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    strange thing ...

    Well, @principat121 has summed up what influences ramming, although I'm not so sure about his third point (the difference in classes) being actually valid. I'd add another factor: the duration of collision. What I've seen so far in rams makes me hypothesize that the collision vector adjusts the rate of HP drainage, i.e. how much damage deal the ships to each other (which is proportional to their pools and modified by the flags) per server tick as long as they're in contact. IIRC, Yuro uploaded a video long ago with a "soft" collision that lasts long enough for shells to hit the enemy ship, thus reducing its HP to the point he actually survives the collision. Maybe the contact between ships in yours was of such a short timeframe that the damage taken, even with the difference in HP, was still way less than your remaining health pool. Salute. P.S.: I basically apply the logic of "if his remaining HP is less than my full, go for it" as a rule of thumb for rams. Granted, it has to be a "hard" collision with parity in flags for its full validity, as principat121 mentions in his last paragraph.
  2. I guess Duncan simply happens to be the ship to be tested currently. Had to face a St. Vincent on the next battle, though. As for radar Edinburgh, I started with her that way slightly before Yuro uploaded his first Memetaur video and kept with that up the line, although Neptune is the one I'm most tempted to revert to smoke. Besides, a division mate had selected Akizuki for the ride, so it made all the sense using a direct support ship instead of another DD (which would've been Kagero almost for sure due to my preferences) or a fatty. Encountered @lovelacebeer sailing in his Saint Louis as a defender in convoys, map North. No greetings in chat since my Worcester was really busy with the containment of his team-mates at the eastern flank, but it was one of the few instances where I witnessed the attacking team doing it right: instead of everybody going to the rocks leaving west, which allows the defenders (if in sufficient numbers) to secure the western route and get the win, the spread was more even, hence providing actual opposition everywhere, and we moved west swiftly as soon as our respective areas were cleared. Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    Youngest WoWS Player

    I know the oldest son (I think he's 13 or 14 now) of a customer of mine does have a game account, although I doubt he plays that much if at all because of the slower pace of battles. Current on-line games preferred by (male mostly, with the occasional girl thrown into the mix) kids and teens favour quick reflexes and the instant adrenaline rush which is a pity, for games can also be highly educational if used right. I had a couple of conversations with mothers of kids (now at college) I taught when I worked as a home tutor the other day, and they desperatedly asked me if I was returning to that line of work some day: the younger siblings were having bad grades at school and becoming shut-ins, surely messed up due to the lockdowns. The thing is, I had recommended one of the kids back then to try Patrician III because she had shown interest in trade, and she's now taking her degree in Economics. Although I'm not sure how much the advice actually helped her later in life, had I not brought it up, most parents would've never known such kind of game genre exists or dismissed it as a waste of time because of the games their kids usually sought (and still seek from what I've been told) after. Salute.
  4. The scene from the first Matrix movie where he says "never send a human to do a machine's job". Salute.
  5. There are toxic players in all winrate strata. Fortunately I tend to keep my rants for myself since I'm not fast at typing. Others... well, they've been gifted with too fast fingers for their own good (or type like they were Whatsapp messaging, but this is a common behaviour nowadays, not just in-game). I agree in general with @tom_kat's assessment of what makes people go on a tirade depending on their WR, see his comment above. An example of each type from personal experience in ranked: bad WR Azuma player asking for a smokescreen in the open to shoot from(!) when I said at the very beginning that I was using TRB Yugumo, which means a lack of knowledge of his own ship's capabilities to begin with; good WR (almost at unicum level) Georgia player accusing me of throwing the game from losing too much HP by shooting at the red Georgia (again TRB Yugumo), when finishing him off ASAP and keeping the friendly Cherbourg alive by diverting fire and attention was the only way to have a chance of winning. It's truly "encouraging" when Agent Smith's observation proves right: Salute.
  6. Estaca_de_Bares

    Attack Wave Mode (Survival Mode?)

