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  1. Sometimes people are just unwilling to finish off an enemy ship: After eating the torps and me typing in open chat how lucky he had been for surviving with just 5 HP, absolutely nobody focused him in spite of being in plain view and broadsiding. I had to turn around and complete the task. Adding insult to injury, it was a Minotaur, a ship that usually means easy farming in coop, even more considering the 4 BBs and a Puerto Rico. Salute.
  2. Estaca_de_Bares

    Please remove the Ocean map

    For someone who favours stealthy torp DDs like me, the more open a map or a cap is, the better. I find C cap in particular reasonably good in some maps (Loop, Greece) and horrifying in others (Mountain Range, Neighbours). In that sense, Ocean is the ultimate map because it means absolute freedom of movement and spotting. Although I've never played WoT, I spent lots of time in CS, so my feeling is that the preference of many people for those enclosed, full of islands caps comes from (leaving aside the obvious idea of having somewhere to cover) the easiness of braking and reversing in a land-related environment, which doesn't translate well at all into the physics of seafaring vehicles. A simile from another genre I like (WW1 aerial combat) would be switching from a S.E.5 to a Sopwith Camel: the former can turn almost the same either left or right, but in the latter (due to the tremendous torque of the rotary engine) it was actually faster to do a 3/4 turn right than a 1/4 turn left. Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Except for the last one, none of these are really today's achievements. First of all, at some point during the weekend Shimakaze finally surpassed Hiryu in being my most played ship in randoms: Nelson joins Wyoming, Missouri and RTS Ryujo in the 7 kills club. Damage-wise the battle wasn't memorable but it's not that usual being the spearhead of a push in a ship like this: Small milestone reached: Salute.
  4. If memory serves right, I had 2M FXP before acquiring Friesland during Christmas and now I'm at 1.6M, i.e. 600k in slightly above 2 months. Mind that plenty of it was earned via completing Narai repeatedly with economic flags, camos and premium time when possible. A better assessment would be the fact that I got enough FXP for Musashi in 9 months or so without spending doubloons (which I had to do for Missouri) so... 100-150k per month with a moderate use of Papa Papa signals and other bonuses. Salute.
  5. Estaca_de_Bares

    WG map making is disturbing

    And a lot of tectonic shifts: Corsica and Sardinia are also underwater, the Strait of Gibraltar loses its narrowness and would have to be renamed too... OTOH, Sicily got joined to mainland Italy. Salute.
  6. I don't have a rule of thumb for such situations, it all comes down to context. If the guy sails to a corner and stays there, there's even the possibility of him becoming the trump card that allows victory. The most despicable behaviour is announcing it in open chat, thus giving the reds less uncertainty. I had a battle a while ago where a Yamato, for some reason I don't remember (it could be MMM, too many DDs, too many Smolensks, CVs...), decided that he wouldn't play, said it in open chat and went to an exposed location to be focused. I considered the pros and cons of letting him die too soon and smoked him up with my Shimakaze, which affected in losing my boat a bit afterwards due to the cooldown. If things would have turned out differently had I not wasted that screen is up to speculation, but at that moment I thought that keeping a hull afloat and denying the enemy team an advantage increment of 100 points for one and a half minutes was worth it. Salute.
  7. If the confusing part is the victory and defeat one, it's about the outcomes of the matches from my PoV. You won both. Salute.
  8. @LowSpeedHighDrag and his Smolensk in ranked twice, first a defeat (opposite teams, me in Minotaur) then a victory (same team, sailing Shimakaze). The former one was really infuriating due to a Moskva and a Yamato that hid behind the easternmost island for half the game, only leaving it well after the cap zone activated in order to farm the last shots and keep the star. The latter, OTOH, neared textbook levels of teamplay: friendly DDs providing scout at the border of the enemy radar, big guys at the proper distance and with unobstructed line of fire, red destroyers and radars focused and sunk or badly crippled on sight. Salute.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares

    How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along?

    I'm stuck at rank 8: managed to reach up to 7 twice but always going back down. I'm playing mainly Shimakaze, radar Minotaur and sometimes Somers, which means an almost assured star loss in a defeat (only one saved so far, at rank 10 IIRC). I agree Smolensk isn't a good pick for winning, but she could be for keeping stars if the top score wasn't attained by battleships that often. Goliath... well, I've seen a really selfish player who kept the star (with 1.7k BXP nonetheless) by being purely opportunistic, only targeting ships that used damage control with HE until he ran out of team-mates. Wooster can somewhat work, and I've also encountered a Colbert who did quite well because I provided a smoke for him and a Wooster in order to clean the typical DD that tries to take the initial buff in the middle. Minotaur with radar better than smoke, but you completely rely on the team acting as such. As for the destroyers, yes, concealment and smoke are kings, so no Kléber, no Khabarovsk (seeing these in your team roster really increases your blood pressure), Harugumo is hardly ever useful and Z-52 mainly as ambush blocker, so the higher the rank, the rarer they become. Just forget about using your smoke to disengage from a close encounter: if you stop spotting the red BBs for a second all the wrath will come your way. The same applies to letting the red DD go dark, although nobody had the slightest thought of targeting it in the first place (unless you specifically insisted on it well in advance, of course, although the memo doesn't always reach). Salute.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    OPERATION Killer Whale

    I played it yesterday a couple of times in order to lift a pinky I received in rankeds, one in Furious and another in La Galissonnière. Both were 5 stars but I had to ask the team twice to go for the escape point in the CV one, because only me and a Pensacola reacted fast enough, while the CL one was a lot more relaxed. I've noticed that people become clueless more often when the exit is to the west (happened with Furious) instead of to the north. Salute.
  11. Weekend appears to be starting too soon, because I don't think all the reds were Andalusian (Regional Day holiday is today): That's my radar Minotaur leaving A after taking it right in front the nose of almost all the red team. Even worse: they wouldn't go in until their Shimakaze, who capped B, joined them back. Salute.
  12. Estaca_de_Bares

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    That's the case, indeed: Your turn. Salute.
  13. I potatoed a bit there, I should have left B when you told me so. The problem was that my only 2 escape routes forced me to give plenty of broadside to the Soyuz at a comfortable range for his guns, which is why I waited until too late when he was down. The MM was, as I typed at the beginning, interesting to say the least: 6 BBs, 2 radar CAs and 4 DDs per side. I stayed watching the battle and at a certain point we had DD advantage but none of the remaining big guys was targeting the red CAs, which was a bad omen. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    You know your maps? - The map quiz

    Come on, it shouldn't be that difficult, you just need to sealclub a bit more. Just kidding. The way this works is the same as the Quiz/Trivial Pursuit IRC channels did around the change of century, well before the proliferation of scripts that simplified maintenance but favoured exact answer match and fast typewriting skills. I played both ways at that time, and I still consider the handicraft version a better one. But hey, to each its own. Salute.
  15. I'm probably leaving plenty of people unmentioned. Twice meeting @Muppeteer, twice in opposite teams and him in a CV, no need to mention the obvious outcomes. While finishing the Fuso grind towards Nagato in Aegis, @Odo_Toothless' Dunkerque IIRC was there, but I only noticed in the post-battle results. My Nelson also spawned right in the middle of a division by @Yoshanai and some other THESO members. Before the current patch arrived, @Infiriel's Asashio and my Takao had a close encounter in the middle of Estuary. And during yesterday's session with Shimakaze, sharing team with @xxNihilanxx, who sailed a Z-52, and his companion in a Minotaur. Salute.