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  1. Conrad_zoo

    I bought the Z-44

    yeah, I don't get the hate for the Z-44. It's my relax boat, spot an torp and torp again in 1 minute. Just don't get in a fight with gunboats.
  2. Conrad_zoo

    Petition for submarines in Ranked battles

    A thousand times NO.
  3. 10 big crates, got the Indianapolis. Not a cruiser man myself so yeah, not sure about it.
  4. Conrad_zoo

    That ship only you seem to like?

    Z44, relax boat.
  5. Conrad_zoo

    Z 44

    I kinda like it as a relax but challenging boat. Just play as a fast reload Japanese full torp boat - zone torping, spotting - and hope not to run into a pew pew dd.
  6. Conrad_zoo

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My Giulio is my relax boat. Had a couple of Krakens but first time with 6 kills.
  7. Conrad_zoo

    Epicentre needs to go.

    I like Epicentre. It's a welcome challenge so once awhile. I will miss it.
  8. Conrad_zoo

    What ships you play lately?

    Mainly dd's. Halland, Yugumo -the only dd I get more often a Kraken - , Fubuki or T61 when lower tier. To relax I play the Giulio Cesare or JB .
  9. The crop is thin, loss when I screw up. But I don't mind farming, just try to win. Credits is always just the bonus, so live happily.
  10. Got the Yamagiri cause I like Japanese torpboats and got enough millions to spare. Income wise they are tricky but hey it's not real money anyway. Play 1 or 2 games lower tier and breakeven, big deal. That said, won most games so far but as said the torp spread is less optimal, guns are ok.
  11. Conrad_zoo

    Black for Dubloons and Coal

    Its my fav tier. Always mayhem and joy fighting each other. Tier X is meh.
  12. Conrad_zoo

    Nelson coming to Lighthouse Auction

    Nelson, the only BB I have with 0% win rate.
  13. Conrad_zoo

    shimakaze players

    enough I do way much better and prefer to play in the Yogumo.
  14. Conrad_zoo

    Auction results

    125 mil for the coal so yeah in. :)