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  1. fobgrvt

    Twilight Battle

    Maybe I'm missing something, but none of the other ships are unlocking, even after getting more then 5 wins.
  2. fobgrvt

    Twilight Battle

    Really fun to play, but some ships (especially the DD) feel a little bit underwhelming. SteelRat: playing to its strenghts bascially means you won't get any xp for her. All her skills are centered around support and staying very close to your fleet. Considering exp is mostly calculated towards dmg and spotting, well you get the picture. Octopus: Though the radar and instant-heal are nice, to me it feels like she lacks impact on the game. Her redeeming factor is 30% fire chance, but with all the heals, her fires dont have the same power as they would in normal battles. Scarab: She feels a bit too powerful. both her skills are centered around selfhealing. She can pretty much yolo into any situation with a very good chance of surviving. I had a game where 3 BB and an octopus where focussing me and 5min later I was still at full health. Varg: Her shield feels completely broken. Combined with her other ability, she can pretty much ram all the competition of the game. The shield itself wouldnt feel too bad, but the manouvreability she gets with the second skills makes escaping a ram impossible. Considering the battlefield keeps getting smaller, it's almost inevitable comes down to close range brawling. Ghoul: Her reduced detection skill also feels like it's a bit too much. If I remember correct, her concealment goes down to 2.5. Unless she has the bad luck to get radar'd, so can pretty much torp anyone pointblank.
  3. fobgrvt

    Twilight Battle

    Restoration Charge for SteelRat seems to have a wrong description, unless it adds an additional speed boost on top of the heal function.
  4. fobgrvt

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Like most people I would really love some way to switch control back to the carrier without having to dismiss the current strike-force. So far, I really loved the new gameplay. My biggest problem with the old cv-gameplay was that, either due to some form of lag or my lack of skill, I often lost planes from strafes while I saw the planes miss my squad. That being said, the current fighter planes feel too restricted. They only patrol that small area where you launched them. This means that they only really work as protection on ships that dont move around a lot. Which in turns makes it rather easy to avoid them. Now for the atk-squads: 1) Rocket squads These are prolly the easiest to hit things with. It might just be to scale them from T6 to T10, but at T6 they feel rather underwhelming. On itself this isn't a bad thing, but with the way planes work right now, they are the only ones that can target DD's with at least some accuracy. But even that is rather difficult because of the low amount of rockets that get fired, combined with the relative large dropcircle. At T10, it feels a lot more reliable. 2) Torpedo squads They feel rather sluggish at the moment. Again, this is prolly due to scaling from T6 to T10. I do find it hard to guess the actual speed of a ship I'm targetting. I've noticed quite a few people say that the flooding chance is rather low. I find the low flood chance to be nicely balanced. You can strike 3 times. If each strike would start a flooding, then BB's would be dead after 4-5 min in the game. 3) Bomber squads Probably the hardest to target with. Their movement feels a bit weird. First they pull up almost vertically. This means you sometimes loose a bit of Visuals on the initial approach and you loose a lot of distance due to the ship still moving. And then there's the drop dispersion. You need to practically crash your planes onto the target to get a decent chance of your bombs actually hitting the ship. This might be a problem with the marking cone, but I've had quite a few occasions where I had the full cone inside the shape of my target ship and still saw my bombs miss left or right. I also hope we get a chance to choose to use either HE or AP and DWT or normal. Finally the new AA. I like the way you can put priority on 1 side. But at the same time I feel like the current AA has quite a random effect unless you fly your planes through a concentrated AA-bubble from multiple ships. I've had cv's attack me from my priority side on multiple instances, but the effect doesn't seem to really do all that much. Even a ship like Worchester who's a no-fly-zone in the current version, has troubles shooting down planes. I would also like the see more info on module damage. I assume the rockets should be able to knock down AA-guns. But right now it only shows the number of hits and if you set a fire or not.
  5. fobgrvt

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ?

