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  1. rnat

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    No. Just no. I don't find this any fun on either side (air or ground). Part of that is prolly due to me being crap and getting annoyed, but here's the other stuff i disliked heavily: (most/all prolly mentioned by some other tester previously) It might be "more accessible" but it remains true that if a cv wants you dead you're dead. Even more so in fact (except for DDs, they are relatively safer from strikes but risk getting spotted for longer in return) it just takes him a bit longer per strike and makes you worse than a strike in the current iteration (imo, might be a matter of being accustomed to it). I don't know if i'd have gotten into CVs if it had been the new version back then.
  2. rnat

    Hindy does not need a buff

    Why insist on making it a brawler ? Long-range and brawling is not an either/or. It's perfectly fine as a mid-range ship (10-15km) with long-range and brawling potential if needed. I'd prefer an AP-buff over the extra heal as well, but that doesn't change the fact that's it's a nice, versatile ship. The only 2 hard counters (*except for being played by a potato*) are the long range experts (Zao, HIV) and Rep (overmatch+shell velocity) For everything else the Hinden can usually dictate the range of the engagement (in a team v team situation) and come up on top or trade evenly. Sure it's mostly buggered if it has to play by the other cruisers rules, but that's true for basically every ship in the game.
  3. rnat

    Hindy does not need a buff

    Possibly. Actually probably. Then again as an overly agressive Hinden-player i like the extra tankyness. Games only good if i burn through all heals ^^ mid-ish range is where she shines, that usually means a lot of incoming fire though. But tbf 1) i don't know if it needs the exta heal per se and 2) the 8.8s reload Hinden used to be just that bit too strong, for example it still mostly sh*ts on BBs if played to its strenghts (with exceptions ofc) Zao and Rep (HIV maybe ?) are pretty good counters but not much else imo.
  4. rnat

    The CV Captains Cabin

    There's supposed to be one more update today ~15:00. It'll prolly be downloadable after that. cf: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/cv-rework-testing-2/
  5. rnat

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    Someone competent ? I'd find it more believable if you claimed to be the FSM himself. Anyway, Welcome on EU. Hope you don't mind all ze germans ^^
  6. rnat

    game keeps redownloading

    The game updates every 4 weeks (used to be every 3 weeks), if you estimate ~1GB per update thats a lot of downloading.
  7. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Only 2 more kills to get the Solo Warrior *shrugs*
  8. rnat

    How can a CV deploy multiple squadrons?

    The picture the OP posted clearly shows, that his opponent was a Hiryu (not a Ranger), which heavily suggests that either that he simply forgot to check what the enemy CV was or that he mistakenly assumed his loadout. Basically the OPs question was bad (he either assumed the CV loadout to be standardized across the lines)or he didn't bother checking what he as facing. On the other hand if you can post a picture or a replay where the enemy cv has (or seems to have) a loadout it clearly shouldn't have (you can check that via the tech-tree if you don't have the ship in question) you'll have no shortage of ppl explaining either what it is you're missing or wether it is a genuine bug ect.
  9. rnat

    Bug Reports

    1. Description In Carrier-battle: Game UI reduced to "physical" objects only (Water, Islands, Ships, Planes, Shells, Torps, AA-tracer, Fires) on the normal screen and tactical map. i.e. no HP-bars, ship-, or plane indicators, torpedo-indicators, points, cap-indicators, team-panels, chat-window, minimap, ship status, detected-sign, consumables/weapons/squadrons-bar (bottom of screen) ect. Holding Alt made normal manual-drop/strafe reticule appear though. pressing esc did nothing (neither does it in the replay), enter apparently did not trigger chat window (engine telegraph sound appeared while typing before and after pressing enter) quick commands (e.g. F12) seemed to work, as did the ships horn. Sounds seem to have worked as intended. The port-interface was very slow to react (noticably more than usual) after the battle 2. Reproduction steps Start a battle in the Hakuryu after being disconnected from port (unstable internet) and reconnecting to the server, after noticing bug and trying ctrg+G attempt to restart the game (shut with task-manager) 3. Result "no UI" (see replay), except drop reticules 4. Expected result Normal game-/carrier-UI 5. Technical details Bug time: between ~21:00 UTC (replay time-stamp is in CET) Replay (starts late due to attempted restart of client): 20181019_214628_PJSA017-Hakuryu-1942_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay python.log: python.rar DxDiag: DxDiag.txt Used mods: Aslains Modpack 7.10 #1 Also ~260k when i had no clue what was going on, or where the enemy planes were almost all the time. seems legit.
  10. rnat

    camera freezes and detaches from the ship

    Does your ship actually continue moving and acting upon your commands (i.e. can you steer, shoot ect) before the game crashes ? In any case i'd post a full bug report (if you didn't do so already) here on the forums, so they can take a look at it.
  11. rnat

