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  1. Breezewind

    Give all cruisers heal?

  2. Breezewind

    Noobs will kill this game!

    I have a feeling that better tutorials for new players might help with the general gameplay in randoms. There was some really minor improvements to this in some point, but it's still lackluster. Youtube has a lot of material for learning the ropes, but one has to consider the language barrier especially in the EU. Not everyone here speaks english and it would be a great benefit to have a localized tutorials in-game. But of course, as the saying goes: you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him to drink.
  3. Breezewind

    What happened to the special contest based Normandie camo

    Normandie mission marathon incoming: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/french-beauty/
  4. Breezewind

    Gascogne camo - can someone pls confirm...

    These camouflages are the true premium camouflages: utterly useless, bad taste camouflages. By buying them you can signal other players that you have an excess of money and that you just don't care. Just show them your Le Cuck.
  5. Breezewind

    And that's why I run out of reports ....

    That's tier V ship. What were your expectations?
  6. Breezewind

    Battle of Zanzibar phase 5 broken?

    Ok, thanks for clarifying. Would be better if the base XP would not be grayed out, imo.
  7. Breezewind

    Battle of Zanzibar phase 5 broken?

    In one battle, earn 1800 base XP Must be completed in a Random or Ranked Battle Completion Criteria: German ships of Tier VI or higher Here I have finished my battle with 1856 base XP in my tier VII Scharnhorst. However the mission didn't complete even if condition has been fulfilled... Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problems or did I miss something here? I attached screenshots of the mission debriefing
  8. Breezewind

    Stuck on login screen.

    For three consequetive days I've had the same experience for the days first battle: Got the spinning anchor thingie on top of port and nothing happens for ages. When I force quite the application, I usually get into the match nevertheless after login. Not anymore – It just throws me back to the login screen, now the option to login is grayed out and the program comes unresponsive. I mean the login "battle animation video" plays on the background but I cannot close the program by pressing 'x' in the top corner, the menus don't work, so my only option is to force quit again from the task manager. After the supposed battle is over I can login and join game as normal, but it's been now three times the first battle of the day. Already lost few good camouflages because of this and probably some karma points too as people AFK in the battle are usually reported. This started after the latest patch (which had some trouble installing btw, which is a known bug). Integrity repair works only after I reboot my PC, because of an server error or something. I think this problem is server side. My Wows had been working for over a year perfectly, an now this...
  9. Breezewind

    Anyone else think this is getting alittle boring?

    1) The snowball effect 2) The power creep One team getting kills weakens the other team's possibilities and this multiplies exponentially. The power creep (if there's a such thing) accelerates it even further. One could maybe study if games are shorter these days.
  10. Battleships are by far the most forgiving ship type to play. If you want to get good, however, one needs to play all the ship types. Without the knowledge of the strenghts and weaknesses of your teammates ships, it may be impossible to play effectively as a team. One can't evaluate how your teammates will act, for example, in a situation where you're in a German battleship and starting to push to cap, your teammates are in paper cruisers and there is a tanky enemy BB and some other ships in the vicinity. You might end up pushing without support, especially if you don't communicate your intentions to your teammates. Experienced players may read you and give you support anyway though. For cruisers, priority number one is not to take any hits. That is why they are difficult to play (for everyone in the beginning), as they are mostly very unforgiving. You need experience and skill to play them efficiently; Playing destroyers may help you to understand, for example, where the torpedoes are likely to come from. Playing cruisers or destroyers teaches you a bit what it means to get detected, versus not to. Positioning, angling, overall map awareness – what people are attempting in the game, and what are your chances affecting it.
  11. Breezewind

    Kutuzov is almost OP

    I don't think that Kutuzov is any way OP. They are nice to cit with a BB with decent guns. If Kutuzov uses smoke, just use spotting aircraft...