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  1. I have to correct you there a little bit, just so people don't get misinformed: the weight of the shell has absolutely nothing to do with the drag it experiences. Drag* only depends on the velocity of the shell, it's shape (ie drag coefficient) and calibre. It is true, however, that if two shells are equal in terms of shape and calibre and travel at the same speed, the one that is heavier will be slowed down less than the lighter one - even though they experience the same drag. * the force generated by - in this case aerodynamic - friction on a moving object that slows the object down
  2. I love it how you're being extremely critical of the mission requirements and clearly upset about them in the post and then sum it up at the end by saying that they're "genuinely quite bad" - you must be British
  3. I'd say around 30€ for a T8 premium is quite acceptable. Here's how I see it: If we take T8 to be the sweetspot/benchmark - which I think is a reasonable assumption, because that's what most of competitive revolves around (all the server clash events or KotS etc.) -> A typical non-AAA game title today costs around 30€ -> from a typical game you normally get from 10-30 h of gameplay -> let's say about 100 battles is a reasonable break-even point for a premium ship - the point where you got your money's worth -> that 100 games will take up to 30h to complete -> therefore - around 30€ for a T8 premium ship is a reasonable price, as that's in the same ballpark with respect to typical modern games in terms of the gameplay you get out of it compared to the initial price Naturally this should be scaled down for lower tier and up for higher tier premiums my 2¢ EDIT: otoh I personally agree that 30€ as a discounted price is a bit on the steep side.
  4. Weird, he also has only 48% win rate in the Kutuzov... ...I thought the Kutuzov was the quintessential carry boat?
  5. Troll spotted
  6. Apparently the 7th season of ranked battles is coming with patch 0.6.7. Judging by the rules that were posted along with the Public Test announcement, they are the same as the previous season(s), other than the change of ship tier from T7 to T6. With that in mind I would like anyone who cares to answer the following question to see if I'm really alone with this opinion: - In your opinion, should rank 1 be reserved for human players? In my opinion, bots (or even players with very low win rate in ranked, sometimes even less than 50%) should not have a chance to reach the higher ranks, let alone rank 1. However with the rules for advancement as they have been in the past seasons, they certainly can AND WILL. This bothers me quite a bit, as for me this goes directly against the fundamental idea of what ranked battles should be - what most people expect, when they hear the term 'rank' and even what WGs own rhetoric claims. So.... Am I alone with this opinion?
  7. Didn't play any ranked yet, but I'd say T6 is a far better choice than T7, so I approve. OTOH: we have yet another season of ranked where Bots are eligible to reach rank 1!? Am I really the only one who thinks this is wrong???
  8. The sad part is, with these rules for advancement, reaching rank 1 is once again a matter of grind or persistence, rather than a reflection of player skill. I'm confused. According to WG ranked battles are "the principal competitive game mode of World of Warships" - where exactly is the competitive element here, when the sufficient requirement for reaching high ranks is that you have enough time on your hands and even a lucky bot can get there?
  9. 0.6.6

    Isn't that what WG is all about though? Time and again they've offered all sorts of missions, scenarios, campaigns etc. some of which promise frankly very alluring rewards to those who complete them. Yet at the same time they make sure that the top rewards are well out of reach for all but perhaps a few per cent of the playerbase - due to the insane level of luck, skill, time or a combination of those required to achieve them.
  10. 0.6.6

    WG seem to be quite hard of hearing. So I think the best feedback we can give them is stop playing the scenario mode on PT - like we'd do on live.
  11. I just had a thought about the 'pay to participate' aspect. Like I said previously I agree with the people who say that it's not acceptable to charge people real money (doubloons) for the right to participate in a scenario (in the form of waiving the 30 min cooldown for taking out the same ship again). In the context of a F2P game - which is how you market WoWs - that does not fly! Because what you're essentially suggesting here, is to limit people's access to content, unless they're willing to pay up. You could argue that this content is optional anyway and people could choose to do something else while the cooldown is on, but I'm not buying that. Of course you're not actually forcing anyone to pay, only 'encouraging' and giving them 'options' - to my understanding that sort of rhetoric was widespread in the Soviet Union and we all know how well that worked out for them (the rulers that is)... However I think I thought of a compromise which might be acceptable. In the patch notes you mention that there will be a 'weekly' operation which will be available for everyone and the other operations that have been unlocked up to then are available for divisions of at least 4 people. How about you made the other scenarios also available to anyone - at the cost of doubloons. That way you could do any operation that has been unlocked by either paying doubloons or being in a division - and the weekly one without any restrictions. This way there would be a truly free alternative to spending money, which people may choose to take advantage of or not - their decision.
  12. 0.6.6

    Managed to play all four scenarios multiple times with both random people and divisions of random people. My overall impression on the 'balance' part is that the overall difficulty level is rather high, but more importantly varies a lot between the different operations, with some being very doable and others (*cough* Aegis *cough*) being extremely challenging. I would say you could lower the difficulty level of all of the scenarios by a varying degree. I understand and agree though, that you can't make the operations too easy, because then they'd be absolutely steamrolled by people in divisions. On the other hand, like people before me have pointed out - if they're too difficult, regular players will just not find them enjoyable enough to bother with... So here's my question: why not make the normal difficulty slightly easier but disable divisions for that and only enable divisions for the hard difficulty mode? Below I will give my more detailed analysis of the four operations - as they are right now - focussing on the following aspects: ease of completion (with random players and divisions); ease of getting 5 stars; and clarity of the mission/tasks PS. Generally I really like this addition to the game and I feel it has a high chance of engaging even someone like me who otherwise plays PvP almost exclusively. Kudos!
  13. 0.6.6

    I've posted this before, but I'll say it again. Even though I seem to be the only one who cares... Please overhaul the rewards and awards for PT. 15 point captains make no sense ever since you introduced the new captain skill tree and commander XP readjustments. Please award us at least 16-18 point captains at the beginning of the Public Test and/or speed up the captain training considerably. I would also like to see you put the new additions like containers/supercontainers etc. to use as rewards for participating and perhaps in-game missions. I think it would make a lot of sense if the rewards were up-to-date with the current state of the game.
  14. the 20 doubloon cost to supersede the wait time - NOT COOL
  15. I agree with the OP that this is ridiculous and the BB-mania is seriously out of control. I find it hardly surprising though, as WG are quite known for not sticking to their word (a recent YouTube-related scandal springs to mind). In fact, I challenge anyone to bring up examples where WGs actions actually coincided with their words. As a positive side effect though, at least the que times for cruisers and destroyers are really short