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  1. _Il_lI_

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?Name=&A=1&B=5&G=1&S=6&R=4&C=0 se what ships were used by people who got rank 1 and tell me how its not p2w season please
  2. _Il_lI_

    Kontenery - Dyskusja

  3. _Il_lI_

    Kontenery - Dyskusja

    Od patcha biorę try your luck zamiast znerfionych flag których i tak nie używam. Właśnie wpadł Perth z kapitanem jako 5 czy 6 skrzynka TYL. Nie narzekam.
  4. 1k games without team kill rewards kitakami would be great
  5. _Il_lI_

    Comrade Stalin sends reinforcements

    this game have enough ship branches for varied play, what it lacks is clans, team battles and more ranked modes. You can put all the ships in the world available into the game but it's getting annoying playing random unskilled mode.
  6. _Il_lI_

    Game chat and politics

    Yall freethinkers are reported to thinkpol for thoughtcrime. Expect a representatives from ministry of love any day now.
  7. _Il_lI_

    Game chat and politics

    I'm agreeing with all of you, there should be no freedom of speech and everybody with opinion different than mainstream should be reported to authorities. God forbid we would think for ourselfs.
  8. _Il_lI_

    Best and worst 3 maps

    Best: Ocean - good to learn healthy habbits of situational awerness, dodging, defending and pushing into caps, best map IMHO doesn't matter the class 20/10 North/Northern Lights - good balanced map suitable for all classes, nice open areas and few ambush islands, pushing b and c pumps up drenaline if theres dd or ca on the other side, very entartaining 10/10 Ice islands - different parts of the map for different playstyles so one can choose one of three paths, instead of being forced into one path like on some other maps, divisions are a bit too high in between 2 caps so support is not really possible, on the other hand so is enemy fire from that side so its a plus and a minus 8/10 Worst: Solomon islands - it's low tier so getting to that side positions takes forever in your ship and when the other side dies and you have to come back to def cap that's a trip back, boooooring 3/10 Okinawa - fun if youre a dd and can push a or def b and c but in a ca or bb youre into long sniper fest, youre either die of boredom or die trying tu push into c without support boooooring 4/10 Mountain Range - another camping grounds, dds come to middle caps and torpedo wall, bbs are like claymores - place forward to enemy and wait till something comes in range, cruisers hiding behind bbs, scavenging for a piece of smoke they can use - 5/10 Overall i must admit all maps are virtually the same, you just have to get a concept how to play when in tight/medium/open area vs dd/ca/bb then mix and match that tactic and you will always be succesfull even on brand new unknown map.
  9. _Il_lI_

    Pearlharbor mission for non T6-CV-Owner

    The reward is really not that great for the effort it requires so i just gave up on it. Ive got the flag and for me thats the most interesting reward this week. I just hope they won't offer any cool ships as reward in those missions as i don't like to be "forced" to play ships i don't like.
  10. _Il_lI_

    USS Missouri (Share your thoughts)

    People that are saying radar is not that usefull against dds are forgetting that in p2wiowa it main use would be to push into smoked muffin munchers or kutuzovs. It may cost you 20-30k to get close enough to spot some CA in smoke and then youre risking torps in the face. Better option is to pay for radar and you have 2 salvos available (cause you know where ca is exactly). And to top that you get a piece of mind info if theres any dds around. Good for skilled players, not so much for sniper cowards. Stronger frontal citadel in p2wiowa makes this tactic works even better. But hey, devs said that plane is better than radar so what do i know.
  11. _Il_lI_

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    Nobody expects to get premium ships for free but wg has this policy that if you pay you get ship thats better than free one. Thats straight up pay to win. It can cause people to leave game and then all you premium ships become useless cause nobody wants to play. Just make same ship thats earn 5 times the silver and you still sell plenty.
  12. Of course nobody is forced to buy it. The only reason to buy it is if you want op tier 9 bb with radar and a lot of credit earnings. If you don't want op tier 9 bb you don't have to pay.
  13. On one side quiting is stupid, especially for arp ship. On the other side if they do the same with a ship im interested in like premium yamato or somethin ill propably do the same. This whole idea of a mission to kill certain amount is so biased.
  14. I editted and hide his stats. It's really stupid times we leave in when telling the truth is frowned upon but i'll go with the times.
  15. I don't judge gamers by their disability but for the game they play. And if you think that tone is to high wait for this guy to get into tier 9 game and i guarantee you he is going to hear much worst than this. I'm trying to help him and myself.