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  1. IGN: Lambtron84 Server: EU Design utilises a graphic of Lenin on to the hull, the camouflage being primarily in red, but with some yellow accents.
  2. Lambtron84

    [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Thanks, messaged :) Apologies again for sullying the thread!
  3. Lambtron84

    [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

    Probably not quite the right area, but I don't know where else to put this. As of typing, there is just under two hours to submit designs for the T-shirt competition. Unfortunately, all I get is a message saying "Submissions for this contest are not allowed". Having tried a few times, I'm placing my entry here, and if it has gone through, I apologise in advance for duplicates. Thanks, guys. Title: "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" Description: A stylised version of a popular American fire-spitter.
  4. Blimey, didn't expect my Torp-Fish to make the grade!
  5. Lambtron84

    New ship preview: Monarch

    Slightly off topic, but do we know yet if the finalised Conqueror will have a 4x2 18 inch gun setup?
  6. Lambtron84

    How French are you?

    How can you check your individual progress for the event?
  7. Lambtron84

    Don't bother with Shipmas boxes

    I bought many more, and spent a stupid amount (over 300 quid now). I got a years worth of premium time, an Atago, an Emden, Marblehead, and Atlanta. Some doubloons, the rest were camos and flags. Was really hoping for an Imperator, or Scharnhorst. Rather cheesed off >
  8. Lambtron84

    The case for HMS Incomparable

    I see your point, but I very much doubt it would have gotten anywhere near the desired 35kn. Even with the paper armour (yet armour nonetheless, it is a battlecruiser, after all) , displacement etc, it would still need to be a glass cannon, or else screams of "OP" would be justified, especially if it were a premium. As for AA, got to take into account when it was planned, aircraft as naval attack platforms weren't even thought of yet, yet if it has no AA defense at all, it's going to be a focal point for carrier captains. Tough one to balance, to be sure.
  9. Lambtron84

    The case for HMS Incomparable

    Assuming a shot can be pulled off If it's given the accuracy of say, something like the Mikasa, and a very slow turret traverse speed, that should balance out the greater calibre. I appreciate that this is a tough one, but perhaps some of the more experienced players here can throw in raw numbers to see *if* it could possibly work and fit within a Tier II scenario.
  10. Lambtron84

    The case for HMS Incomparable

    Hallo all, I know the topic of HMS Incomparable has appeared before on the forum, but I've been putting some thought into this oddity, and how I believe it could conceivably fit within the game's structure. Let's take the following into consideration: 20 inch guns, at first would seem to be an OP wunderwaffe, and the sheer size of the ship would seem an intimidating presence. Therefore, it's necessary to take on board the context in which the ship was designed, Jackie Fisher's magical battlecruisers. Given how Jutland put paid to the idea of nippy, but weak battlecruisers, that's the framework we can begin with to actually implement the ship. How? Tier II. The same way we have the Mikasa, a barrel of laughs, though hardly a practical contender in a tier II match, the Incomparable could be implemented. Lacking AA would have to rule it out of matches with carriers, paper thin armour and size would make it an easy and obvious target anyway. Aha, but what about those 20 inch guns, you say? Give it traverse speed that would make the Yamato turrets seem like they are greased lightning. In essence, this could be a 'fun ship', but in no way could it be a go to ship, even for the most experienced of players, where the disadvantages would outweigh anything the 20 inch guns could bring to the table. And to answer "well, then what's the point?" This is simply to see if the ship could be implemented at all, without advantages over other players. Would really appreciate to see what the community has to add .
  11. Lambtron84

    Don't bother with Shipmas boxes

    Hallo all, I was looking in to the event containers, and based on the odds, they seemed more attractive than the usual lockboxes out there. Emphasis on seemed. I bought 9 Captain's and 17 Admiral's boxes (not all in one go, I bought them in 3s and 1s). What do I have to show for it? Camos and signal flags, and a small amount of doubloons. I know some people have gotten far more, but I genuinely believed that the odds for the shipmas boxes were more generous than from other games. I would strongly suggest to other players to avoid wasting your money.