, I have 250 matches, Win rate of just under 50% and a k/d of only 0.7 My best ships are tier 5 Bouge cv and nicholas dd. While I can do pretty well in carriers, my average survivability is only 22% in dds! My average damage is a measly 17k, and my average xp is 500! I'm not that bad a player (debatable) but how can I get more damage, better k/d and that sort of stuff. How can I improve my overall gameplan? Link to _ASW_ Warships.Today https://eu.warships.today/player/538635276/_ASW_ Link to _ASW_ World of warships player profile https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/538635276-_ASW_/!/pvp/overview/ Thanks!
  9. _ASW_

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    I have had 2 supercontainers, both from try my luck. Opened around 20 containers to get then. I have stopped getting try my luck, because the higher chance isn't really worth trying..
  10. _ASW_

    Invisi fire

    As a DD player, I can never invisible fire! If I fire when in sight of many enemy Bbs I get destroyed! But I do think invisible fire is unfair. But it's only Dd shells when ur in a BB, It's only a flesh wound!
  11. I strongly agree with a better tutorial. So much stuff unexplained..
  12. What do you want for wows in 2017? These poll results will be interesting.
  13. _ASW_

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    I will enter it! Thank you for being so generous!
  14. I dunno if this is relevant, but I play low tier aircraft carriers (American). Currently using the Bouge (tier 5), it is not OP, but can do significant damage. I can destroy most lobe cruisers with on torpedo attack, and most battleships with 2/3. The strength of an aircraft carrier depends on how the enemy plays (bunched up or not) and how well it deals with the enemy aircraft carrier. A perfect battle is the enemy cv gone, and the enemy is playing separately.
  15. _ASW_

    No more super containers for me

    I just prefer to battle really. Not many flags do that much in game. Maybe I should start using them with the damage control II..