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  1. KingFullGaming

    Can WG RollBack Captain Builds NEW to OLD?

    Which developer made that new captain rework let me know please.. @MrConway
  2. KingFullGaming

    Ohio Builds after rework

    With new captain skills secondary build bbs/mms not useful anymore Wegeeee
  3. Interested give me a invite 🐒🐒
  4. KingFullGaming

    Looking competitive clan for CW

    Thread can be closed.
  5. KingFullGaming

    Still have crashes with new patch

    Do you using laptop or desktop?
  6. KingFullGaming


    found my clan #request for close thread thannks.
  7. KingFullGaming

    Is There a way take back sold unique upgrade?

    I dont need advice just need help ..
  8. KingFullGaming

    Is There a way take back sold unique upgrade?

    Naah i've earned before why spend 20k RP Thx i'll try and credits always reserved 😁👍
  9. I have sold my worcester unique upgrade i want to take again is it possible?
  10. KingFullGaming

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Finally slava is coming after 1.5 year but idk they will not set on alternate tech tree guess will be avaible for steel.
  11. KingFullGaming


    NOPE.. Guess will be avaible on christmas boxes