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  1. Sure, here is the log of what I have installed right now (and it's working): What I used before that I haven't reinstalled yet: Mod Mini-map (useless now anyway) Session stats Expanded tecno tree Tracers (not going to put them again anyway) and AA tracers (those where useful) Shrinked ribbons (not useful anymore) Smoke indicator Info panel (enemy)
  2. Average damage on the server of the Amagi is around the same as the Izumo and Frederich .... It's a awesome ship.
  3. Finally, after not reinstalling Aslain modpack, it corrected the bug (so far). I guess that the game had been corrected since I had it without mod. Now one of the mod triggers it again. So I installed the new Aslain pack but decreased the number of mods I used to the minimum I really need. I will add the other ones one by one to see witch one is the problem. I'm suspecting the "Custom battle loading screen".
  4. T8 CV in heavy tier 10 is a pain to play, but a bit like every CV facing 2 tiers above them. Concentrate on scouting, killing planes and don't waste your own on attacking clusters, AA-monsters, etc. Don't except a major damage game but you can contribute in many other ways. Also when you don't have any choice than attacking a T10 BB (alone) or a cluster, you can send the torps from far away. They are so clumsy they won't avoid them anyway.
  5. I know people paying 100€ to get her while you can often get excellent premium ships for 30€, so I don't see how is it so "easy to get". I hardly spent any free xp and I only have around 530k so far after 8 month of playing the game.
  6. I watched the replay. Here it is and a couple of screenshot if you're interested. The Konig was shooting at a Iron Duke (long range), so I guess he was in tunnel vision and lacked the experience to understand he should have turned the other side way before. I understand the argument explained here, I should not report indeed low tiers for this sort of behavior. 20170913_220507_PBSB105-Iron-Duke_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  7. No. 750k free XP is already absolutely huge.
  8. Salut, Tu peux candidater chez nous: Envoie-nous un message si tu es intéressé. On joue beaucoup en division surtout T7-T10 mais on joue aussi régulièrement tous des petits tiers aussi.
  9. No the Graf Spee was [FMP]black3y3 (good game from him). I found the replay, I will watch it later out of curiosity since the thread has been quite popular.
  10. I do. I often compliment DD doing their job (smoke, scout, cap), BB pushing without suiciding , CV protecting the fleet, people having 2k xp games and so on. "Near him" ? No way. He had no reason to hide there. He should have tried to stay close to and support the others, the Graf Spee and the Minsk. And he was full life, means 0 damage.
  11. You can do several time the same task to unlock the next stage. You earn only once the reward but you get the stars EACH time you do the task. I advise you rush the Shinonome and then complete the harder tasks after.
  12. The way to calculate the number of games to erase the Pink status has been changed recently (maybe 2 or 3 month ago). What has changed : Before: You had around 5 or 6 games "officially". But even after a perfectly clean game, the number didn't go down. It was sort of you had "a chance" to get cleaner each "clean" game (maybe 30%-60%). Now : You know exactly how many clean games you have to play, but this number is way higher. The only time I got pink with the new system I got 17 for TKing one of our cruisers with torps. Before it was always 5 or 6. What hasn't changed: If you do even 1 damage to a teammate, the number won't go down (so even if he rams you). Canon damage is far more punished than torp damage since WG considers that it's easier to avoid canon damage to teammates than with torps. Playing a lot of DDs I was often pink when I started the game. Nowadays it doesn't happen anymore (nearly got pink once but the teammate DD managed to survive). I guess I'm more cautious, but sometimes you still have to take some risks. I make sure to warn people that could be hit and tag the map if I absolutely have to launch those torps to save the game. We all have seen Flamu get pink himself with his DDs.
  13. Makes sense. But you also have to teach them. And he was not answering at all in the chat (and I stay polite) and when I pinged him. I only reported him once but I had this sort of guys all day long. I was also posting AP ! AP ! Konig AP ! But no, HE is good ....
  14. And when he finally decided to cap, he was shooting HE to broadside cruiser at 10km. We nearly lost because of him. Fortunately the Graf Spee played solid when us 2 Iron Dukes died and he got 2 compliments from me.
  15. On the other hand, I put the graphics low. But the game runs smoothly when in battle or in port. I usually load quite fast, always before the battle starts unless there is that bug. When it occurs, I can wait 20 min, the battle will not load AT ALL. And so it's not a problem of performance of my computer but that's the game deciding, well no, you won't go in that battle unless you ctr/Alt/suppr restart and reconnect. Then I enter battle 2 min late and usually the team not happy with me if I'm a DD or a CV. And it happens sort of 1 on 5 or 6 battles in average.