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  1. asalonen

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    Not sure where that's from, but WoWS Numbers has 74k average for Midway, while T10 BB's are between 80k and 100k. Probably different sample or whatever -- this is somewhat beside the point. It's not about my expectations. Skilled, dedicated players manage fine in the CV's as we have them now, and I personally like playing every single one of them. However, they're so skill sensitive that I don't think that the OP's stats are unusually bad. Below average no doubt but nothing exceptional. This is about the average player's expectations. A significant portion of the player base feels like all CV's are completely useless, including the mid-tiers where you start and are supposed to get excited.
  2. asalonen

    Possible solution to balancing CVs for everybody

    Doesn't make the OP or his point any less relevant though, does it? If you look at server stats, the average guy gets very little done in the new CV's. The average damage of Midway is very low for T10. I'm not sure how big of an issue it is for WG if CV's are only attractive and rewarding for good players. DD's have always been like that. If there was a way to buff CV's so that it would somehow help the average player without making the good player any stronger, I would do it. Somebody on Reddit proposed increasing plane spawning rate when the deck gets empty: The good player wouldn't want to rely on it but it would help the average player. It wouldn't change much though. Punishing success by changing the rules of the game however... It would be a huge turn-off, and make the whole ship class unappealing. Also, it wouldn't change much. Unless you play from WAY back your CV is frequently spotted anyhow. The better the player the more likely it is, and the less he cares out it.
  3. asalonen

    Japanese Carriers are fairly bad or just me?

    Since the latest hotfix Shokaku has felt extremely strong, but it's not easy. It plays fundamentally like Ryujo, but you have to somehow learn to deal with much stronger AA. Some pointers: Compared to USN carriers, the planes are less versatile, so it's important to learn which one to use against which target. The AP bombs can be devastating against cruisers and at least German BB's -- essentially anything that you can drop low on and still penetrate. Against Tirpitz, Friedrich der Grosse -- possibly Kurfürst as well -- you can drop very low and land them all in the citadel. Their AA sucks too. If you need to drop high there's a lot of RNG and it's generally a waste of time. Torpedo bombers are the most versatile weapon, and I like to use them unless there's a very juicy target for the AP bombs. Take both Torpedo Bomber Modification 1 and 2. Rockets are still useful against DD's. Many of them haven't learnt to switch the AA off, so you can get multiple passes and wreck them. You can also drop fighters on top of them to keep them spotted. Rockets are also the most reliable hit on any low-health target, especially since the reticle gets really small with the IJN attack planes. Use a concealment build: With both Concealment Modification and Concealment Expert your torpedo bombers have 6.1 km detection range, which is lower than the detection range of the strongest AA cruisers. It's a big thing. Play close: Shokaku's concealment gets down to 9.8 km and it's fast.
  4. An anonymous red: "This was *hit man"
  5. My personal experience is that the CV's after rework were fairly easy to get into, and do well in, even with zero experience with the RTS CV's. The CV gameplay itself is mostly simple. It's somewhat fast paced, but lacks the multitasking requirements of the previous iteration. I feel it should come fairly easily to anyone who's played the other ship types -- preferably all of them -- with success. If this is the case, you pretty much instinctively know what's a smart course of action in each situation. You already have the map awareness, and appreciate it enough to understand your value as a CV for maintaining it. You recognize the vulnerable and valuable targets in each situation. On a personal level, after somehow getting a hang of the AP dive bombers and finding a good captain build, I find Shokaku to be extremely powerful in the current version ( My average damage is above anything I've ever played in tier 8, and I feel there's still some untapped potential in there. However, the skill floor is just massive. If the the player hasn't mastered the other ship types reasonably well, I think it's almost unavoidably going to be a frustrating experience. There are absolutely no crutches to help the average player. The USN line might be somewhat more forgiving what comes to executing the individual attacks, but that's it.
  6. asalonen

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    (putting on my tinfoil hat for the sake of argument) Customer attrition is a real thing, and some businesses have pretty sophisticated models for actively managing it. The principle is that you analyze customer behavior well enough to understand the behavioral changes that precede the customer leaving. When you get that going, you can then intervene when a customer appears to be reaching that critical point. Say give him a few super containers, or a string of games with highly advantageous match making. It could make him happy again, stay longer, spend more. However, I can't think of any benefit to WG from putting a particular player in a world of *hit. Possibly if they get really tired of his forum postings? If a small group of players were getting preferential match making, if would likely affect all others equally. OP: Take a break! It works wonders, it really does. Or play in a division with other good players: You can still get ten losses in a row, but at least you'll have a support group.
  7. asalonen

