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  1. Breezewind

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    This will be a good improvement, as DDs will be taking less damage from the rockets.
  2. What does getting notified help, if the CV has no way to spot the DD by planes? Now, if CV could spot the DD in thr cap only by relocating the ship itself closer, then they would have to choose putting the CV itself to danger and move close to the cap. Or they could stay in the back and not try spotting the enemy DD. DD would also have to choose, between capping and hunting down the CV. This has to be balanced also from CV players point of view, not by just adding more broken mechanics e.g. no surface spotting by planes.
  3. Now the engagements can be planned better, as you can see the enemy team composition much earlier, and can plan accordingly. Without CVs planning is much harder, because you might find youself facing with overwhelming odds when enemy comes out of concealment.. It's different meta now, not necessarily better or worse, but different.
  4. My idea is that spotting is still done by the planes, but there's an artificial limit for the range from the CV that they can spot the DD.
  5. If such extreme adjustments would be justified, I'd rather go for CV being able to spot the DD only when the DD is inside ~12 km radius from of the CV.
  6. Sorry, might have mistaken you for someone else. Still, your Gearing stats and result of one game don't bring anything remotely useful to the table.
  7. So, you got one battle, where you were bested by another unicum... your Gearing stats look like that and you are complaining it's the CVs are broken?
  8. Just have to see unicums play DDs online to see it. Personally I'm somewhat under unicum stats currently, and have no problems with CVs when I'm playing.
  9. Pls nerf the winter in Sodankylä, it's broken. No counterplay, it's a season for noobs.
  10. Somehow good DD players shrug CVs attacks off in randoms, and they don't seem to be losing their role or place. This thread is a complete joke.
  11. There's only selected games available, so this approach does not really work. Besides, if player has skill, he should be rewarded. The other classes have similar consistency when the player is super unicum, even if the enemies are not complete potatoes. That's because the player's skills are far above the other players. He's the super unicum and the others are not. Super unicums can make all the classes "broken".
  12. Sounds just like a DD to me. Could be a cruiser also.
  13. Please offer some proof to back up your claim.
  14. In the data, the result was based on inference from stats for server averages, so the result has to be interpreted as conditional to being an average player. What I see here is not an average player.
  15. Exactly, both teams have CVs, so its balanced (on average). Of course CV is strong in harassing enemy team, thats by design. Taking a look at this thread, one could think it takes no skill to play CVs, they are overpowered asf and broken. Somehow none of this shows in the stats, which makes whole thread to be only about subjective biased opinions and not objective discussion about this topic. As I see it, the posts are mainly by players who don't personally enjoy playing the class and thus see it only as a nuicance and would rather farm the BBs in their DDs in relative peace. Add this to the lucrative opportunities from CV rework for CCs to boost viewer counts, and these threads are what you get. It's just fueling the toxicity in the community and hardly constructive. CV rework was over a year ago, and CVs are in the game to stay. New CV lines are on the drawing board, and the current balance is good enough as it is. Subs are coming soon, too. One can enjoy all this new content, or blame WG in the forums, everyone can make their choice.