    Dont know if it applies to others that had a problem with TST, but I can choose it from the dropdownbox since a few min.
  6. fobgrvt

    Halloween 2018

    It's pretty much like Flamu said in his vid, without the Gerfalcon, this mission is near impossible to clear. It's the only ship that has torps front and aft, added to that it has the speed and hp to push through. It's doable with the Barracuda as well, but the short under water period makes it less flexible. What I do seem to notice, I've been torped by invisible torps from time to time. Perhaps it has to do with being submerged, but I feel like sometimes the enemy torps dont get spotted.
  7. fobgrvt

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Seems they disabled the Gallant as a RN DD when it comes to some of the missions for the event. Already have 2 missions I cant complete because trying them with Gallant doesn't progress them. "Guard the Home Waters" and Glorious Voyage Well, nevermind, seems those missions require T7-8 DD's. No idea why they decided it was a good idea to make that little bit of information hidden by a "click on mission"-bar
  8. fobgrvt

    Bug Reports

    Same error on multiple games with the Gallant as played ship for example:
  9. fobgrvt

    Ranked Season X

    Only thing I really hate, is the top spot on the loosing team where you dont loose a star. You get the first 3 kills for your team, take the only cap your team wins for the entire match and get a 200point lead. Only to loose the match because the rest of your team snipes from max range and farms damage, while the enemy can get the caps for free. And to make matters worse because they've been sniping from the back they somehow score more points and you loose your star eventhough you're practically the only one playing the objectives. It's supposed to be a team effort but that 1 rule pretty much kills teamplay, instead of supposedly rewarding a good player.
  10. fobgrvt

    GO NAVY! Event

    Are those new missions even in battle? I've recieved 1 mission whole day. Doesnt matter what ship or mode I play, I never seem to get those ingame missions, eventhough I choose a side already.
  11. fobgrvt

    Updated Operations

    And then there's the problem with the pathing for the escorting ships. I stopped counting how many times the bogue or another ship beach themselfs. Considering the 3 cruisers that usually spawn from the rear, you are pretty much forced to leave 1 or 2 ships to protect it if you want a chance to get 5stars. Im pretty sure this was already pointed out during pts.
  12. fobgrvt

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    It would be nice if the new "in match"-missions would take the type of game and ship composition in consideration Getting 6 defended-ribbon in a standard match is pretty hard, same with spotting torps in a game with only 1 DD etc
  13. fobgrvt

    Updated operations

    It is doable with randoms. Finished it with 5 stars, but that's the only time I managed. You really need a team that knows what it's doing and can handle splitting up the team. 1 Fiji/Helena to take out the transports and the 2 DD that protect them 2-3 BB to go after the CV and Missouri (KGV and Lyon do seem to be the better choices) Except for against the Missouri, this scenario like most others doesn't feel suited for DD's Every ship seems to have their torp detection set to absurd values. Unless you torp point blank, they'll evade pretty much anything DD's send their way. The Raptor scenario seems to suffer from the most idiotic AI ever. Especially the Bogue tends to get stuck almost every other game. Which in turn often leads to it getting destroyed because a few enemies spawn from the back in this new version.
  14. fobgrvt

    New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    Really fun scenario, but also quite hard. Especially keeping those regiments alive. Unless you completely learn all the spawn times by heart, it's almost impossible to save both of them with the sheer number of ships firing at it. Without 2 or 3 radars in each game, I dont see this being completed. The airstrikes might also be a bit too much. Unless you can get everyone together, they can strike pretty much through the AA-bubble of a full AA-specced Cleveland. The fighter planes of the 2 carriers dont seem to actively target the torpedo squads.
  15. fobgrvt

    Ranked Season

    I still have 1 main complaint about ranked. Fix the matchmaking already Just 1 example of my last few games: 2BB, 3 Cruisers, 2 DD and the enemy side gets 2 chapa, 1 NewOrleans and 2 Loyang against 0 radars and 0 hydro's on my side. There's no point in even trying a battle like that. Both loyang just camped in 2 caps and any attempt to contest them resulted in getting hydro's and radar'd into oblivion. What's even worse, 1 of our cruisers spend the entire battle hiding as far away from battle as possible and he ends up keeping his star because as the last man standing of our team you are pretty much garanteed to be the top ranker.