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  1. How many more gimmicks do they have to add until they finally see that submarines do not fit into the gameplay at all?
  2. BruceRKF

    Unique commander Halsey

    No commander can get more than 19 points. Halsey comes with 15 when you get him form the campaign. He is best suited for heavy cruisers that can make good use of the improved Expert Loader (also works fine with battleships when you want to use EL on them). Edit: Too slow, or rather I wrote too much ;)
  3. I don't want to open up a new thread, because you don't even get signals for dev strikes, but I managed a dev strike on a Roma without a dev strike. I call that an achievement :) Now, can anybody explain what happened there? Just a bug?
  4. BruceRKF

    Share of real ships for each nation

    Updated the op post for (four new US BBs and Kitakami changing the numbers slightly). I uploaded the most recent Excel table if you want to know in more detail where the numbers come from.
  5. BruceRKF

    German Carriers: Part 2

    The way I see it: Just don't bother with trying to aim for specific directives. Instead, play normally and then at the end see what you got out of it. Saves you a lot of nerves.
  6. BruceRKF

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Trying to halt the never-ending argument about Nazi flag, rising sun and hammer and sickel for a bit: WHY NO IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVAL ENSIGN??? You cannot seriously argue about ideological reasons for that one, imo. And Imperial Russian ships got theirs.
  7. BruceRKF

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    I kind of get that some people get offended by the display of the Swastika symbol (which is an ancient religious symbol afaik) because of Nazi Germany. So, making an Iron cross out of the Swastika I can accept. Though why the Soviet hammer and sickel should be any different, I cannot quite fathom. Stalin was not far behind Hitler in murdering people. For not displaying the Japanese Neval flag, I have not understanding whatseover. It is the flag of the Japanese Forces to this day, for crying out loud! Another matter: Why do Imperial Russian ships have their own, period-correct flag, but Imperial German ones do not? In the end, political view from the developers/people in charge at WG is the only viable explanation.
  8. Maybe I'm just the odd one out then. I like tier 9 ships.
  9. There have been camos like that for tier 8 (last christmas I think) and what do you mean no one plays t9 silver ships? Yes, in many lines they might seem barely upgrades over the tier 8s or weak compared to the tier 10, but there have been some buffs over time and I think many t9 are decent ships these days. Personally, I have more games at tier 9 than at tier 10 and my most played t9 premium is only my 8th most played tier 9.
  10. Nope, the camo then looks like the standard Premium camo for the respective ship. So, it is indeed nice to get camos like that for free.
  11. BruceRKF

    Belfast coming back...

    So we get Belfast in her WW2 configuration instead the after war config at t7? Which she should have been in the fist place.
  12. For me it was the Sinop, probably one of the strongest ships both at her tier and even within the Soviet BB line. 46% winrate while grinding the line, while in all the other ships (tiers 5,6,8,9) I got between 67% and 75%. Higher average damage than Vladivostok as well. Sometimes there are just those cursed ships.
  13. BruceRKF

    Molotov, is it fun?

    Well, they are exactly Kirov guns, but with Donskoi shells (faster velocity than Kirov's, therefore better ballistics and more pen). Both ammo choices are good on Molotov, but she cannot take hits at all without imploding. So, a classic glas cannon. Fun, but not that easy too play.
  14. BruceRKF

    Hindenburg Enhanced Repair Party is wrongly placed!

    I unlocked the module a couple of days ago, but have yet to use it. Concealment is just too good to give up and fires are absolutely Hindenburgs least worry in terms of damage she takes (having 5 heals). I also don't lose turrets very often, so that aspect is not much use either. The only relevant thing about the upgrade is the improved rudder shift. Still giving up concelament for that? Imo, the module would work much better in slot 6 as a competition between improved dpm, range and survivability. I can see myself using it if it was slot 6, as long as it competes with concealment: no way.
  15. BruceRKF

    Share of real ships for each nation

    They come not with seaworthiness, but with extra (mountain)-lakeworthiness