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  1. You cite mirror MM as more of a fig leaf for "how op cvs are" than something that keeps them in line. At least for me the majority of the time my attention is more on the fighters and the map than doing any actual dmg. Half of that is because most of the time your strike-planes are en route to a target/your ship, but it's pretty major anyway. Sure if one side is massively better your dps mostly restricted by flight time and aa (itself two massive factors, so the implied "only" needs massive air-qoutes). True, excluding bottom tier, a strike cv (ijn or us) without opposition is a massive powerhouse, but then it kind of has to be. An unopposed shima running around would probably fall in the same category. Because if the opponent is any good at fighter micro getting your strikes to connect in force can be a massive issue. And even then your dps is pitiful. You get maybe 5-8 opportunities to do dmg, so those have to count. Which, as has been mentioned get worse at the end when your reserves start running low. I know i'm quoting slightly out of context but since this is a common argument please let it slide. You don't even need much teamplay. Just have 2 Bismarcks or NCs push a cap, so they're reasonably close together. A T9+ strike cv doesn't care too much about that but anything below will think at least twice before comitting, make it Montanas and it's getting kind of painful for any "fun-sized mobile agony and death dispensers" closing in. Or any cruiser with DFAA sitting not too far away. Heck even a DD with DFAA is a massive pain in the [edited]. Not even mentioning Clevelands, Atlantas, Flints, Baltimores, Des Moines, Minotaurs, Neptunes, Kutuzovs, Hindenburgs ect. So, not much teamwork required. Only going to the same place at a similar time. (which somehow is still too much for some teams, but in that case you're usually screwed anyway)
  2. The first part might strictly be a non-sequitur (mind you it helps to know how limited in your options you can be in a cv, but let's let that slide here) That, however does not mean that the contrary is true (cf all the good arguments against the proposition in this thread) In the right hands they are very strong, no doubt about that and probably the best class to carry a game in (at least ijn ones+midway) But as others pointed out they have their limits and weaknesses. And a good (not bottom tier) cv-player vs a bad one is not that different from having bad dds vs good ones. Either is gonna scew the match heavily but by no means a guaranteed win/loss.
  3. Only against german BBs, that can't do a hard turn when you close in (e.g. slow/stationary/"busy" ones). Sure you gain alpha, but afaik only really against bbs (especially KM ones), while you loose alpha against dds and any chance of reliably causing dots.
  4. 0 games in a cv. figures. If you want to have any authority in talking about "cvs are op and totally easy to play" and so on get yourself at least a decent amount of games in at T6 or better T7 carrier.
  5. It'll be the first IJN platform with the option to choose TrB, A slow platform with worse launchers, characteristically bad aa and worse guns. So it'll be either a cap-contester with smoke and concealment or a gimmick-ship. I wish they'd put it in the speed-boost slot instead of the smoke one. Retains the flavour and keeps it more competitive imo.
  6. Nope. Got the normal, non-radioactive indicators. Did you change your graphics-settings (ingame or in general) recently ? New Hardware/drivers (auto-update) ?
  7. Then there are the folks, that only think you are doing dumb stuff, because they think they notice something every few minutes when they glance around or recently died and haven't seen the situation develop, thus missing the bigger picture. Granted, that's a minority,so it's prolly best to go with Namolis here. If they can explain your mistakes and it makes sense to you improve it, otherwise treat it as a waste of time. Else, if you're looking for hints on how to play your ships well maybe check out Flamu (if you haven't already)
  8. Had that problem this morning. Multiple disconnects (up to 5) per match. Though in my case i seemed to be the only one affected on both teams. (small sample size though, i gave up on playing like this after 3 matches)
  9. Not only you or your solojourning compatriots. This game prolly already lost many brave BB-sailors, foremost among them North Carolina and Iowa captains, who got sick of being nuked for sailing broadside on to another BB at 12km. Let's pray for those brave souls and their cruiserly bethrens that gave up playing on the Nürnberg or Pepsi for the same reason. In omnibus seats are free. Amen [edit]: Sry, i shouldn't have. Way to go me going against my own advice -.-
  10. Pretty sure you can at least get chat-bans if your Karma goes sufficiently low. But yeah, would be nice to get something like that. Or yanno, just some small goodies if you net- gained Karma in a given week/month from other ppl (e.g. not in your clan to prevent abuse) Then again you get more reports, which is kind of nice since you have little else (Dronestrike-option! WG when ?!?)
  11. Let's not even start about t5 cvs... on the positive side no once can call those OP. AA-scaling does mean CVs tier a bit differently (maybe the situation is a bit like bbs with the overmatch on other bb-bows) Doesn't mean a bottom tier cv is useless, you can do fairly well/ok assuming you can pick off isolated ships with not too strong aa. And about the counter by teamplay-part i totally agree. Actually, i'm pretty sure i wrote that. And again, please stop with the ad-hominem stuff everyone. It rarely helps and just clutters the thread.
  12. Will y'all tone down the ad-hominem stuff already ? So, can we all at least agree on some basics, such as: -CVs in the right hand (and with sub-par opposing CV) can be very strong - " are countered by basic teamplay -AA is too random (/build-dependent) and needs a rework -Hakuryu and Taiho are overperforming -UNS loadouts (t7-9) need a rework
  13. Same sentiment as your above statement: "I wish CVs would bugger off and leave me alone" I mean maybe you could try to introduce a separate game-mode for that but i don't seehow it could be popular/fun.
  14. Actually no. He's reasonably competent imo. So unless try_harder is significantly better it should still be helpful. Also i don't know too many YTs that do those kind of vids, so if you know a good review from a good cv-player feel free to link it. (Please don't tell me Farazelleth has done an actual review of the Kaga, i'd die of shame ^^)
  15. First of all: No, not at the moment. You haven't told us how experienced you are, which lines you play, how good you are in them, which lines/ships you enjoy and what your usual and your favourite playstyle is. So i'd agree with quallo: Think about what you like and then watch some reviews/commentaries on the ships to find the one that fits most. Flamu or Ichase (for the Kaga) could be a good place to start.