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  1. biker_618

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. GL to all
  2. biker_618

    Level of play - Perception?

    Is it because of steam launch or latest MM or something else but, except in co op, i haven`t seen before that domination battle ends because one team hit 0 pts. Now, 1 or 2 per day ... been on losing side only once when got detonated so not ranting because of my "bad luck" ... To put it simple, if i want shooting training, i`ll go in training room or co op - don`t want that in random.
  3. biker_618


    ... or is it a person who make other ppl/things useless? For example, being so good that makes other players useless/not needed ... or being so bad that all efforts from other players to win, are useless/hopeless? FUBAR person?
  4. biker_618

    Citadel Großer Kurfürst

    In my very first battle with Hindenburg i had double cit from about 5k range when he tried to rush me around the island, just before he eat full torp salvo. Aiming to hit below turret nr1 ... Second time on about max range with spotter plane, he had 3 fires already so no sense to shoot HE anymore ... i think i did it more than twice but those 2 situations was memorable for various reasons.
  5. So you don`t understand that all the fuss is about having choice what to run and what to turn off without popping the hood on windows!? Personally, i haven`t dismiss WGC. Will try it and, if my personal preferences can be set in a "convenient" way - GJ WG. If not - bye WG, you will not miss me so spare your breath ... or fingers, or whatever! And saying that this is "rage against new stuff" is ... what? Selective reading? Being naive? Having some kind of agenda? Hiding behind "unofficial label" to avoid sh**storm like before because of lack of diplomacy that can bite you back? Some of posts have too much "under the hood" info which came from general knowledge? Yeah! Right! Whatever ...
  6. Not that, it is that someone take liberty to go beyond just a suggestion how should i use my PC without being asked for.
  7. It`s not about how bad/good WGC is, it is about choice what you want to have and what is unnecessary and options to turn that off. For me, it is overly aggressive and, instead of lure me to try some other WG products, it will be exactly the opposite. If WGC would not give me an options to adjust its functionality in the way that fits my needs (old launcher functionality only), i will say thank you to WG and move onto something else. Certainly I will not stay around for month (year) or two until they fix the "issues" ...
  8. biker_618

    "Lock on" bug?

    It`s not there all the time. Most of the battles are fine but i had 2 really weird situations: lock on standing still ship and volley dropped waaay too short; bot Omaha (operations) full side, normally aimed with lock on target and volley ended behind like Omaha can hit 40+ kn speed ... In first case re lock helped but it was annoying. In second case, switching from dynamic to passive cross hair did the trick as it looked like zoom and cross hair is out of sync.
  9. biker_618

    What sights do you guys use?

    Dynamic mod by Nomogram because of 20 and 30 kn scale. But my aiming is more by feel based on what i see like smoke from chimneys, angle, direction changes pattern (if i see it), player`s habit when avoiding volley (lure you with full side than hit the brakes and turn in or out when you shoot at him) ... always full zoom in except when targeting dd going full speed. Also on PT server with no mods, i`m feeling more comfortable with dynamic.
  10. biker_618

    The purpose of new resources?

    It gives you a choice instead of getting upgrades (or whatever) that you don`t need. Arsenal good. Me like it.
  11. biker_618

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    First of all, this is free to play game! It also have pay content but it is players choice will he (she, it ... ) spend real money or not, and when game maker (WG) give player opportunity to get payed content without spending money, by playing (having fun or why else to play games) this is still not good enough!? Srsly!?
  12. biker_618

    Remember X marks the spot?

    Same as with spotter plane ... actually, even easier because of fine tuning.
  13. biker_618

    Remember X marks the spot?

    You mean like, more than one brain cell? In that case it is confirmed, i have 2 brain cells!
  14. biker_618

    Daily Challenge problem

    Is this one better?
  15. biker_618

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    18 done, 3 to go ...