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  1. I've unlocked the Ranger and finding it difficult to work out a strategy, until now I've always used the balanced specs on the Bogue (1/1) and Independence (1/1/1) and done well with them. The Ranger (1/1/1) just seems not strong enough. Against a strike Ranger (0/1/3) I'm unable to stop them killing me as my single fighter squad can't shoot down the enemy planes quick enough even with strafe and the enemy has a bottomless pit of planes. Against 2/2/2 Hiryu I have worse fighter power and worse strike power. I also have 23023130 miles detection range so I have to be so far behind my team that it takes 15 minutes between strikes and if the enemy team manages to push ours back I can get spotted and killed by artillery. The Saipan (2/2/0) also has better fighters and strike.... So what do you do? I'm tempted towards 2/0/2 as much as I hate AS loadouts I could probably do okay damage with 2 bombers and would have 2 fighters to avoid being sniped by the enemy CV. I could go strike and gamble on killing the enemy CV early but that would leave me relying on the enemy CV being incompetent. Does the US ever get competitive again? What would suit me ideally is to be able to run 2/1/1.
  2. Woofbark

    This weekend has been horrendous ...

    Yesterday 43.75%WR Today 40% WR so far.
  3. Woofbark

    Remove Detonations

    Remove this stupid RNG 1 shot kills.
  4. Woofbark

    Statistically unbelievable

    Someone will probably try to claim it's your fault.
  5. Woofbark

    What Were Your Worst/Most Embarrassing Game Today?

    Got detonated by 1 shot about 1 minute into the game, team still carried the win and that was daily bonus gone, about 300xp.
  6. Woofbark

    Fighter Squadrons and Strafing Runs

    Have had that done to me, it's annoying. Had my fighters engaged with enemy fighters, teammate has 2 fighter squadrons approaching, he strafes with both causing the front squadron to get strafed by the rear squadron, my planes are also vapourised but the enemy gets lucky and dosen't lose too many and then kills off his 1 squadron.
  7. Woofbark

    One player lost

    I reckon we could do with a seperate BBaby whine forum section.
  8. Woofbark

    5.12 changes

    It will only make BB's more vulnerable to other BB's so I don't know if this is good or not.
  9. Woofbark

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    CV's are still overpowered, making them stronger would not be good.
  10. Woofbark

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    Sniping BB's isn't a meta it's just something bad players do.
  11. Woofbark

    EU vs. NA Showdown - 17th September

    You won't get good camera and commentary without a proper spectator mode. Having to watch the casters killing themselves at the start of the match would be okay for an alpha test but doesn't really look good for a live game. We need to be able to see what is happening on both sides.
  12. Woofbark

    Wargaming...skill based..matchmaking...now!

    Random matchmaking is better. We have ranked that uses an ELO system already. Games that use skill based matchmaking exclusively tend to be more toxic and less casual friendly.
  13. Woofbark

    Fighters stuck in strafe

    I got my fighter squadron stuck in a failed strafe attempt, is there any way to get your fighters out of such a situation? Kind of ruined the game because they just circled uselessly for the rest of the match.
  14. Woofbark

    Class mid tier performance comparison

    Managed to level my CV so I could include that: CV: Wins 10 Losses 5 T1: 3 T3: 5 T6: 5 - : 2 This was with the US carrier Independence, I have to say the T6 game felt like a baptism of fire coming from Bogue as you are given 12 fighters 12 torpedo bombers and 13 dive bombers and suddenly go from facing max T6 to getting thrown against T8. Bogue gets 14 fighters and 14 torpedo bombers. The Independence gets the exact same torpedo bombers as Bogue but gets 2 less and faces absolutely ferocious passive AA. I found myself constantly getting de-planed by AA. Despite this I did find I could influence the game fairly often and managed 55K damage average.
  15. I can't really comment on balance until I've played both US and IJN carrier lines a bit more. I've currently only played Langley and Bogue but neither seem UP while the extra ammo would be nice as I do run out of ammo sometimes. I don't see why it would be a bad change. I think making US fighters faster would be bad because it would make AS loadouts even more frustrating to play against as they would just charge down your planes. If anything needs changing it would be the number of planes available for high tier carriers, but I need to play a few myself before I can comment too much on high tier CV balance.