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  1. So, Im involved with the test server almost every time we have access for each update. I do not understand HOW a just average player can actually ever accomplish the CLAN battle part of the missions? I have a couple of different accounts, and so I am a clan member in one and still cannot seems to get enough CLAN members on line and in the test server to actually play a few matches? Is there something I'm missing about playing the required 3 matches to qualify for the rewards?! I also am not associated to a specific CLAN in one of my accounts on the test server....I have tried to research and find one that is ACTIVE enough to join and actually get a few games in, any help or advise you might have would be greatly appreciated.



  2. vgphanto2016

    Clan Feature: Alpha and Bravo Squads

    So, HOW do yo uactually get into a CLAN battle...I'm a part of a CLAN, but cannot get clan memebers to play at the same time im online?!
  3. vgphanto2016

    Cleveland Upgrades/Captain skills

    So, I'm finally at the 15 Captain XP on my Cleveland!!! What is the BEST thing to choose at the level 5 for the Cleveland?! I suspect it is going to be the "concealment" choice?! Some help here you seasoned veterans please?!