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    One of those games where everything seems to work out. Dropped 30 torps, 27 hit home. Dropped 12 bombs, 9 hit for 6 citadels. Blessed by match making too -- top-tier and mostly BB's
  8. asalonen

    make all AA values public and not hidden

    Agreed, mostly. I've read the descriptions on how the current AA auras work, and as far as I'm concerned WG has disclosed everything. See here. One problem is that the Wiki is not up-to-date. It is what I used rely on when I check out a ship's stats. The bigger problem is that flak efficiency is currently only explained with too many too low-level variables: number of bursts, hit chance, damage per burst. It's nice to know how it works, but I hate bringing out my pocket calculator when I check ship stats in port. In addition there's the important bit that's a constant: As per the description linked to above, the number of bursts in the "A zone" (that you fly into if you go straight) is capped at 6. This means that if your AA generates enough bursts, AA Guns Modification 1 does nothing in terms of shooting down the non-dodging planes. Instead, it makes it a lot harder to dodge the flak (the "B zones"). @Crysantos I would summarize the flak efficiency of an aura with something like AA Efficiency (the total in the A zone) and AA Concentration (the % of bursts that go in the A zone, often 80 % but can go lower). In any case, just a couple or numbers that alone are useful for the player.
  9. asalonen

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    On the other hand, you're achieving a 67 % win rate in the Midway playing solo. That doesn't really fit the definition of toothless, but sounds more like you're carrying the games like a boss? Average damage doesn't seem to have suffered either, even with the unavoidable learning period included. I didn't play the RTS CV's so I cannot compare Midway then to Midway now. However, the relative weakness of the torpedo bombers is a distinguishing feature of the USN line after the rework. In the IJN line, on the other hand, they're your main weapon.
  10. asalonen

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    In short, avoid the strongest tier 10 AA like the plague. It's not a fight you can win. It might mean that in some games you will have a limited role, but it's worth waiting until mid-to-late game with your planes mostly intact. Quite often the battle develops so that you'll get reasonable targets.
  11. The guys wearing ties in the WG ivory tower could come up with more innovative ways of doing it. As an example, a story about MechWarrior Online I heard: They started selling golden skins for the mechs. To make them special, they made it a limited edition of 1000 skins, priced $500 each. They sold out real fast, half a million raised with the effort of possibly a day's work from one graphical designer and a bit of marketing. It didn't really hurt the game either. The rich preposterous *ucks with golden mechs were occasionally shot in the back by team mates.
  12. It's more about expectations. The player may have a reason to believe that the reportedly very strong premium will not be nerfed -- I believe this is currently very much the case? He might make the purchase with that in mind, and it could be significant money for him. I never bothered to read the small print when I bought premiums, but seriously nerfing or up-tiering them would be, in general, very bad form. On the other hand, nerfing premiums has the same effect has letting power creep make silver ships catch up eventually. The value of whatever you buy will not stay the same anyhow. After a reasonable time, I think it's fine to nerf the worst offenders. Somebody will get angry, but players come and go anyhow, and it might be for the greater good. So something like this: Stop selling the OP ship. Let the customers have their fun with it for a few months. Nerf it. Do NOT repeat the mistake (pointing at you, Stalingrad)
  13. asalonen

    CV's - Good looking, but that's about it.

    I have similar stats in the Shokaku, currently 86k average damage and a personally satisfying win rate for a T8. Lexington is pretty much the same. In fact those numbers are very close to what I achieve in the Midway, so not a huge difference. The T8's up-tier just fine, like any other T8. In the end, this thread is yet another symptom of the same problem: The CV's are difficult. WG might need to give them a buff of some sort, or otherwise they could end up unpopular like before. However, any buffs would need to be such that they somehow help the average joe, but don't make the unicums any stronger. I can't immediately think of how this would be achieved. Edit: On a personal level I'm very happy with the reworked CV's. I enjoy the gameplay a lot, and as of the latest hot fix they now feel well balanced. The way the rework was rolled out was a bit heavy-handed, but what we have now is good. I've only briefly tried Furious and Implacable, but it feels like we have three lines of CV's that are all both enjoyable yet distinct from each other.
  14. This is often most useful way to use them. In a battle with a lot of DD's you could say that anything else is a waste. If the DD is careless and my first attack run is successful I still summon the fighters when I go over. It often gives me the chance for the second attack run, and possibly a team mate can fire on it. Even if my first attack run misses or is too late, the fighters often give me the chance to nail the second attack run. Summoning the fighters on top of friendlies is a bit problematic. It's the most obvious team player move, and you're often intrigued to do it, but it's just not very effective. Might make more sense if the friendly in question is a strong ship with a particularly weak AA (like Nelson or Musashi).
  15. asalonen

    IJN CV upgrades and captain skills

    All true. I don't have Hakuryu yet, and I think I would appreciate this much more in the Hakuryu. In the Shokaku I don't face the top-tier AA cruisers in every game, and when I do I avoid them like the plague. The initial spotting flight is risky as hell. T6-8 and T7-9 feel comfortable in the Shokaku with the concealment as-is. I think I'll just give it a go, namely ditch Demolition Expert and Torpedo Acceleration, and take Concealment Expert and possibly Direction Center with the extra point. I imagine this only makes sense together with the Concealment Modification, because without it the spotting advantage is too small to be really useful (0.15 km if I did my math right). Much appreciated!