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  1. the "carry harder!" thread

    Enemy GK survived with 850 HP, on fire and under fire when they hit 1000 -.-
  2. It very much depends on the situation. Are you and will you be unspotted when charging in or can the dd see you ? Does the DD have torpedos ready ? Can you chase him out before he will have torpedos ready again ? If you get in unspotted, Is the dd low health enough that you are confident you can kill him before he can send all of his fishies your way ? Can you afford/is it worth potentially eating that much dmg (remember, you could get set on fire and eat a permanent flooding as well) to get the space or potentially the kill ? How many other ships are in a position to punish you for that move, is HE-spam likely to force a dmg-con from you ? Can you disengage and at what cost ? Generally, in a BB you don't want to push a smoke when detected unless you have to. A smart dd will either try to outright nuke you or at least try to force a permanent flooding and run (if he hast torps) or just leg it if he does not and has the opportunity to do so. (If he can't run from a BB despite popping smoke he was in a pretty sketchy situation to begin with) Don't underestimate the rest of the enemy team as well, especially if the dd is in division or has competent team mates. Good players don't like the idea of loosing a dd at all and like to focus HE on ships that have eaten torps to get perma-fires. Summa summarum: It works as long as the enemy is either in no position/unable to retaliate or does not know what to do, but don't make it a habit since it will most likely come back to bite you when your average opponent knows what he's doing.
  3. Considering all the Worchesters and DMs, i'd argue the AP-bombs are the only way to get air-control where if matters, if only indirectly.
  4. One chance. I had 1 chance to get you while he was distracted and i blew it. ^^ (no grudge though, you were just the only one not in AA range of the Worchester) WP dominating with a Shima in a cv match, next time i'm gonna get a full secondary Haku just for you.
  5. They stack multiplicatively, as do all the other duration reductions (e.g. Dmg-Con mod. 1) I.e. The total duration will be 60s x 0.85 (BoS) x 0.8 (Flag) if you run both. See also here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  6. Yeh. I only wanted to give a simple, relatively easy to remember rule of thumb for what bows can be overmatched, since going into deck-armour and sides would make it quite expansive, as you have shown ^^ Also, very valid point about dmg-management, i plead no contest.
  7. First of all, thank you very much for taking the time and making such a guide. Just a few points i'd like to make: It gets better but not actually good. (45s/180° if i'm not wrong) I'm a real fan of snappy turrets, so imo EM is still pretty desirable on the NC and up. Then again your mileage may differ, best to test it yourself. Good choice, especially if you don't run Dmg-Con mod 1 (as you state later), though i'd say go for SI for the extra heal. I full BB-heal gives you 14% of your ships HP (16.8% with India Delta), assuming you make full use of them 1 full fire costs you 18% (14.4% with India Yankee, less with skills/mod), which can be fully healed back and BoS will always reduce the fire time by 15% so for maximum effect let's assume it's the only fire reduction you run and thus reduces dmg taken by 2.7% of your HP/fire. I.e. you will need ~5.2 full fires to get the same HP-advantage. (6.2 with India Delta, 8.7 with India Delta+India Yankee, 9.1 with Flags+Dmg-con Mod 1) As you notice the more you invest elsewhere the less useful the skill becomes. (c.f. here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire) Aiming systems is in Slot 3 (500k one), the other ones are in slot 4. Note that USN Battleships can't mount Aiming Systems and should choose between increased range (prolly best up to t7)and increased AA-range (best choice from T8 and up) I'd recommend Dmg-Con mod 1 for slot 4 though because it tends to be more useful more often. Usually the ruddershift on a BB is workable (unless on a Stock hull, if you have spare credits to swap out later). It's slow but since the ship itself tends to be rather sluggish it's usually not the thing that will break your neck when maneuvering, especially if you can anticipate where you want to be going and get the rudder moving well on time. It's up to your preferences though, some are fine with the extra time, some absolutely loath slow rudders (e.g. i ran it on the Iowa for example since i couldn't stand that ungodly 20s rudder) Propulsion mod is not really recommended, since battleships are massive and cumbersome it will rarely be enough to move you out of the way fast enough before an enemy salvo or torpedo-spread (unless fired from afar) gets to you. This may be for the future, when you're more confident in your aim, but try to go for any DDs that you think you have a chance of hitting. Even if it's at 12-13km if it sails in a predictable pattern and you believe you can land a shell or two go for it. At mid tiers we're talking 10-15k HP for a DD, which means a single overpen will chunk it for ~10% and if you're lucky and get a full penetration that's one very unhappy DD right there. (and lots of exp for you ^^) Radar cruisers influence the game so massively because they deny Areas to DDs and get them killed, so for one prioritizing them is very good, but on the other hand enemy DDs do the same in that regard and are spotted less often and squishier. As for armour, here's a rule of thumb [edit] for bow-armour: T5 and below is a clusterfuck. Any BB can overmatch you unless you have extra bow-plating which many have (so you'd actually need a list) T6-7 BBs can bounce 356mm guns (14'') and below, which are found on most ships at or below T6. Anything bigger will overmatch. T8 BBs can bounce everything but Yamatos. T8+ cruisers come in 2 flavours: the Germans, USN CAs (not CLs), can bounce 381mm (15'') and below. The rest fall in the same category ast t7 BBs. Also most KM BBs, Moskva and Stalingrad get additional plaing along the sides of the bow, making them quite bouncy.