    Well, we technically have this mode already: Defense of Naval Station Newport, a.k.a. the scenario with worst success rate as has been argued many times in the forum. And both Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness, the latter in particular, during Halloween, as @Itwastuesday pointed out. Not to mention the currently unavailable The Ultimate Frontier... Or, in a more general sense, what @Jethro_Grey said. Salute. P.S.: Were it to be actually added, I think a reverse Cherry Blossom (Axis ships defending from an invasion) would be the best option.
  7. Funny thing, I was unknowingly enlisted as mercenary (or should be better said, privateer) for a handful of battles once. A guy I knew from operations offered divving so I thought he wanted to give a go at one of them. Imagine my surprise when I saw everybody with TX ships selected. I adapted quickly, though: used Somers, coordinated a bit at the beginning of each match but otherwise did mainly what I would have done in ranked, and we won enough times for me to farm some steel. Salute.
  8. It depends on the attitude, although the absence of direct, face-to-face interaction nowadays takes a heavy toll. Things were quite different over a decade ago: when I worked as a home tutor I used to go to a net café near home where kids played Age of Mythology (mostly LAN against each other but sometimes against on-line people), which I hadn't touched for some years. Long story short, I became the benchmark for testing their skills and whenever they challenged me to a 1 vs. 1 and lost I told them: "Why did you lose? Think." It took them about half a year to finally start beating me in land-only maps (I was a way harder nut to crack in maps with water) and I'm not a particularly skilled player. I plead myself guilty, so to say, of the latter: Shimakaze (or any IJN DD from that branch) specced as torpboat for the key skills and modules, and everything extra put on being able to get out of trouble guns blazing if need arises. The thing is, it works fine. Salute.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares

    Karma: does it get deprecated over time?

    If you checked your karma right after the battle, be aware that there's a certain margin of time (I haven't tested out how long) where you can compliment/report, so maybe someone reported you for that battle after you looked at the karma number. Since single reports don't generate notifications, you didn't know of the matter until you checked again in the next gaming session. The second case, if true as described, is harder to explain unless it also was a -1 (hence from 1 to 0) after looking at the number. Salute.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    Oldest clans

    Technically doable but probably very low on the priority list. The monitoring could be done by establishing a date interval (e.g. from last game version to hit the server until end of the month) when changes could be submitted and approved, and distribution by inclusion in the following update. Compared to the whole game, a few extra megabytes don't seem that much, it's not like the on-line Red Baron II/3D competitive scene from the change of millennium and their compressed files full of customized fancy colour schemes that were as large (for the day) as the game itself. Salute.
  11. Estaca_de_Bares

    New Supership in the works.

    Comparing them at WoWS Builds with their current stats, ~500m worse concealment, ~1s worse rudder shift, marginally better turning radius (which doesn't make much sense since it would be a longer ship)... not sure the 6.6k extra HP and the extra turret really compensate. Add to that (although WoWS Builds currently contradicts this statement)... ...and it looks more like an "improved" smoke Minotaur than a radar one. Such a pity. Salute.
  12. Estaca_de_Bares

    Magic torpedos Coop play

    Ah, yes, those torpedoes: Did they really disappear with the rework? I don't remember any instance of them happening afterwards, but considering what the thread is about... Although I agree that a replay is the best way to confirm the claim, so... ...if it's a 0.11.4.x replay, it should still work when dragged and dropped on the game executable inside the penultimate (number-wise) folder within the /bin directory while the WGC is up and running. That is, unless WG has also botched up that part of the replay function. Salute.
  13. Team-mates at A (two DDs, one BB and the CV) after me sinking Kitakaze and them taking the cap: "Our job here is done, let's go to the meatgrinder at C." Me: "Ehm... guys... I think you're forgetting about the half HP North Carolina and the full HP Iowa and Hipper..." A couple of minutes before the end, when they finally managed to flip C cap: None survived, by the way. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    What the **** is this? & Faroe Islands.

    FaT/LuT torpedoes, that's what it looks like, or G7es/TV/Zaunkönig. The only problem is, the ship that launched it has a very un-German profile... Salute.
  15. Estaca_de_Bares

    Why is this bug still a thing

    I play almost vanilla (I said almost because the only "mod" I use is manually increasing the number of replay files to be kept) and such pop-up doesn't show, so yes, it looks like an issue with mods as @Cpt_Andre pointed out. In defence of @MacArthur92, though, it also looks like there's a lot of "inherited" code from older special game modes that hasn't been either properly pruned (no streamlining, which results in bloated downloads) or deactivated (kept in place for ease of programming -which is a quite common practice- but not flagged for non-execution/marked as comment), and that may be what causes the interference. Salute.