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  1. Wow most impressive. I had my record damage in a defeat. I defended B all game long from the BBs coming from C until I got sandwiched by the Fletcher coming from A.
  2. This week-end, I had in opposing team a OM player in Hakuryuu in div with a WGPTW and another one (in De Moines and the 3rd I don't remember but a strong AA ship). The guy has 90% win rate in his CV in more than 300 games. Our CV had a bit less than 50%. It obviously ended in a loss even if we made it the hardest we could for them. And as I was in Shima I had a miserable game (managed to kill the De Moine though). I think CVs have way too much influence in the outcome of games right now. After that, there is a huge difference in the outcome between a DD that can't survive and doesn't do his job (capping, scouting) and a DD that does. But an average DD just doing his job will be enough to let the rest of the team carry, even if the opposite DD is an unicum.
  3. Haha, had a good laugh. Thanks for the read. What is this country ?
  4. That was not enough ....
  5. At the opportune moment .... Ni avant ni après. Toute la difficulté est là : le timing pour faire ça.
  6. Probable. Mais il m'a fallut 10 tiers pour apprendre à les jouer ces DD américains. Je suis intelligent mais il faut me couler m'expliquer longtemps.
  7. En fait, au final je l'ai un peu joué en FFA quand j'ai eu le temps. Au global j'ai bien aimé.
  8. I didn't have the same feeling in it. But I haven't checked the stats to be honnest. Just feelings.
  9. Tier 5 and 6 were quite disappointing. But Algérie is nice and Charles is an awesome damage dealer. When you're spotted, hit the turbo-boost start kitting and burn people. I don't even bother to have the concealment on it. The only problem with her is that it's so good on skill hands that it's hard to a get a good PR with her.
  10. I liked Oktober Revolutsia more than the Iron Duke personally. Iron Duke is so slow and clumsy ...
  11. I agree with this, too. If another rating was needed apart from the points in league, I think it should value the fact that all members of clans can get to play Clan Battles fairly often. For exemple, I would rate the number of clan members getting their Clan Battle missions done. That would be the real indication of the most awesome clan.
  12. I did ! Before the buff. That was my first BB. I had no idea how to play it and was unlucky with my teams. 14 games of pain. And for the Phoenix, she even has 2 hull upgrades wtf. I got the XP for the first one after the first game but I freepexed the 2nd one directly. First time in ages I free pex a module ... I usually grind through the stock ships (with +% xp camo) to save free xp and to play it the hard way.
  13. Phoenix stock. At first, I thought there was a bug and the cannons didn't show up. Only 3 ridiculous canons on each side on such a big ship ? Wtf ? Clemson have more with thrice the reload and it's a DD. Probably the worse stock ship I met so far with the Fubuki and the Hatsuharu.
  14. Wow impressive ! Wow ! Impressive ! Well played.
  15. Oh, yes, protect the rich and let the T10 have their fun over the peasants with their "tree ships". lol you made my day. More seriously, it would be nice to have a max spread of tier of 1 but on the other hand, I don't want to wait. In fact I found the worse is being in T5 against T7. Gosh I had a hard time with my Furutaka first time i got a T5. But now, well, I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me so much anymore except when I play CV. Then I know I will have a shitty game.