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  1. asalonen

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    The thing that makes Napoli most different from any other cruiser in the game are the secondaries. The raw DPM of the secondaries is more than 50 % higher than any other cruiser in game. A significant part of that DPM are from the twelve 152 mm guns with very nice 42 mm penetration, thanks to firing SAP instead of HE. Among the high-tier ships, Napoli's secondary dispersion is only second to Graf Zeppelin. The dispersion is so good that it WILL land hits despite not having the skills, being just a cruiser. I can foresee some memish situations with a Napoli smoking up and the secondaries continuing to wreck the helpless enemy.
  2. asalonen

    Possible Italian Tier 3 Battleship

    What's the point with a revolver turret? After shooting they'd turn it 120 degrees and shoot the next pair of guns, then repeat ad infinitum, I guess... But guns load much faster than a huge turret needs to do a 360? So what's the point?
  3. asalonen

    Choosing ship lines to T10

    A general note on the destroyer lines: I would heartily recommend the Japanese line from Fubuki towards Shimakaze as a first DD line. It's one of the original two DD lines in the game, and it provides what I could consider the epitome of DD play: DD's are small ships with good concealment -- the Shimakaze line has excellent concealment. DD's have torps that hit hard well beyond your concealment -- the Shimakaze line has great torps. They have a good long-running smoke. They don't have any special perks. But instead they provide a fairly simple DD playstyle, and thus a very good place to learn the trade. The secondary builds are getting a buff, I believe in the next patch, so that after you keep the secondary lock on a target for a while the dispersion becomes much better than it is now. This COULD be making the German brawlers great again. But then you can test this out in the Pommern.
  4. Two CV's won't be seen much... maybe some clans use it for memes, especially early in the season. But in general, one CV can provide the spotting well enough. With two CV's you lose too much alpha and DPM, so it's just better to take a CV and a BB. But the BB could be an Ise, I guess? The additional planes would provide some versatility, and it does have very nice AA for a tier 6.
  5. asalonen

    Marco Polo. Any buff on the horizon?

    Disagree strongly, and I've regrinded the European destroyer line no less than seven times during the past year. Consider the Öland at tier 8: Only Akizuki has higher HE DPM. Öland is equal to Cossack, Benson and Kidd but has much flatter arcs than any of those three. The turret traverse is slow, but the rear turret is 360, so it's easy to keep the guns where you need them. So, you can outgun almost any same-tier DD, and thanks to the repair party maybe come back and do it again. Meanwhile the torpedo DPM is nothing special. You hit many thanks to the speed and narrow spread, but you just don't launch that many, and they just don't hit that hard. So I would absolutely consider the ship a gunboat and build it as such. This holds mostly true for the rest of the line. Skåne and Östergötland suffer more from the slow turret traverse since the rear turret is not 360, so you need to plan your moves more carefully. Halland gets superb turret traverse and is very, very suited for gunboating. I HAVE used a pure torpedo boat build with Swirski in many of these, but would consider a meme build that is less than ideal. It's a nice and relaxing playstyle -- and still strong --but going for the gunboat build could get you more wins.
  6. "Conan, what is best in life?" "Oktyabrskaya, 21-point Kuznetsov, shoot HE"
  7. asalonen

    How to Z-31?

    I can absolutely appreciate the concept of the line. It may not be fun for all players, but it is something new. Likewise I enjoyed the French and European DD lines a LOT when they were released. My complain is specifically about the Z-31. It seems to lack the DPM to be competetive as a tier 7, but maybe it'll receive buffs... But regardless, I'll just do my time in it and progress towards the Elbing.
  8. asalonen

    How to Z-31?

    But when I look at the Maerker, at least it looks significantly better at that one trick. It has one more gun and much faster reload, so the DPM is substantially better. Also, the firing angles are better, and the torpedoes hit quite a bit harder. In short, Maerker has got the firepower. It looks like it could be an OK'ish tier 8, while the poor Z-31 feels more like a tier 6...
  9. asalonen

    How to Z-31?

