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  1. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Strange that it wasn't mentioned... Two nights past, I ended up with @BeauNidl3's Gearing while playing Essex and we faced @Uglesett's Amagi. Mutual greetings in chat aside, I took Uglesett as a target of opportunity for my SDBs a couple of times: the first one at the beginning of the match after sinking one DD, the second one later on when he beached and had to reverse. The next afternoon, having @Migantium_Mashum's Shimakaze on the red team (me in Missouri) in Islands of Ice, although I only noticed almost at the end of the match with no time to type and we never exchanged ordnance. And a couple of hours ago, @Podalire's Flint in division with a Saipan. In spite of telling the team to get good positions for making no-fly zones and mutual cover (we had 2 Atlantas, and the reds had another one in a different division) that could have neutered both CVs, they tried to go for the cap and farming so the good AA ships were sunk pretty soon. A lost battle (Podalire did the finishing blow to me), but at least my Ranger achieved another High Caliber and her first Close Quarters. Salute.
  2. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Was that a WW1 torpedo? I remember reading about the weird behaviour torpedoes had at that time, like one Entente submarine launching against a surfaced, stationary broadsiding U-boot, and when it was so close the Germans thought it was impossible for it to miss... it jumped out, passed above the ship between the gun and the sail and went back into the water at the other side. Salute.
  3. Operation "Killer Whale" is waste of time

    I suffered that during the early and, to some extent, intermediate iterations of the operation. It seems that what nambr9 experienced is more akin to this last batch, with people not worrying about the Kaiser from the second wave if the escape point is to the west, or about the V-170 from the first one if it's to the north. There's another element playing in favour of people going just for the victory and not trying to complete all objectives: there are no extra rewards this time but the event points. Salute.
  4. turning pink !!

    There seems to be a damage threshold, probably relative to the firendly ship's healthpool, for triggering the pink status. Last time I turned pink, which was relatively recent, a Worcester decided that it was a good idea to take posession of a sunken red Edinburgh's smoke in spite of my torp salvo going that way and all the horns and chat I put to warn him. He only ate one to the bow (the smoke was to my east and he came north from it), but it was enough. I basically redeemed the penalty by going into operations. Salute.
  5. Promo vehicles in Warplanes vs. Warships

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Duke of York and Aigle, the recent Indianapolis marathon, and going back to the Arpeggios, not only the Myokos but also the Kongos and Takao. As for regular ships (or their credits if already owned), quite the number of T6 were also obtainable in events (I got Leander, Ernst Gaede, New Mexico, Queen Elizabeth, La Galissonnière and Fushun), or the low tier RN BBs. And that's just to mention grinds without luck involved, i.e. not depending on something appearing in a crate. Two premium camos for Bismarck (the shiny one from Rheinübung and the destroyed one) and the same for Hood, snow cover ones for Duke of York and Scharnhorst, themed ones for the aforementioned T6 silver ships and some more for T8, baroque ones for Richelieu and Gascogne, and the list goes on. Salute.
  6. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First time receiving 2 reports and being notified about them since long ago. I suspect at least one was because of the reduced MM (7 vs 7, could have been worse) caused by CV waiting times in queue (my "fault" was being the one to enter last and trigger it) and the other, if not for the same reason, due to ending top of the losing team with Ranger in a T9 match. Salute.
  7. Match results delay

    If my suspicion about what's going on is somewhat accurate, then it would be difficult for the development team to replicate if they try to do it in an environment with few "players". We can only notice the effects on our side (high delays in showing the battle stats, or being dropped to port then having to access them via notification) but, as I said in my previous comment, it seems to me like delays and drops by timeouts due to server overload. From those I've experienced, they happen more during my early session's hours when the live server still has 10k+ players, thus more battles at the same time. @MrConway, maybe the devs should consider that approach when looking for the cause. Salute.
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    That was my mistake for trying to be too attached to the cap: you in your Atago to the north, your Hsienyang to the west (he was the one to detect me in such a compromised spot, forcing me to smoke), your Cleveland to the east and a Richelieu as extra support. But yes, until I cornered myself I was dancing around your shell splashes with only one, sometimes two, hitting out of every well aimed salvo. Speaking of aiming, Hsienyang has to improve his: I think I landed 4 or 5 shells on him for each one he landed on me. Salute.
  9. Match results delay

    It has happened to me too: sometimes you have to wait a few seconds after the screen blurs at the end of the battle for the results, sometimes you're thrown back to port. The delays when accessing the tabs for detailed stats and economy are also quite noticeable. Such effects seem to me like some kind of overload in the section of the server that manages those screens, resulting in occasional connection timeouts to it. Salute.
  10. How does bonuses stack?

