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  1. Fogs1

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    You lucky lucky boy. What I'd give to get the Missouri.😭
  2. Fogs1

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  3. Fogs1

    How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    It's already been said, but I also found the Pepsi, NO and Baltimore painful. The Des Moines though, absolute beast. It's tons of fun.
  4. Fogs1

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 10 huge boxes, got the Gallant amongst other flags. Was really hoping to get the Alabama but not to be. Was tempted to buy it because it's on sale but spent enough on the containers. Happy Christmas everyone.
  5. Fogs1

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join please. 1. Alabama 2. De Grasse 3. Doubloons Many thanks, great idea!
  6. Fogs1

    HMS Belfast On Offer

    Balls. Thanks anyway.
  7. Fogs1

    HMS Belfast On Offer

    I can't see this offer, I'm assuming I'm too late?
  8. Fogs1


    I hated the Baltimore. In fact I didn't really like the American cruiser line. It felt like forever from the Pensicola up to the end of the Baltimore but trust me, keep going till you get to the Des Moines. It's a terrific ship and lots of fun to play. Definitely worth the grind up to it. I would recommend going premium for a few days which would help you get more xp too.
  9. I'm up to 12/13, can't remember which. Not too pushed in climbing much higher really. Dunno if it's worth the effort to be honest.
  10. Fogs1

    The New Modules - Testing and Super Containers?

    Just got surveillance modification 1 in a SC. I'd only be able to use it in my Baltimore at the expense of concealment, so yeah, nah.
  11. Fogs1

    Server Down ?

    Same, can't connect.
  12. Fogs1

    Anyone else having login problems

    Yup, it's a known issue that they're working on.
  13. Fogs1

    Best Cruiser Line

    No mention of the British line yet. Has anyone done much with them?
  14. Fogs1

    Best Cruiser Line

    Which cruiser line do you think is the best? I've been playing USN line for quite a while now but getting a bit frustrated/bored with it (currently up to the Pensacola). I gave the Furutaka a few games recently and had great fun with it. Just wanted to hear other people's opinions on their favorite lines.
  15. Fogs1

    Battleships Everywhere!

    My apologies, I didn't see the other thread. For some reason I was looking at the America's forum before I posted on this one. Mods feel free to delete.