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  1. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I think it might actually be a good thing that the rewards beyond R11 are so underwhelming. It might lead to many people who don't bave a realistic chance to reach R1, to give up sooner than they otherwise would, which might reduce the amount of particularly bad players and bots at the higher up ranks. OTOH, it would be nice if players who decided to sacrifice their mental health for the glory of R1, got a slightly more worthwhile compensation the way. I think FreeXP/elite cmdr XP would be particularly nice... The thing that bothers me about ranked though, is, that reaching the higher ranks is NOT (necessarily) a reflection of a player's skill, but rather their ability to play enough ranked battles. Reaching R1 with <50% win rate (in ranked) should not be possible, but right now, under the current rules for advancing, it is, and that's wrong! And that's also the main reason ranked battles are such a headache - at least in my opinion - because you quite often get "teamed up" with those less-than-stellar players, even at higher ranks.
  2. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Sign me up for the raffle please! A big to all the sponsors and a merry holiday season to all fellow captains!
  3. Several people have made a couple of very similar points, but I have to say I don't find them completely convincing, and here's why: 1) Your team has been performing well, therefore the MM considers you far better than the league you're in would indicate and you get matched up against stronger teams accordingly That is indeed a possibility. After all, one of the two explanations of a team being in a low league is, that they started CB late and have not yet had time to reach the higher leagues where they belong based on their skill and teamplay (the other explanation of course being that they're just not very good). However, if that were the case, then they shouldn't really struggle too hard against the higher up teams - at least not after they've gotten some experience with the maps and feel comfortable playing with each other. 2) There are not enough teams available around your level and consequently you get matched up against whoever is available If that were the case and MM at least attempted to match up similarly skilled teams before resorting to uneven match-ups, wouldn't you expect to be waiting on the queue for at least a few minutes before being thrown in a game with a clan two tiers higher than yours? But according to the OPs posts, the queue wait times have been a couple of tens of seconds at most. 2b) Interest in CB in general has worn off, i.e. too few teams playing This is essentially the same point as the previous one, but with slightly different emphasis. But if that were indeed close to being true, wouldn't you expect the queue times to be closer to 3-4-5 minutes rather than the couple of tens of seconds they are? There's probably an element of truth to all of them, and for me they raise two questions: 1) What exactly is the purpose of the different leagues and esp. the progression battles for transitioning from one league to another (other than to draw out the progression process). Wouldn't it be far more sensible, to have a simple score describe a clan's rating, which would be adjusted based on their performance akin to the Elo rating system. You could still have different "leagues" based on the clans' ratings, but they'd be mostly symbolic in nature. As they seem to be pretty symbolic right now anyway (since you can meet teams which are several leagues apart from your team), I think it would make a lot of sense. Esp, if that's how it works in the background anyway. I see little point in the progression battles tbh... 2) It seems to me, that even if there was a point of having "prime time" some time at the beginning of the season, it is no longer justified. If I understand correctly, the reasoning behind having it was to condense the CB to certain time windows so that all teams would have ample choice of similarly skilled teams to fight against. This is obviously no longer the case anyway, as the number of clans actively taking part has decreased and with the ones that do having spread out across all the leagues. So I'd say right now, "prime time" has a far larger hindering effect on CB than it has an enabling and popularising effect. Therefore, if there ever even were a time for "prime time", it has passed. Unless of course that was the idea all along so as not to enable too many players to reap the rewards of all the CB related missions.
  4. Wholeheartedly agree and kudos for bringing this up. Best part is, according to WG loreTM, the purpose of "prime time" is to avoid something like this happening, but clearly it's not working effectively - at least not at this point in the league. Begs the question, would it be better to ditch "prime time" altogether, to allow more clans the option to participate, since it's not having the designed effect anyway, at least not anymore. I like your post! I think you hit the nail in the head. I liked how you called them out TBF, it's probably not an issue with programming, but rather an effect of not so many clans playing anymore and that most of those still doing clan battles having moved to higher leagues leaving the lower leagues very scarcely populated.
  5. Supertest fire duration changes

    My guess is it's because if there were damage saturation mechanic with fires, cruisers would become pretty useless against BBs. But in principle I agree that there must be a better way...
  6. Water splashes and aiming

