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  1. If an ally obviously doesn't care (might hit me, might not hit me) and the match isn't on the line sometimes i deliberately steer to eat one of them for sure. Because why should i get stressed when i can troll back even more ?
  2. Met @Panocek in his Haku. He penetrated me deep and good and i'm still not sure if i liked it. But sadly for him half his team was too busy trying to murder me and got rolled over by ours.
  3. rnat

    Is the Stalingrad worth it?

    I'd bet a pound to a penny that with equally skilled players the Burger wins the majority of 1-1 engagements just on the higher HE-power and reload-booster.
  4. rnat

    Somers: premium or alternative to Gearing?

    Premium. Notice the golden symbol. A proposed tech-tree ship would have a silver one.
  5. This screen just after I held B for over 3 minutes against ... well not like the enemy had any other targets -.- Special shout out to my Shima and Vladivostok from another match just now for both managing to get torped by a Tirpitz in the open within a minute of each other. While i couldn't hit a full broadside Soyuz at 11km for more than 6k at a time.
  6. rnat

    Is the Stalingrad worth it?

    Have you ever eaten a lucky HE-salvo from a Monti or Burger/Alsace in a cruiser (let alone a DD) ? Not enjoyable, trust me. (We're talking potentially >20k dmg) Let them pop a reload-booster and you're having all kinds of fun. And if they get broadside you're toast regardless of caliber.
  7. Spare a though on us poor f2p CV-potatoes. We wanna effortlessly murder helpless loli-boats as well. T_T (and everything else too)
  8. rnat

    How to use a cv when the enemy cv.s are better

    The only way I can see a CV going this close being a good idea (unless you're a GZ and can't fly) is to get rid of the enemy CVs CAP when you absolutely have to sink him. It's a move that effectively strips off a massive portion of both CVs AA-capabilities permanently and leaves them very vulnerable (let alone being shot up by the rest of both teams)
  9. rnat


    Ofc he does ok. Creed-guy stomps inferior peasants like us But look again. He only takes 3 salvos of BB-AP the entire match, with 2 of them he's lucky that they aim for his very angled belt, the other one instantly chunks him for 17k and that's from a FDG when he was very angled. I mean sure it was at close range, but if that had been a good player in a high tier USN or IJN BB he'd prolly been toast in 1-2 salvos. He even talks about the bad armor of the DM for quite a bit during the commentary. ^^
  10. rnat

    Player status in a clan

    I don't know about the official policy but apparently we don't bother with it. You're either in one of the executive roles or you're midshipman and Bob's your uncle.
  11. rnat


    Yes and no. Definitely better than the Minos. You also have more plating than the Worcester which is a double edged sword: On the one hand you can bounce 381mm guns and most DD caliber HE, on the other hand you're less likely to get away with just overpenetrations if a BB catches you broadside since the ship has better armor and is a big fatter than a Worcester. So don't try to catch BB AP k ? ^^
  12. rnat


    Education works fine too. Though that is more conducive to existential despair, depends on the person. ^^ WAKE UP SHEEPLE! Reality is fake news perpetrated by elitist unicorns and liberal forumites under the direction of George Soros and the UN! How about an experiment ? There are plenty of WoWS-streamers, CC or not. Take as many as you want that don't hide their stats and for a particular day note their nr of battles, winrate and avg dmg. Then look for all their post-battle screens in the stream recording and note down the dmg numbers, and win or loss. Now you have some numbers to check the validity of the stats WG puts out and weather they diverge from 50% too much. You can also watch the complete recording and clip out the times where they do the magic woo-woo that rigs the MM for them to show it to all of us. If you know what to look for and there is no such thing as a unicum either your stats will prove they have "normal numbers", are rigging stuff or you will be able to show us the magic trick. If you're really sure of yourself and tired of us forumites calling your "facts" BS the 1-2 hrs per streamer should be worth it right ?
  13. rnat

    When is the next clan battle season?

    Probably in 8.6 or 8.7 so in ~1.5-3 months.
  14. rnat

    USS Helena Build.

    As long as she gets PT, IFHE and CE a Helena will perform when played well. The rest of the recommended skills aren't strictly required and just make her even better (no AR on her is a crime though and you sir deserve to go to a federal penitentiary for it. ^^)
  15. rnat

    How do you get the Azur Lane girls?!?!

    Completionist is the word you're looking for.