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  1. Largely there is no official support for the reporting system, if you’ve been unjustly reported, there is ZERO recourse from WG. But I understand this point-of-view from WG, they make games as a business and don’t deal with player beefs. The Karma/reporting system is a very simply way to allow people to vent, justly or unjustly and unfortunately it’s now almost always unjustly. WG I think it’s time for a change, please read and consider implementing. The Karma/reporting system is unfair (we all know it and [edited] about it), you make the slightest of slight mistakes, say the wrong thing in chat, be in the wrong position, have full HP at the end of battle….etc and its -1 (x3 if there is a division), everything is wrong with that, as there is ZERO appeal. Then you can carry a team, perform super-human feats and not get a single +1. There’s nothing wrong with that, a +1 should be well earned. Which brings me to another point. I remember seeing (a few months back) a Flambass video, it’s showed a 1500+ Karma. He’s not a bad player but does anyone think he would have such a high Karma, if he wasn’t famous as a CC? I bet many people just give a +1 just because they were in the same battle and won (perhaps thinking he made the difference). I for one don’t think so. But you prove me wrong, how many plebs (btw I mean ordinary players like me), out there have 1500+ karma? Remember though, the karma system is unfair, no justification is needed. So if you post your high Karma, don’t expect people to like it, they will respect it even less and most likely just -1 you, if they recognise you in battle. Its human nature, get over it. The Karma system is needed in some form or another, it feeds an automated system which does record large numbers of -1 against a players and flags that player for action; pink, orange, warnings and bans. So I’m not suggesting its abolishment but I do want to keep the system and make it more just. I think in most cases, in battle when a player reports another player unjustly, it is just that, one player, who is pissed about another player, whatever the reason. So let’s change the Karma system to acknowledge that. So if you report a player and you are the only person who reported them, the report is not recognised. If however someone else reports the same player, then the player receives a -2 (or more if there are more reports). Basically there is never a -1. This offers a kind of justification for the report, if two or more player report, there’s far more likely to be a just reason for the report. Players can’t be spiteful, despicable and expletive deleted (if you know what I mean). Regarding compliments, change nothing. I think this change alone with vastly improve the system and at the same time, provide a more just system. What’s more, the implementation effort for WG would be minimal. Regarding Karma system I have another idea. This idea will have some polarising views, no doubt. This idea assumes that the trolls in the game values karma, I think they do, those players think only about themselves. I think WG needs to do something more about bad language, abuse and troll like behaviour in game. The recent “disable all chat” feature is a step in the right direction but a little more is needed. We all know the Karma system is a simple number from 0 upwards. So, let Karma go negative and if you reach -50 you can only report or compliment once per day, for example. I think if you implemented both ideas, only truly deserving players would be penalised and trolls would be kicked where it hurts the most, their potty-mouthed vote. Thanks for reading this far, let the online vilification begin.
  2. With 0.8.6, I recieved several "Red Heat" camo, I think they look great. I'm not sure how I got them but I see no way to get more. Please make them available in the shop or Armory. Thanks RevelQ
  3. RevelAndQuaff

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    In the official new release, I see no mention of rental ships for this season of clan battles. Can someone confirm if T8 rentals will be available?
  4. RevelAndQuaff

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    Summer sales Midsummer lands with a big sale in the Premium Shop. Each day, two new offers will await you. One will be a Tier V–VIII Premium ship with a discount of 30% or 50%, and the second will be a different Tier V–VIII Premium ship. The latter will be packaged with two of our new Premium Ship V–VIII containers of a tier corresponding to the tier of the ship. Each of these special containers is guaranteed to contain one Premium ship and a Commander with 10 skill points. ... Am I reading this correct. 3 Premiums for the price of one, it does say "guaranteed". WG must be hard up, they will be selling Jingles next, closely followed by Flambass, Earl Grey and Flamuu.
  5. I've been using the Wargaming wiki recently, I've tried with two different browsers. These function just doesn't work. I can't find a wiki feedback page, so I've posted here. Please fix
  6. RevelAndQuaff

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Ribbons for Naval Battles, this is a really bad idea... A ribbon can something as simple as a hit, so everyone and their dog will be taking high rate of fire ships; Minataur, Haragumo, Des Monies etc. So going to be toxic
  7. RevelAndQuaff

    Weekend Highlights – Ship Coupon Reset

    So you've done it but no explanation why?
  8. What's to stop people creating fake accounts?
  9. RevelAndQuaff

    Ranked Sprint

    Rank 1 in sprint is easy, I done it in 3 days, and you can't get 10k coal in 3 days.
  10. RevelAndQuaff

    Ranked Sprint

    great everybody will buy them.
  11. RevelAndQuaff

    Idea for new battle modes

    I agree torpedo beat but its will bastardised ships, stupid speed torps, Just a straight up standard ships that don't fire main guns and on maps we all know....
  12. RevelAndQuaff

    Idea for new battle modes

    Ocean maps comes along 1 in every 50 randoms..... is that your idea of fun ?
  13. RevelAndQuaff

    Idea for new battle modes

    What you mean....last time
  14. RevelAndQuaff

    Idea for new battle modes

    I would like to ask WG to stop introducing new ships, please just stop, even if you play on a regular basis (like me), amassed some resource, you still can't get all the new ships and can't play all of them. Just give us a chance to just play the ships we grinded and brought. This leaves WGs to focus on things like, the UI, chat, karma, MM, CV's and the 200 other things that need attention..... just a though. Below are a few ideas for new game modes... 1. Trying to introduce some fun (you know that thing missing in the game at present). Torp fight, this is not a new idea, I think players, some CCs do this in Training. Only available DDs, you take a DD, main guns are not available, you can just torp. I would personally not include T10... so WG won't be interested in it. Imagine a random 24 player game, like this. 2. Battlements.....a variation on a standard battle, you don’t cap, you kill the enemy fort. The fort has defences, it’s controlled by a player. It has a substantial HP… 5, 000,000 +, otherwise you will have Yamatoes, killing them in 10 shots, from 30km away. The fort also can send out PT (or equivalent) boats out, very fast to harass and defend the port….control of the PT boat uses the old style RTS system. WG won’t be interested in this…. It will kill off CVs IMHO.
  15. RevelAndQuaff

    Returning Playing LFC

    Hey Matty I'm the CO of a pan euro clan (Euro Fighters) ... tag EUROF We currently have 28 players, most are active. Several players are from the UK, me included; we other have Germans, Portuguese and many other. We are English speaking. We are looking for people to play on a regular basis (not every day. Nothing so stupid) but active, not only in game but with the clan. We play clan battles, so you will need a T10, for that and certainly. We can offer a lot a clan benefits from our naval base, this will help you progress with ships. We use Discord for clan comms and in-game voice. Interest? Please get back to me. Regards RevelQ