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  1. pw10a2sal

    Pezzo più pregiato

    La mia preferita e la Mahan. Uso lo scafo con le 5 torette. Mi piace un mondo. Ma non sono un buon giocatore, non ho mai avuto un kraken, tanto per farti un idea.
  2. pw10a2sal

    Kii - le Amagi rimodernate?

    Ciao lo comprata, e mi sembra una Amagi in tutto e per tutto, ho apprezzato i siluri, ma dipende sempre dal avversario. Se l´avversario gioca male i siluri ti danno un punto di sorpresa, ma non di piu visto che li puoi sparare in gruppo e non come gli incrociatori inglesi anche singoli. L´arco di fuoco e abbastanza utile anche di fronte. La AA mi sorprende per l´efficacia, e i cannoni sono ottimi, amo attaccare la tirpitz e affondarla se sola. Se non hai ancora la Amagi allora la KII e migliore di lei ma sempre simile in tutto della stock Amagi. Il prezzo peró e salato, e non mi dispiacerebbe qualche sconto. Non ricordo nessun premium Tier VIII che abbia siluri e la potenza di fuoco della tirpitz il mio target preferito, eccetto la tirpitz stessa o la amagi o la KII..
  3. pw10a2sal

    Any Lifetime Offer in Sight ?

    Maybe you all are right to make fun of me. Let me explain further. Lifetime as I understand it. You pay lets say 300 Euros, BUT then you never have to worry about service costs again, for LIFE. I mean the higher tiers without premium are not playable when the player (me) sucks in battle. I had more than one occasion in which I could not afford the service costs of the higher tiers, even my premiums. For example: Star Trek Online is even more generous (as I did ask from WG) it gives you all free if you subscribe a lifetime account, Sorry but I cannot afford a yearly fee of 81 euro plus 300 circa a year for premium ships plus 50 for camouflage, thats ..... circa 500 euros a year. Thats 42 Euros a month for a game which offers shoot em up feeling to historically correct build ships. Isn't that a bit MUCH ? If they would say yes, my monthly expenses would be just circa 30 euros a month. All I ask if I am right is a month bonus of 12 euros AFTER have paid 300 euros once and never again. I know its a absurd question, but it is the only game I know with acceptable graphics of warships out there I know of. (Warthunder offers just gunboats if I am right....and War Thunder brought a offline game on the market which is a great arcadegame for warplanes but alas, no warship simulation ANYWHERE.) And thats what I really want, I do not need chat, I do not need economics in the game, what I wish and want is a warship game in offline mode ideally in singleplayer mode only.
  4. pw10a2sal

    Any Lifetime Offer in Sight ?

    Hi folks, I just wanted to ask if instead to pay all year nearly 81 Euro for a premium account, is there any lifetime offer in sight ? Regards
  5. pw10a2sal

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    Thanks for responding. I do not see how the continuation of a discussion about guadalcanal could help the guy which opened this discussion. So I refrain to go on in off topic. Have a nice day.
  6. pw10a2sal

    whats the point of USA BB line?

    Refering to you asking: Whats the point ? Let me say, I like WW1 and WW2 Battleships. I like the detail in this game. Wargaming is a great replacment for Revell Modells plus you can actually use the ships, damage them and get them in shipshape again in no time, to use them again and again. The american BBs are different to play than the other trees, If they didn't the game would be boring right ? You should ask yourself, are they historically correct on the server or not ? Not if you want to grind down the tree. If you like to see an american Battleship and see it in action, the tree is the closest you can use to see them really in action. Altough some details like moving secundaries I do miss, especially on the NC and most of the other big ships. But nonetheless they fire in the right direction altough they are facing in the wrong direction. Example NC the secundaries look forward or backward but they fire to the side. I reached the North Carolina only recently, the most fun I had was with the New Mexico. I know they are slow, but they have an armor which gives you the time to fire precisly were you want to hit. Thats the point, you have to learn to shoot at your enemies weakspots with the americans. They aren't "fire and forget" in the sense you do not hit always after triggering the trigger. (sorry for the pun) Sure if you get in a field of torpedos your in a lot of trouble, because they are so slow in manovering. Historically American BB´s were just 1 or 2 in a whole fleet which kept them safe of any torpedo attack, in a WoW game you have way too much BB's and too few protection by CA's. Example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Battle_of_Guadalcanal Look at the BB´s just 2, the bulk of the fleet were DD´s and the BB were used just to bombard henderson field and return back to base. US BB were never used like the BB of other nations like Germany. Thats the weakpoint of the american BB´s, it has nothing to do with wargaming, its just the history of these ships, the were never designed for a brawl. Ipso facto, they do not need to be fast as a cruiser or have torpedos like a dd, the us central command never intended them to be that way. Other nations did but america didn't. So accept them like they are and have fun or try an other tree and skip this if you do not like them....
  7. pw10a2sal

