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  1. When the feature is implemented then thats it for me, good bye. I'm a casual player and have 3 tier X's and currently halfway to another 2 tier x's. This decision by WG has basically killed the drive to progress in the game further. I've heard War Thunder is fun so I'm going to check that one out.
  2. Yeah, no grinding. I have a theory, and that is that competitive "high end" players play for the gameplay and not for unlocking new shiny toys so there is no reason to introduce new grind mechanics to keep them happy. Instead they should make new and unique maps, perhaps maps that are asymmetrical and that require a different type of gameplay in order to be successful.
  3. This is a great idea. Gain a boost to something at the expense of something else. One less turret for one extra tube or more speed for less armor etc.
  4. Naval training center is a terrible idea. If you want new content for tier 10 then add new maps and/or game modes that you only get access to after you reach a certain point. Dont introduce mechanics that will increase the gap between casual players and those that take this game seriously. You will lose players, and as someone who play this game on and off, often taking 6 month long breaks before playing a month or two and then quitting again, having to regrind ships is completely unacceptable.