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  1. asalonen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    I think there's currently a "soft cap" of 1 CV per game, so if you have more in queue CV players might wait a few minutes for their game. But in the end the matchmaker guarantees a random battle to start within 5 minutes, for everybody. If tier 10 CV's happen to become more popular, WG will be forced to discard any soft caps.
  2. asalonen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    I've regrinded both the IJN and USN lines twice since the Research Bureau was opened. For me, Langley is on par with Ranger in terms of average damage. Hosho exceeds Ryujo. This is despite being two tiers lower. I can appreciate what WG is trying to do here. The tier 4's are the introduction to CV gameplay so they have training wheels attached.
  3. asalonen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    It doesn't work like that. Anything that you make powerful you make popular. Then you have to put all of them from queue to battle. Currently tier 4 has about 2 CV's in queue for each battle. If you want less you have to nerf them.
  4. asalonen

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    It's been like this for two months now, since 0.8.7 was released and tier 4 carriers were all buffed. Also the Research Bureau was opened in the same version, so many active CV players return to the tier 4's to get their Research Points. So it's not even all about seal clubbing but just old-timers doing an honest grind towards Ohio or Colbert. I'm honestly surprised it has lasted this long. CV's are certainly popular now, and this must be what WG wanted. But I can only imagine how many new players just call it quits while trying to make it past tiers 3 to 5. How's that for the game long term? I feel the nerf hammer coming for CV's again in the near future...
  5. asalonen

    CV players...

    Hard to point a finger at a game with 100k+ when bottom-tier, but here goes: 1. At the 15-minute mark, when attacking Warspite with torpedoes, you could turn around for the second attack quicker. The Swordish are so slow and nimble that you don't need to go more than 2 km away from the target. The aiming indicator will narrow down fast enough if you only aim with mouse. You need to start the follow-up attack into the right direction since you have limited time to correct the aim. This would reduce the time you spend in AA a lot, and can make the difference between being able to do one more attack. In fact at the 12-minute mark again against Warspite it nearly did. 2. I would play just a bit closer still. At the 13-minute mark for example you're at the A/B line, but around B/C line would be safe enough. It's always a bit of a gamble playing on the edge of your concealment, but it pays off in every single game. Every single attack is quicker. 3. Make a bit heavier turns (with keyboard) when flying against flak? You catch it a few times. Flak puff spawning locations chance every 2 seconds, so once in AA range but outside 3.5 km it calls for a clear change in direction or speed every 2 seconds. I would try this in the testing room, since there it's easier to focus on just flak. Once you get the correct rhythm flying through flak unharmed becomes second nature.
  6. asalonen

    Please revert auto pilot changes

    It just deletes it. I imagine it doesn't manage to follow the plan, and eventually just stops trying. This only happens near islands. Edit: I don't think the autopilot ever diverts from the plan. It's just that near islands it sometimes lays out a plan that it can't follow. In that case it disengages instead of beaching, which is sort of OK. But this happens too easily.
  7. asalonen

    Please revert auto pilot changes

    I have two main issues with it. While it no longer rams into islands all the time, the autopilot sometimes disengages for no apparent reason. The path was set, no other ships were nearby, yet the autopilot doesn't complete the maneuver plotted out by itself. There's nothing the player can do in this case except try again. The other thing is that reversing should be explicit. In the CV you often have situations where you'd like to pull back, even slowly, but definitely not go forward and/or turn around. It's much nicer to play when you take off towards the enemy.
  8. asalonen

    match fixing

    They "sync drop" in the battle queue at the same time, and especially at quiet times of the day the matchmaker is likely to place them in the same battle. The matchmaker could handle the situation somehow, at least by trying to place them in opposing teams, but I don't think it considers the clans of players in any way.
  9. asalonen

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    It was one of the stated goals of the rework, no? RTS CV's were not popular, and WG thought that one of the prime reasons was that the good player can shut down the bad player. The rework is working as intended here, and CV's no longer counter CV's. As I see it, CV's counter lack of teamplay, and teamplay counters CV's. This too is likely working as WG intended. CV's can truly be Gods amongst men, but only if the men suck. Edit, off-topic: The real problem with the rework is that many don't find it fun, and it causes too much saltiness. Negative vibrations. On both sides too. And recently tiers 3 to 5 have been all but ruined. I was grinding Langley yesterday, for the third time because Research Bureau, and two battles ended up as duels between 6 CV's with everyone else dead. The CV's seemed like seasoned veterans and gave each other compliments. It's a serious long-term problem for the game.
  10. asalonen