    Bonuses stack this way: Starting from base XP (BXP), if you have premium account you get a first 50% bonus (0.5 BXP = PXP). Once you have (BXP+PXP) you apply on it additively the rest of the bonuses from first victory and those from flags and camos that affect normal XP( I'll annotate them as Ʃnxp), which results in a total XP (TXP) of (1+Ʃnxp)·(BXP+PXP). From TXP you calculate the base free XP, which is 5% of it (0.05 TXP = fXP). Then, in a similar way to the second point, you apply on it additively the bonuses that affect free XP (Ʃfxp), so the total free XP is (1+Ʃfxp)·fXP. The base captain XP is equal to (BXP+PXP). Captain XP is modified additively by the bonuses to ships (i.e., to normal XP, so Ʃnxp) and those specific to it (Ʃcxp). The formula for total captain XP is thus (1+Ʃnxp+Ʃcxp)·(BXP+PXP). Example: 2000 base XP, no premium time, first victory (+50% XP), Equal Speed Charlie London (+50% XP), Zulu Hotel (+50% captain XP), Papa Papa (+300% free XP) and Valentine's camo (+100% XP, +100% captain XP). Total normal XP is ( 1 + [ 1(Valentine's XP) + 0.5 (ESCL) + 0.5 (first victory) ]) · ( 2000 + 0 (no premium) ) = 3 · 2000 = 6000 Total free XP is ( 1 + [3 (PP) ] ) · 6000 · 0.05 = 1200 Total captain XP is ( 1 + [ 1(Valentine's XP) + 0.5 (ESCL) + 0.5 (first victory) ] + [ 1 (Valentine's captain XP) + 0.5 (ZH) ] ) · ( 2000 + 0 (no premium) ) = 9000 Salute. P.S. and N.B.: base free XP is calculated and rounded before the modifiers are applied, then rounded again, which accounts for the discrepancies that may appear between using the aforementioned formula and the actual shown value.
  11. Indefinite queue times for CVs in the night, please

    Well, I read "remain" and interpreted it the way I did. Ranked battles are a bit curious: from my own experience people enter them with a similar mentality to that seen in full MM randoms, at least in the middle brackets where CV presence is still a thing, which means that many don't care to adjust their gameplay accordingly. I may have been lucky with the teams, but people in reduced MM randoms do tend to switch more to the mutual AA support. Salute.
  12. Go Navy is a Fraud

    First happening is luck, second one is coincidence, third one is enemy action, so it's still coincidence. Wait until the next event. Salute.
  13. Indefinite queue times for CVs in the night, please

    I've had reduced MM battles (normally from 5 to 7 ships per team) at around the 4-minutes mark with different ships, not only CVs, but I obviously can't say if they were because of me or because of someone else. I adopted dropping from the queue at 3:30 with CVs due to that, thus having some safety margin. I still surpass that limit if I've had to leave the queue several times in a row. Hmmm, a "training room" with the possibility of getting achievements (although only King of the Sky and First Blood), making credits and farming experience... It doesn't sound that bad to me. Salute.
  14. Indefinite queue times for CVs in the night, please

    What you describe in the first paragraph is a 12 vs 12 late-game situation when ships have been mowed down. If you extrapolate that into a 6 vs 6 battle then it may look like potentially having 20 minutes of late-game, but ironically a reduced MM, specially with the presence of CVs, incentivizes teamplay to some degree: people are more prone to stick together, focus fire and assess the whole picture. CVs then have a better time defending and punish slow ships that can't/won't keep pace with the rest or have overextended (true missplay), while a normal late-game usually has ships scattered so everybody could become a potential target, the more damaged they are the better. I agree that a possible solution to sparse MM generated by CVs could be tightening the MM rules for the class (say, an extra wait of 1 minute for letting the queue get populated, for example, while still giving priority to making the CV match), but not a full exemption from the safety mechanism. Lucky you, I had a duel (1 vs 1) with a deep purple shortly after acquiring Shokaku. I obviously lost that battle, but the obtained experience was invaluable at that moment (then the rules changed, and I got a lot more confident and skilled in aerial combat, after the addition of strafing-out). Considering it with hindsight, it was probably the best MM that could have been done not only for us but for the rest of the players as well: they weren't dragged so they still had a chance for having a more conventional match. Salute.
  15. Indefinite queue times for CVs in the night, please

    True, CV players are the ones that can fix it by leaving the queue after a certain time (3 minutes is the suggested one, although I leave at 3:30). The problem is that not that many stick to this unwritten rule: I've just had a 5 vs 5 with Hiryu (immediately thrown into battle because the red Ranger waited for too long) and a proper 12 vs 12 right after that with a very small wait (less than a minute), T9 matches in both cases, with Ranger. Salute.