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  1. Its historically accurate?
  2. Eh, because why not? Best anwser 2017.
  3. Has everyone forgotten the question by now?
  4. Theperson12345

    Need to update age of sail sub-forum

    Title says it all, some of the top posts are three-four years old.
  5. Theperson12345

    Error when try to log

    This has been effecting alot of peeps recently, but I really don't know how to fix it. My best guess is that a firewall is stopping you from being able to use a certain file.
  6. Considering that the first screw propellor ship was built in 1839, it took around 40-50 years before new paddle steamer construction vanished, and even by 1900, some ships where still built using paddles instead of scrrw propellors, is there a reason why? Screw propulsion was in almost all ways superior to paddle steamers, thats like the equivalent of steam cars being designed in 1925-35. Does anyone know the anwser?
  7. Theperson12345

    Fan-Made RHN Averof Battlecruiser

    I'm pretty sure it was using the more powerful card, but eh, thanks for helping.
  8. Theperson12345

    Fan-Made RHN Averof Battlecruiser

    Just as Don't rember doing so, I just started it with default settings.
  9. Eh just to have the same amount of ranks as the American forum.
  10. Theperson12345

    Apart from scouting, what is the point of destroyers?

    I think I now know why I decided to write this, about 90% of the time the destroyers on both team basically try and destroy themself, once a destroyer without torpedos tried to take on a battleship (me). It does make you wonder how useful are some players at destroyer tatics.
  11. Theperson12345

    Fan-Made RHN Averof Battlecruiser

    I've tried blender, I think its really designed for mac though, creates huge lag on my computer.
  12. Theperson12345

    Glow on bomb/torpedo drop markers

    A simple fix would be just to mess around with your lighting settings for a few hour in your files and find the script for the game, if you look around for long enougth there should be a for the lighting, lower the values and with luck it should give you a reduced, but probably slightly unnormally manual-drop.
  13. Theperson12345

    Problems with division and port chat

    Thats an intresting problem, but its beyond my knowledge, I would suggest you go look around this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/97137-chat-server-unavailable/
  14. Theperson12345

    Stuck At Loading Screen After Patch

    Eh, probably due to the preference having the main ship controls in it, maybe try and delete the file again, save a copy, get the game running and then re-paste the file back in, sometimes games work fine once you get it started up atleast once.