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  1. Tina_Pedersen

    Ranked rigging .. What does WG say ?

    I would like a few more words on this, just to make certain not to breach the rules.My clan, have experienced being accused of cheating through the use of countdown, and as a response, we uploaded the replay for all to judge, as we will never accept such accusations without defending ourselves. As i read the 2 posted rules, this would be seen as a violation ? Tina_Pedersesen [DC_DK] / [DC-DK] Public Relations
  2. Tina_Pedersen

    Did the EU server just die or something?!

    Looks like the EU Server had a major hickup, yup.... The entire clan, was kicked, from ranked and random battles. Just logged in again though, so might be sorted by now.
  3. Tina_Pedersen

    Clans and limitations

    I am certainly going to attend that, no doubt o.O Ye, we have a PR position .... mostly thanks me being who i am, and my language skills.... i was the one, with the least amount of errors, telling the most with the least amount of letters But yeah... i NEVER write stuff, with beforementioned signature, without the complete approval of the leading clan board. This, is, as i can see now, an issue that needs some attention. WILL be looking, and questioning, the Q&A comming up. Thanks for the links <3 Tina_Pedersen // DC_DK Public Relations
  4. Tina_Pedersen

    Clans and limitations

    1; WHEN we division up as clanmembers, the clan-tag is shown in the division list, making it impossible to tell who is who of the three...2; A maximum of 30 members, is a limit we have begun questioning. Sure, we are a VERY cassual and laid back clan, who apparently attracts members from Denmark. This is really nice, as that, naturally, enables or clan activites to rise and flurish.However, with a 30-member limit, we have to either create a second clan, (and thus crash our name...), or leave people behind a TS membership, with zero in-game tag... On behalf of [DC_DK] Danish CrusadersTina_Pedersen // DC_DK Public Relations
  5. Tina_Pedersen

    Ship-specific Camoflage and purchase

    well, i did... cost me another 1000 doubloons actually ... that is why i petition for a change of paint mechanics :S
  6. Tina_Pedersen

    Ship-specific Camoflage and purchase

    SO... i bought the 1000 doubloon worth camo for my Bayern.... Only thing is, i completely forgot to enable auto-resupply, and thus i HAVE to re-purchase it again.... aka.... 2000 doubloons.... uhm.... is it possible to change the mechanics of these paints, or ? .... betting, that im not the only one, making that mistake ?
  7. Tina_Pedersen

    To All Clan Members

    Happened to our clan as a whole once but, not to me personally for running around showing my colors proudly
  8. Tina_Pedersen

    Old WOT exploit is back in WOWS. Still not fixed.

    Official Announcement from [DC_DK] Danish Crusaders Apparently, we are being accused of cheating, without us being notified of this. Yes, we do count down with between 2-3 teams when we play.This, is to enhance the fun of the game, and to learn as we go. We do NOT, reveal locations of enemy ships, regardless of what team we are on.This, would be deeply immoral and against any and all beliefs we have, and ruin the game for everybody. Below, you will find a link to the engagement that is being used as "proof", enabling ALL of you, to judge for yourself.(Simple re-play file) Naturally, there is no voice in the file, as teamspeak is not recorded. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwHhCUAa_CBWM3I3M3pBaEh6Zzg Sincerely, Tina C. Pedersen, [DC_DK] Edits: Some spelling errors fixed. Had uploaded a link page instead of the file. fixed.
  9. Tina_Pedersen

    LF Danish Clan accepting newbies

    Uhm, i'm looking for a clan... im not a clan, of my own
  10. Tina_Pedersen

    LF Danish Clan accepting newbies

    So, here i am, waving my flag at potentially hundreds of people having a glance at my post ... Scary thought o.o Before i begin, you should know, that i so much new to this, that i thought it was called "Division".. not "Clan" ? ... because, i see "Division, in-game ? o.o Oh well, on with it. By now, i guess you allready have somewhat of an idea, about what kind of person i am... If not, let me help you a little I persieve myselv, as majorly positive, trying to take the best of the worst, and toss away all the useless stuff. Sure, i get frustrated, just like any other normal human being I'm not the elite player. in fact, i think im pretty ordinary and average, in terms of how i play, and my survivability At 39 summers young, i wont call myself "young", nor, am i old. But, then again, that is simply just a number, given to me thanks to some egyptian due who invented numbers and calendars. Mentally, im more along the lines of 24-27 haha Another, maybe vital, piece of information: I am transgender.... More specifically, Male-to-female transgender. IF you still don't know what that means, well, then go ask google, because, that means a LOT, that i have no intention to put in here LOL (sooo much text...) Thanks to nature giving me the headeache of a body that i dearly hate, along with a voice i cannot stand, i rarely speak on voice. Sure, i have the option, and WILL log in, simply because it ups the operations 100-times in effeciency... But, i wont talk much :S ... Not to begin with atleast :-/ But yeah... Really new to World of Warships.... Need a clan, or division, who can accept that :S My profile thingie: http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/538349845-Tina_Pedersen/!/pvp/overview/ Kind regards Tina Pedersen Vordingborg, Denmark
  11. Tina_Pedersen

    Why always at the losing side of the match?

    Loosing a game, is often predictable, when looking at how people move, and react to newly spottet enemies. Also, look at how they spread out... are your teammates going allover the map, or are they trying to focus their efforts in a point or 2 ? I know, i dun have as many battles behind me as many of you guys, but i have allready noticed a pattern, where people get their ego up, and think theyre the ones doing it right.... Well, might be, but, if every member of the team, has this idea, then... well, booom :-/ There is nothing you can do, to avoid this, other than TRY and take an active role, at guiding :S ... assigning targets, is a major help too, as that will focus one enemy at a time, instead of, you know... scattered pellets of poordom :-/ (Fun part is when people then start arguing about "poor team, and other less friendly uses of english words...) *facepalms* As allready told... your best bet, is to hang in there, and keep trying. eventually, you'll get into your own little win-streak