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  1. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    I have already several times (both logout and tickets) And yes, I have lag as well Edit: All fixed now. Guys some fixes take time, you will have to wait
  2. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Fixed for me as well but now I don't have the Clan Chat and the clan bonuses at the tech tree
  3. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    People are angry here and they have the privalage of saying "I'm leaving and I can't reply" Shut down the server and fix it. If I can not play while others can, this makes me frustrated Well done!
  4. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    They have an announcement on the player support page and that's all. It's say that they are aware and trying to fix it.
  5. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Now as I figured, even though my ships are still in the battle, I can make progress in the "European Destroyers" event. That's strange :D
  6. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    I guess this is not a general server issue since some player have no problems at all. Might be an sync issue as stated above. (confirmed that it's not related to premium/non-premium accounts as well)
  7. this is being discussed in the "genereal feedback" section. We are waitng for solutions
  8. efato

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    Same here. Ships stays in battle even after the battle. Loading circles everywhere around the UI Reseting captain skills brings up "operation in progress" and needs a restart of the game. Edit: wows-numbers logs the game I played but the game itself doesn't
  9. efato

    Collector's Club Launch

    and finally got the last one!!!
  10. efato

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    they are all back in my client without restarting anything
  11. efato

    Directives suddenly disappeared?

    Thanks for the quick response
  12. efato

    Bug Reports

    Same problem
  13. efato

    am i a supertester now?

    I had the same mail as well. Just ignored it, since the ships are not on my port. Must be a mistake.
  14. efato

    I got an e-mail from WG

    I recieved the same mail as well. I suppose that was a mistake.
  15. efato


    I got informed about maintenance, in-game.. Quite odd