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  1. Conrad_zoo

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First Kraken (6 kills) in my Yugo, very pleased.
  2. Conrad_zoo

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    I am a casual player on a MAC and never minded to spend good money. on WOW - the occasional ship, some loot boxes, premium - as Mac people do cause we like to spend money. :) Not anymore though since they decided to leave OSX. Dowloaded War Thunder to see what's next.
  3. Conrad_zoo

    No support for macOS after Update 0.10.0

    Thanks for trying. I may give it a shot soon. On an 2019 iMac so let's see how it looks. Ta.
  4. Conrad_zoo

    No support for macOS after Update 0.10.0

    Got it as an pop ups in WOW but the official announcement is here:
  5. Conrad_zoo

    No support for macOS after Update 0.10.0

    It's remarks like these (about refunds) that make me scream a bit inside. Yeah, get a dual system (not possible in my case) or buy a windows machine (no money). This is a dead end street for me. Wonders what they have in store for WOT, that other game I play.
  6. Hey guys, I know most of you on Windows don't care of even even give a toss - get e REaL computer! - but I am just curious, how who you coop or react when after years of playing and investing lotsa money in this game, Wargaming decides after years of great gameplay your operating system is too much an effort to support and just stops working. I am greatly disappointed, for a start. Cheers, Conrad
  7. Conrad_zoo

    Discontinuation of macOS Support

    Not amused. Invested in many premium ships, time and effort only to see all this terminated? Damn Wargaming!
  8. Conrad_zoo

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    yes, but I rather had coal.
  9. Conrad_zoo

    Submarines - first impressions

    Played only one game and yes I totally screwed up. Still for what I did right and just the gameplay, just meh, not my thing at all. Guess I try a couple of games more to see if I get some mojo doing it but I think I stick with surface ships. Ta.
  10. Conrad_zoo

    Cursed Ships and Cursed Days

    Jean Bart. First 10 games I thought wow, nice. Haven't won a thing the next 20.
  11. Conrad_zoo

    Server down??

    Same here, bummer.
  12. Conrad_zoo

    Cap buoys invisible since latest patch

    Same here. Pretty annoying for me when capping at the edge. Only zooming in helps.
  13. Conrad_zoo

    Low Tier Ships - Whats your favourite ?

    Vampire, great dd.
  14. Conrad_zoo

    I'm shocked

    Wow, what an into the Gulag mess.