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  1. Schlieffenplan

    General CV related discussions.

    What about just buffing AA build so that the skillpoints you sink into it counts for more? Non AA build = oh no planes, I'm in big trouble! AA build= I got you fam stay close to me
  2. Schlieffenplan

    General CV related discussions.

    From a casual players point of view, who doesn't drive CV's, why cant they just buff AA instead of tinkering with the CV's themselves? CV's being deadly is fine, but there should be more of a high risk high reward type of gameplay. I dont mind being torpedoed or dive bombed and it hurting, but if you got a a ship and captain with AA build then attacking those ships should cost your dearly. The AA in late WW2 was incredibly effective and pretty much the opposite of how it is in-game right now.
  3. Schlieffenplan

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    The USN had 24 bb's in ww2 yet here we get fantasy ships? :/
  4. Schlieffenplan

    Continous chat bans

    Its true. The amount of people who end up in prison because a fight turned into murder is staggering. I had a friend who was convicted for murder when he was 19 because the guy he punched fell backwards and split his head open when it hit the pavement. There are no respawns in real life.
  5. Schlieffenplan

    Continous chat bans

    Prisons are filled with people like you.
  6. Schlieffenplan

    Tier IX German BB Ludendorff

    Double post
  7. Schlieffenplan

    Tier IX German BB Ludendorff

    Hello beautiful! *looks at stats* I have to go, I have to return some videotapes!
  8. Schlieffenplan

    Penalty for Ships dying in the first 2-3 minutes

    I'm a casual player but if there is one thing I have learned its that sometimes you have to take risks as a DD if you want to win the game. That means trying to cap despite there being radar cruisers and cv's, and your team mates is what decides if that high risk game play is rewarded or not. I just had a Kagero game, enemy capped A and B without resistance and I was capping C. I killed enemy DD at C and had almost taken the cap when I got radar'ed and sunk by the enemy team. If my teammates had supported me we would have taken that cap, but since everyone was staying away I got sunk. Predictably, the enemy won by points after securing all caps. There has been many games where I've secured a cap with only a few hundred hitpoints left, and then gone to the next cap and captured that and eventually won the game. Thats been possible because I was supported by the team. If you face a team that knows what they are doing, a DD wont stand a chance if spotted unless supported and thus you die quickly.
  9. Schlieffenplan

    Zara worthless ingame

    So I’ve started the Italian cruiser line and has arrived at the Zara. I like her speed and agility but I’m not sure how to play her. I noticed that the wiki doesn’t have any description or recommendations when it comes to captain skills. I find her reload to be a bit slow and I’m only doing about 25k damage per match after maybe 5 games in her. My biggest issue is taking some serious damage from both cruisers and battleships when in tier9 matches. I also know nothing about SAP, but I’ve figured that her AP is probably going to be useless against tier 9 ships. Anyone got any bulletpoints for how to play her?
  10. Schlieffenplan

    Is it possible to get the Missouri?

  11. Schlieffenplan

    Chat bans

    Chat bans are fine, and it has nothing to do with being a “snowflake” but with being an adult. In fact it’s the people receiving bans that are snowflakes because they get so triggered by loosing that they can’t contain themselves.
  12. Schlieffenplan

    Operations and CV

    But how much xp can you farm?
  13. Schlieffenplan

    Operations and CV

    How much xp do CV's farm on Killer Whale? I haven't played operations in ages so I decided to give it a go....friendly CV's farming ships, doing the most damage and gets on top of the table every single time. Airplanes can get to the enemy ships before cruisers and BB's have time to aim and fire. In the last game the CV parked at F1 and as a result the CV were in no danger what so ever because the bots spawned in other areas......there were no enemy ships looking for or firing at the CV while the CV could farm XP without any risk what so ever.
  14. Schlieffenplan

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Another good example............Udaloi fires HE at BB with full secondary spec. Udaloi fires several volleys from 10 km before the BB has time to react, and the BB is on fire. BB secondaries open up and scores 1 (one1!!!) hit before the Udaloi goes out of spotting range. Clearly this is not balanced at all.
  15. Schlieffenplan

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Later in the war with the introduction of proximity fuses, the efficiency of AA increased dramatically. In 1940, thousands of rounds were needed to down one enemy plane, in 1944 that number had been reduced to ten (10!) http://www.enginesofinnovation.com/html/proximity_fuse_case_study.HTM http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-075.php AA on the higher tiers in game is currently a joke. Thanks for the info! In an action eight-minutes long, the North Carolina shot down 14 enemy aircraft, with her antiaircraft gunners remaining at their posts despite the jarring detonations of seven near misses. One sailor was killed by strafing, but the North Carolina was undamaged. Her sheer volume of antiaircraft fire was so heavy it caused the officers of the Enterprise to ask, “Are you afire?”