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  1. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    [ALL] ModStation

    It worked!!!Thanks very much!!
  2. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    IFHE on GK secondary build?

    In this state of game and with all of those HE spammers imo the gk secondary build is only good at ranked-clan battles for me..the best build is tank build for every bb IFHE is working on all GK secondaries but its not obligatory
  3. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    [ALL] ModStation

    I did it still cant detect it
  4. Cpt_ZombZan_GR

    [ALL] ModStation

    For me it doesnt work..i downloaded again the client you mention above but still when i press + and go to the patch steam/common/world of warhips or world of warships/bin/updatenumber/bin64 cant find client..any advice?