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  1. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm quite sure I've never seen so many +2k base experience players in a single battle. Two, maybe three, but five? It's a pity that the red CV didn't get there, he was the greatest and deserved it too: Salute.
  2. Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    I think I heard there was some thread about lemmings somewhere... Although he exaggerated a bit (spawned at F line), it wasn't that far from the truth for others. Meanwhile, the DDs capped but obviously had to fall back. By the next minute and a half or so every green south from D line was sunk. Salute.
  3. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I wont comment on the first one because... That 788 is a regular one late at night, not difficult to manage with Hiryu (troublesome with Ranger though) if the team has at least the smallest amount of awareness. Salute.
  4. Italian Battleship Proposal

    I don't see Pisa working as a T3, too Mikasa-like (and Mikasa was put at T2). Even the French T3 BB, Turenne, has been adapted from a pre-dreadnought design to fit the unified main battery, hence the amount of funnels and oddly big turrets for such hull. For a somewhat proper T3 starting the BB line I'd suggest Cuniberti's 1903 proposal for an all-big-gun battleship. It could be named after him too. Andrea Doria... maybe with the refurbished 320mm guns instead of the original 305mm (12 in.). For T7 you could have used Francesco Caracciolo, which was an actual design although never completed. It's argued that the Regia Marina would have been much better off at the beginning of WW2 if the Caracciolos had been completed instead of rebuilding the Cavours and Dorias, but WW1 and the post-war economic constraints prevented that. Livorno and Sardegna seem too small for the guns fitted: enlarging both, but limiting Livorno to 16 in. (similar to those at the same tier) and Sardegna to 17 in. could work though. Salute.
  5. Regarde Elite, XP and progression

    You can, to some extent, play T4-5 CVs in randoms without investing free XP in the modules, but not T6 and above. As for the almost mandatory improvements (thus spending free XP) you'll need the moment you reach that tier, fighters first and foremost, then TPBs and/or CAW (carrier air wing, i.e. flight control modification) if you have an extra bit, while leaving SDBs for the grind. Oh, and also practising manual attacks is a must when entering T6, so don't be ashamed of staying in coop battles until you think you get them. Salute.
  6. New Map ?

    An updated version of the tutorial in that case, the wiki still shows the old version without the protruding islands/peninsula at D1-3. Salute.
  7. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I've met @BeauNidl3's Z-52 and @lup3s' Des Moines divisioned while playing radar Minotaur. Let's say that the map made honour to it's name... against the red team. Both complimented, of course: lup3s ended top and BeauNidl3 provided timely smokes. It was also one of the three worthy battles for me today, being the rest highly forgettable. Salute.
  8. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Then considering the gathered evidence, it seems that "Destroy all enemy ships before the main attack starts" should be read as "all enemy ships equipped with main batteries". Still a curious detail though. Maybe I should try letting that Zuiho flee and live just to see what happens. Salute.
  9. Cleveland - Tier 8

    No: you'll get all the new T6+ CAs (203mm, 8 in.) and the new T8 Cleveland (CL, 152mm, 6 in.) for sure, and depending on which ship is considered as Cleveland's replacement you get nothing else (if the new Pensacola, which is a CA, is the replacement) or the new T6 CL (Dallas). Salute.
  10. Cleveland - Tier 8

    If things are done like during the IJN and RU DD splits, you should get the new CA at that tier and keep the down- or up-tiered ship. The question certainly is about the replacement for the current Cleveland if you have it: will it be the new light or the downtiered heavy cruiser? Salute.
  11. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Exactly: fires set, damage control and then 5 or 6 well placed torpedoes with flooding. Izumo is gone. Salute. P.S. and OT: holy smokes @havaduck! Interplay also had a game like that? Man, I enjoyed a lot "Castles" and "Conquest of the New World", that developer/distributor had really good ones.
  12. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I didn't know that either, but during one battle someone who probably had RPF kept pinging after every other ship was sunk, so I gave it a try and made the discovery. Salute.
  13. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well, there's something there that you can hardly ever see in an IJN CV (Newport, only 2 stars because the perimeter was breached for the first time): Apart from that, a couple of victories with quite the teamplay in my radar Minotaur: Salute.
  14. Awarded ribbons

    Considering the amount of background processes he's running, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest. As for the screenshot, I suspect he may be using a 1280x1024 monitor, hence he'll need to tick the extra rows you mentioned. I've checked my older screenshots in the forum, when I also had such resolution (I've been playing on a CRT until a few months ago, go figure, and I still keep it just in case: these modern screens are unreliable), and yes, I had that activated, although I can't remember if I did it or it just was that way already in the config. Salute.
  15. some thought on the game

    Most of the proposals you've made are pretty sensible, although a bit of tweaking here and there would be needed. The one I'm less sure about is the 4th one. Sure, I would like some kind of contesting award and reward, but that wouldn't work too well in epicentre mode because even the ship with the worst concealment could gain one by simply sitting behind an island at the outer ring. There should be some kind of trigger like getting a cap defense before the timer for such achievement starts running. Another option could be limiting it to the inner circle only, or at least different contest times for each ring (the further from middle, the longer it takes to receive it). Salute.