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  1. So it's gonna be a pan-euro tree......I'm gonna
  2. 4bombs

    Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    There is something way worse than not getting a gift. It's getting a gift but being to late to collect that gift. So you see. It all can be a lot worse...
  3. 4bombs


    (I'm gonna let the thead die now. Promised )
  4. 4bombs

    We need to talk about RN BB's

    It seems the RN BBs outperform all premiums (at least higher tiers). So who thinks that WG will keep it this way?
  5. 4bombs


    Luckily this game isn't a simulator so referring to historical facts are meaningless. I see the game more as a shooter with WW1/WW2 ships (and maybe submarines). So the only reason to have, or not have submarines, in the game is a good game mechanic. All the rest doesn't matter.
  6. 4bombs

    Something needs to be done about BBs.

    At least it's better than nothing and it makes cruisers more enjoyable without hurting the balance of the game to much. It isn't a massive game changer. They gave 'Situational Awareness' standard to each ship. Why not do it with repair also?
  7. 4bombs

    Something needs to be done about BBs.

    That's why i'm for 'repair' for all cruisers. Still don't understand why BB's have repair and the others haven't. I have my ARP Takao now and I have to say it's much more fun playing a cruiser with repair. Repair should be on every ship (from DD to CV) in the game.
  8. 4bombs

    One player lost

    I have to ask. Do you have the ship consumable " Damage Controle II" (not type I) on your BB?
  9. 4bombs

    5.12 changes

    It's starts today. So you can easily take a look yourself without a long wait. But probably not.
  10. 4bombs

    5.12 changes

    Can I say I like the change to the mini-map.
  11. 4bombs

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    If I read all this I don't think BB's will be the biggest victims of the RN CL's but the CA's that don't have radar. So after the 5 BB's in each game they have CL's and DD's shooting at them from smoke. This will be fun.
  12. You can hardly say that the CV's are weak in the higher tiers. Just look at damage that each ship can do in each tier. The CV's are or the highest or near the highest in damage done. TIER 7 TIER 8 TIER 9 TIER 10
  13. 4bombs

    NERF German BB Armor !

    Didn't I say they were to OP and TO POPULAR. So I did what I wanted to do show you and that was that the German BB's are the most populaire ships in the game = in other words most played.
  14. 4bombs

    NERF German BB Armor !

    Of course the German BB's are overpowered and they will be nerfed. They are way to OP and populaire. They did it with the Russian DD's and the German BB's will follow.