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  1. jozha66

    [Operation] Raptor Rescue

    You may believe or not but, just when you pointed at that, I figured that we had cv. From my perspective, i was like we didn`t. Have to see replay, don`t want to be unfair with his contribution. Just wanted to say that it is not that hard as you say. Hardest part is to spot second one as they both sail in comfortable gun range even for ca. edit: Yep, wasn`t fair to cv as he did significant role by keeping sky clear and spotting. But team was not that good as it looks. I was so annoyed with ca behavior and almost quit in disgust. They (not all of them but majority) kept hiding behind ships that they suppose to protect, leaving me in slowest ship and with lowest fire ratio to deal with dd`s ... actually leaving me all alone to protect starboard side while they pick leftovers from time to time when it was not to much risk for picking up scratch or two on their ships.
  2. jozha66

    [Operation] Raptor Rescue

    Like this ...
  3. jozha66

    I,m the one hit and I,m fiend !

    Collision rules are just piece of code but I do agree that it could be better. For example, by general rule of "always smaller ship have to avoid bigger" because of better maneuverability, smaller ship should pick majority of blame but not all, to avoid excuse for tunnel vision. On the other hand, if moving ship collide with stationary or really slow moving (up to 5kts) than it is all on moving ship ...
  4. jozha66

    firing accuracy

    What may look as changing direction with dd, may be more like drifting in straight line. Saw a lot of other dd`s doing that and being actually an easy target. Heck, even saw myself doing that mistake in a heat of battle ...
  5. Nice post. I would just add one thing about dd`s - way of support them when capping. Support for gunboats is to shoot at everything that brings guns on him except enemy dd in cap because he have good chance to solve that by himself. Of course, things are more tricky if he is outnumbered so additional help is desirable. On the other hand, support for torp dd (IJN) is to shoot at imminent threat for him which is enemy dd. That leads to question how close support should follow dd - gunboat closer than torp dd. Best scenario IMHO is to have mixed dd pack with IJN going for cap closely followed by gunboat for support. At least this is the way I would like to have support. Also, with spotting bonuses introduced in last update, putting smoke screen for ally ship is good idea but spot for that should have really close island for escape route when smoke expires. For example, if you have Atlanta in team, give him "environment" to maximize his advantages and minimize disadvantages because every set of guns that he annihilate is less guns that can bring damage on you and your team mates.
  6. jozha66


    tashkent type 18 camo ... since i don˛t have it in normal account, i`ll report it here.
  7. jozha66


    1. Description If you launch torpedos split second before your ship is destroyed, "fishes" are not in the water despite audible splash sound of torpedos before ship detonation sound. 2. Reproduction steps With Mutsuki was unclear but with Aoba there was no doubt that splash sound was before detonation sound 3. Result Torpedos not in the water 4. Expected result Torpedos in the water 5. Technical details None except question: do that splash represent actual torpedo splash or it is kind of trigger sound?
  8. jozha66

    Teamkiller (Pink) Status. Current system is not fair/logical.

