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  1. asalonen

    Show off your set-up!

    Cleaning day, so can share... PC hidden under the desk has Core i5 something, Geforce 1060 something, one big SSD and 24 GB of RAM.
  2. asalonen

    The best looking ship ?

    One of my favourites is Kaga, although I rarely have these camos:
  3. asalonen

    Add new aircraft carrier in technological tree

    Or just a used late-war Japanese carrier. In any reasonable scenario of Germany having a tier 10 level carrier, I think the war went very differently and the axis won. The Japanese could've ended up with a huge fleet of carriers parked in San Francisco bay... so why not sell one to the Reich. Unfortunately this is incompatible with the alternate history where Russia has a world-class Battleship fleet.
  4. asalonen

    Add new aircraft carrier in technological tree

    In the great what-if scenario of Germany having a tier 10 eligible carrier, I think it could just as well be a one of the Japanese designs -- under a German flag and using German aircraft. Think of a world more like The Man in the High Castle, meaning an axis victory. In any case, I wouldn't mind it any more than a purely fictional design or an up-scaled Graf Zeppelin. Or some of the Soviet battleships that we already got.
  5. asalonen

    Problem with japanese Premium BBs

    Many of the IJN premiums -- namely Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Ashitaka and Musashi -- have the same theme, that is an older version of a silver ship design one tier lower. They're ships with serious weaknesses but they come with amazing guns for their tier. I think they might have a highish skill floor in a class that's generally quite straight forward to play. But you find people praising all of the mentioned ships, so I would think they're strong enough?
  6. It's not that easy to get a good hit on a DD with rocket planes. If the DD keeps the AA disabled, with most CV's you have to start the 5-second attack run without seeing the DD. The module for slot 3 that extends the attack run to 7 seconds makes it a bit easier. In general, the reason why in a DD you're not commonly attacked by the CV is exactly because it is not easy. It's easy harass the DD but not easy to deal damage. I can only guess that this is why the vast majority of CV players just go for bigger targets. If you look at the CV super unicums play, the one thing that most sets them apart is how aggressively they go after the DD's. And they most definitely do get them dead. This is exactly why such a high number of CV players have 70+ % win rates in the class, and some are even 80+ %.
  7. If you look at DD's, for very good players they're the most efficient surface ships in terms of winning games. Only CV's are stronger. The interaction between CV's and DD's can be pretty harsh, but mostly in rare cases where very good CV players prey on bad to average DD players. Good DD players accept the situation and adapt their play. DD's have a high skill floor. DD's are also very popular among skilled players due to their great potential. This is why you can't really buff the class as they would then dominate many battles. CV's on the other hand have a very low skill floor. You can park near the border and do your own thing for the full duration of the battle. It may not be much, and possibly you're little more than a spectator to the battle, but I think this is the reason why most CV players are amazingly inefficient. Many skilled players find the CV gameplay dead boring. This is the reason why it's difficult to nerf the class, despite unicums being outrageously OP. Personally, as a small but efficient tweak, I would nerf the dispersion of all rocket salvos.
  8. The important bit is highlighted. With a squadron with 3 attack flights is good exactly because it CAN allow 2 attacks if you choose your target well.There's a concrete reward for playing well. If the squadron had just 2 attack flights realistically you would almost always get that 1 essentially guaranteed attack. The second attack would almost always be lost against continuous AA during the turnaround -- like we mostly lose the third attack now.
  9. asalonen

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    You can't change DPM versus HP pool ratio alone, or at least you would need to be very careful what you wish for. 50-percent DPM nerf would change the game massively. Any mistakes in positioning would be punished much less. The game would likely feel dumbed-down and less exciting for any old-timer. Also, with the current parameters, the clan battles already have very protracted engagements. It's difficult to kill players that don't allow easy damage. Very bad players would still manage to throw it away, but you would just need to look at it longer. For more average players, the game would be more forgiving, but that is already available in BB and CV gameplay, as well as the lower tiers?
  10. With skilled captains, I think three Klébers is still very, very strong. The so-called "Kléber push" was a real balance problem in the clan battles last autumn. They're such fast boats that the division teamplay is not easy. However, if they run into a DD, the DD is dead very soon. They can farm any BB to death very quickly, and even cruiser guns will have a hard time killing them. They can control all engagements with their superior speed. Mogador, Fantasque and Terrible would likely work equally well. Vauquelin and below are quite a bit slower, so at least the special flavour would be lost.
  11. asalonen

    Alsace needs a buff.

    For me Alsace is absolutely on par with Jean Bart, but they play totally different. Alsace is fun and strong in a secondary build. In a competitive environment it would be suicidal, but in the mayhem of randoms it seems to work very well.
  12. As you wish... Doesn't change the fact that Russians are about 25 % of the global player base, American's perhaps 15 % and for example Germans definitely less than 10 %.
  13. Yes, as evident in the graph. Only the EU server has higher population, but it's a great mix of nationalities. The RU server is most likely 80+ % Russian.
  14. The most important takeaway is that Russians have always been and still are the biggest nationality of the Warships player base. Americans are second and might overtake the Russians in the future, although I'm not sure what percentage of NA server population are Americans. ...and this being the case, even if the company was Chinese or French, we would still have more Russian ships than what might be historically appropriate.
  15. asalonen

    Stealth Radar

    Chapayev can already get concealment down to 10.2 km and it carries the 12 km radar. I don't see it being a fan favourite or dominating the battles? It's definitely good but tricky to play. Of the coming ships, I see four that can stealth radar with a concealment build: the tier 8's Tallin, Ochakov and Bagration by a comfortable margin, and the tier 10 Alexander Nevsky by a tiny margin. ...so I think you're getting too excited.