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  1. Reporting system

    Probably this. Just like the pink status: you get longer penalties sooner the more often you commit friendly fire. Some people may even be in the situation that they forgot how having a ship's green icon is. When having an automated system for this things it's pretty simple to remain in such "reoffending" status. Well, as the say goes, "summum ius, summa iniuria": full justice -i.e. a strict application to the letter every time- (means) full injustice. Salute.
  2. The Language Barrier in game.

    I stand corrected then. As I said, my German vocabulary is quite rusty and lacking by now. About changes in meaning depending on the gender, I remember the case with "See", which is a lake or a sea (although the only examples I can think about are the North Sea -"Nordsee"- and the Baltic Sea -"Ostsee"- as a sea), but if I tried to guess which one is each I'm sure I'd fail. Salute.
  3. The Language Barrier in game.

    Gendered nouns is a pretty common feature in many languages but yes, German ones are a bit of a headache, at least when coming from a Latin-derived one. In Spanish sun and moon are masculine and feminine respectively, in German it's the other way around. German words for fork, knife and spoon are of a different gender each. Another couple of funny thing are the fact that kids are neutral ("das Kind"), and boys get their sex-related gender first ("der Jung", compared to "das Madel/Mädchen") while girls have to wait until marrying age ("die Fräulein"). Things get harder with the declination, but luckily I attended high school while Latin was still an obligatory subject, thus just having to adapt and apply the same syntactic reasoning to a simpler degree (Latin's five declinations are also a nightmare, specially the third one: it's like three in one). Salute.
  4. The Language Barrier in game.

    Easier to learn... not so much, and I'm a native speaker. From an Englishman perspective German should probably be the easiest, at least on a syntax level: the structure is extremely consistent even in its occasional weirdness at first glance, adjectives always before nouns like English, "trennbare Verben" (a verb with a prefix that has to be separated when conjugating) can be somewhat related to phrasal verbs. Phonetically both Spanish and German are simpler than English, having an almost established sound (phoneme) for each letter or small combination of letters (grapheme); this also applies to some extent to French, but some French graphemes are outrageous (writing "eau" to say the same sound as a Spanish or German "o" -yes, vowels should be kept simple-), and their tendency to mute the last letter in a word is a big no-no. The more complex conjugation for Spanish and French compared to German, not to mention to English (seriously, the only "proper" verbs -as compared to those from other languages- are be, have, do, can, will... i.e. the auxiliary ones), is somewhat compensated by German declination. As for the vocabulary, you may tend to find more similarities between English and French or Spanish in nouns and adjectives, and in verbs and adverbs for German. I learnt German aside from English and, although my vocabulary is quite rusty by now due to the lack of usage, the syntax, conjugation and rules for declination are still imprinted on my mind. There's a channel on Youtube called Gringo Español/The Spanish Dude. The owner is an American guy who took Spanish lessons during college, didn't pass (got an F) because of the learning method but kept trying and reasoned by himself. The general conclusions and guidelines he arrived at and shares are pretty spot on (I can relate to the "ser/estar" dilemma because I thought the very same idea independently; there are two similar dilemmas in German too with some perfect tenses on one hand, and two passive forms on the other), and to hell with the specifities until faced on a case-by-case basis, although they're mainly just small groups of words with their own internal rules. Just for the second and third points you mentioned it's worth a try. I've recommended it to some British pensioners who live in neighbouring towns and cities and wanted to learn some more Spanish in order not to feel isolated: there are some almost completely English neighbourhoods in Costa del Sol that hardly interact with their surroundings (as you can see, even if you give wings to pigs and push them off a cliff they refuse to fly while within the herd), but for those in less close-knit environments the local language becomes a must for a daily living, or just for enjoyment and self-fulfillment. Maybe the helping disposition of many Spaniards is also a barrier, trying us to use our (normally) butchered English instead of somewhat forcing the foreigner to make himself/herself being understood. Salute.
  5. The Language Barrier in game.