    HMS Belfast release date

    I think (as my oppinion), the release will be after the techtree of the uk ships is active. First the whole techtree and then the hms belfast. I wish both at the same time. Maybe the do maybe they do not. Edinburgh is interesting too. Cannot wait that that the RN can be played.
  8. pw10a2sal


    I have this problem, in spectator mode, too.
  9. pw10a2sal

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    Here are my wishes what BB captains should do in a battle. My background is/was formed in offline games 2 dimensions games, like the SSI series, "Grand Naval Battles". I learned there how at the beginning a formation should look like and how the fight goes on til to the end. Ideally the BB´s should be protected by the fleet, because altough having the heaviest guns, they have slow recharge times. The cruisers and DD´s should be the ones which fire on the enemy fleet while the BB recharge, and trying keep the enemy in check (occupied for survival). Normally due of the big guns the BB have, the BB can point each turret on a different target, which on WoW isn´t possibile. That means while I am targeting one ship I can be harassed by two other CA´s, while in reality, I could put the stern turret at one CA and the seccond front turret and the other CA, covering three targets at one time. And immagine this: I can even takle port and starboard targets at the same time without loosing time, that means when engaging in a New Mexico, I can be at the middle of an array of CA´s pointing my turrets front, starboard, port and stern at the same time and if a DD or CA goes for torp run, my secundaries could offer some cover, altough not much. The downside is, I cannot make much sudden manoeuvers without loosing the lock of my turrets on the target. Upside of having the turrets diversified is: you can wear down 4 ships, and then when you got one of them in the unlucky position to be very damaged you could pick another turret and turn it against him to make the final kill. In WoW you spend much time to turn your turrets and wait for reloading. At the beginning of the battle, I could split the time of recharging between the turrets. Turret one fires at 1 seccond, turret two fires (for example) after 10 secconds, and turret three fires (if in broadside) after 20 seconds. When turret 1 should be at that time reloaded and fire the next salvo. That said, if I am in broadside mode, that means that I am most vulnerable of incoming fire, and to fire accurate I cannot run at high speed through the map, lets say not more than 15-18 kn with tier 5 BB´s (faster if higher tiers). But I am in broadside mode, that means my CA´s should cover me meanwhile, because I am a slow big target. And then there is the problem with the torps. With my BB I cannot avoid many Torpedoes, which means the CA should take firstly care about CA and DD with torps. and secondary the CA with heavy armament. Here it would be useful to have control about each turret. To diversify the targets. In my strategic games mentioned above usually the BB´s end to be either light damaged if the team did a good job or they end to disengage from the fleet and limp home while the CA´s brawl with each other and the remaining BB´s. In WoW I can understand if they hide, but it isn´t a good behaviour, because I sitting in a CA, have to evade torps, heavy BB fire and at the same time I have to respond with accurate fire against the enemy. If the BB´s hide behind a isle the whole game, they are useless and no teamplayers. It is sad. A bit more coordination in the battle is strongly advised at the begin of each battle. Like in the ranked battles for examples where we try a plan and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t like in real life. A last word to the chat, it is nice to have a chat, but never forget there are humans at the other end of the screen, and insults are words which can open wounds and take away much of the fun in the game. Which brings me back to my AI driven 2 dimensional offline games of course. Thanks for reading this.