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  1. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Ez not-carry. ^^ Asashios gonna Asashio. Fun part: he's still solidly in the middle of the pack.
  2. rnat

    selling ships retaining research and progress.

    This btw is very much not recommended as a strategy. The best thing to do (for several reasons) is to play the ships to get the needed experience. With regard to your question: Any ship that is researched will stay researched and any unused exp will stay on that ship at all times (until converted to free exp) whether you sell it or not unless you decide to reset the relevant line for research points, in that case all ships in the line will revert to being fully non-researched and all left-over exp on them will shift to the T1 of the line (iirc). That is a very late-game option though, you need at least 5 (iirc) T10s to do that.
  3. Normal distribution is another wording for a Gaussian distribution. You can wiki it if you want. Size only matters here (beyond a certain point) if a Gaussian is a good approximation of the underlying distribution to begin with. If you data shows significantly non-zero higher moments maybe look for a different model ?
  4. A Gaussian distribution is fully symmetric around the mean. You can actually prove that for a number of numbers/events , each of which have distinct probability distribution the mean of those events approaches a Gaussian distribution (if it's variance converges sufficiently fast) Also a normal distribution is what you'd expect for sufficiently large number of independent events UNLESS you have reason to expect a different distribution (Poisson ect. anyone ?)
  5. rnat

    Converting XP to Free XP

    I honestly wouldn't. Free Exp comes with time/playing and I would advise against using it to unlock tech-tree ships anyways.
  6. That statement relies on the assumption that no clan/team -"top clan" or not- breaks from those "features" and fights against those that follow/shape the meta, which is patently untrue given the multitude of clans participating in CB or even KotS with "unconventional" tactics. (and no i'm not returning that cheap insult, for that you have to start making sense and force me to resort to cheap shots myself)
  7. 1) As you point out this is a computer game, so most of the stuff people learn at real military academies mostly don't apply here, as do a decent faction of actual historical naval tactics. (and a "clan dictating your time" is about the same as your soccer team dictating your time. If one wishes to participate in a team-activity one needs to agree on a time to meet and play) 2) Feel free to try and lecture someone from a top-clan on Sunzis advice in CBs or KotS. All you'll hear is "we're already doing that" and "that doesn't apply here", (besides coming up with a completely new plan for each CB match rather than a variation of one that is known to work or -less often- trying a new one that appears to have advantages of the old one) Why even own a copy btw ? The whole thing is only as long as a single chapter in a novel and available in multiple places online. 3) Top clans (this usually applies to randoms, ranked and CB) don't think they're special. They just know they are very good and they prove that by usually winning against anyone else. If you think our tactics are in dire need of reform literally nobody is stopping you from finding a new or expanding your current clan, getting into CBs and kicking our collective asses. Heck, you don't even need to win. If you manage to give NOCAP, TTT, ect (or for that matter AAO) a hard time with your ideas that'll be plenty to get anyone here to reconsider.
  8. rnat

    ships vanish???

    Keep an eye on your surroundings. If you are surface-spotted but can not see an enemy within spotting distance there is almost certainly an enemy destroyer around, probably trying to set up a torpedo attack. A good rule of thumb is: Unless you know where all the enemy DDs are always assume that one of them is stalking you and change course and speed at least every 30 seconds to be on the safe side. When you get better you will develop a feeling for when those attacks are likely to come and when you are likely to be targeted and can take more leeway, but if eating torps is a persistent problem use WASD-hax as described above. If you have no idea what maneuvers you're going to do next the enemy most likely won't either.
  9. rnat

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    1 Doubloon exchanges to 1500 credits. So by my reckoning that's between 8 and 128 doubloons. (Assuming anyone even exchanges doubloons for credits)
  10. rnat

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    They cost somewhere between 12.000 and 192.000 a pop, so auto-resupply could get rather ruinous rather quickly.
  11. rnat

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    You'll have to re-buy them in the Armory for coal or credits, the game won't do it for you afik.
  12. rnat

    T1-T5 UK CL

    Most lines (less so the KM and at this tier RN and even less so the soviet one) do have plenty of parts where you can pen them though: The superstructure, upper belt and fore-and aft ends of the ship. IJN BBs aren't clad in that much armor, MN ones are notoriously squishy and USN ones have all-or-nothing armor which means their broadside (like the french) can be penned everywhere but the belt from most ranges (with cruiser guns). Also cruisers still exist and can be citadeled at leisure given the right opportunity.
  13. rnat

    As a newbie DD player...

