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  1. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Lost by 1 bloody second cuz i fucked up the micro a bit.
  2. rnat

    Defeat even if all enemy ships are down?

    It doesn't even have to be that. It could just be that the points gain from the caps was queued in before the point loss/default loss of match from the sinking. If the server stops caring what happens after any victory condition is fulfilled and the 1k gets checked first, both events can happen almost simultaneously.
  3. rnat

    Zero Damage Pens... how?

    Have you watched the video ? What ollon meant to say is that the relevant section of the ship and the hull had their hp depleted. That's what a part being "completely saturated" means, (if it's only "saturated" (matter of definition here, both can mean the same) usually the hull still has hp) And since shells only do direct dmg to 1) the part they hit -> section and 2) the hull (in a 50/50 ratio) no dmg can be inflicted.* The ship is still afloat because other parts of the ship still have enough health to keep the total hp above 0. *exceptions: -citadel hits do 100% of their dmg to the citadel-section afik. -hitting something not connected to the hp-pool of the ship (aa guns, torpedo bulges, turrets, torpedo tubes ect. does dmg only to that module)
  4. rnat

    HMS Vanguard

    This is not about getting burned (i.e. Fire dmg). This is the direct dmg done by the HE shells. I'd venture a guess that ships that can't shatter the relevant HE actually burn less that say a Bismarck or Yamato since concentrated HE-spam melts them before fires can do too much dmg.
  5. rnat

    The hell is wrong with Hipper's guns?

    You just made my day.
  6. rnat

    Alaska releses date?

    Depends on the meta. Black i'll buy since it's a universally strong point-contester, unless there's an obscene amount of radar cruisers. Musashi and Jean depend on the amount of DDs. I'd say Kitakaze, Buffalo and Krohnstadt are more universal (regarding the team-compositions)
  7. rnat

    Neptune - What to make of it?

    Radar Neptune isn't really viable imo. Edin can get away with the small stealth-fire radius because it gets overpend a lot and Mino has a whopping ~1.2km stealth-radar and the dpm to make it count. One of the balances you'll have to learn with Nep and Mino (and Nep is a harsh mistress after the Edin let you get away with a lot more risky plays) is when and where you choose to make a stand and for how long. Don't think of it as an evolution of the Edin but more of a very exaggerated Fiji: More DPM, much more fragile, more torps. If you notice your position is getting compromised but you still have time on your smoke: Bail. Staying can work but that takes experience to judge and is still risky in the best of cases, but for now play it safe. If the enemy pushes run (maybe send some torps backwards to annoy them) and try to get around and on the side of their push. At some point the enemy usually stops chasing you (unless a DD keeps you spotted) and turns to deal with the rest of your team. At that point stop, smoke and farm the ever-living hell out of them.
  8. rnat

    Captain Planning

    Being afflicted by the same kind of madness let me assure you you'll get there as a f2p as well. Just takes a bit. ^^ But as the others said, it's usually best to keep a "good enough" captain around for ships you enjoy and you're sure you'll play plenty in the future.
  9. rnat

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    I indeed missed that. Prolly shouldn't browse the forum before i finish my first coffee ^^ But again Conq isn't significantly worse in that aspect that the rest of the pack, as you can do the same to any T10 BB. Montana and Yama have about 1km less of that zone (plane-spotted before being hard spotted), being best of the bunch in that regard. But that is entirely irrelevant for the comparison, since it's about the surface/air concealment of the one spotting it using the plane v. the air-concealment of the target. And viewed that way Conq is still top of the pack. It has to be seen in context though as 1) Conq and Rep are the ones that react worst to getting farmed among all of them (as you noted). and 2) All other T10 BBs have almost the same concealment, so they can't kite and fade back into stealth while keeping the opposition spotted without using their own aircraft to extend the spotting range, to which popping the plane is a nice counter. Didn't think of that before tbh ^^ So again it's a relative weakness. A significant one since it counters one of Conqs strenghts but it's a weakness of all the T10s. (Btw with on average you only get an additional ~2.7km air spotting in any specific direction, though you're above that for ~56% of the time)
  10. rnat

    the "carry harder!" thread

    First game in Balansgrad. Team was even more balans. ^^ My excuse for not getting 9 kill is, that i was busy getting dropped for the first.. well, till the Shokek ran out of planes. *shrinks back in shame* (btw, our CV was not afk. He actually tried dropping ppl and stuff.)
  11. rnat

