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  1. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    PT 0.10.5 - General Feedback

    fix the gun sounds of satsuma and hannover to match those of shiki or yamato pls
  2. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    PT 0.10.5 - Grand Battle

    The sound of the guns must be changed accordingly to shiki and yamato.
  3. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    where is ribbon v3 mod?? i cant see it anywhere
  4. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Petropavlosk - To HE or not to HE?

    In addition with stalin take a chance to flank enemy at their broasides.
  5. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    ranked battles

    Hello everyone, i saw that ranked are available at specific times but when i entered the game out of those times i can still play ranked is that normal or the statement is wrong?
  6. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    i would like to join the lottery :)
  7. Cpt_ZombZan_GR


    i received that mail 3 days ago and still waiting for an answer anyone have any idea when i get a reply? i already waiting 9 days
  8. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Question about refund

    if i buy lets say 100 crates (20 each time different order id) and i find the ship i want at the 80th or 90th (lets say) then i can refund the other 80?
  9. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    PSA: Santa Containers

    yeah that is what i thought..thanks :)
  10. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    PSA: Santa Containers

    they will need to roll back my account cauze i used the doublons the question is...if i keep playing now the xp money and stats i earned will roll backed too? i mean do you reccomend me to wait for the refund or i can keep playing?
  11. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Official statment

    Refund works even if you opened them??
  12. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    legendary upgrade mission

    I have a legendary mission that ends in 23 days will it reset after or i will lose it?
  13. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    German ap and japanese ap

    Hello :) can someone give some info on what ships (mostly bbs) can a german ap dive bomb and a japanese can penetrate?
  14. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Santas refund

    After all this thing with santas rigged containers is there a chance of refund??
  15. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    i got all the above ships in 60 mega containers except duka cz i have it