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  1. Amen to that! But perhaps those are the "light and casual" missions of this era...
  2. Radar - And no NOT another whine Topic

    Vast majority of DDs don't survive 5 minutes into a game regardless of whether there's radar present or not... @Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty +1 for effort, but as could probably have been expected, the thread has denegrated into a whine thread nevertheless
  3. @AngreyNoob I disagree - earlier today I was sitting behind an island in my Minotaur...
  4. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Books -> book smart Playing WOWS -> RL experience wisdom ...
  5. Coal is the New Commander Slots

    Thing is, WG have a very successful and probably profitable business. The thing with profitable businesses is, that every year, the shareholders expect you to turn more and more profit, which is probably why we see the monetisation side getting ever more shameless. Unfortunately, they (and in turn us) are victims of their own success to an extent. Are there other ways to increase profits? For sure, like finding ways to bring in more players and, more importantly, finding a way to keep the players engaged and invested for longer. But the way they're doing it, is probably easier and, in the short term, works just as fine.
  6. Arsenal... What am I not seeing?

    But! And to reiterate: Steel - the currency you can currently use to purchase only the Flint, Black or Stalingrad - is earned through competitive play exclusively (i.e. ranked or CB), Coal you can earn through normal game play and containers (except SC, which can also drop steel). Therefore, in order to collect the necessary amount of Steel you need for purchasing those ships after the introduction of the Arsenal, you'd still have to grind to R1 during multiple seasons, or reach certain milestones in CB. The system for progression in Ranked battles is inherently flawed, i.e. poor players can reach R1 if they're just tenacious enough, while good players that get unlucky with their teams and are not able to put in enough battles to offset that bad luck, may be unable to reach that milestone. Of course, being a good player significantly increases ones chances, but it's not a requirement. I bet you there are plenty of players sailing the Flint (or even Black), who have ~50% win rate in ranked, but rolled the dice enough times to get that lucky streak which took them to R1 in enough seasons to get those ships. For that reason, myself and many others it seems, don't see a problem with those ships - which are supposed to be awarded for the top players for their achievements in competitive play - being available for purchase for awards that are exclusive to competitive game modes. In fact, I think it's a very welcome change, that top players - whom those ships are intended to reward - now have access to these ships through high level competitive play (CB are a much better test of ones skill than Ranked), without having to endure the misery of Ranked battles. And make no mistake, the not-so-good players will retain the ability to get these ships - through ranked battles as before, because they're unlikely to earn much Steel through Clan Battles due to their lack of sufficient skill.
  7. Arsenal... What am I not seeing?

    But just a couple of posts ago you said yourself that reaching R1 is a grind. So, to answer your question, "...What am I not seeing?" I think the thing you're missing is that grind = grind Not trying to be snarky or anything...
  8. Arsenal... What am I not seeing?

    First: And then: I don't understand where the problem is in your opinion...
  9. An EASY way to fix radar problems

    Like I just said in another topic
  10. Please Fix Radar/Sonar

    Generally, it's not customary to fix something which isn't broken - radar is working as intended ergo there's nothing to fix. Now I completely agree with a lot of people's view, that certain ship classes have it a LOT easier than others, to an extent, which is detrimental to overall game play. However, I have also seen WGs track record of "fixing" stuff. Too often those fixes seem to very poorly thought out and end up having unwanted side effects. And WG have proven to be very reluctant to revert something they have already implemented, even if it turns out to be a negative effect. So no, I'm not too quick to call for drastic changes to radar mechanics, because who knows, it might make those ships equipped with the consumable more-less utterly useless. And when you lose more than 30-40% cent of your health when being illuminated by radar for 1 minute, you're doing something wrong, i.e. not using the WASD keys enough/unpredictably enough anyway... Who knows, perhaps some other solution, like for example an AOE heal or something else, might be a better way to improve overall gameplay, rather than changing radar mechanics. I hope, for once, there will be a thorough discussion before drastic changes are made.
  11. OK, the player requirements seem a bit high, but the 100 doubloons at least is worth more than what you can typically expect from a SC... So the reward is actually not that much worse than the US one.
  12. My 2c. For supportive actions to earn MORE xp than direct dmg - NO! For supportive actions being competitive with direct dmg in terms of XP earnings - YES PLEASE! If playing for the win was as effective in terms of XP gains as pure damage dealing, this would mean that more team-oriented players would move up the ship ranks faster than selfish players. This should be further compounded by the fact, that statistically they should have higher winrate owing to their play style, which would further increase their XP gains vs the more selfish players. In time, there would be more better players at high tiers, because they reach there more quickly, which could trigger a move towards an overall healthier meta, where people actually try to play for the win and use their ship in a way that benefits the whole team. One can dream, can't he???
  13. Reserve slots

    BTW, I'm sitting at somewhere slightly above 200 unused slots and I for one welcome this challenge. Because it provides me a natural long-term goal to strive for: namely, filling each and every one of those slots (plus the ones I'm bound to receive from any future containers) with a 19pt commander. Should keep me busy enough for a while...
  14. Reserve slots

    Relax. Rumors say, WG will be nerfing containers in the near future, because "they're not entirely happy with how they're performing" Maybe this will mean that in the future we can receive 2 reserve slots per container, instead of 4...