    How am I supposed to make a difference in battle in the Z-31? If anyone feels like they've got this thing to work well, tell me how? To me, the ship feels like a complete one-trick pony, and the trick are the AP salvos. The gun dispersion is stellar and the AP shells are very, very nice. But... that's ABSOLUTELY ALL the ship has: It's slow. It has nice HP but no repair, so it can't take any special amount of damage. The AA is average even for a tier 7 DD. The torpedo armament is altogether one of the worst of tier 7 DD's. With the poor concealment, clumsy handling and slow turrets, it can't reasonably contest caps in the first line. With no hydro and no defensive AA, it's not very valuable to nearby team members in the second line. So you're likely staying a bit back, relying on your accurate AP salvos to hopefully get some nice damage. If you're lucky you get presented with a light cruiser broadside that you can punish hard, but this won't be happening too often. And if this is the way to play the Z-31, it just doesn't have the DPM to make a difference in battle. Chances are that the enemy has a real DD in your place, being much more useful?
  10. asalonen

    Gun Feeder skill not working

    Check two things: Are ALL turrets loaded when you reload? Only then does Gun Feeder lower the reload. Do you have your captain assigned to your ship? The skill has always worked for me.
  11. You do realize that this is EXACTLY what WG was trying to achieve with the change? Mission accomplished? Good CV players could wreck average DD players with HE rockets so badly that it was the single most unbalanced aspect of the game. Changes are that you shouldn't try to chase DD's with Kaga's mediocre HE rockets anymore. Or do it only if you have no choice, and hope that the DD is a potato. But most likely you should be doing something else with your time to help your team win. Whine less and adapt more?
  12. Overall, I feel like you should reset whatever you like to play... Then XP cost differences between the lines are likely less than your own performance differences. If you're a strong player, you likely win more playing a DD (or CV) line, so it's likely both faster and more fun. I've reset the European DD line no less than seven times in as many months...It's a very comfortable line to regrind because the line has a very logical progression, and a simple, relaxing playstyle of a smokeless destroyer. Just watch that concealment and keep pooping the torps. If you're strong in the Visby and Västerås, you'll be able to keep it up in the in the ships that follow. Öland is a bit of an exception in that it's maybe more suited for gunboating with the 360 turrets. But then you can throw your Orkan/Småland skipper in it and you're good.
  13. Just do it. In your opening post you sound like a junkie, who hoped the Grand Battles would somehow make your daily fix more potent. And yet you still feel like shıt. I've taken four or five longer breaks, meaning a month or more, and they do work wonders. When I return, a lot of the fun that was missing is miraculously back. And I honestly believe this is still a great game. But the long grinds we have these days burn out many players, myself included. Switch to a different game maybe, for at least a few weeks? Maybe something with a story mode and a clear ending. And if you really can't stop playing Warships despite not enjoying it, just get help.
  14. asalonen

    Soviet aircraft carriers branch

    I stopped reading your tirade at this point and took a look at your stats. You have a few dozen games in the post-rework CV's, and you are correct when you imply that they didn't go well. If you like the post-rework CV gameplay, stick to one of for at least a few dozen matches -- maybe even a hundred. Work on it and try to get good. Ranger is great first CV. Plenty of players have got the current CV's to work great. They routinely deal out more damage than in BB's of the same tier. And don't stress about a new CV line being introduced. It's not really something for a CV beginner like yourself. The Russian CV's are something for us, who have played hundreds or even thousands of games in the CV's. We also deserve new content.
  15. asalonen

    German or japan CV. Or maybe Midway?

    Today's patch changes the balance of the CV lines quite significantly. The rockets got launching delay and they won't be anywhere as effective against small, manouverable targets as before. The leading idea is to make it more difficult for CV's to deal damage to DD's. Instead, the CV should mostly farm on bigger targets but spot the DD's for the team mates. The main loser here is the Japanese line, since especially Shokaku has powerful and accurate HE rockets that could totally wreck DD's. I would expect the win rates of the Japanese line to lower quite a bit. The main winner are the Germans, since AP rockets were always weak against DD's. The launching delay they got is less than the other lines so the AP rockets remain excellent against cruisers. Finally, their torps may not hit hard but are very fast and surprisingly effective against DD's. In the German line I've quite enjoyed the Parseval lately. It's fun to play with its fast planes, and it deals damage just as well as the Shokaku or Lexington. It hasn't won the games as easily since you can't molest DD's like especially the Shokaku. But today's patch makes it stronger relative to it's peers. At the end of the line Manfred is a bit frustrating since the bombs got an accuracy nerf soon after release.