    Well i don`t agree with OP because it is still his weapon that killed team mate. In other topic i was arguing about "pinkyes" but it was miss understanding as they thought that I`m questioning why am I pinky which was not the case - killed my team mate and it is fully deserved. I was questioning victims part in some cases when they do unexpected or stupid or hard to explain actions (or lack of them) ... If I read correctly, OP don`t have problem launching torps when there is a big possibility that they could endanger your team mate not thinking about consequences. Well, I can`t put that in category of your team mate unexpected or stupid moves to give some slack (sh** happens) because it is only him who made unexpected (by normal standards) or stupid move. Now you are pinky, pls learn from that not only trying to find excuses for your actions.
  9. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    You really have no clue? You still do not understand that it is not about me and accepting my part of blame, which I did (!!!???!!! surprise) and if you read all what was written you will notice that (little hint, i never ever appologize out of courtesy if there is not even smallest reason that it could be me and my fault) ... Mentioning my case was an example that both parties are responsable for their acts. Yet you haven`t say a single word about "victim" behavior and his part in all of that. Of course, they should be encouraged to do even more stupid things ( possible tech reasons without explanation in chat or here ) by victimising them even more than they deserves. In my society everybody takes responsibility and face consequences for their actions - even victims.
  10. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    I`m really done with you because you refusing to read all what was written. Hoping that description of case would open your eyes was stupid from me because i should known that it wouldn`t from your second answer. If you read it all you will understand that it was me dealing alone with 2 enemy dd`s while friendly dd was lurking from safe distance (no complain about that because he was in jap dd) when bb shows up unnoticed because he went through smoke layed by last dd, so what are you talking about shooting in direction of friendly forces (and learning how to shoot them) is an absolute nonsense. What was the most annoying for me is why he didn`t react because he could avoid them easily. Learn to read! And goodbye.
  11. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    By your logic if suicidal person throw himself in front of your car and you run over him, is drivers fault? World is black or white and nothing in between? It is only my responsibility to be aware of my team mates but that does not work for them because i have to hold my fire and get sinked in order not to hit them by accident "hot head" or blind or careless player? And, if that happens it is all my fault and everybody else is victims no matter how much they contribute to being shoot? Or is it unreasonable to expect that others are also aware of your actions and will not throw himself in front of your car? Enough about me and my case. Never said that I am a good player so pls drop it. It was about giving "etiquette" by generalizing and refusing to accept that coin have 2 sides.
  12. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    Obviously you have to see replay to judge because description is not enough ... anyway i`ll try: map is Neighbours and incident is around island on B cap. Friendly dd is on the other side of island while i`m dealing with other dd in very close range and sunk him, than bb appears in less than 6k range and damage me heavily. Since i shooted one side of my torps on dd, i turn around to shoot other side and run away which i did just before he hit me again (heavy damage after dealing with 2 dd in same time while my friendly dd does not shows any intention to interfere) and sunk me. Friendly dd appears from other side of island having at least 5 sec to spot and avoid (bb was not imminent threat as he was reloading) but he didn`t change speed nor direction at all - almost like he went on them deliberately. Even in chat i said that i don`t feel as this was my fault and, despite that, apologised. No answer from him. While typing this one more thing crossed my mind - lately i have a lot of disco problems so it may be that he got disco because it looked like nobody controls the ship. btw G3Virus i saw in your profile that you are dd guy - jap dd guy ... i`m in usa dd so torps are more a ballast or for really close range so i`m not a trigger happy on them.
  13. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    Ok, that went in wrong direction. I didn`t try to make excuse for myself, it was an example that generalizing is not good. Being a "pinky" or having below 50% win rate doesn˙t mean automatically that you are a bad player. You may have different oppinion but, as you must be aware of friendly ships, same is for your team mates. Never reported anyone altough i should for example friendly dd hanging with me than shoot his torps through my smoke forcing me out on clear and being sunk or enthusiastic ca (Nurnberg) shooting his torps on target that is more than 10k from him and ignoring me in the middle so every time i took aim, my torp alarm sounds ... I should but didn˛t because i still don`t know what are the consequences for them if any. btw is it a way to send private message as i have no intention to make replay public? And G3Virus I am surprised that you don˙t know about friendly torps are visible all the way unlike enemies ...
  14. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    Again, judging without a facts or interpreting them as it fits for you. Just scrolling down can give you a hint with what i am really bad. And how many batlles you lost because of team not doing their job? To me it happens a lot as i try to do my part in initial part of battle while others search for shelter preparing to defend something that is not taken yet leaving me as dead fish in the water, or completely ignoring importance of capping wandering why we lost after sinking more ships then them? lately it happens a lot and I can tell because this is not my only account. btw why you are not proud of your status?
  15. jozha66

    Reporting Players - MUST MAKE MORE EFFECTIVE

    The guy from yesterday admitted that it was his fault and if you want replay from last one, you can have it. Don`t judge without a facts!