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  1. You get better fighters, you get better Torpedo bombers with better torpedos and you get 500 lb bombs instead of 250 lb bombs. And while i agree that t4-5 cvs are in a pretty sorry state due to removal of manual drops you ought to give it a go before complaining.
  2. The specific number of each type of plane depends on the Flight Control module you have installed. (the ones on the left of your hull module, where other ships have the guns) Stock (Mk5 mod 1) you only have 1 fighter, 1 torpedo bomber and 0 dive bomber squads (notation: 110) You can change that to 201 (Mk5 mod. 3) or 012 (Mk5 mod. 2) On american carriers in general (until tier 9 really) you will have a "balanced" 111 setup, a fighter heavy choice (typically 201 or 202) with no torpedo bombers and a bombers only loadout with no fighters (012 or 013).
  3. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/happy-birthday-to-you/
  4. Top tip: Div up with an equally salty mate with TS and make the channel R18 ^^
  5. His point probably is: Get to know that ship, play one to two dozen battles in her before you form such a strong opinion. The guns are troll as all hell though. Yesterday couldn't kill a broadside on Missouri @5khp from 8km ^^
  6. I found it usually works with positioning and agression. Try to limit the number of ppl that can shoot you and get as close as you dare to the rest. Use hydro to engage dds in close quarters, when they don't expect you (if you're sure you'll survive a torp or two) It's a bit like the Kebab in that way, constantly draining and healing back your health pool to do even more dmg. I'm by no means great in her though, so take it with a grain of salt.
  7. Hindenburg (with reload mod) is imo more fun than should be legal without a permit. Definitely a keeper. That AP-DPM when you get broadside is simply zee best. Won't comment on the other ones as i still haven't got a feel for the ships (and since i don't have the mino). Just be aware that the T4 german is crap, the t5+6 make omahas look tanky and the t7+8 lack dpm (t7 is weird as well) (5-8 imo not bad ships overall though) but the line only finds it's true character and potential at t9+
  8. Cruisers are all about the dps and doing dmg where it matters. Try AP against other cruisers that are broadside on (and don't expose your own broadside) And try to get "permanent" fires if possible (i.e. try to set a fire after your opponent has used dmg-con) Last thing is try to support your dds (if it does not force you into a too dangerous situation) and kill enemy dds as much as you can. dds win games, especially in domination. Kite enemy battleships and cruisers and spam them down if needed and be an all-around total nuisance to the enemy ^^
  9. If you like the ships there's no problem staying with the US. They are not bad to learn as well (and by that i mean they usually punish mistakes) My point was there's value in deversifying. Try different lines, see what fits you and what's fun for you.
  10. You can get to t4 in less than a day though. And there's no harm in trying out the other lines. Lots of different playstyles to try out ^^ Just saying. Btw, Flamu is currently running a series of commentaries on the US-bbs (wyoming to colorado so far) so if you're interested in how to play them maybe check out his youtube channel.
  11. Hope you'll like her ^^ She's not a bad ship, just worse than the competition. And if you're comfortable with map reading, strafing, dodging strafes and manual drops you'll handily outperform about half of the opposition carriers with ease ^^
  12. Not sure you've chosen the best starting nation. American ships (except cvs and dds maybe ?) from mid-tier on tend to need a fairly experienced player to show their full potential. The battleships are slow and stay slow until you reach t8, so you need to keep them close to the center of battle to be able to have an impact but not too close to the enemy since you're too slow to disengage easily. And the cruisers heavily reward good positioning to have an impact with their shortish range, good aa and later super-heavy AP and radar. The cvs are easier to play than ijn ones, but pretty universally regarded as inferior to them. Hope they adress that with the carrier rework this or next year.
  13. 250lb diver bombers aren't really for dmg, they are more useful for dot-stacks (use tbs get a flooding to force repair -> get fires with dbs) On the Bogue you'll get 500lb bombs, which do more (and the 1000lb bombs from the lex on can be brutal) The most consistend dmg always comes from tbs, so you had some bad luck to loose that many against 1 target. Either that or you approached a cluster of ships or a Texas (nothing else has much aa at below t6) If you can't stand it i'd recommend going for the IJN cv line, there you'll have 2 tb squads, so you can use cross-drops to guarantee at least some hits against most bbs and cruisers.
  14. When you're about to hit tier 6 consider watching this: It is mainly for IJN cv but a lot of the featured topics are quite universal.