    Newbie says 'Thanks'

    You don't even need to take the game seriously to enjoy voice com. It's just nice to have a mate along to chat. ^^
  12. (Sry in advance for the wall of text, and sry if it sounds like i'm picking on you, just trying to explain why something is a good move or not) Sorry, to say but those things are not good practice. They really aren't. First point might be superfluous but still: Don't play CO-OP to get experience playing the game. It's completely different and teaches you to expect to get away with almost everything. It's fine if you meant grinding exp for your ship, though the rewards are significantly lower than for randoms. 2nd don't use the auto-pilot on anything but a CV. For one it sets your speed to 1/2 (unless you change it), which makes the already slow low-mid tier bbs ('cept for the Kongo) move at glacial speeds. Not only does that make you easier to hit, your allies have to wait longer for your support and your shots will have less impact due to the worse dispersion, but you're not having the psychological impact you could be having. No one wants to push into a close by BB unless they have to. That concentration of armour, big HP-pool, potentially massive alpha-strike potential and overmatch on anything but other BBs is a good deterrrent that gives your allies on that flank more room to maneuver. Just set your speed and direction manually at the start. It only takes marginally longer than using auto-pilot and keeps you in the habit of doing it by hand. As for where to move initially: Pick one flank (idially the one you spawn at), start sailing into roughly that direction and then look at the minimap to see where your allies are going for the first ~2-3mins, at that point you're usually not too late to switch flanks if the other side severely lacks firepower (note, do not try to hold a complete flank without ANY support. You want at least some help). In general in domination try never to be too far from the caps and your DDs. Caps win games, DDs take caps. You'll want to have 2/3 or at least 2/4 caps in a game, so try to position yourself such that you're useful in achieving that. e.g. If you have A and B, enemy has C you stay near B to keep the cap safe. If you don't have B in that situation go near it so your team can take it with your help. You never want to be somewhere far away form battle. You're not very dangerous there. You're not scary to the opponent. You're not tanking for your team. You're way to slow to catch up to the enemy if they sail anywhere but towards you. That also means DO NOT sail close to your carrier for the carriers sake. A decent CV will rarely get ambushed by a dd. A decent dd will rarely try to hunt the carrier (unless it's a russian DD and CV's a target of opportunity) You're just putting yourself out of the fight for very little gain. (Let's face it in most cases it's rather useless) If your CV gets killed usually he's either pretty rubbish or your team/one flank is collapsing hard and in that case everyone is usually having bigger problems than saving the CV. If you insist on keeping him alive you can still turn your guns or your ship when you notice the CV is under threat. Just be aware that you are abandoning your allies elsewhere to do that. As for when and how to fire that's up to you. I tend to wait till someone gives me a good target and then give him the good news all at once, which also helps me fading from view between salvos. But that's just my 2 cents on that. Lastly i'd recommend watching the video in the spoiler. It's on the New York in specific but it basically shows you how to play all the low tier battleships. The basics are fundamentally the same. (cf also his Texas commentary above) (I consider Flamu to be a great source for learing to play the game well in general, check him out if you're interested in that)
  13. rnat

    How to get Personal Missions

    To be exact you can get personal missions from a variety of sources, e.g. playing clan battles, events, RN containers ect. But yes, most (if not all) personal missions he had active were prolly those for the T10 special upgrades, since they are easy to trigger (1 Battle in the resp. T10) and grindy.
  14. rnat

    Heavy Mortar Carrier

    That's not how you play battleships... IF that's what you really want take high tier USN BBs though. Low-Mid tiers can't really afford to camp because they are too slow. Alternatively Fuso maybe ? But mainly don't. Really really don't do that unless you have to.
  15. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Enemy GK survived with 850 HP, on fire and under fire when they hit 1000 -.-