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  1. Compétences Commandant Japonais

    Je mets Vigilance désormais sur tous mes DDs sauf les allemands. Du coup j'ai divisé par 4 mes morts par torpilles à a la noix ....
  2. lol that sandwitch, that's nearly nsfw.
  3. THEY were the support and they just fled ! There was the Shima capping B, I went in Des Moines covering B cap behind the big island. I shot down 24 planes in 3 minutes, so they were safe from the CV. And the Henry who fled with them (and died pitifully doing so) was there too. So they just had to prevent the enemy team to push from A, Me and our Shima was covering for their Shima coming from A and the planes and covering B. They just had to push slowly toward B since there was only one DD and he was on B. And doing that we would have won. Just as easy. Just absolute morrons.
  4. I was so pissed at those 2 that I added them both to my contacts to be able o remmeber thei names and report them every game I meet them. And a few minutes later And then LOOOOL *edited* And of course horrible defeat ....
  5. Happened to a teammate. Weird:
  6. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    We killed each other (Gearing/YY), to keep things fair.
  7. He got out of the cap and killed the CV I guess. Bad choice since getting 100% of cap points will have rewarded him mush more than half a CV and another kill unless he was after a Kraken or something.
  8. Classic BBs defending their base with their life when they let all the DDs and Cruisers getting slaughtered, or not ....
  9. La joie du premier Tiers X

    Moi c'était le Zao il y a peut-être un an. Après le Mogami et l'Ibuki, ce fut un paradis. Après il y en a eu plein d'autres. Le Shima est mon seul T10 qui n'a pas de camouflage permanent. Pas fun à jouer. Autant j'ai beaucoup aimé du Fubuki jusqu'au Yugumo, autant le Shima est moins marrant à jouer que le Gearing je trouve.
  10. Vigilance ?

    I use it on every DD that doesn't have hydro and that might sit in smoke for shooting, means US DDs and Akizuki, even before torp reload. It's also what I put on JPN DDs as soon as I have 13 points captains. So tired of taking stupid or random torps in DDs even in open waters. Now that I have it it very rarely happens. I also use it on Zao, Des Moine since I usually play Def AA on them. I don't play it on BBs because as one said once, "even if detected can you beat them anyway ?". If you think you might eat torps in BBs, then make sure to move elsewhere or angle against it, it's better.
  11. After 3rd painful defeat in Emerad .... What a horrible ship that can't carry anything. That team was impossible to carry anyway
  12. possibilités d"invisibilité"

    Il y en a dans les super containers de temps en temps mais il faut avoir tuer un Belfast juste avant parce que c'est d'utilité publique.
  13. Broken weapons reload

    That's weird, when I loose a torp launcher I always have to reload from start, reloaded or mid-reload.
  14. 3k base xp

    Yep, but as long as you stay around the cap even not in it it's OK. What I report immediately is people doing this sort of things right away : Or : In red the places where you can be and be safe and useful around cap
  15. 3k base xp

    Sorry to disagree, Sir. I play all sort of DDs in T 7 to 10 and whatever the DD I have, you will always see me be around the cap, radar or not CV or not. The key is to be able to: Flee very quickly if needed (so as soon as you're in radar/plane detection range be sure that your nose is toward your team) Stay at the limit of detection range (so sometimes don't even enter the cap right away, just stay behind is already useful) Don't get torp so never stay broadside to the enemy especially in smoke Sure in consequence my damage/PR is less than in cruisers in comparison to other players but my win rate is the best of my ships ! The only time I'm not around a cap is when I have no support then I head for another cap usually and only if I'm really too far away of them I start torp hunting.