    I take it back, you're no sensei!
  7. You guys just blew my mind! But seriosly, nothing you said was something I hadn't considered myself. Obviously the game makes a lot of simplifications in a lot of areas and that's fine. And IMO that goes against the proposal - that it might make things unnecessarily complicated (as if the changes to firing from smoke mechanic didn't do that already). So in a sense I agree with the both of you. What I wanted to point out was that an idea such as this shouldn't be dismissed outright without good consideration, because within the game's logic it would make quite a bit of sense. In my opinion...
  8. So you're saying it's NOT logical that more smoke between you and the target does not impair your vision more than a thinner layer of smoke? Ever walked/driven in fog??? Some weird logic you got there, man... I for one think the proposal sounds quite interesting and could make a pretty much worthless skill at least somewhat useful.
  9. Water splashes and aiming

    (1) so... no pointers? me so saadd (2) The average DD shell weighs in around 20-30 kg according to the wiki. And as for the height of the plumes, when you compare that to ship sizes and factor in the distance scaling in the game (have you heard about it?), I'd say 200m or even more is right in the ballpark.
  10. Water splashes and aiming

    O wise sensei, would you step down from your high horse and give us plebs a few pointers on how you have adapted in this particular case! yes, it's totally realistic to have 200 m plumes shoot up into the skies every time a 30 kg shell hits the water. Totally... PS. I'm not complaining per se. The effect is not big enough to really disrupt my gameplay and I don't mind waiting a few more seconds every now and then before taking a shot. But I do find that they went a little overboard with tuning the effect.
  11. Water splashes and aiming

    I also find that I quite often have to delay my fire due to those splashes blocking vision to the target. I wouldn't say it's ruining the game for me, but I sure would classify them as "mildly annoyingTM" Maybe a way to diminish the distraction would be if the size of the splashes scaled with the calibre/weight of the shell that hit the water. So for something like 128mm shell you'd get minor splashes, for 203 mm you'd get slightly bigger splashes and for 406 mm guns you'd get the huge fountains we have right now. Except the problem is most pronounced when 2-3 of your teammates are shooting at the same target and they keep missing their shots... Or worse yet, when a KM BB opens up their secondaries on the target effectively creating an impenetrable water screen around the target. Any suggestions on how to make your teammates not miss?
  12. Free one day premium time

    Asking here in case anyone knows. In WOWP they have this in-game currency called tokens which you earn for achievements and completing missions. If you collect 150 tokens, you can redeem them for 30 days Premium time. My question is, will this Premium time apply to WOWS as well? Since Premium time should be global across all WG titles, my guess is "yes", but would be nice to get a confirmation. So if anyone knows for a fact... Might be a nice way to earn extra Premium time for those who can do decently well at "Warplanes"
  13. Yes and No... Took me a while to find it, but some time ago in another thread Sub_Octavian said (link to original post: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/56433-discussion-thread-for-some-interesting-info-around-the-world/?do=findComment&comment=1961781 ) in a nutshell that they want to appease as many players as possible. What I take from this quote and supported by WGs actions regarding game development is, that the company or the lead developers lack a clear vision of what they want this game to be or how it should play, instead, their vision seems to be "we want to attract as wide an audience as possible". This has lead to most of the questionable changes and tweaks they have made to the game over time and, most importantly, the massive influx of "gimmicksTM" which now seem to be a compulsory part of any new ship line they introduce - most of these would surely have been axed way early in the design phase if there was an actual grand vision of what WG want their title to be. It's like they're politicians, who, from the moment they get elected, start working on getting re-elected instead of making the tough, but unpopular, decisions that are necessary for a country and it's people to prosper - and they only make those tough decisions once they're absolutely unavoidable. Sadly, this "vision" is not good for the game, but it doesn't look likely it's going to change. We can at least take solace from the fact that for the time being it's helping to make the queue times rather short and whatever they do to the game, good players will always be able to find success - and if worst comes comes to the worst, we can always join the masses of BB ranks and teach the plebs a lesson in their own game
  14. Considering that Clan Battles are still very much in the beta, if not alpha, state for the duration of the so-called "First" season, I don't think it's fair to give out any rewards for progressing through the ranks. After all, this is only a live TEST. Rewards should be given for participating and they should be constrained to earning oil for your clan. After the season ends, all participants should be given a reward, preferably a unique reward ship like they gave at the end of closed (open?) beta - perhaps tied to a minimum amount of battles played. AND, the results of this "First season" should definitely NOT COUNT towards the earning of the Stalingrad reward ship! I realise, that since they already announced the battles along with all the missions and rewards, they're not going to go back on those, but this is how I think they should have approached the so-called "First season". Food for thought...
  15. PLEASE unify the consumables hotkeys

    Don't bother. This suggestion has only like 65 (?) likes and there are tens upon tens of thousands of players on the EU server. So this is clearly something only an insignificantly minor part of the player base would be interested in and therefore NOT something WG need to concern themselves with! /sarcasm