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  1. Pte_Maylam

    Haida, eh?

    I couldn't stand the smoke, I tend to use smoke to break contact, but as it goes on for so long, it would obscure my subsequent targeting and as the ship farts it out for around 2 minutes, it telegraphed where I was, which was deeply annoying. The other issue I found was that I very rarely had some obliging other dd to assist with spotting, so when I tried to shoot from the smoke I couldn't see anything! It has potential, but I couldn't make it work for me and I do regret buying it.
  2. Pte_Maylam

    Haida is in shop :)

    10pt with Concealment Expert. I'm sure it'll grow on me...
  3. Pte_Maylam

    Haida is in shop :)

    While I would never claim to be brilliant, I just cannot make this DD work for me. You push forward to out-spot the enemy, and while I think it does outshine enemy DDs in a 1 on 1 situation, as soon as any support fire comes on, it crumbles. Its guns are ok, its torpedos are a slow reloading afterthought, useful but not brilliant, like the Akizuki's. Its manoeuvrability is rubbish and this is a heavy price to pay for the aspects which make it good. Its hydro is uninspiring. I utterly, utterly hate the creeping smoke. I find it harder to use smoke to break contact because it telegraphs where you are for bloody ages. If you chug around at below 12 knots, it's even worse because people chase you down. Yes, great for people who want to division up with Belfast mates, but that's an idiosyncratic and small group of people who were probably much above average players to begin with. Honestly, it's a disappointment. I think with more gameplay and maybe a few matches where there hasn't been a CV I might come around a bit, but it made a poor first impression and I'm not overly keen on the purchase.
  4. Pte_Maylam

    Friedrich the Great, or the art of fail.

    FP & Concealment is most definitely the way forward in the meta, but I simply love the IFHE AFT MFC secondary build. It's too situational to be especially good because you are encouraged to push and that means being focused and torched. The huge amount of HE you receive means your secondaries do tend to get knocked out without too much effort. You also invite torpedoes and it's easy to get trapped into eating torpedoes, or showing broadside. But, but, but, when you secondaries can knock 45,000 health off a Montana (notwithstanding the fires they cause) in a single sitting, melt DDs who have the temerity to get within around 8km when the shells start reliably landing, and kill off cruisers whilst your main battery engages another target, it's difficult not to love it. It's just very difficult to reach those situations where she excels.
  5. Pte_Maylam

    Fact Correction - Fleet Air Arm

    Very interesting topic, the FAA during the interwar period. I studied it as part of my degree. It was greatly neglected and cut down although this is more the fault of the prevailing political attitude regarding peace at all costs than the Navy suddenly waking up to the reality of carrier aviation. Fascinating stuff. I could go on...
  6. Pte_Maylam

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    I had matches where I straddled targets a lot. Its dispersion wasn't brilliant, but it was fine so long as you were at mid ranges of 15km or less. I only have confirmation bias to go on, but it was more I found I had a lot of bounces, shatters and overpens on BBs, and I usually ended up aiming at all higher-tier BBs as though they were German ones (i.e. not aiming at the waterline but mid way up the hull) to try and get penetrating damage above the main belt. It wasn't bad, it was just underwhelming. But then, I ground through the Lion and didn't upgrade the guns to the higher calibre, nor the rangefinder nor engines. That could have made a difference. I found it to be an excellent ship, strong but with some weaknesses. I temper that by noting that I have not gone up the US or IJN lines, so I could not compare directly to them.
  7. Pte_Maylam

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    I won't say she's a bad ship, but I had the Tirpitz before her and I found her guns to be hideously inaccurate and I found myself mourning the loss of the 4th gun. Her secondaries were powerful but her main battery let her down up close by being inclined to overpen and turn slowly. I utterly hated Gneisenau and was more than happy to free xp her. Conversely I loved the Bismarck for all that I made easy meat for a Yamato, I found that a very comfortable ship to play. She still fired like a shotgun but the two extra shells made an awfully big difference when you were only throwing out 6 of them before.
  8. Pte_Maylam

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    Strong ship. Her stock AP is a bit disappointing against enemy BBs, but I never ground to the larger gun calibre (and the dispersion is annoying). The heal is fearsome. You treat fire damage completely differently. It is quite easy to farm fireproof on this ship without it unduly affecting your game. It is easy to push with the concealment but this can lead to getting caught out of position and you will get brutally punished for that. It has a strong AA suite but it quickly gets broken down by HE shells. I much preferred it to Fred the Great and Izumo. Not played Iowa / Missouri. I liked the conqueror too, with the 18' guns.
  9. Pte_Maylam

    Des Moines VS Minotaur

    I love my minotaur but it's awfully frustratingly vulnerable. I regularly see 75% of health gone from two shells, and enemy BBs are getting very good at shooting into smoke and dealing damage. It is fearsome in dealing damage to shops sailing broadside on (the AP is evil against superstructure of BBs) but gets deleted easily and rarely wins in a 1 vs 1 fight against other T10 Cruisers unless you get the drop on them. I love it and would highly recommend it, but its games tend to be brilliant or awful, and rarely in between.
  10. Pte_Maylam

    British battleships incoming

    Hmm, that's a fair point... Cheers!
  11. Pte_Maylam

    British battleships incoming

    I'm not sure that 800m makes much difference. 'Spite is a brawler anyway, and if the Queen Elizabeth has a similar armour scheme, you'd surely want to get up closer anyway.
  12. Pte_Maylam

    British battleships incoming

    Took them an awfully long time to raise Tirpitz to the level of Bismarck. But equally, even a bit of meaningful differentiation between the two, rather than one being a simply better version of the same would have been better to my mind...
  13. Pte_Maylam

    British battleships incoming

    Looking at the suggested stats for HMS Queen Elizabeth, I'm interest to know exactly what it does better. Its hull is slightly but not brilliantly improved in terms of health, its guns are slightly longer-ranged but less effective; it turns worse, its turret engineers don't know about WD-40 (although I had no issue with the 'Spite's pre-buff turrets). I'm assuming its AA is better but really at Tier 6 and with the current meta, AA defence just doesn't figure into my estimations much at all. Oh and QE's heal is worse. It seems that as things stand, Warspite is hands down the better ship. Have I missed something?
  14. Pte_Maylam

    Ship for Tier VI ranked

    Warspite or the Bayern. Spite's guns are fearsome and accurate. The Bayern has hideously strong armour.
  15. Pte_Maylam


    I found a play style that worked for me with the Spite and I can't say I was especially crying out for increased turret traverse. I had some very rewarding matches where my guns only ever pointed off one side of the ship. Extra traverse will be nice, of course. Not sure the increase will be enough to make me willingly go through the agony of turning the rear turrets to the opposite side of the ship! As the OP mentioned, she likes a barbeque, does the Warspite, and I'd prefer they did something to remove the petrol which appears to liberally cover her decks! I really enjoy the Spite. She brawls well, but at range her plunging arcs when well-aimed are absolutely fearsome as well.