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  1. Estaca_de_Bares

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    Why do I hear so much neighing coming from this thread? On a more serious note, why not having both, each one on a different tier? Regarding another Italian ship, I'm not sure if WG would consider investing time in Bolzano when they could simply copy-paste in order to include Fiume (Pola's front stack was fused to the bridge unlike her sisters', so maybe a bit of a hassle). Aside from that, either Norfolk, Dorsetshire or Suffolk (the latter also means work already done in preparation for finally making the Commonwealth tree) would be nice, although the right timing would've been during a "Hunt for Bismarck" event. As for the DDs, right now I've got neither complaints nor suggestions, so any proposal seems fine to me. Salute.
  2. Estaca_de_Bares

    Red glitches

    Glad to read the issue appears to be solved. To a certain extent, yes. The updated driver should improve, as its description says, how data is accessed in order to prevent reliability issues. How good of an improvement that will be, honestly, no idea, and I doubt anyone aside from the most hard-core (pun intended) technicians at Kingston and some freaks that mess up with the actual physical layer of the drives really knows. Unlike 30 years ago, computer components and software work internally and interact among themselves in quite obscure ways nowadays (no wonder such a model is sometimes referred to as "black box") unless you're really into it. The solution I provided was based on what the theory says it should be happening within the drive, yet the programmer's principle of "when I wrote the code, both me and God knew how it should work; now that it's compiled, only God knows how it actually works" applies nonetheless. Still, going by the theory, I'd keep an eye on the disk just in case, because at any point those sectors that were causing problems will be used for storing something else, which might become the next corrupted file or program. This time it fortunately was just the game, which has a repair function. Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    Offtopical Disco

    This came as a surprise to me. It happens that I had always mistakenly thought that DJ Taucher's remix was the original Ayla. Here's Taucher's remix... ...and here's the original: After finding that out, I went on a search through both Youtube and my playlists to see if anything else was out of place. I posted three years ago on this thread Artemyev's Siberiade theme, so now it's time for its most known trance adaptation (if you're enough old, and yes, I know Alan Walker's more recent version is the real deal for many younglings): On a different vibe, all the recent arguments related to elitism, whales, CVs and whatnot... well, a bit of thick skin in the form of a song. I could've chosen a "modern" rendition but nothing beats Alaska: Salute.
  4. Estaca_de_Bares

    Can someone give us a 0.10.5 client

    I wasn't able to do the check yesterday evening (an unscheduled social event prevented it) but I've done it a few moments ago and 0.10.5 replays run just fine using the executable at bin\4046169\. @CH__hero, make sure the replay you're trying to watch is not older (date of modification) than 2021/06/16 05:00 UTC, which is when IIRC that patch hit the EU live server. It could be that the one you're trying to load belongs to 0.10.4, hence the failure (I've also checked that out and, interestingly, the video at the start does play but can't go past that, showing the log-in screen with a message indicating the replay is from an older, non-supported version). Salute. P.S.: Another way to see which patch the replay belongs to would be uploading it to replayswows.com, since they check out and show the associated game version automatically.
  5. Estaca_de_Bares

    Can someone give us a 0.10.5 client

    If OP is trying to watch and record a replay from 0.10.5 (i.e., the game version prior to the current one), the respective binaries should still be present and work... unless some kind of mess-up has happened. Not at the gaming machine right now but I can check it out later in the evening. It was already discussed a month ago in a thread opened by @Prophecy82 and, IIRC, the exact previous version (0.10.4, being 0.10.5 the running one at that time) worked fine for replays but nothing older than that, which was the experiment I ran in response to that thread. Salute.
  6. Estaca_de_Bares

    Red glitches

    Not formatting but making a copy of the folder (which would work wether it's a HDD or a SDD) or a disk defragmentation (quite on point that it's meant for HDDs only). The idea is having the game files in a different physical location (but the same logical one) within the disk. As a simile, think of bookshelves: you've got a certain book collection (the game) currently sitting on a shaky, rotten board full of silverfish (the degraded sectors) which are slowly eating the pages (Check and Repair only tries to replace the damaged files, i.e. the pages in this simile). You could either move it to another shelf (the defragmentation) or make a copy of it altogether to that new shelf then throw the original collection away (the method I suggested). As I mentioned before, in neither case the true problem is solved but it suffices as a workaround. Salute.
  7. Estaca_de_Bares

    Red glitches

    If doing Check and Repair, as @Wizard27_1979 mentioned, only solves it temporarily, my guess is that the problem lays in the HDD sectors where texture files are stored. Check and Repair would mainly overwrite those sectors to replace the supposedly damaged files, which enhaces their readability... for a while, until the degradation kicks in again. A possible solution would be making a whole copy of the game folder in the same directory tree path (select it, Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V so a second WoWS folder appears with (1) at the end). Since the copied files are now in completely different (and hopefully not degraded) disk sectors, deleting the original game folder, renaming the copy so it matches the original (which means that, from a software perspective, it becomes indistinguishable from the former) and then running Check and Repair to ensure there are no errors on the copied files. This would still be a temporary measure though, because it doesn't solve the underlying problem, i.e. increasingly unreadable sectors due to disk degradation. Salute.
  8. Estaca_de_Bares

    Making pretty screenshots. Help?

