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    IJN ships are still good, Zao for example received a major buff. Shima is awesome for BB hunting. Yamato is still powerful. Akizuki is insanely good after the recent buff.
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    server down?

    yep cant log in
  5. 14500 steel and 66000 coal
  6. Hi, there is an issue that has been bothering me for quite some time now. When playing DDs it happens that you sit in a cap just to: 1. block it, so the enemy can't cap or 2. contest it until the enemy ship is not blocking the cap anymore so you can secure the cap for your team. If this is just a matter of up to 30 to 60 seconds, you get enough XP with the "captured" or "Assisted in Capture" Ribbon. If the stand-off lasts longer though, every DD player faces a decision: 1. to continue trying to secure the capture point, this leads to a loss of XP for the player because he deals no/less damage while doing this even though he tries to help the team winning and 2. abandoning the objective to go hunting for BBs etc.. This leads to more XP for the player. I was thinking about the Idea of a "Contested" ribbon - which gives the player 30/40/50(or whatever) xp for every 20/30/45 seconds a cap is contested by both sides.
  7. JH_87

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This guy here really made my day. He smoked a Kurfürst and complained in chat that the Kurfürst just sailed through the smoke, not aware that the game mechanics were changed aeons ago. Well he was politely reminded that there were changes to smoke detection and well I might have typed "lol" in chat :-D
  8. JH_87

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    massive FPS drops atm. like 60-40-60-15-60-30-60-10 + microstutters all the time
  9. JH_87

    30 seconds into the game and detonated

    @TigerMoth 30 seconds into the game is virtually impossible, in regard to the time to start up the planes etc. don't tell lies :-P
  10. JH_87

    EU server network issues

    EU-Servers seem to be down atm. Last checked 5 minutes ago.
  11. JH_87

    Bug Reports

    1. Description I have both special Bismarck camos in my inventory (Intact one/from the bottom of the ocean), somehow I cant equip the "from the bottom of the ocean" one because it seems to be missing in the "exterior" screen. 2. Reproduction steps constant effect 3. Result can't equip camo 4. Expected result should be able to equip camo 5. Technical details added two screenshots
  12. JH_87

    Totally my fault, no way it was the team, right? RIGHT?

    Hey OP, ever heard of the "Central limit theorem"? Come back when you have some 30, 50 or 100 matches played. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_limit_theorem
  13. It's a major nerf for the Hindenburg. 10.2 km concealment when shooting in smoke is just ridiculous, it is almost certain that their is an enemy ship within 10.2 km. Its ok to make shooting from smoke impossible for BBs, with the BB population a nerf is needed. But spare the cruisers please. I am a good CA/CL player, I can adapt to this somehow but the skill level required to play CAs/CLs now will scare off less experienced players. So we will have even more 5BB/2Cx/5DD battles. No problem with DDs though, smoke change is ok here.
  14. JH_87

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    Hey WG please listen to what @t3h3th32 wrote. And no, we don't need another nerf for CA's/CL's.