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    The Rep has similar dispersion (with better sigma) but on 8 guns with ~21s reload compared to ~26s, so you're behind 20% in dpm. Add in the alpha and that adds up to ~40% And while i technically have to yield on the 460mms (bit worse as a package, but comparable) i refuse to acknowledge that HE-spamming Yamatos exist. ... wut ? Concealment on my Conkek: Surface: 11.8km ; Air: 12.1km Lion gets those down to 11.5 and 10.2 resp. How do you get to 16.3 ? Only thing on a full-stealth Conq that's close is when she's on fire (15.1 by air) or firing from smoke (16.7) I mean Conq gets spotted easier by planes. marginally. But not in any way siginificantly enough to call it a heavy weakness.
  12. rnat

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    Thx. Wasn't sure wether it was some premiums that had normal angles or the way it really is. edited post to reflect that. Got to give you that for basically all tiers 'cept t10. My mistake, was too fixated on KGV and Conq to actually make a more thorough comparison till now. I'd remark though that it's usually ony ~1ship per tier that gets similar values (except for Monarch and QE, that get outclassed). Also Weeb-BBs confirmed 2nd best with speschul playstyle. ^^ Only compared to the surface concealment. The air-spotting range tends to be in the middle of the pack to best of the tier from mid-tiers on. So i wouldn't call it a heavy weakness, only relative to the strenght of the ship-ship concealment.
  13. rnat

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    The British ships are literally the most speschul/gimmicky lines this game currently has. British cruisers uniquely (except the Kutuzov, Flint and some expatriated british premiums) for cruisers get their own smoke screen from T5 and up (same consumable slot as the planes), Heal from T4-5 ? (which other lines get at t9), short fuse AP (and AP ONLY) with massively improved bounce-angles, improved acceleration , a massivley improved heal from T8 up and single-launch torps. British DDs have single-launch torps, very short smokescreens with very short reload, they get hydro from T6 up, improved acceleration, single launch-torps and at t9-10 better ap-angles plus a heal (only some same-tier russian gun-boat-dds get those, but they have to sacrifice their smokes for that) British BBs have the strongest HE of all BB-lines, short fuse AP, generally good concealment, usually no citadel cuz superior empire-science and from t9 on the same massive heal the british cruisers get at t8. (edit: thx for checking @wilkatis_LV) All of the lines are fairly strong, but with the exception of the BBs you need to be a bit more advanced in the game to really use them well. Don't get me wrong the same is true for all ships, including RN BBs, but with them you get away playing relatively poorly (load the Skill and burn everything), whereas RN DDs and CLs don't give you that much leeway.
  14. rnat

    Japanese and German T9-10 BB-s

    Hindenburg is slow and clumsy for a cruiser. HIV used to be lackluster, but the added reload booster is a great tool to punish dmg-cons and broadsides which is a massive + in cb. It's AP also keeps it's penetration much better at long ranges. Hinden still has it beaten in sustained dpm, brawling power and tankyness but unlike the Henri it's relatively easy to chase down if it gets caught out of position.
  15. rnat

    Which ships are keepers by tiers?

    Simple answer: depends very heavily on what you like. Otherwise, a defenitely not complete list of ships, that (i hope) should have fairly broad appeal and are generally considered strong or at least decent. Ships you can't get without luck or paying actual money are excluded. I: don't even think about it II: V-25 III: St. Louis, Bogatyr, Nassau IV: Clemson, Shenyang V: Furutaka VI: Budyonny, Fuso VII: Fiji, Myoko, Helena, Nelson VIII: North Carolina, Amagi, Baltimore, Chapayev, Kiev IX: Kitakaze, Fletcher, Iowa X: basically everything, that fits your taste But, as i said above this list is not that useful since 100ppl on the forum will prolly give you between 50 and 95 different lists. I'd add a ton of other sheeps in there since i like a broad variety of playstyles. Your mileage may differ.