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  1. BruceRKF

    Is Lion still a bad ship?

    Lion has never been "bad", imo, but it is still the same it always was: boring.
  2. BruceRKF

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    @TheKingOfUm: Are you going to work on the new butt-ugly winter camous for the t5 tech tree ships? Since they cannot be hidden, you are the only hope for my poor eyes XD
  3. BruceRKF

    DevBlog stupid changes

    Not sure what you are on about. Ships that had more secondary range before than they would have after the rework keep their higher range. It is only the Secondary accuracy that gets nerfed (globally). But then again, the "special" US BBs were playable as secondary ships even without Manual Secondaries because of their improved base accuracy. Even with the buff to German secondaries, Massa, Georgia and Ohio will still be more accurate than German BBs with the same skills.
  4. BruceRKF

    DevBlog stupid changes

    Can French BBs get the same improvement as German BBs for their secondaries? Pretty please? Since without, the secondaries on French BBs become useless and what was already a very niche build will be even more obsolete. So much for more variety in builds after the rework.
  5. BruceRKF

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Oh, I would sooooo love that, let them slug it out and leave the rest of us to balanced MM, like 4/4/4 or 1/3/4/4 if we absolutely have to have a CV. Also, the more you play BBs, the more likely you are to be put into a BB only game Brilliant idea!
  6. BruceRKF

    Lets break down the new T10 Elbing

    First of all, I like the look of the t9 and 10, so that's something. I think they will probably not be very strong, but at this point I have given up on WG ever trying to balance the game and am just looking for interesting stuff to play. They at least seem to fill that condition. I mean I kinda like the Yahagi, despite her being garbage... What I like most about those super heavy DDs coming is that it means there is nothing from preventing WG to bring the Italian DDs with Capitani Romani at tier 10. I kind of feared that they would make them lower tier cruisers. Btw, why do we not get an Italian DD line first? That is annyoing.
  7. BruceRKF


    Fast and bloody marvelous guns, crap hull. I like her, but it can get frustrating pretty quickly when you get shot at. Main difference to Kirov is the shell arcs. Kirov has relatively slow shells with high arcs, while Molotov's behave like Donskoi guns with very fast shells and a flat arc. Apart from that, identical playstyle to Kirov (and thanks to being able to mount the rudder module, you can dodge a bit better).
  8. BruceRKF

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Of course you want to make a fight as unfair in your favour as possible. With MM like this, it is simple extremely hard to find a situation where you can create a favourable engagement if you are not in a BB (or the CV which does not count) because of being low tier. I personally would not have minded being a DD in this game instead of one of only two cruiser with 5 BBs, all of them higher tier, around. We won thegame, partly because triple BB divisons rarely ever win, partly because our CV was better than theirs, but it was a right chore to get targeted by all the BBs whenever visible. I got through pretty well because I am a very experienced player, but for less experienced players... WG should really do something to adress BB overpopulation. In the game queue you get 10 times the number of BBs compared the other classes, if not more (even worse in ranked). Radical solution: cap BBs at four, like DDs, and then let them sit in queue for 5 minutes, mabye some will think about playing something else for a change. Yeah, not gonna happen. Another thing: isn't it downright hilariously ironic that DDs are capped at four, so that you have more BBs than DDs in like 90% of games? Remember those large fleets of battleships during the world wars supporting the small numbers of destroyers in their midst... Edit: Btw, one day later...
  9. BruceRKF

    Commander Skills Update

    The rework was supposed to bring more variety into the builds, was it not? Secondary build on French BBs was already less effective than the ordinary, boring tank/concealment build. But the secondary build was still somewhat viable and, imagine, fun. Now it is even less effective, so the the secondary spec variety on French BBs is a goner. Mission failed.
  10. BruceRKF

    Commander Skills Update

    German BBs get a secondary accuracy bonus (still less accurate than before), but what about the French? There might not be many people that play them, but my secondary spec Alsace and République are amongst the most fun ships to play for me. They won't be any more with secondaries that can't hit s**t. And Dead Eye is still stupid.
  11. BruceRKF

    German DD split, Soon

    Not sure what exactly you are referring to. I do not know whether the 150 mm guns on the higher tiers will be dual purpose (so count as long range AA as well), but my guess would be no if they are the same guns as on München. As for secondary fire: The 150 mm guns are the DDs main guns and the ships do not have any other large-ish calibre gun that could be a secondary gun ala Kiev or Haida (as far as I can see), so no secondary fire. Unless you mean something different?
  12. BruceRKF

    German DD split, Soon

    I kind of like the concept of almost CL destroyers. Having a destroyer with lower firepower and less health than a CL, but also with better concealment and maneuverability and no citadel could make them work (Hopefully also no large caliber full penentration damage). However, problems I see: They still use a DD slot which is already problematic when you put a USSR gunboat against a "proper" DD and likely will be even more so with those huge German suckers. Secondly, while stealthy and healthy for DDs, they are also relatively huge targets and when spotted will be far easier to hit than smaller DDs while not having the USSR or French speed to avoid getting hit. Also, CVs will be salivating when seeing them in the line-up. Normal DDs have it hard enough, but with how huge the new German DDs are, plus no smoke? Yeah, goodbye. Overall, an interesting concept, but I cannot quite see it working in the game environment. They will either be broken OP if WG decide to give them all the soft stat buffs in the world or (more likely) just xp food. And I still have hope, I am stupid like that!
  13. Ah, I was mistaken then, thanks for the links. Those are some more obscure designs, are they not? I have never heard of them at least and I dabble a bit in historical paper ship designs at times.
  14. Man, this thread got buried deep. Anyway, about those new German DDs: Seems like there is only one real ship in there (Z-31) which might come in at t7 with the other four being t8-10. Gustav-Julius Maerker (t8?) seems like a stretched 1936 type with 5 (?) single 150 mm guns. Felix Schultz (t9?) would have 3x2 150 mm and then Elbing (t10?) would be WG's interpretation of the Spähkreuzer, also with 3x2 150 mm guns. If anyone can enlighten me as to wtf Maerker and Schultz are supposed to be, I would be truly grateful. At first glance, to me they seem like things that WG pulled out of their behinds. As for ZF-2: So we get to do what the Germans did not during WW2 and finish building a captured French Le Hardi-class. Well, I guess it is at least a real ship, even if it was not completed. Probably t7 or 8.
  15. BruceRKF

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I'll just leave this here as another example of how stupid MM sometimes is. The cruisers and destroyers literally cannot fight a battleship on even terms. Why are all destroyers and cruisers forced to fight uphill battles againt BBs? How about distributing the top tier spots amongst all classes?