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  1. Estaca_de_Bares

    Map Spawns

    I did an analysis on spawning locations for CVs a while ago when there was a bit of an argument about the best order for squads' take-off in RTS. Such analysis can roughly be applied to the other ships too: Instead of three possibilities as shown, there were/are only two in reality, being the centered one just a particular case. Which means that, if you spawn in one flank, you have a 50-50 chance of facing your "equals" (e.g., if you're in a Hipper and there's a Nelson by your side there will be a T8 CA and a T7 BB in front of you) or facing the equivalents to those on the other flank (keeping with the example, if there's a Myoko, a Jervis and a Monarch over there then you'll face a T7 DD, a T7 CA and a T8 BB). For the ships right in the middle it's a lot simpler since in both cases you'll find your counterparts almost face-off. Some educated guesses taking into account the map and people's behaviour in it should allow you to determine which situation it is and where the ships in the middle of the line will go. Of course, divisions can complicate things a bit, but as an initial approach it's quite sound. Salute.
  2. Estaca_de_Bares

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    To be fair, it looks more suited to be in the "carry harder" thread, but I'll put it here because this battle made Takao join my "half team killer" club: There's something that is itching me, though: notice that tie in top scorers (it has also happened to me recently, thus being more aware about such a thing), and considering that some tasks in campaigns require being the top one, would the system recognize both as such or give the lion's share to the first appearance, which would be to the smaller (class-wise) one's detriment? I suppose first world's problems haven't changed that much in the last two millennia: Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I forgot to set the replays amount when last patch hit so I lost many of them, but scrolling through the screenshots I've found this couple of gems. The torpedo that broke free into eternity: The playerbase agrees, Jedi knight Udaloi OP pls nerf: Salute.
  4. Estaca_de_Bares

    Nice Camo ideas

    Nice selection, but I'm missing "Every Breath You Take" for the TX CVs, or "Paint It Black" for the B clones. And it'd be fitting for AA and secondary monsters, and also high RoF ships, a "Popcorn" themed camo. Salute.
  5. Estaca_de_Bares


    Yep, starting to look more like a server issue. The forum is slow and trying to reconnect is taking an awful lot of time. Salute.
  6. Estaca_de_Bares


    It could be the server but it also could be some hub in between: me and a division of guys in the same clan suffered it during my last battle. I was already dead, but their DD mate was caught in the open with radar and sunk. None of the reds complained, so it's hard to say. Salute.
  7. Estaca_de_Bares

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Duke of York from one of the free cointainers but I already have it, so... Salute.
  8. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @MortenTardo's Midway and his gang on the red team while playing Minotaur. A full duration battle that could go either way till the very end. Unfortunately for them he couldn't finish off our remaining Daring in time. I only sank a broadsiding Harugumo but became a sore eye blocking B cap from flipping behind a rock and radaring and hydroing everyone that came to it. Salute.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares

    Keyboard problem or Game?

    You upgraded... does it mean installing 10 on top of 7 like the way it was force-fed when originally introduced, or was it a fresh install after wiping off the system drive? In any case, it sounds to me like the main suspect is going to be Win10 and the different way it behaves compared to Win7, although the specific problem could be any of those you enumerated. The drivers would be the least probable of them, though. Salute.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    There wasn't that much to see, to be fair: killed the Mogami and kept the German DD spotted with hydro for others to finish him off, but got massacred by the Moskva in return. You did a lot better in your flank. Salute.
  11. Estaca_de_Bares

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Or, as I said, to PEF and try in PvE. Salute. P.S.: I've just done that and she's a softer version of Takao. She'll fit in Hipper, thank God no need to worry about strange mumblings and bakas.
  12. Estaca_de_Bares

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    I do know about it, but I've had it set to national+ since it became available (although a few things sound a bit off) and, I have to admit it, I'm not touching it because it still works. That's why I noticed that Kirishima's true voice is finally there: the ARP girls in their ships (and one Kirishima duplicate going up the IJN CA line), AL Nelson in Nelson and AL Hipper intended for Hipper. Even if the weeb side of me likes Haruna the most out of them all, it would become really dull in the long run hearing her in every ship and battle, and having the different voices can be used as some kind of mental switch: I've noticed that I adapt faster to certain ships when switching between classes by associating how the captain speaks to how it should be played. That probably influences why I suck so much in USN CLs, because my first American ship was Missouri. Salute.
  13. Estaca_de_Bares

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    I have Haruna, and that calmness is precisely what I like from her since I first watched the anime. I agree that Kirishima's excitement shows up mainly from kills, but also from fire, so I'll have to make her dance harder like I do with Takao. AL Hipper... I thought about giving her her homonymous ship (and moving other captains up the line), but knowing now that she's a tsundere I'm doubting such decision. Putting her on trial in the PEF first then, let's see how her voice sounds like. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    True, she discovers the thrill of battle at that point, but the thing is I don't remember her being so... let's say high-pitched (for her usual tone) in her enthusiasm. Centurion_1711 probably nails that it's just somehow exaggerated for game purposes, which works fine with Takao and Ashigara but not that much with Kirishima IMO. Anyway, I suppose I'll use it as an excuse for watching the anime again this weekend. I hope they recorded two different sets and Yotaroh's voice lines aren't as extreme (still in the barracks and untouched), because I'm planning to keep Kuma and put the teddy bear there as captain. Hoping in vain, I'm afraid. Salute.
  15. Estaca_de_Bares

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    I could have asked elsewhere but knowing the population of this thread... Was Kirishima (the ARP captain ingame) always so hysterical? Let me explain: WG appears to have finally put her proper voice instead of Iona's, and I recall her being curt and a bit sarcastic in her remarks from the anime, but the screamings when being hit or set on fire are at the same level of Takao's and Ashigara's, which is something that doesn't fit her, if memory serves. Well, I can check it out by myself later, but I thought it'd be faster this way. Salute.