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  1. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    This is not right place to discuss but, it is most likely, my last post on this forum and definitely my last visit for longer period of time if ever ... i will answer. Launcher is just last drop. Since this is free to play game, there is no ground to demand something i didn't pay for, it is "take it or leave it" situation for me and i choose to leave it. It doesn`t matter do you understand that or not. If it works for you, good for you. btw little explanation on that wgc thingy ... i want choice about all that "advantages" that you mention, what to run, when to run and what sits in background not related to actual game running. Stay well and have fun.
  2. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    Really? I`m capable enough to make script that would do that for me but i don`t want to? This is a good game, but not that good and if i can`t use it in a way that fits me, i will stop. Do you have any issue with that?
  3. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    In that case, thank you but no thank you. I guess i`ll have to find something else.
  4. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    I can launch normal game as in all those years before - via client launcher (worldofwarships.exe) but not PT and i would really hate to use script to shut down GC once game is started ... or i would stop playing and find something else.
  5. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    @YabbaCoe is that a bug or as intended?
  6. biker_618

    PT 0.9.6 - Bugs

    Do i really have to launch game via game center? Every time i try with client launcher, it start game center.
  7. biker_618

    Bagration pronunciation

    Try to find russian YT review ... also in this polish it is really close ...
  8. biker_618

    WG containers ... what for

    Yes i am :)
  9. biker_618

    WG containers ... what for

    It crossed my mind so that's why they are still closed and under heavy guard. Trust no one, especially when it is nice and tempting ...
  10. biker_618

    WG containers ... what for

    Its 2 of those. I don`t think that it is related with game center because i`m using it since they "forced" us first time few years ago. Got mail with some goodies for 4 years being there, but containers was not mentioned so ... nope. Most likely, as it looks to me, it is PT reward as i finished building phases in both parts of 0.9.5 ... and from PT for current update i got token crates directly, not via user bonus check.
  11. biker_618

    WG containers ... what for

    Nope, still have no idea why they appeared in port. Usual WG containers with premium day and some flags.
  12. biker_618

    WG containers ... what for

    Just got 2 WG containers ... why? If those are reward for PT, why now and this way instead of usual user bonus way? @MrConway @Crysantos
  13. 90 tokens in total: 4 crates (5 tokens each) waiting in port after update - i guess part of reward from PT. 4x5 tokens from articles, and rest from 8 out of 9 directive and missions crates - 7x5 and 1x15 ... Will solve last one tomorrow and i`m looking forward for another 5 ... 20 tokens from articles are here https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/free-goodies-in-our-news-articles/ if someone is interested.
  14. Refusing to go with the herd, went on the other side to terrorize 2/3 of enemy team ... btw and reached rank 1 with 37 battles.
  15. biker_618

    Desync Issue: Input and general discussion

    It doesn`t work like this. Game net code should be able to compensate higher ping as long as it is solid. On the other hand, jumping from 35 to 50 every few seconds, will cause a sync issue. Of course, it is more likely that this will happen to player with higher ping but it is not a rule that high ping (within a reasonable margin) is troublemaker.