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  1. ulysses_nemo

    Basics of Survivability ?

    It might be useful on BBs only. On cruisers and DDs the fire is too short so that's not as important to reduce the time. On BBs at the contrary it can be very useful since most of the time you will not use your DCP when you have only one fire. Because if you do, you are most likely going to be the immediate target of all fire spammers of the enemy team that will try to put 3 or 4 fires on you that you will not be able to extinguish or even worse you could get a flooding witch happen more often than not in a BB. Usually people chose either Basic of Survivability or Fire Prevention. I used to play BoS but now I use Fire Prevention for less fires but longer duration.
  2. ulysses_nemo

    How to get more awards?

    ColonelPete has said all the right things. I would add that achievement is not what you should aim for. It's only a consequence of playing better, that's what you should aim at. As you are a BB player I would strongly suggest to watch some Flamu videos on how to play BBs: https://www.youtube.com/user/cheesec4t/videos Also hear what Flambass say right at the start of that Video about how to play BB : Not over aggressive at the start but not camping and getting more and more aggressive as the game advance and the enemy fire lower. Then learn : How to aim (looking for citadel on broadside ships), superstructure or overmatch of bow on angle ships What to aim at : closer targets, broadside targets over angle ones, cruisers and DDs before BBs etc. How to lead, what ships are faster than others (french, German BBs, Iowa, Russian DDs, Domskoï etc.) How to angle, how to know you're under torp threat, how to disapear and disengage, when to push etc.
  3. ulysses_nemo

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    I get it. The problem is not that he doesn't work well on the Atlanta but the fact that the next 75k captain XP on your Atlanta will be wasted in a useless retraining. I think you're screwed. Maybe send a ticket to explain your mistake to WG, they will correct that. Or you can specialise him on a ship that is close to Atlanta, like Helena, Cleveland or Worcester so that at least the 75k XP will not be wasted.
  4. ulysses_nemo

    Iowa or Lion

    I would say the Lion is stronger and easier to play. You can always deal with any threat with your HE and still get good use of your AP on broadside targets. The heal is insanely strong as long as you don't get torped or citadel. Your concealment will help you avoid that most often turning undetected. Montana and Conqueror are more or less equal. Conqueror will allow you to get high damage on BBs but Montana is the best cruisers killer of both and so is more used in Clan Battle for exemple.
  5. ulysses_nemo

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    So he has an Atlanta specialisation and you want it on another ship ?
  6. ulysses_nemo

    How to cancel a captain retraining?

    Atlanta is a premium ship so you cannot even specialise him to Atlanta. Atlanta will take any captain with full skill without retraining.
  7. ulysses_nemo

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    I was not able to test since it didn't even last to the week-end. Why ?
  8. ulysses_nemo

    Achat de navires question

    Tu dois acquérir l'expérience avec le Minekaze pour avoir le Hatsuharu comme tu l'a fait sur le Mutsuki.
  9. ulysses_nemo

    Achat de navires question

    Le Fubuki a 9 torpilles quand le Hatsu en n'a que 6 Même rechargement à 76 secondes Cannons du Hatsu très légèrement meilleurs Hatsu a 300 m de meilleur détection (et ça c'est très important) Hatsu est un peu plus maniable et rapide En gros le Fubuki est plutôt mieux pour avoiner et le Hatsu pour spotter / capper.
  10. ulysses_nemo

    "Steel giants"

    Je suis pour. Tout ce qui permet de faire tourner la boutique de WG sans que cela n'influence les batailles elles-même, je suis pour. Merci à tous ceux qui investiront dans la campagne, grace à vous, on peut tous jouer ! Après le Stalingrad c'est un peu p2w mais surtout en classé. En random, ça va à peu près.
  11. ulysses_nemo

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    In my Neptune Brawling a Roon and an Amagi, killing them both and getting 25 secondaries hit on them. A shame no fires
  12. ulysses_nemo

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    That wonderful red team placement was all on the red Gearing. He is alone (with a Khaba) against 2 DDs, so his job is making sure he spots torps for his team but instead after capping he goes corner and all his team follow. I got 3 caps in this games, C, D, B in that order .... What is funny is that I reported the red Gearing even before he torped his own Khaba so loool. I bet his karma took a hit on this game.
  13. ulysses_nemo

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My last 4 games .... Edit : And the evening was not finished yet .... Thanks god, I kept some reports for those 2 scumbags:
  14. ulysses_nemo

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I guess he wanted to say Beachboy And I should report him for assuming my gender.