    Not entirely true: English is the third after Mandarin and Spanish when only native speakers are considered, although probably second if proficiency as second language is also included. Not surprising if one considers that the current technological level is mainly sustained on developments first researched in depth by English-speaking people (from Turing onwards) and the most expansive multimedia industries were also implemented in English-speaking countries for the first time, so learning and knowing at least the basics has become a necessity for everybody else. Salute
  6. If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    My impressions about those ships that I own (only Saipan) or I often face in battle: Atago: well, I only have Takao, which is a watered down version, but she doesn't feel particularily strong. Although it's also a perception derived from the fact that I encounter less Mogamis than Atagos in battle, so maybe there lies the point about the latter being better than the former. Loyang: it's a pain in the butt when playing IJN DDs because of the hydro, but apart from that not that much different than facing a Benson. Belfast: once again a pain for DDs but because of the radar, and to some degree for bigger ships because of the smoke. In any other circumstances deal with her like any other RN CL. Fiji is IMO the best of the two, albeit the margin is thin, thanks to the torpedoes and the heal. Ceteris paribus, in a 1vs1 encounter the first ship to smoke is toast. Scharnhorst: I think Gneisenau is completely on par, and only the fact of the extra guns and reload time to compensate for the smaller caliber makes for the feeling of being superior. Błyskawica: can be dealt with like any other destroyer in that tier. Leningrad: it happens quite the same as with Atago that you encounter the premium one more often than the silver one. Because of being acquired for training purposes and then being a bit redundant to have both ships in the same tier? Maybe. Saipan: yes, this one is insanely better than any other T7 CV, specially if one goes for the role she's intended to, which is absolute airspace and scout denial. Which means that your targets are planes and DDs, dropping on BBs or CAs when spotting the chance. According to WoWS Numbers I'm within the top 5% average in planes shot down per battle, an enormous contrast compared to my other CVs (although the difference in experience has to be accounted for, I struggled a lot to reach and surpass the server average with Hiryu, and even in my recent battles I can't keep the same pace of smashed flies). Enterprise: on par with Shokaku, but air-combat oriented due to the reserves. I often say the Big E is a 222 Shokaku with AS hangar. If custom CAW and hangar composition were to be implemented to some degree, hers would be the guidelines for a guy that prefers air battles to ship attack. Kaga: on the same league with Hiryu, but for experienced players due to the lower tier planes. Disregarding player skill, she punishes way better solo-going ships though. Kutuzov: extremely annoying for big ships, while Chapayev is more suited against small ones. The current META is what makes the former look quite better. Premium ships are better than their silver counterparts in earning money and experience for training, true, which is the reason why you pay for them (or earn them through campaigns/competitive, or wait for being lucky), but I don't think there are many of them so noticeably more powerful than their line counterparts, Saipan being the greatest outlier. I know, this is purely subjective, but even with all the hard data we may have (ships' stats, WR, average damage...) in the end your own experience is what dictates if a ship is truly better, or at least better from your own gameplay perspective (it suits your style or you get a headache whenever you encounter it). Salute.
  7. Misiones francesas

    ¡Ah!¿Que hay que sobornarlo? Pues no sé qué es lo que habría en el sobre invisible que subrepticiamente cayó de mi bolsillo, pero debió ser un pellizco de los gordos: a falta de los diez últimos contenedores, con ocho elementos aún sin salir y siete duplicados (haciendo las cuentas se ve que necesitaba como mínimo 5 no repetidos), me aparecen seis de ellos más las misiones para conseguir el Lyon, el Bretagne y el Normandie. Así que grumete gabacho, mantel para la cocina y tres cacerolas (una de ellas ya obtenida). Un saludo a todos.
  8. Another lucky guy here. Before opening the last ten containers tonight I was at 8 items left and 7 duplicates, thus needing at least five non-duplicates, and got six of them. Also the blueprints (personal missions) for all the battleships already mentioned by others (Bretagne, Normandie and Lyon). Salute to all.
  9. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Lyon acquired and tested (not a bad ship, but you have to show quite the broadside and zig-zag a lot with her in order to use all the turrets), and then the Baguette Collection completed including the blueprints for Bretagne and Normandie. On top of that, a flawless night with Hiryu and a 6-kills Kraken for the final victory that provided the containers: Salute.
  10. Toxic Moaning Community

