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  1. RevelAndQuaff

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    "Deadeye" is causing a lot of A and J line sniping, horrible play from BBs. " Deadeye" needs to become a 5 point skill, so it costs, really costs to take it. When a commander skill make a T10 premium a T11 ship... you have to consider the possibility WG... you simply F'd up ...... again.
  2. RevelAndQuaff

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    Yes 1.2 million has to be spent, just so I can continue generating Elite XP. WG making game progression more difficult. A new player would be so daunted by the epic grind that they have to do. Everyone press F11.... Well done WG. Don't get me started on Dead Eye. You just made the Slava T11
  3. WG is at it again..... remember that 200,000 credit accelerated training...... adios baby ,,, thx WG..... a great new year gift that keeps giving
  4. I'm expecting a new RB season next week, around the 18th / 19th Nov.... However after resetting a line (yes late...I'm stacking), the game tells me the next season is 3 months. PM'd support....waiting for reply. wiki states.... Season 1 - 21 Aug. 2019[5] to 19 Nov. 2019 Season 2 - 19 Nov. 2019 to 17 Feb. 2020 Season 3 - 17 Feb. 2020 to 17 May 2020 Season 4 - 17 May 2020 to 15 Aug. 2020 Season 5 - 16 Aug. 2020 to 14 Nov. 2020 (est.) Season 6 - 15 Nov. 2020 to 12 Feb. 2021 (est.) An officlal wiki....with estmiates....seriously.... if 3 months (in-game) is correct, then the above can't be correct. Since I reset my line today based on this.... I thought I had a few more days.
  5. RevelAndQuaff

    Warships Stories. Who challenged the "Big Three?"

    Any minute now, they will put eyes these ships and it will look like a "cars" movie. Remember to pay your due's to Disney
  6. RevelAndQuaff

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    I should really post this in memes...... The Minnesota (T9) has the same pen as the Colorado (T7)... I wont be bothering with this line.
  7. RevelAndQuaff

    U.S. Battleships: Early Access

    American Tokens American Tokens can be obtained in the following ways: By completing Directives and missions of the event—up to 12,900 Tokens. From random bundles that are available in exchange for doubloons in the Armory—up to 96,000 Tokens. In exchange for Recruitment Points in the Armory—up to 2,000 Tokens. The 8 bundles add up to 100000 token in total. So, if you don't want to spend any cash, you won't even get the Kansas, you need 18K for that. Cmon WG, you've proven there are idiots out there in the community willing to grind (PR event remember that disaster), so let them, have a chance of getting the 100K in token here, if they don't have the cash.
  8. RevelAndQuaff

    What are mission of "Autobot" and "Transformers" type????

    great clarifiction troll. So what the Autobot part 1 and 2 mission are the "type" So to complete a mission you have to complete another mission...WTF???
  9. I don't understand, can someone please clarify..... type???
  10. RevelAndQuaff

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Cyclone + CV = more destroyers..... what are you F'ing smoking!!!!! No CV = more destroyers !!!!!!
  11. RevelAndQuaff

    Looking for semi-competitive clan

    Hey faridd1 I am the CO of EuroFighters. We are looking for players just like you, please contact me, in game.... What we offer… An informal clan with players from all over the EU We have a lot of knowledge in the clan, we can improve your game and perhaps you can improve ours. Lots of Fun, Lots of Laughs Lots of Naval Base benefit (see right) What we are looking for… Actively players, with one T10 ship (or close to getting one) Ideally more than 1000 battles and playing for at least 6 months What we need… Clan In-game communications and administration is via Discord. Spoken and written English is used by the clan
  12. RevelAndQuaff

    ST - skip-bombers

    What next???? hydro that can see through islands.
  13. RevelAndQuaff

    ST, changes to the commander skills system (DB 70)

    21 pt commanders now... So what happens to all the 19pts commander I have that generate buckets of Elite commander XP for me. WG ............errrrrr...... didn't think abot that..........errrr Just enough info to concern people and not enough to inform them. Do better WG