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  1. I don't see it... I need a better explanation. Problem for whom? Problem for the game or for the player with 2 Billion credits?
  2. Could someone explain to me, WHY exactly are credit sinks necessary? So what, if someone has 2 Billion silver on their account... Why is that a bad thing?
  3. mrk421

    How stupid do you think we are ?

    Certainly! But the brain can be very persuasive...
  4. mrk421

    How stupid do you think we are ?

    @ColonelPete @fallenkezef @Juanx It has nothing to do with reading comprehension or being stupid! When you read the description carefully, it is quite clear that the extra mission is not for the B-ship. HOWEVER, this is not what usually happens. Our brains are wired in such a way, that unless we think there's a good reason to do so, for the most part we don't read carefully. We skim, and let the brain fill in the gaps with what it assumes to be there. This is done, because reading carefully takes more energy than skimming and our bodies are programmed to preserve energy wherever they can. So in the current example, when the description says, "Combat Mission for 2,500 doubloons on Tirpitz," the customer sees, "Mission for 2500 doubloons" and the brain fills in the rest with the assumption that the mission applies to the ship you buy (quite reasonable assumption at first glance imo). It's only after you play a few games and realise you didn't get the doubloons, that the brain says, "hold on, something went wrong here, better read it again, and more carefully this time".
  5. (1) I agree. To be fair, so is the upgrade system though. FE, in Slot 5, you might as well only have the Concealment System mod1, because no-one ever takes the other ones (ok, some people use the Steering Gears Mod3 for novelty, but no-one who knows anything about the game would pick the Target Acquisition System Mod1). (2) Also agree. In fact, I had an idea which follows this idea. What if RL was changed so that it would be baked in to all ships, but in a weaker form than currently (maybe 30 deg sectors instead of the 22.5 we have with the skill). With the captain skill, you could improve its performance / make it more precise (decrease the sector angle to current value or even slightly tighter). Food for thought...
  6. mrk421

    clan battles vs xmas events...

    There, corrected it for you
  7. mrk421

    clan battles

    I'm sure teams will stop fielding 3-5 Stalingrads once they reach the Typhoon and Hurricane leagues. We'll totally see them less played in those leagues. . . . . . . . . . . ... T o t a l l y....
  8. mrk421

    WOWS in year 2100

  9. mrk421

    WOWS in year 2100

    You mean T12...
  10. mrk421

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    In most cases, NO. Agreed! Give it time. The change is very fresh and people are trying out different things, every DD player is very excited now I suspect and wants to see for themselves if it's really true. Over time the meta will settle down and then we'll see...
  11. mrk421

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    On the topic: First of all, just a few days after a significant change is hardly the time to make assessments about that change. Of course people are trying out weird things at first, but over time things should settle down, people will get used to the change and adapt. Who knows, maybe it WILL even lead to slight decline in popularity of BBs... Secondly, to me at least, it was quite clear from the beginning that this change would not make BBs switch ammo vs DDs: they'd either stick to AP despite its lower effectiveness or spam more HE all the time. With 30s reloads (or even 15s with EL) ammo switching is rarely worth it and really only in situations where you can be sure that the DD will be spotted for that long and not be killed before you manage to take a shot. Otherwise you'd just be stuck having the wrong ammo type loaded for any other targets... And the win-rates / average performance of those who did would suffer as a result. So over time they'd have to come out of their hiding, if they wanted to get better results.
  12. mrk421

    BB AP on DD's not working as intended

    (1) Right... Forgive me for being skeptical, but I think we know what the outcome will be. (2) By "remove this" do you mean disable it on DDs or remove the effect from the game altogether? As has been reported in this thread, all classes are susceptible to receiving excessive damage from a single shell.
  13. mrk421

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I believe one of the best tools would be to introduce an AOE heal / Repair Zone consumable on BBs. That would make BBs that stay with their team so much more effective than max range snipers that eventually I'm certain the meta would shift towards more coordination within teams.
  14. mrk421

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    What sort of changes would you propose to make CCs more self-sufficient then?
  15. mrk421

    BB AP on DD's not working as intended

    I see you still refuse to get the point. OK then. Good evening!