    Good old hack right there. In particular, the "or something" part reminded me of a net café where some monitors (CRT back then) in gaming machines had an ugly marking of "something" at the centre of the screen by the end of the day: a couple of customers who chewed gum used to put a small portion as a substitute for the crosshairs in FPS games, so they could aim sniper rifles without scope. Salute.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares


    Press and hold Ctrl key, that shows a cursor which you move with your mouse. Double-click on the square of the minimap you wish to point others' attention to. Other actions available with that cursor are setting an autopilot course (single click on minimap or, less prone to mistakes, in top-down whole map view), customising what is shown on the minimap (notice the cogwheels top-right of it, click them and a pop-up menu appears for adjusting plenty of elements to be active or hidden) and marking an enemy ship as a priority target for your secondaries (main view, click on him and a small A in a crosshair appears over his HP bar). Salute.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    Why am I doing so well with IJN cruisers

    It seems to me that you've found your niche. I agree with @ColonelPete on all the practice with Atago having paid dividends. Since Aoba and Myoko pretty much work in the same way gun-wise (in that regard, the IJN CA branch is very homogeneous, as @SkollUlfr points out) and, because of their torpedo arcs, they push you towards kiting instead of broadsiding, it's no wonder you're doing good. The only caveat might be achieving it in rankeds, which isn't precisely the kind of environment present in randoms (limited MM spread, less ships, some maps you normally wouldn't be fighting at). Salute.
  11. Estaca_de_Bares

    best DD hunter

    From an IJN torpboat player perspective (an odd one though, since I spec their captains for gunboating if needed), DDs I don't like encountering are: Both Kléber and Marceau in almost any situation and in particular a charging one. KM's original line in cap areas. Vampire II. Småland and Black due to the radar (although not as much by themselves as due to their presence somehow encouraging focus fire by the reds). Other ships and lines can be more or less played around using a combination of stealth, right timing for smoke and kiting. In spite of that, be ready to lose between one and two thirds of your HP, depending on the specific engagement. Salute.
  12. On the same team as @Chaos_Umbra in a couple of battles, me in Amagi and Musashi while he played smaller boats. Quite unorthodox matches in both cases regarding my style, though: a push through the islands in Neighbours with the former, contesting B cap in Okinawa for the latter. OTOH, @__Helmut_Kohl__'s Enterprise unexpectedly getting the short end of the stick team-wise in a double CV battle (we even had a bit of a discussion about such occurrences in open chat at the start), although it wasn't apparent until the second half of the battle. As for me, Lyon's ability to throw a lot of smelly ordnance came in handy whenever a spotter became the spotted. Salute. P.S.: I guess it's now some kind of habit mentioning people down here, in this case @Itwastuesday and @Leo_Apollo11 in Grand Battles, first with the former then against the latter. P.P.S.: Wow, double post scriptum. A couple more forumites to mention: with @RAHJAILARI's Tone and against @The_Chiv's Elbing in the same battle. They probably fought each other since they spawned face to face while my Shimakaze was at the other side of the map.
  13. Estaca_de_Bares

    Suggestion for European Cruiser Line

    The Spanish section of the forum had various proposals for a tech tree (sometimes only CAs and DDs, sometimes including BBs) dating as far back as 2015, and some others have been made in the English section and elsewhere through the years. It's generally acknowledged that both the CA and BB lines would be inspired/based on British designs up to somewhere around T7-8 and then switch to an Italian style. Regarding Baleares, true, when rushed into service at the start of the Spanish Civil War she still lacked the 4th turret, which was fitted about a year later IIRC. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    Suggestion for European Cruiser Line

    Leaving aside what others have mentioned (Spain having enough ships and designs for maybe making a differentiated nation of its own), and although I appreciate OP's intention, Baleares and Canarias aren't really fit for anything beyond T8 even if in a modernised state. Even worse: looking at it from a business perspective, using both in the silver line dries up a potential source of revenue. I don't think WG's top brass would be happy about that. Salute.
  15. Estaca_de_Bares

    2 CVs per side at T8???

    Why are you surprised @DB2212? It's one of the perks of playing at certain hours which even applies to TX (see the first spoiler), nothing new about it. This simile almost made me spit my coffee due to its truthfulness. It reminded me of a discussion I had years ago in an IRC channel. Long story short, some guy was bragging about his will to do so, then I remarked "sure man, I share that fantasy too but, if it's already hard dealing with just one, do you really think you can handle two?" and general laughter ensued. It's such a common trope that even Honoré de Balzac lays it plainly in a popular quote of his. Salute.