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  1. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Sevastopol or Gibraltar?

    its mostly for collection reasons BUT i wish to have some battles in it before park it forever ahha its the 2 missings RB ships
  2. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Sevastopol or Gibraltar?

    I need some advice at which of those two trashes is less trash to get :)
  3. colombo hits like truck its worth the grind
  4. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    HE spamming simulator

    know your ships buttons study the map and the enemy positions use cover to approach those "spammers" and have fun fire is not devastated for a battleship or a cruiser with heals as it will eventually almost heal full
  5. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    The Malta Fear

    its your problem if you think that you have 30 battles and you buy a ship 10 tiers higher.I agree with WG its a company that needs money to run the game so?Totally legit and you can say that long ago said NO TIER X FOR MONEY NO SUBS NO NO NO but days are changing economical crisis are changing so..totally normal
  6. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Velos Adventure

    Hello captains, Does anyone knows when the event for velos will go live?
  7. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Napoli or Moskva ?

    napoli for fun and tank moska for collection and get he spammed
  8. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    A Case against the Puerto Rico

    get her it is a fair ship but careful where you push and how because this he spamming will ruin your day like it will in a stalin or petroski
  9. Cpt_ZombZan_GR


    of course its a free game giving away too much free items will cost them money thats why every free game out there need A LOT OF GRIND (warthunder warframe etc.) still they are not FORCING you to pay.
  10. Cpt_ZombZan_GR


    keep crying about everything adding in a free to play game i play since 2016 im 25 years old and i can say i still enjoy the game and i welcome everything added. :)
  11. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Tier 11 super in burning credits.

    i play 1 match with tier x i earn 900k (vampire 2) and then i play 10 matches with superships with no loss :) SUPERships are not credit earners they are win/loss farmers imo
  12. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Auction rewards

    with 2 billions 250m is nothing for me :) its the first auction and my last
  13. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Auction rewards

    I won the bid for dalarna but i didnt received the reward yet when will be available?
  14. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    USS Congress

    In simple words. They removed alaska so its a good idea to sell an almost same ship at lower tiers to make you think AAHHH tier 8 with tier 9 guns awsome ill be the best among tier 8 but guess you are the worst,less shells bigger reload burns easy,its a marketing tactic and not a scam as many think
  15. the matchmaking its alright sometimes its bad but still if you do good in lower tier vs higher you earn more