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  1. Conrad_zoo

    First poll - best looking ship

    Voted Guilio because Roma is not on the list. There.
  2. Yes yes yes. ( ja, ja, ja).
  3. Conrad_zoo

    T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    I'll wait. Also I'll wait for a real Dutch ship. But I guess that wait will be much longer then a week.
  4. Conrad_zoo

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Yes, Dutch ships cause well, they deserve to sail the seas. They always did.
  5. Conrad_zoo

    HNLMS/RNLN De Ruyter

    Whatever, I just want one. I mean, come on, we need some Dutch ships.
  6. Conrad_zoo

    Reddit WoWs Bonus Code

    Thanks, got it, redeemed, yay!
  7. Conrad_zoo

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Oh, just when I ran out of luck, a raffle! Preferable ships, where to start, but ok if you insist. So with modesty, in random order: - Prinz Eugen (or Tirpitz if you feel generous) - Kaga (or Enterprise if even more generous) - Roma or Alabama (if only) because I really really want to believe in Christmas. - Money sucks but hey Doubloons are shiny and bring some light in these dark days. Happy holidays folks!
  8. Conrad_zoo

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    Giulio Cesare, Emile Bertin, and funny enough the Dunkerque.
  9. Conrad_zoo

    Saving crews in random battles.

    I am all up for this. It would make the game more realistic implementing the captains tactical dilemma saving your ship or helping the to be drowned, of course with a bonus for bravery (Medal!).
  10. It's a hot Sunday afternoon and all Dutch went of to the seaside it seems, so yeah, hands up to want at the Dutch navy showing up. Please.