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  1. Pte_Maylam

    British BB citadel

    It was probably due... Now, perhaps if they cared to give US bbs their old higher citadels back, that'd be grand.
  2. Pte_Maylam

    Captain Jingles

    I quite like the 'Fire, Fire, Fire!' Line. It's how fire warnings are given in the Royal Navy. Same reason I like his 'hands to action stations' line.
  3. Pte_Maylam

    CV players - What were you blamed for today?

    A gearing sailed away from his fleet, engaged me with aa and did nothing while I made 3 passes. Then he smoked up, didn't move and promptly got blown in half by a dd torpedo. The fault was mine because according to him I engage in carnal acts with donkeys. It's ok, it isn't like he was the deputy leader of a clan or anything... I get more abuse driving a cv than I do at as a copper arresting people!
  4. Pte_Maylam

    CV Rework Discussion

    I've come to the conclusion that not everyone is fond of this rework; in fact it's not uncommon for certain people to go around telling me I don't deserve to live, that I'm scum, that I'm brainless, that I'm a cancer. I'm a Copper in real life and it's weird because I genuinely seem to get more abuse when I bomb a destroyer that over-extends and has its AA on and then eats a torpedo when it eventually parks up in its smoke than I do when I arrest a gang member for carrying a knife, and it's fair to say that they have a bit of a sense of humour failure when that happens. Have a bit of perspective, maybe?
  5. Pte_Maylam

    Carrier Upgrades Implacable and Enterprise

    I found that the 4 point cv aiming skill was less important to taking extra 3 and 2 point skills. I will take it (probably) but it'll be at the 15 point mark.
  6. Pte_Maylam

    Strongest AA for its tier

    I have had several matches where the Fletcher has mashed my audacious squadrons. One flak burst which didn't even appear on screen until I flew into it did 14,000 damage to a full health squadron. Bad play? Probably, but I also learned to respect its ack ack a bit more...
  7. I enjoyed warspite's whole 'turn the ship to aim the guns' thing of old... But here's a thing - I enjoyed DoY a lot but had no end of difficulties with the KGV... The functionally better ship. Confirmation bias but go figure!
  8. Secondary gk build is frustrating but when you're able to get into effective positioning it's sublime and such good fun! I do enjoy a good brawl.
  9. Pte_Maylam

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs

    The gaming centre declared, post the updates, that my game is corrupt and needs repairing. The update service gets to 35% and then stops. I get a message that "There are some problems with the update service. We are working on it." Any idea what the craic is? Is there a likely timeframe for this? The game worked fine up until the update.
  10. Pte_Maylam

    eu server offline???

    My game has got corrupted since the update went live (the launcher says so) but the update service keeps running into "problems"... -edit- It gives up at 35%
  11. Pte_Maylam

    ST - French destroyers

    Nice to see the japanese torpedo boat line meets another line that has better fish... (Fun fact, the ww1 british submarine service called torpedoes "mouldies", because the smell of the oil the torpedoes were covered in smelt like mouldy fish).
  12. Pte_Maylam

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    I think the biggest offenders for making me think "I really wish I hadn't bothered getting you" are in some cases surprising. PEF - not surprising, but it's underwhelming and boring. It doesn't even need to be strong, but it's just very beige. Leningrad - loved the Blyska but found playing the Leningrad to be irritating and I couldn't make it work. Haida - its smoke doesn't mesh with how I play. I found it got in the way too much and it's versatility was predicated on the good teamwork of other dd's to spot. Cossack was everything I wanted haida to be. Vanguard - not only does it suffer to a greater extent than, say tirpitz, when bottom tier (which are the vast majority of games) due to its armour but its ap in particular is ropey and unreliable. Gutted, because I do like collecting my rn ships.
  13. Pte_Maylam

    Buying Commemorative flags

    I've always wanted the jutland commemoration flag, I started playing and just missed it.
  14. Pte_Maylam

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Now that I've got my head around using them reasonably effectively I have to say that I'm quite enjoying my saipan and implacable at t8. Previously I got the saipan, was horrified to find it was difficult even on coop and began learning on japanese cv's. I gave up at tier 5. I accepted it wasn't for me. I hated the rework, being deleted in my dd by unstoppable tier x rockets and torps. Started with the hermes and ryujo and began to learn. I feel now I can have a reasonable impact. At tier 8 I have enjoyable games even when bottom tier. Like dds in the heavy radar Meta you learn to play around worcestors, minos and more than two ships close to one another and chip away where you can. I feel like I've contributed and can have some high damage & kill matches. I also don't entirely dread cv matches in my dd now. It does make me think, if I can be reasonably effective bottom tier in tier 8, exactly how powerful must the tier 10s be..?
  15. Pte_Maylam

    Battle of Jutland Operation ?

    I would love to see something like that, I took a load of dreadnaughts out into the training room to scratch the Jutland itch but a full on op would be awesome!