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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Thank you for the clarification :) Probably should have gone back a bit more to check.
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    i'd very much like to join the raffle. Do you prefer the choices now (since everybody seems to give them) or as stated in the 1st post in the event of a win ? And thank you very much to all the kind folks that organized the raffle and donated the prizes.
  3. IJN CV advise

    I don't know how familiar you are with manual drops and strafing, but i'd highly recommend sticking with the Ryujo until you're comfortable with strafes and you've stopped using auto-drops completely (while you're still floating). At t6 you have a bit of a grace-period since many ppl at that tier aren't that good with either so you have the opportunity to learn without being clubbed by Saipans (and more rarely Hiryus) with several hundred games in that ship.
  4. Upgrade Slot Changes

    Thank you for being so nice. The whole reason i wrote the order down was because of this statement: I can't smell that you only referred to the fact that they weren't numbered instead of implying that there's no order at all. Sry for feeling the need to reply to this, please don't bother answering.
  5. X-mas wish from WG

    So you're basically talking about the same level of detail as in a replay with all squads selected ?
  6. Playing as CV sucks so hard

    1) You might come to like them 2) They are brilliant Credit-makers 3) They are very useful to train and re-train captains 4) You paid real money for them and buying them again will cost you real money as well.
  7. Doubly blessed really. The Shima and Moskva on my side were a right bunch of 'nanas. ^^ And sure as hell you don't. Poor Monty got 2 floodings 25s apart
  8. Just had the pleasure of meeting @Captain_LOZFFVII in his Yugumo while i was in mine. We easily topped the scoreboard, pleasure to play and banter with you ^^ [edit]: and he beat me to the punch ^^
  9. Upgrade Slot Changes

    Going from left to right (6 slots) 1-3: Armament related (Main battery, Torpedo, Secondary and AA, Planes for CVs) 4-5: Survivability (Dmg-con, Maneuverability and preservation thereof) 6: Spotting related (introduction of steering gears mod 3 kinda ruined the theme here)
  10. The CV Captains Cabin

    If i may ask, did anyone test the new Scenario with CVs yet, and if so any strong opinions ?
  11. Bug Reports

    Post appears buggy. Can confirm graphics freezing after dying as a carrier. Got responsive again (albeit with no background) on results-screen before completely freezing up upon returning to port requiring ctrl+alt+del
  12. New Operation

    Just some points: The Operation tends to be horribly fustrating to play as a CV due to: ubiquitous DFAA on apparently every single ship that can mount it, leading to a very annyong *poke, run and wait* approach, Mind you i'm not against DFAA to make sure the CV isn't able to strike at-will but for most of the match there is not a SINGLE enemy ship not at least potentially covered by it's effect so instead of rewarding proper target selection the cv has to *poke* the group, loose some planes until he can fall back out of aa-range wait and then strike with diminished capacity. That is neither very fun nor rewarding good play, that is punishing potatos that just go in regardeless of the losses and forcing the rest to take tea-breaks in between watching their planes die pointlessly. Having it on the Cruisers would be fine but with all the DDs (and their x4 multiplicator ) it reaches a critical mass and becomes utterly frustrating since there's no targets a CV could go for without initial sacrifices and at least a minute of extra flying around in circles. Generally high levels of AA. This in and of itself would be fine if not for the above and the approach that demands. Seriously, it is enough to spawn an Atlanta or 1-2 Clevelands with a group if you want to send the message "attack somewhere else for now" No hostile aviation, stupid levels of hostile AA and little need to spot anything for the team making fighters utterly pointless Priority target still does not work at all against bots which is very annyoing for especially cruisers that tend to rely on it. Raptor does not spawn In short: for now quite a disappointment.
  13. Upgrade Slot Changes

    I prefer them sorted by function instead of price but that may just be a matter of habit.
  14. cvs, quite frustrating little things

    Guess our only disagreement is on wether the statement was meant in general or with respect to this "kind" of thread/post. In general you are ofc right, really bad play tends to be very obvious from common sense and the results. I think that statement was made with regards to the fact that you often see non-cv players complain about cvs without providing either a very clear cut, comprehensive case or evidence in which case one should reserve judgement.
  15. cvs, quite frustrating little things

    Because no one but the OP has seen the actual situation to judge it and it is not obvious from his description as to why the green cv did as what he did. It's like a bb on the other side of the map complaining as to why you didn't take the cap or torp the enemy bbs when he didn't pay attention to the situation on that side more than once every few minutes. Since a CVs role is very multi-faceted and he has no experience playing CV himself and was no doubt too busy during the match to watch the cv's every move it is appropriate to reserve judgement until there's a replay or something of that sort. That is exactly the point most ppl here are trying to make. We don't know which of those examples applies, wether the CV was a total potato or if he was busy all over the place and maybe missed it or simply had no capacity to spare.