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  1. Schlieffenplan

    Just ragesold the Yugumo

    I googled and I saw that the thread had already been necroed so I decided my question didn't deserve a thread of its own Before I read your reply I went with the F3's, not sure how I feel about it yet. Looking forward to exploring this fantastic ship. Thanks for your input.
  2. Schlieffenplan

    Just ragesold the Yugumo

    I got this ship recently and I'm loving it. Granted there are some bitter losses when CV wont give you support and you get spotted and deleted, but it has been fun and I'm over halfway to Shimakaze already. I got a question however when it comes to torpedoes...so far I've been using stock torpedoes but I'm tempted to upgrading them but I dont know to witch version. Longer range is nice really but there are a lot of people that are skilled at dodging torpedoes. Faster ones seems the most obvious choice, but would love to hear input from people who are good at driving this ship.
  3. Schlieffenplan

    Computer hard-freezes shortly after logon

    Antone know what program to use when opening the crash logs? I've checked my crash log folder and its all there but I cant view the files.
  4. Schlieffenplan

    Computer hard-freezes shortly after logon

    I've had crashes also, but during gameplay. I'm forced to Ctrl+alt+del and chose log off user (task managed does not work) Then I log back into Windows and launch the game again
  5. Most people who play "soccer" play for fun, unless you play for an actual team. This is however a computer game and people play for fun. I dont disagree with you here. But if you look at the higher tier games 9&10 its all work and no fun. Too many people hiding behind islands spamming and where is the fun in that? To much competitive gameplay ruins the fun. Sure its ok in clan battles but in random that type of thinking is just cancer. I think there is room for a middle ground. Driving a battleship alone into an enemy group and getting focused is selfish and dumb. But taking chances is ok. High risk gameplay with potensial high rewards is also ok. I agree, but being overly cynical only caring for stats is selfish. Its ok in clan battles, but when playing random with random people then there is room for diversity. Its a game.
  6. Most people play games for fun. Playing games for...whatever it is you play for is even more of a douchebaggery.
  7. Schlieffenplan

    Curb your submarines

    No, I dont think that. I just know it will be a rock/scissor/whatever and thats all I need. If submarines spawn at a different location that would be great....especially if they spawn closer to enemy carriers. It would mean that destroyers would actually have to hunt submarines.
  8. Schlieffenplan

    Curb your submarines

    I'm going to play the **** out of any submarine. Silent Hunter 3 is one of my most favorite games ever. But yeah sure, consider yourself challenged.
  9. Schlieffenplan

    Curb your submarines

    Submarines cant possibly be more annoying than carriers, so I'm all for it.
  10. Schlieffenplan

    What is my mystery prize?

  11. Schlieffenplan

    Suggestion to fix the "sniping BB'" problem

    I'd rather see a nerf to islands than bb snipers. Invisible ships spamming HE from a position where you cant shot back is much more game breaking than Yamamoto's firing from long range.
  12. Schlieffenplan

    team work

    WOW's is like a box of chocolate. Never know what you gonna get :)
  13. Schlieffenplan

    Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    It's the most difficult operation so far, and I've only won 1/7 games but it's just a matter of coordination of teamplay. Great operation for groups, terrible for random battles unless you play with someone that has done it before.
  14. Schlieffenplan

    Please make tier-x optional when matchmaking?

    I've grinded up to Bismarck and Hipper, and so far USN up to tier 7, and IJP Akizuki. I wont go further. Tier 9 and 10 games are so boring. Hiding behind islands and sniping from long range.