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  1. Rice_Destroyer

    Looking for a competitive clan.

    PM sent
  2. Rice_Destroyer

    Three friends looking for Clan

    Pm sent
  3. Rice_Destroyer

    Looking for a clan

    PM sent
  4. Still looking for a clan?


    If so 

    5D is currently recruiting and are looking for players with an interest in clan battles, clan brawls and regularly playing in a division with each other. We play for fun and are not super competitive, but still, try our best in clan battles 


    The 5D clan offers a well build port and a huge discord group, where you can ask for advice for builds and improving yourself. 

    Currently we are building up the EU clan as we're a part of the larger 5D-NA clan

  5. Rice_Destroyer

    What is wrong with the chat server ?

    And also lost my clan tag
  6. Rice_Destroyer

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Also, don't bother with a ticket. They will ask you to do the same 4 steps for troubleshooting, and then ask you to send a report even if you already had sent a full report with data crunch, network diagnose and screenshots
  7. Looking for a clan, after a break from the game. Mainly play battleship & Cruiser
  8. Rice_Destroyer

    looking for DK/ENG clan (EU)

    Hey looking for an active clan I am tier 8 with the American BB and 5 with Cruiser, also I play CV and DD sometimes but my main is BB I will mainly be active at the weekends but will play some games if I got the time