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  1. inkedsoulz

    Divs should only allow same-tier ships

    1 tier difference is okay...
  2. inkedsoulz

    Waterline discussion

    cv kinda underpowered atm if teams know what they are doing, but 90% of the playerbase dont know how to play/adjust when there is a cv ingame...
  3. inkedsoulz

    MM sucks balls

    Play cv, its much easier to solo carry with cv than with any other class if u know what ure doing. Then dd and bb, and at last cruisers, is really hard to carry with cruisers.
  4. inkedsoulz

    The CV Captains Cabin

    You dont really need that extra DB squad for fires or spotting, with 2 is more than enough, and like El2aZeR said, its much better to have some extra fighters with 232 setup
  5. inkedsoulz

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I expected more ponnies around here xd///
  6. inkedsoulz

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Shokaku is really strong even if you get matched into t10 game, just focus on spotting and on the dds. Taiho is even stronger. Hakuryo is ok-ish, its like taiho, but with better planes.
  7. inkedsoulz

    Noobs will kill this game!

    Just try to play in the best way you can and try to win the game, if it happens that ur teams is not that good.... well just move onto next game. U can also division up with some other decent players, with 3 players it is possible to carry entire potato teams.
  8. inkedsoulz

    Ranked will be dominated by these two ships.....

    oh... Ranked season 6 is coming...... Should i come back to play this game?..... dunno...sigh
  9. inkedsoulz

    Return of the Carrier

    Its not that, its called having good judgement of what to do, and what not. Should BB's ask for having torps/more torps?
  10. inkedsoulz

    CV is near unplayable...

    We all nubbie cv players pray to the cv god Sheep-sama. jokes aside: WG should make some obligatory tutorials for people starting to play cv, the ammount of cvs that dont even know the basics even at t8 is incredible.
  11. inkedsoulz

    CV is near unplayable...

    CV are not op, its just 80% of the players of this game dont know how to deal with them.
  12. inkedsoulz


    Having an extra DD that knows how to play is more advantegous than having a good BB player. Only exception for that assumption i made is when theres CV in the match, since CV can hardcounter a DD(not AAspecc Fletcher or Gearing tho, they are beasts xd).
  13. inkedsoulz

    AA in Hurricane

    Not really a buff. Once u spot them u have to act very fast to drop ur load, and in order to do that u have to predict where the enemy will be, so u can make a good drop, if u dont u will spend too much time repositioning ur planes on the inner AA auras and u will lose tons of planes.
  14. inkedsoulz

    Rubbish fighters and multiple launches?

    If he goes for the dogfight, just bait with 1 of ur squads and strafe from the side with other of ur fighter squad. There are a lot of ways to bait fighters
  15. inkedsoulz

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    If u have premium, it will take like 100 games +- to get from t8 to t9. It took me 80 mogami games to get the ibuki, and mogmi is by far my worst performing t8. So if u play a t8 that u like, its actually pretty fast and easy to get a t9.