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  1. Alright, so two super-sized Atlantas for t10 (De Grasse and that other thing). I take it that Smolensk thing was built in secret, but they decided it would be unfair to unleash it on the German fleet because it would have made the war too easy? That t5 US DD is fictional I assume? Somers I am kind of looking forward to, but those torps might be a bit overkill. To be honest, I would have expected her to be at a lower tier (8 or 9). We'll see what happens.
  2. BruceRKF

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and Russian BB

    Okt. Rev. is not the first example of litterally the same ship in different configurations. You have that with Svietlana/Krasny Krym or Nürnberg/Makarov as well (and possibly more).
  3. Can't remember the last time this happened...
  4. BruceRKF

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Had about 80% losses today. After this game, I decided to stop for today, since it was a clear sign that winning was not.
  5. BruceRKF

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yugumo with torpedo reload booster. Probably a stupid idea with all the CVs around, but it paid off in this case. It was also quite the adrenalin rush at times ;)
  6. BruceRKF

    Why do BB's instantly put out one fire?

    They put out one fire so that you can get Arsonist and Witherer awards. Those have to come from somwehere after all.
  7. BruceRKF

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    The thing is, in the past the secondary build I use on all my German BBs from t7 on used to synergize very well with AA. With AFT and BFT you had half an AA build anyway. Now AFT is pretty much useless and replaced by Manual AA as the best tier 4 AA skill. I very rarely used Manual AA on any ship before the rework (my hilarious full AA build Akizuki was the exception). So, you have to make more compromises: Do you want a full secondary build and be helpless against carriers or sacrifice additional short range damage for AA? I went with the former and still have fun with guns blazing and just hope the CV leaves me alone...
  8. BruceRKF

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    Her great strength previously were her 128 mm DP guns. Her mid and short range AA have always been bad. Now because auras don't overlap anymore and long-range AA DPS is lousy, Gneisenau can's shoot down planes reliably except when they fly into a flakburst. This means a skilled CV player who dodges the flak has not much to fear from her.
  9. BruceRKF

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Alright, team, let's... team? What are you... I see. Alright, never mind then.
  10. BruceRKF

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It seems it is German BB day for me. My Scharnhorst went on a rampage in Narai and decided that fighting up to four ships at once is just fine. She was right of course. Later, H-39 thought her achievment collection was a bit empty...
  11. I had completely forgotten about this competition, but it seems I actually won a Duca! Already got her, but some free dubloons are nice as well, so thanks for that. I had trouble remembering which ship I did this in, but then I remembered it was actually an Aigle in a t8 game 3.5k in a t6 is no mean feat, so I hope it gets resolved for you.
  12. BruceRKF

    French Destroyers

    I'm not gonna comment on anything having to do with playstyle. However, I am really happy about the fact that we have only two paper/fictional ships and seven real ones (*cough* Russian BB line...)!
  13. BruceRKF

    Your LEAST played premium ships?

    My least played premiums are Okt. Revolutsiya and Campbeltown, both of which I got via Campaigns/Missions. Neither of them is really bad, but they are the least entertaining ones for me. Most of my lower tier premiums (up to t4) I mostly play in coop, however, just for a quick bit of fun.
  14. BruceRKF

    Pre-dreadnought battleship

    Two things that stand in the way: One is the tier system, constraining WW1 and pre-WW1 ships essentially to three tiers (2 to 4, and at t4 you even already get inter war or WW2 refits). The other is the secondary gun game mechanics. Pre-dreadnoughts in most cases had 2x2 "main" battery guns, but lots of other guns of various calibres which would be secondary guns in the game and therefore pretty useless. There are some interesting and very pretty ships that are left out because of that.
  15. BruceRKF

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Had this occasionally too, even in cruisers. Sometimes quite blatant, as in first salvo aiming at the waterline at a completely broadside target, all shells falling short. Next salvo aimed at mid-hull and still all short (with target lock). Doesn't happen often, but it is frustrating when it does.