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  1. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    The opportunity to get 12 kills ? The joy for winning against 23 foes ? The happiness that comes with early hair loss and stomach ulcers ?
  2. rnat

    Ridiculous ...

    May i remind you of the title of this thread ? Of OPs opening statement, even the sentence you directly quoted in the post i reacted to ? I mean look at this, this IS a classic straw-man argument (funnily what you accuse me of) that no one here made until OP brought it up and you defend it. Yes, dedicated players will have a relatively intimate knowledge of the armor schemes of different ships and which parts can be overmatched but no one asked for that. Especially since he brought it up in response to someone giving him an explanation why his secondaries did no dmg in what i would consider an effort to dismiss that information. While the OP got a bit of ridicule along with explanations that and why his actions were poor he didn't engage any argument seriously and dismissed them. and you are apparently of the opinion that this was justified because, to liberally paraphrase you: we're calling anyone potato that doesn't know the armor thickness on the Izumos barbettes by heart. He had a choice in how to react as well. But otherwise feel free to pretend this is a thing only concerning others. SIde-track regarding the "calculating" and "knowing everything" (spoiler alert: if you don't care about the details it's pretty easy) Now for the other part: I never blamed the OP for the tone of the responses he got. (I think the tone completely understandable given his attitude but that's not the point here) What I said is that he has no leg to stand on complaining when people point out his rather obvious mistakes, mistakes that he himself chose to publicize in a way that makes obvious both his lack of knowledge and that his desire in posting this was to gain recognition and agreement about his grievance rather than even considering the possibility that he might have misplayed at any point. Finally: How is my (admittedly and purposefully extreme to make a point) example a strawman ? It illustrates the point i wanted to make and didn't claim you had a position you didn't hold. You wrote you didn't agree with my point without qualifiers. You said in the end the choice on how to react obviously lies with in this case me (apparently, since you wrote that understood my point about reasonable expectations, relatively regardless of OPs own actions). This is ofc technically true. It just has the unfortunate consequence of morally absolving whomever I am reaction to from any of the consequences his actions have on my side. Or to put in another way: The OP may say whatever he wants. He does not deserve verbal abuse (which he clearly didn't get here). On the other hand nothing forces anyone to agree with or encourage someone that clearly didn't come here to do anything but have his views reconfirmed.
  3. rnat

    Ridiculous ...

    I can run through town naked screaming about the end-times and the flying spaghettimonster. Ppl don't have to point fingers at me and call the police. It's their choice, as you said. Or did you seriously not get the point about reasonable expectations on the consequences of ones own actions ?
  4. rnat

    Ridiculous ...

    At least attempt to learn some basic underlying game mechanics and common thresholds or don't give a crap and have contempt for anyone who does. But in the latter case you do NOT get to b*tch when your lack of knowledge gets you killed without earning some ridicule. The choice is yours.
  5. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Truly a result for all us closeted ocd folks. Almost. (so close T_T)
  6. rnat

    Please revert auto pilot changes

    Gotta be honest i don't really play my CVs close to islands much but are there some specific situations I should look out for to see this in action ?
  7. rnat

    Destroyer Engine Sounds and the rest of them

    You can to a degree ameliorate the problem by turning down the engine sounds to ~80% according to a WG post and at least for me that made it significantly better iirc.
  8. rnat

    German battleships state

    tfify I largely agree with you that the Gnei is a good ship but Sinop undeniably has more fire- and staying power and is an excellent brawler second only to the Gnei and Scharn at her tier. (i.e. she's just that bit OP in my eyes)
  9. rnat