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    It's about what the buttons do, not what they're labeled. The consumable name might be misleading. You can do the spotting with just your attack planes, but to keep the target permaspotted while joining the attack yourself you really want to drop fighters for spotting. I'm not so sure about the design failing in this particular case. This is about the one-place-at-a-time idea of the rework. Fighters are bots that wipe away planes. For the CV player who's now bound to the squadron, fun would be down the toilet real quick if fighters were really efficient. CV's don't counter CV's. Fighters are more of a deterrent, and more valuable for the visibility they provide.
  11. asalonen

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    They're extremely powerful when used right. Type in chat "spotting asashio in 10" so that the friendlies nearby have reaction time and can aim their guns. The DD often faces quick death. It can be a big problem solved very fast due to good teamplay. This works better when divisioning thanks to voice communication, but can also work wonderfully well in randoms. You can often tell which strangers in your team are attentive enough.
  12. asalonen

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    Funny because true? It's all by design, however. It's also really good recipe for saltiness, but blame the game and not the players etc. This is all about the "one place at one time" design of the rework. Fighters are the exception, but they still require you to fly over to deploy them. Usually there's a more pressing problem somewhere else, so if you really want to help your team win you often must ignore requests for air cover. For the most part, the guys complaining about lack of support from the CV just don't have the post-rework gameplay figured out. At all.
  13. asalonen

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    Providing fighter cover is really overrated and overdone, for many reasons. Sometimes it's the smart thing to do, but just not very often. Fighters are really not that effective. They don't prevent the attack but just make it a bit more costly for the red CV. Enterprise's huge fighter squadrons are an exception. Fighters are not a good substitute for having AA cover from nearby friendly ships. Fighters give up the position of who you're trying to cover. Fighters are very, very effective for spotting red DD's, and shouldn't be wasted. Flying over to drop fighters often means that you're not doing something more useful. The guys crying for air cover from the CV generally don't have the post-rework CV gameplay figured out. At all. Sometimes you have two of these guys in the team: One is in A1 and the other in H10, and both blame the one CV for dying.
  14. asalonen

    DE and IHFE skills on same Russian cruiser captain

    I used to play Bogatyr and Svietlana a lot and still occasionally play Krasny Krim. The same kind of skipper also works with the Russian gunboat destoyers (Izyaslav, Okhotnik, Gnevny, Minsk, Leningrad, Kiev at least). IFHE is really not necessary with these. The loss in fire chance is not good, and I don't think it allows the guns to pass any armor threshold that's significant enough in their tiers? For the first 10 points, I would go with this: 1) Priority Target 2) Expert Marksman: This is mandatory because at least Bogatyr and Svietlana can otherwise out-turn their guns. 3) BFT: This is a must with the 130's as it's a direct damage buff 4) AFT: This is also a must with the 130's, since gives you a lot more range. The 130's are accurate to very long distances. As you got to 19 points add these: 2) Adrenaline Rush: However, if you use the same skipper in a DD, you likely want to take Last Stand instead. 3) Demolition Expert 4) Concealment Expert: It's really more valuable than IFHE. Combined with AFT you get a healthy margin for pulling out as necessary. Playing style: Keep your distance, drive circles or figure-8's, spam HE non-stop. Always use both India X-Ray and Victor Lima signals to get maximum fire chance. Try to switch targets often to keep as many fires burning as possible. In general, captain skills turn Bogatyr and Svietlana to outrageous seal clubbers. You can inflict steady damage from long distances where you're mostly untouchable. The only problem right now is the huge number of CV's in tier 4.
  15. asalonen

    Carrier ranking per Tier

    Since Ark Royal was released it has been my most played tier 6 along with Ryujo. Damage-wise Ark Royal performs a bit better for me, closer to 80k average compared to Ryujo at 70k. But it's more damage over time with Lucky Ark. And you do have to choose your targets much more carefully. You can strike any lone T8, but the price is heavy. But in any matchup, the fast regeneration always keeps Ark Royal in the game. My main issue with Ark Royal are the Swordfish bombers' vulnerability to flak. They fly slow, turn slow, and sometimes it seems impossible avoiding the flak bursts that spawned in front of you. Flak is mostly a non-issue for me, but not so with Ark Royal. But overall, it's a strong, fun CV with some unique traits. And it seems to win games just as well as Ryujo, which is the benchmark at tier 6.