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  1. Pte_Maylam

    Battle of Jutland Operation ?

    I would love to see something like that, I took a load of dreadnaughts out into the training room to scratch the Jutland itch but a full on op would be awesome!
  2. Pte_Maylam

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    I got all 4. Owned all of them already but it's nice to be totally flush with credits now. Think that was with 20 crates and yes I do feel dirty because I was after the carriers. Conversely I went out of my way during the last thing to get a lightning and had no luck till I reminded myself about gambler's fallacy and sacked it off. I'm a terrible whale for wg, especially for rn stuff!
  3. Pte_Maylam

    Opinion: What looks better on the Warspite?

    The top. I preferred the turret colouring and the fact that the two colours don't contrast as much.
  4. Pte_Maylam

    Exeter: Why is there only an "ADMIRAL PACK" ?!

    Gosh, what a shame they're planning to completely alter the gc... I would have bought it otherwise.
  5. Pte_Maylam

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I shouldn't think so, I'm such a moron I bought the pef with the steel monsters campaign. The PEF I deeply regret. But when Exeter comes out i'll probably end up with an exciting flag to fly on my new boat. Leastways that was the plan till they ballsed up cv's and began looking to completely change gc.
  6. Pte_Maylam

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I've spent a fair old wack of money on this game and I'm deeply unhappy that fundamental changes will be enacted on stuff you sold me. It's not a tweak, it'll be a different ship that I didn't buy. My trust and confidence in wg has taken something of a shoeing recently. If I see a tier v russian premium version of the gc I might have something of a sense of humour failure.
  7. Pte_Maylam

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    I really am expecting this to be the case. Which makes the whole thing even more unpalatable. I'm up for nerfing OP premiums without breaking them but fundamentally changing what ship they are is not cricket.
  8. Pte_Maylam

    CV vs DD: works as intended?

    That's good, but I don't think it will alleviate the plight of a destroyer being victimized by a cv.
  9. Pte_Maylam

    CV vs DD: works as intended?

    Excepting certain aa dd's, at high tier's there isn't really any counter play. Aa does nothing, and to do your core role - scouting and contesting caps - is to invite annihilation. Radars when playing dd's are frustrating when you get caught but you can play around them and counter them, and you can reduce their effect on you. That's not possible where carriers are concerned. I will also add that aa seems ineffectual against skilled cv's anyway. My aa mino did 100,000 plane damage and shot down an underwhelming 26 planes. It had literally no impact on the cv's ability to dominate.
  10. Pte_Maylam

    Something interesting from the Russian forums

    Vanguard is thoroughly underwhelming, mainly because it really doesn't up tier well at all. Too many yamatos, musashis, Montanas etc who can really make her suffer. I wouldn't be in fear of anything happening to her except perhaps a buff. But that having been said, I'm really uncomfortable with them changing fundamental characteristics of ships money has been spent on. Although now the floodgates have been opened for uss blacks and Stalingrads maybe they'd consider reworking those...?
  11. Pte_Maylam

    CVs + DDs + Meta

    No, it was two carriers attacking at once.
  12. Pte_Maylam

    CVs + DDs + Meta

    Just had a match with 2 Hakus on each side, in HMS Daring - a ship just unlocked, which I have been excited for and grinding for a while. I was the only DD on the team and didn't push for the cap since I reasoned that would invite their aircraft to delete me, but stayed with the fleet for defence and support. One rocket salvo knocked off 7,000 health. My AA was of no use, even concentrating sectors. I dodged a torpedo salvo from the first haku and that left me open to the second Haku's salvo launched simultaneously. 2 hits, and that was me. This was a really depressing experience and it's not the first time something like that happened (where I learned I couldn't stray on my own with a semi competent CV nearby). With the previous meta, you had a certain amount of chess and tactical manoeuvring with the fighter squadrons. AA, especially in concentrations, could be effective. But a third of our team's AA did nothing (as we started in three blocks), our own CVs dropped fighters and it had barely any effect. So if I push, I die. If I don't do the DD's role, which is to scout and contest caps; I can still die. What counter-play is effective? What should DDs do to avoid being chased until dead while still fulfilling a reasonably useful role to the team? -edited for clarity
  13. Pte_Maylam

    Best premium dd gunboat, and best dd gunboat line?

    I found Haida a massive disappointment. Her smoke I just couldn't make work. I use smoke to break contact rather than to sit in an blap away, so RN smokes I actually quite like. With Haida - perhaps an indictment on the state of teamplay - I found it a hindrance when simply trying to break contact, and worse when I tried to stay in the smoke and bimble around shooting out, no one else ever spotted for me so it was all a bit of a waste of time!
  14. Pte_Maylam

    Best premium dd gunboat, and best dd gunboat line?

    I think Cossack is quite decent. I do have a soft spot for blyska though..
  15. Pte_Maylam

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Someone asked about Vanguard. I found its AP a little bit ropey and its turret angles mean you have to expose a little too much side to fire a paltry 8 guns. Furthermore you face tier 9 and 10 most of the time and you are shockingly outclassed by them, it's too easy for them to punish you. Top tier it's really rather fun, but that is true of many ships. I found Danae and Emerald to be difficult to enjoy, but fortunately I got Leander from a Christmas event and never looked back!