    New player needs advice

    If you want someone to be notified of your answer use the @-command or quote-function. Gotta be honest, i needed a few matches to get back into the Hipper after I re-bought her. Sadly I didn't get a decent good match today where i can show off the play style talking about. Gonna chalk that up to a a mix of what the rest of the teams did and (mainly) my own incompetence. Maybe I'll send you a fitting one when i get a nice Hinden match or something should that still be of interest to you then. Anyway here's some wins, some losses, some carries and some rubbish matches (posted in chronological order) So nothing special really. (sry for this being a day late btw, didn't have time to play yesterday) Baltimore replays: I also remembered this commentary on the Wichita. It's not strictly a Baltimore but regarding play style it's close enough it makes no difference here. And I think watching an actual unicum play and tell you what he's trying to do and why should be more enlightening than just seeing a semi-pleb derp around without any context ^^ Hipper replays: (If you don't know it already you open replay files with WorldOfWarships.exe wherever you have that installed)
  10. rnat

    match fixing

    If you think you have any evidence that they fixed or tried to fix the match feel free to contact and send it to support, which will then act on it.
  11. I would consider this a decent introduction to (heavy) cruiser gameplay:
  12. WG seems to use the USN-penetration formula rather than rely on the kinetic energy: P [mm] = C * V [m/s]1.1 * M [kg]0.55 / (D [mm])0.65 Taken from fnord_disc's highly recommended threat (contains a link to his program as well) and his source material:
  13. rnat

    New player needs advice

    No i'm not. I'm some random bloke on the internet with too much time on my hands. As Donar said the Hipper plays quite differently to the Baltimore. In general -USN cruisers (at mid-high tier) are good at area control/area denial and rely on island cover a lot to hide them until the opposition is thin enough to warrant pushing up, when their improved ricochet-angles turn them into decent brawlers. -RN cruisers are also area control/denial ships but need friendly DDs to spot more than their USN counterparts, so they are usually supporting their DDs even more closely than USN ones to keep the spotting up and since they have a smoke to hide in. (unless you play them with radar, which i wouldn't recommend unless you're pretty confident in your skills) Since they have no HE-shells positioning is extra important for this line -IJN cruisers are mid-long range HE-spammers that are best at kiting away from the enemy while torping behind themselves or sneaking up on an enemy and opening up with AP when they give broadside (or with HE on a DD that you manage to ambush) and disengage at will with their superior concealment -MN cruisers are long to very long range HE-spammers used to harass a flank for afar, though one shouldn't underestimate their AP when they get a good chance to use it and with their reload booster they can pump out some decent burst-dmg when needed. -KM cruisers are typically in-between IJN and MN cruisers. They don't have the stealth to get very close or the speed and manoeuvrability to survive at close ranges for long. In exchange they are tankier (from T8 on, the Nürn and Königsberg are very paper and Yorck isn't much better). So they tend to hand around mid-long range ideally on the enemies flank spamming HE until someone gives them broadside at which point their massive AP-alpha and decent to good reload turns them into a scary opponent. I'll see if I can get in some Hipper and Balti games tonight to show you an example since Flamus latest commentaries (he does a good job of explaining the ship it's play style and his actions imo) on them are fairly out of date.
  14. rnat

    CV Rework Discussion

    You are aware that Flak is mostly dodge-able (i hear entirely dodge-able for the actually good CV-players but >90% is good enough for me) ? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he doesn't care about AA because he dodges Flak and ever since 8.7 continuous dps is very lacking, rather than doesn't care => fly straight through the bursts like an imbecile. Given that even I am usually able to field full squadrons (some or all) when uptiered in the Ryujo I'd hazard a guess that the Kaga doesn't have any big problems with plane-management against T8-9. (Haven't played mine since i got it this anniversary, so i haven't got any feeling for her myself)
  15. rnat

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Wenn du vorher still standest treibst du mit Motorschaden nicht, solange dich nicht jemand rammt oder du an einer Insel fest hängst, es gibt einen bekannten Bug (sofern noch nicht behoben) dass die Quergeschwindigkeit, (nicht vorwärts/rückwärts) die du davon (oder davon dass dich jemand rammt) kriegst für die Gefechtsdauer erhalten bleibt, aber ~1knoten drift fällt halt nicht auf wenn du mit ~30 knoten vorwärts fährst und manövrierst. Ansonsten achte auf deine Restgeschwindigkeit wenn du den Schaden kriegst, meistens hat man noch ein paar knoten drauf und ohne last stand bauen die sich sehr langsam ab. Der Skill hilft eher beim entschleunigen (es sei denn du hast was anderes als full stop auf dem Maschinentelegraphen.