    Besides ollonborres excellent rule of thumb there's only a few other ships to keep an eye out for: Missouri (T9 BB, 9.5km), Pan-Asian DDs (T8-10), Black (T9 DD), Orkan (T8 DD) Smaland (T10 DD) (all 7.5km), Belfast, Atlanta (both T7 CL, 8.5km) and Indianapolis (T7 CA, 10km) Any other exception from his advice is a ship that can't mount radar (e.g. Michail Kutuzov and Smolensk) or that have a shorter radar-range than could be expected (e.g. T8 USN CA Wichita has 9km) Another good rule of thumb is that a ship can not have radar AND smoke. This applies broadly with the only exceptions being HMS Belfast and USS Black. So if you see a pan-asian DD or any cruiser (besides the Belfast) smoke up you know it can't radar you. If you want to be thorough you can find every ship that has radar/smoke/hydro ect. with the characteristics of that consumable on the wiki: Ships consumables - radar Regarding spotting I'd suggest to check your air-concealment and the range of your AA. Most high-tier DDs and several mid-tier ones have AA ranges in excess of their aerial spotting range. Since you get spotted by air (unless in smoke) when your anti-air batteries open up it's usually advisable to make sure your AA-guns on DDs are disabled unless the CV already knows where you are. (the default key to enable/disable your AA and secondaries is "P") Fun fact, there are select few situations where a ship could be inside your detection range with line of sight but not spot you because each ship has a limited view range. Though realistically this only applies when a BB has increased spotting range after firing and the DD is pretty far away, in any other in-game scenario this won't play a role. edit: silly me, forgot the Orkan.
  14. rnat

    help required from you young seadogs

    You can find the containers-screen here: Assuming you have reached account/access-level 5, which is likely since otherwise you wouldn't be able to get those containers in the first place. If your question was about getting back to the screen that showed you everything in the containers you already opened you're out of luck. You can't access that information after closing the client (you can check everything you've gotten going through the notifications, but those expire when you log out and won't be displayed afterwards.) an example for the notifications here: You can get additional credits, free exp, signal flags (always useful) and coal from normal containers. Those are useful to research and buy ships and modules (including free-exp special ships like the Nelson and Alaska). Signal flags can increase your exp,free exp, commander exp and credit income and improve your ships combat performance. Coal is used to buy premium and special ships from the armory. You can get up to 3 containers per day for earning exp in battles, whose type you can determine to contain more credits, more signal flags, more coal or less items with a higher chance to get a super-container which can contain premium days, doubloons, coal, large amounts of signal flags or camouflages or steel. Add to that any containers you get as rewards from missions. Simply click "collect container", pick your type and then either open it or not. If earn enough exp to get a container but don't collect it it will be chosen at random from among the available types and added to your container storage. As long as your account is premium (i.e. you have premium time left over) you can pick 3 instead of 2 campaign missions at once and your credit- and any kind of exp-income from battle gain a 50%(65%) bonus compared to non-premium income (with our without economic signal flags and camouflages mounted). For future reference, this game has a wiki where most information can be found: e.g. on containers: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Container and the economic impact of premium time: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy#Premium_Account
  15. Folks, the current system is crooked and rigged and trust me in this I could do it sooo much better and so. fast. It would make your head spin so much better than Lincoln which was the 2nd greatest MM-creator ever. Back to serious: If an elementary school kid can do it, I'm certain you can present a concept that no one here can immediately debunk as equivalent to or objectively worse than the current one.