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  1. biker_618

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    When you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that points wins the game
  2. biker_618

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Just had one with @El2aZeRand @Saiyko in same team on Hotspot ... before battle i have habit to check ship names only ... players name check is in aftermath :) otherwise i would say hi. Decent one, btw why pink El2aZeR?
  3. biker_618

    Which legendary upgrade to use?

    Than you have different experience with Hindi than me. Module was awesome before nerf and shells bounce change, since that everybody shoot AP on me in Hindi. It is not about concealment, it is about additional dispersion to enemy ships. Combine that with nasty RNG and you have battles with something that i have never experienced in Hindi before - one volley kill while i was kiting away. Without that module it is just fine for me. For the record - not saying that module is bad, it just need different play style and that`s not Hindenburg i had on my mind and wanted to have while grinding KM CA line.
  4. biker_618

    <50% Win Rate Randoms?

    Random is not 1vs1. Like it or not, it is a team play because you are stuck with 11 other players on your side. It`s not the problem having potatoes and unicums in same battle as long as it is not team of potatoes vs team of unicums, which is something that MM will do and that shouldn't happen. Because of that, stats just looks artificial - not only WR. In some battles you are "not allowed to play" because of being blapped after all enemy team and their dogs concentrating fire on you, or having no one to shot at because they are dieing too fast. MM should have soft lock on team strength difference, not to equalize them, just to give fighting chance to weaker team.
  5. biker_618

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    2 stars on rank 5 and rank 4 is still locked?
  6. biker_618

    Can screen resolution effect aiming?

    After seeing replay ... no, it is not screen resolution. It is exactly what you don`t want to hear. Starting with awkward ship build, ammo choice, positioning, ignoring white triangle ... I`m out of here. Good luck
  7. biker_618

    Can screen resolution effect aiming?

    Question first: did you shoot volleys or sequential? I have noticed that you have less hits on target with seq ... result from training room shows that i had 9 hits average with seq, 12 with volley. Stationary ship, 12k distance, using "double click" button on my mouse instead of doing double click for volley. Those numbers should be taken with pinch of salt because my Worcester build + captain skills may be different from yours, and in game ppl tend to use cammo which brings little bit more mess to your dispersion ... but you have an idea. btw 11 sec to target would be about 14.5k in your case, this is a lot for this ship and he may be using engine upgrade. That can frustrate ppl trying to hit you because you look like stationary ship which you are not really. btw2 "lock on target" game feature is still little bit buggy mostly on stationary and really slow moving targets.
  8. biker_618

    Operation Killer Whale (Op of the Week)

    I`m always playing for 5 star win which mean that i don`t care for farming damage, kills, whatever ... it is tasks. Early tasks are straightforward (forts, onshore installations, 6 warships and 5 support ships) and than starts the problem because team have to split regardless where designated area from main task is. "Do not let enemy reinforcements enter the heaven" and "Destroy the enemy`s first and second reinforcement groups" - it is always Kolberg and Koenig from A8 (Beastofwar pictures - anchor on minimap) as first reinforcement group. Second reinforcement group is other Kolberg from , roughly A2 and z25 from C or D4. Deal with them without letting first group to pass C line, and second group (dd) outside of bay ... one secondary task left to go which is Furi and Dono bb`s from A1. Main issue is ppl not reading tasks (upper left corner) or do not understand them ... or don`t care. Especially main task which states " half operational ships" ... is it because of not understanding term "operational" or being obsessed with surviving - have no idea.
  9. That doesn`t sound right: it is 2.4k spotting range when you fire guns in smoke and you are spotted for 20 sec if you stay 2.4k or closer, but not if you start moving away (or him) while still in smoke. 2.5k distance in between, you are not spotted any more. Just been in training room to confirm that. Are you sure that Fuso was the only ship that proximity?
  10. biker_618

    KOTS Code

  11. biker_618

    Operation Killer Whale (Op of the Week)

    All they have to do is let be killed. Half operational ships means half survivors. When my part is done and i`m too far away ... leaving few bots alive can be useful
  12. biker_618

    How does Skill effects WR?

    The way i see this: Does player skill have effect on WR? Yes. Is player skill the only thing having impact on WR? No. Does other factors have more or less influence on WR than skill? Less. Simple as that! But i have feeling that some ppl here are arguing more about is player with 60% WR better than one with 55% ... most likely he/she is, but WR statistics is only an indicator. It would be a fact if skill is the only thing having effect on WR.
  13. biker_618

    Criteria for Success

    Great battle - going to the wire, challenging, fun ... Good battle - similar as above but one team won because of brain fart in last moments ... feels like gifted to you/them OK battle - both teams have less than half survivors meh battle - running over enemy like he is not there ... for shooting training i`m going coop ... or you have to drag (doing well) or be dragged but not because of bad play like lucky shot on you so you spend majority of game trying to stay alive ... or silly spawn in slowest ship in game and because of that not being able to make an impact ... bad battle - underperforming, having brain fart in last moments ... extremely bad battle - being on receiving end when one team run over other with no or minimal losses - MM at his best
  14. biker_618

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    t1 - long time ago t2 - little bit less long time ago but still can`t pick one or two t3 - Tenryu/St. Louis t4 - Kuma t5 - Konigsberg t6 - Leander/Budyonny t7 - Fiji/Helena t8 - Cleveland/Chapayev t9 - Roon ... Seattle just feel like oversized Cleveland with heal but much easier to kill because of bigger and higher citadels t10- Worcester ... before nerf/some other ca buff - it was Hindenburg, still good ship but now it is not that much fun to play as being good in everything/master of nothing since being good brawler/bully was taken away/not reliable as before
  15. biker_618


    I guess that i was lucky one. No problems during the weekend, only 1 hiccup yesterday when i got "server overloaded" message and some weird ping play despite no downloads in background.