    I assume you used the side-panel mods. Did you only use one version or did you try other ones as well ? Sometimes a mod does not work properly even while it is included.

    are you using the most recent versions of the respective modpacks and did you use the "clear previous versions" option ?
  10. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    I did once. 19.7x% in a Haku over ~340 games i think. (still have the team-results screen, but that one does not show the ship-names and i'm too lazy to look up who was in the carrier) Gonna be honest here, if i see some ppl doing blatantly stupid stuff i feel entitled to call it out. Bit of salt, but it's mostly exasperation and not toxic rage or flaming. I mean someties i out-potato the best of them (and yes, sometimes comment on how **tarded that move was cuz i can't keep my trap shut) As long as one is fair in the criticusm and does not go over the top verbally there's no big problem, is there? This is the Internet, we can't have nice things here ^^ What really riles me up though is ppl that clearly don't know sh*t from shinola going on ill-informed rants bare of any sense or connection to reality. Kind of learned to just chat-block them if it becomes clear that they'll not listen to any valid critique themselves. Admittedly it's kind of petty, but i know myself and if logic (cured, to better preserve the ideas) does not work i can get rather toxic, so better to avoid that.
  11. Please do remind yourself that the majority of players are not native english speakers. With regard to the older portion of the player base please note that many countries used to have little to no (compulsory) english in school curricula (e.g. many former eastern block countries). Lastly and most importantly few use their second language regularly in a context that emphasizes it's correct use beyond the level of being understood clearly (if it sees regular usage at all). Imagine the shoe on the other foot, with you and everyone else having to use Russian, German, Portugese or whichever language we assume to be lingua franca in this hypothetical.
  12. Bug Reports

    1. Description 2nd Clan-chat window is permanently available (does not disappear when leaving the clan) 2. Reproduction steps Can't give reliable information here, did notice the window it at some point upon login, a window might have been preserved when leaving the previous clan or creating a new one might have opened 2. Restarting the client does affect the phenomenon. 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. Example: When you press the scout activation button, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult. The Chat messages in both windows are independent, the message on top is apparently linked. 4. Expected result Only 1 clan-chat window. 5. Technical details dxdiag+log.rar
  13. About Warships and Some Other Things

    Coupons are automatically renewed every (most of them) or every few (ship coupon only) updates. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-077-go-navy/#arsenal edit: strictly referring to coupons for the arsenal here, not discouts for the premium shop
  14. I'd recommend PT instead of PM. Knowing if and how many ppl are trying to kill you is very helpful when considering how to angle and when to pull turns or disengage. PM might be better for less experienced players though. 1) Again, imo PT is king, see above 2) SI instead of BFT/DE. Alternatively BoS. If you're trying to brawl, you WILL get focused. The extra heal is invaluable. You can always pick BFT later. 3) That's steering towards a full secondary build. Not bad for a brawl but pls label it correcly. (and add in manual secondaries ^^) If you just want to brawl a tank build tends to let you do that better, since it allows you to have the HP to make a move when the time comes. Secondary focused german BBs can be hillarious though. ^^ That being said we prolly shouldn't bombard him with cookie-cutter builds yet when he just learned about captains. Buyers beware: 1) There's a major CV rework in progress. It's still in quite early development but is is coming. 2) CV gameplay is completely different, more of an RTS than action game 3) T4 and 5 CVs are pretty neutered atm. Your strike planes only have auto-drops, which are easy to evade if the opponent knows what he's doing and notices you coming and you can only engage enemy fighters (i.e. you click, they fight), which favours the USN CVs because they have bigger (but fewer) squadrons. That being said if you like the gameplay from T6 on there's no ship that can win games and terrorize the enemy like a well played carrier.
  15. Mutsuki OR Minekaze

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-079/ You don't have immidiate access to all the ships but grinding upwards from the ones you get credited (this time T6) is basically trivial, it only takes 1exp to unlock any module and 2k (most tiers) or 4k (T9+10) for a new ship. As to the cruisers, imo there's no bad line. I'd recommend trying anything that looks interesting to you. IJN is a good start though. Stay away from the british CLs for now though, those require a bit more experience to get them to behave.