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  1. Breezewind

    Please give us a possibility to zoom in while flying

    I would like to plan my attack run by observing the ships outside of their AA range: what ships there are, who are being attacked, who are in fire and try to see if they use damage con – then strike my chosen target. I guess some mods from Aslain's modpack could help in evaluating the movement direction, like signal lights, but I'm not sure there's one displaying which ships are flooding or are in fire? Anyways, I prefer to use in-game indicators like ship wakes and smoke stacks, which is why zoom would be nice. Aiming for the target during an attack run is fine as it is, I'd like to have option to zoom while in mid-flight.
  2. Many times when I'm flying, I'm trying to take a look at the ships in the horizon and they're too small to figure out anything. One could bind zoom to shift key or mouse wheel.
  3. Breezewind

    CVs are crap now.WG normaly you would owe me 38k dbs

    Skipping a line - where you have no previous experience - straight to T10, no wonder you're losing your squadrons.
  4. Breezewind

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    IDK. This was merely a statement.
  5. Breezewind

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    I'm sympathise to your frustration, but the game will not get any easier until you have several thousand battles, especially if you continue playing cruiser class. I recommend switching to battleships, which are way more forgiving to play.
  6. Breezewind

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    Because losing good DDs right in the beginning of a battle is a big disadvantage for the whole team and has tendency to snowball into a loss. The average, also called the mean, does not tell much about the distribution of players as it might be skewed. We were talking about how to evaluate if one is improving, so it does not matter if you played well or not (on average server level). I'm not sure why you're digging my stats, as they're not relevant. One could have 32% WR, be in the middle of the roster and still improve.
  7. Breezewind

    CV rework poll from Flambass

    It's way too early for this poll, better make it after a month.
  8. Breezewind

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    I think it's not that simple. Winning is of course what one should aim for, but winrate tends to be a bit problematic in showing your skill progression. For example, if you play mainly DDs, your skill has way more impact than if you play in a cruiser and you'll be seeing much higher winrates (not to mention pre-rework CVs). Average XP was more of a thought provoker and as you've demonstrated it is not a good measure of individual's skill progression, for the reasons stated above. There might not necessarily even be a good enough measure.
  9. Breezewind

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    Indeed. I am quite sure it has to look a bit like what I see in the mirror
  10. Breezewind

    You know your matchmaking sucks big time

    If the game had perfect matchmaking, everyone would have 50% average winrate.
  11. Breezewind

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    One question to ask is if the percentage of wins to losses is a good indicator in random battles for your personal skill progression? Maybe average experience received would be better indicator?
  12. Breezewind

    Statistically impossibly bad matchmaking?

    If you're average, I'd say 45% winrate is just as likely as 55% winrate. I would not recommend staring winrate too much, as you're just one player in a team of 12 ships. There's only so much you can do, but try to improve your own play. One thing to add, is that you need preferably over 100 games, if not several hundred games in a ship to make statistical conclusions about the ship or your play. Just google "law of large numbers" for more info. However, if you want to improve your winrate, play in a division of three players of the same caliber.
  13. Breezewind

    Is it me ?

    Or the holiday potatoes were the reason why you were getting easy kills earlier, as they sail in a straight line. If not the reason mentioned in the post one above.
  14. Breezewind

    Ship for around 6400 dublons?

    Seems like you already bought Duca and Hood, but forgot to mention it here...