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  1. damp_squid

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Thanks again guys! :) I want to join the lottery
  2. damp_squid

    Flooding effects & ship spotting technology

    I've had a couple of games where division mates (who don't have a habit of complaining) have been really annoyed that a ship was managing to shoot at them, unspotted, not behind cover. It's not happened to me, so can't comment- but has anyone else noticed anything like this since the last patch? Edit: Nice job with the flooding effects!
  3. damp_squid

    Looking for eu based clan

    I'd tell you to check out DAVY.... But I'd probably spend the whole time on discord shouting "Dan....Dan....Dan....." Maybe I watched too much partridge
  4. Fiji & Bismarck are the only ones that spring to mind.
  5. damp_squid

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Why not just make radar a tough choice (like RN CLs/Pan Asian DDs)? Say a des mo wants to take radar, make it be in the same consumable slot as its heal. It may make the DM start to camp even more, but with the reduced sustain of no heal, it should be easier for the team to focus it down.