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  1. I'm really sorry but most of these camoflages have nothing to do with warfar and real cercumstanes at sea. Navy with most of the rediculess camoflages are art and not war camo!! If you wanna play a game about war in sky, sea and land I have big doubt about the designers. This are not pleasure ships but war ships. So desighn camo like you want to sissapear in the eye of the enemy. Not sundeckships !! dissapear = sissapear
  2. Sprinklefire

    Collector's Club Launch

    Well I´m waiting for the new collection award did play but did not receive sofar any embleem or other item. Good winds and fair tades all players
  3. Sprinklefire

    Ho-Ho-Holiday Stream! - Discussion Thread

    The given kink on the game center >> Noble Chairs "Hero"Gaming Chair >> by Casking. Is only commercial and not working properly
  4. Sprinklefire

    WoW commercial way

    Good afternoon to yeah all. It is said to see that every time the game gets a sort of upgrade all commodity at the website (shop) get more exspensive. There is no conserdiration by the desighner(s) that there are a lot of players who do not have the amount off money they are asking for al kind of upgrades. Suddently it seems that money income for WoW is more important than the players. As I said, that realy a pitty. Special for players who cannot perform in Clan battles because it takes at least one or two years to get there. But it is not all negative , WoW does do a lot on the game itself. And that is nice to know. Even so in play clans are only taking in the best players so starter/begin player do not have any chance at all to get in or to win a battle in the higher tiers. So the system me be blamed for that to. Giving alone the rich and high tier or clans posibility to play. Maybe I see it in the wrong prespective? If so place your comment here. Thank you Sprinklerfire.