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  1. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Petition for WG to add a H-45 mega BB into the game.

    not so good idea but i would like to see it in the future IF it is balanced :)
  2. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Des Moines pen nerfed in the last two years?

    3.5 4 km when they are full bs then aim under the turrets
  3. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    New sound effects are horrendous

    New sounds are way better than the older i like them a lot!!
  4. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Space battles

    Hello captains!!! Why there are no space battles this year???
  5. Cpt_ZombZan_GR


    Maybe from christmas boxes if you are lucky and if they add them
  6. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Petrodreamlovsk nerf when?

    Useless he effective on broadside targets so this ship need a trick to work maybe an AA nerf
  7. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    The Kitakami returns!

    Nooo shiiiit
  8. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Hindenburg turtleback ?

    it is the best tier 10 ca in the current meta use it with LU and you will like it
  9. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Moskva --> Nevsky

    keep moskva way better than al nevsky imo
  10. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Is a new Italian BB really coming?

    i heard about a bb called impero with SAP and smoke
  11. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    American 406mm - Do damage how?

    american 406 are the most powerful 406s go for cruisers first then for bbs
  12. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    good luck everyone!!
  13. Cpt_ZombZan_GR


    when will 0.9.4 update drop on live servers?
  14. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    current meta

    which ships in your opinions doesnt worth playing in this meta?? for me i think uk heavy cruisers and a little bit dds with no smoke
  15. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    [ALL] ModStation

    It worked!!!Thanks very much!!