    Yes, that's basically it: another pebble added to the pile. I don't feel that the community is particularily toxic. The salty ones ranting in chat for longer than in your typical multiplayer game? I've been out of other MO for nearly four years and I preferred playing on LAN, so I'll just say maybe. Salute.
  11. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Yes, it was a nice battle for those in the east and middle, and a tough one, at least in the beginning, for those like you in the western flank. And much better than the other in Ocean (Mo and Kutuzov) the day before, although not as nail-bitting. Salute.
  12. Please help me with Aircraft Carriers

    After reading all the comments, your bad luck streak seems to me like going back to CVs after a break. I've experienced it recently too: came back to the game last week (two weeks out) and it was loss after loss in my Hiryu, my most played ship, and abysmal results in every class. I managed to recover my skills in all the other classes reasonably fast, but CVs kept resisting. A teacher of mine used to say that one day without practice is a lost week, and that's spot on with carriers to the highest degree. Also warming up to sharpen your reflexes before jumping to CVs is a must. My usual routine is as follows: play other classes for the first hour or hour and a half (it's also a known fact that the first hour in every job is the least productive) going through the tiers usually from top to bottom, then with carriers from bottom to top. As for advices about upgrades, skills and whatnot, what El2aZeR said, nothing else to add. Salute.
  13. Emblems and insignias huge success

    Well, when offered such a new feature you either disable it if not liked or customise just for the sake of not using the generic emblem. Mine is quite straightforward and adjusted to heraldry: Spanish-style coat of arms, azure (blue) field (background) and gold (yellow) naval aviation ensign (I'm a CV main after all). It would be better if the ensign borders were of the same colour as the field, though. Yep, yours is quite annoying (joking, just in case): gules (red) on gules. The rules for coats of arms state that you shouldn't put elements inside others with the same kind of tincture: "metal should not be put on metal, nor colour on colour". Composition is layered, and that specific one tries to prevent not being able to distinguish between the contents/layers. Salute.
  14. Karma counter botched up?

    About the reports not being shown, I sometimes think it's a matter of when you've been reported: if in-game or during the post-battle stats. Still not sure about which ones are each. Salute.
  15. 30 seconds into the game and detonated

    Saltiness at its best, but because the OP only sees the "fun and engaging" mechanic in a completely negative way. When you face it with a normal mood you just think "well, at least I've got some flags and another badge", and it can be even a reason for some laughs in chat: some months ago I was with my Takao and a red ARP Myoko poked me with a "traitor, I'm going after you" and I answered following the prank. Shortly after, a red DD popped out and I detonated him for First Blood, but the guy just wrote "damn ships of the fog and their laser cannons" instead of ruining the mood with some cursing. Consider yourself fortunate, you were the one focused. I remember a battle with Ryujo, attacking a group of tier 5 and 6 BBs, where I sank the one I targeted (about half HP) and detonated another one (almost full HP) with a stray torpedo that missed the former. What do you think the latter would have though about that situation? And I've been detonated by every ship class and also in all but CVs (I still have to witness a CV detonation firsthand). Yes, that's quite the point: he was AFK for any usual reason, the CV saw a static target that started moving (slow, still unable to manoeuvre to avoid a drop) and made the logical choice. A CV could reach and attack a capping DD in slightly more than a minute, so no less than two minutes for going against a BB under the most favourable circumstances (straight path to the directly approaching target, and with no air opposition). There's also the recent laggy access to battle. As of lately it's unfortunate how many times the battle begins and people are still spawning. Not much of a problem when in a BB or CA/CL though, but for scouts or rapid response ships, like a DD to start moving when that second-line BB has already surpassed him, or a CV to have all the squads ready to go when the map has loaded (for those non-CV players, the planes, like your shells or torpedoes, have to be loaded at the very beginning, thus the 25-to-35-seconds delay for the first squadron to be in the air when the 10-seconds take-off is added)... Just consider the usual amount of blaming. Interesting, but it may still not save you from a detonation starting at full health. Consider this situation: you're spotted and focused, a couple of shells from one ship put you beyond the detonation-safe threshold, then half a second later a shell from another ship arrives and detonates you. Although that threshold could be considered as a way to simulate the progressive destruction/disabling of passive safety elements within the ship. Salute to all.