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  1. I`m not interested in debating. I said what i think is the best compromise because, again, there`s no perfect solution. And you still have that habit of partial reading, i guess for to fit your argument. Let me remind you
  2. @Figment Here we go again, partial reading ... last sentence gives you answer on bb issue. DD issue ... if you stuff yourself (or be stuffed by rng`s sudden decision to detonate one or two of your teammates so you are left without support) in that situation, border or anything should not help. CA/CL issue is not an argument anyway because they can be erased with single volley with or without border help. There is no perfect solution and if you have one which doesn't include bunch of lawyers, parley or whatever ... bring it on. I still think that the best way is to discourage behavior by punishing it. btw those griefers are minority anyway, majority just keep playing or take a brake from game like me.
  3. I`m more for ghostbuster`s "electric fence" solution with time limited low dmg period, but that period must have either cooldown or to be only once per battle. If border hit was genuine mistake you have, your warning; if you are recidivist, you see it coming; if you are a border humper, think again is this tactics still viable. Of course, previous limitations have to be removed.
  4. biker_618

    Typing 2 characters

    Had that issue long time ago and culprit in my case was windows hotkey for switching between keyboard input layout matching ingame key for some action (can`t remember what) ...
  5. Yup. Same with enemy transport ships which were primary task and if not destroyed, it was game over. Now you have transport as secondary task to gain or lose star. As main task is choice of how many troops (me think it is 2000 for task done or kill`em all) and 1400 min is secondary task to have a star. My favorite ships for Narai are Helena - good RoF a lot of guns and nice alfa dmg with HE Flint- i like to shoot a lot Scharnhorst- fast reload for bb, decent secondaries, torps ...
  6. biker_618

    Remove Submarines

    So you are still feeding troll whos account looks like bot driven judging by pr and dmg?
  7. biker_618

    My first ever Ranked Game >>>>100% CARRY<<<<

    You missed the point, for first ever ranked game from bronze rank 10 to gold rank 7 in less than 20 minutes ....WOW ... that was a helluva game
  8. biker_618

    GPU Temps in Port

    Newer gpu drivers are more optimised for newer games and core game engines so this is kind of "normal" for ancient game engine ... and undervolting works better on older gpu cause of "stability" concerns (read too old to test) ...
  9. biker_618

    GPU Temps in Port

    @GuiltyByAssociation Have i missed something that you said but downclocking and undervolting is not the same thing ...
  10. biker_618

    GPU Temps in Port

    Not solution but it can help ... undervolting gpu. There's bunch of yt videos with explanation how and why (lower energy consumption therefore lower gpu temps) from personal experience, works better on older gen gpu but it is useful on latest gen.
  11. biker_618

    Issue with RNG

    Besides occasional crazy dispersion even when you have clear sight on target, lately i have different problem with my guns not following locked target. It happens mostly when i use spotter plane and it wasn't like that before as i wouldn't notice that. Yesterday that happened in normal zoom view not just once ... this may be more related to lock on bug. Shells falling short on the other hand, feels like "playful" rng or combination of both.
  12. biker_618

    shells falling far too short

    Little misunderstanding here, it is bug for you and me but very low on priority list to fix for them. Or it could be "as intendend" but intention is not to please playerbase so "lets not talk about it if we don`t have to or offer stupid explanation which can only be sold to 4yr old" ... like detonations.
  13. biker_618

    shells falling far too short

    Well i cant show you as i`m keeping only last 15 replays (game default) but i had better one ... 9km distance and out of 6 shells, 4 dropped short and 2 went over!???????????! Like warning shot "surrender, you are surrounded!" Also i`m not sure that this is a bug as wg would react at least with statement but they are so quiet about that.
  14. I was able to rejoin only if game client was active on my pc during reconnection. After restarting game, nope. Experience is from few years ago when my most used "mod" for game was traceroute but take that with pinch of salt as connection was still alive but i was dropped from WoW server ...
  15. biker_618

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to participate