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  1. Should "This is Too Complex" still be a valid excuse?

    It depends on what you consider as good, but I enjoyed "Carriers at War" (to be precise, SSG's second iteration and Matrix Games' 2007 redesign) and Akella's "Age of Sail 2" a lot. I also heard good things about "Jane's Fleet Command" at the time, but there were quite the amount of bugs and stability issues although that was pretty common during the transition from Windows 98 to XP. Salute.
  2. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Well, the Nelson one was funnier but shocking: all our kills happening on the flank without carrier support while the one closer to the CV crumbled. It was also disappointing to see our AP equipped Lexington targeting your Shinonome with those while he used the TPBs against the cruiser at the end of the match. There was very little I could do in that one you posted with Jervis apart from guarding east for a while and providing my smoke to our radar Edinburgh so he could retreat. Although it was a victory, I feel the battle would have been more dynamic if our BBs to the west had pushed the moment I commented that your team was pushing east en masse and all your DDs were also there. Salute.
  3. Anime

    Others have already pointed out good stuff. Cowboy Bebop in particular was what actually dragged me into anime and manga, while my contact with Dragon Ball and other late '80s/early '90s was limited to being asked for drawing/copying/scaling the collectable cards to A4 sheet size. As for series that haven't been mentioned yet, Monster, ACCA and Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken: Monster is long (74 episodes) and highly psychological, set in Germany around the time the wall fell down; ACCA is slow paced, with unravelling political intrigue, lots of cigarettes like Cowboy Bebop or Black Lagoon, and lots of bread; the last one is a short (two interweaved seasons but the episodes are less than four minutes each) slice-of-life comedy full, and I really mean it, of references to other manga and anime series. Salute.
  4. You're right, my bad. I think I never checked that back since a discussion that happened on the Spanish forum about the right meaning of what Victor Lima does. Salute.
  5. I don't mind such markers, but in some cases it's highly debatable how or why they were chosen to be put like that: in Minotaur India X-Ray (extra fire chance, extra own detonation chance) is set as unfitting, which is understandable for a RN CL, yet Victor Lima (extra fire chance, extra own flooding chance) is not. Salute.
  6. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Holy smokes Midway! She's till shy of being my top base XP earner, yet now accompanies Missouri in the +3k club and improves her plane count (the free XP is due to stacking flags and camo for the third stage of the legendary upgrade): Apart from that, Nelson acquired and tested. Her shells feel faster than those from other ships (even Missouri's, which already dislodge my aim when switching between her and other BBs) so I've been usually hitting bows half the time, and that tight grouping makes it even harder to score on wiggling DDs. OTOH, that heal is utterly ridiculous: she's not one ship but more like two and a half with free consumables, probably three and a half with SI and premium consumables. Salute.
  7. Tactical Map

    The distance shown, IIRC and regardless of being in tactical map or in normal view, can be one of two values: if you have the camera locked on one ship (yours because it's still afloat, someone else's because you're watching what your friendlies are doing) then it's relative to that ship; if you're roaming on free camera (e.g., after being sunk) then it's relative to your current PoV. Salute.
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @Skyllon, @havaduck and @aboomination divisioned two days ago in Trap, my Jervis being crimson to them. They concentrated mainly in B cap and I think things weren't that good there while I sailed to C, so my greeting omen in chat fortunately didn't come true. The only one I had the pleasure of shelling a bit (only one or two hits, though) was aboomination when he tried to keep C contested later on. Salute.
  9. CV Problems I have

    Well, blackgun34 has already stated one factor that affects low tier CVs (making use of friendly AA to improve your chances of winning a dogfight). There's a couple of other elements that can further strengthen your fighters: upgrades (although for Langley that's limited to Air Groups Mod. 1) and captain skills. As for the latter, the recommended basic ones are Dogfighting Expert, Aircraft Servicing Expert, Torpedo Acceleration, Torpedo Armament Expertise and Air Supremacy, the first and last ones in particular for your troublings. Those are unlocked and available from account levels 6 and 7 and up, respectively. Salute.
  10. Roast the previous poster's stats

    OK, let's revive this a bit. @Tyrendian89 was the last one to have his stats roasted, but unfortunately the one to do it has such a common name (lots of DeletedUser out there, like Müller, Smith or García) to be properly traceable so I'll roast Tyrendian89's again and let mine to be abused. Almost 21 months without any new record, really? Were you using a teaspoon to dig through that wall? Here are mine. I've thought quite many things to come out with, but let's see if you can surprise me with something else: https://wows-numbers.com/player/538063337,Estaca_de_Bares/ Salute.
  11. Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    I've had Icarus added to Acasta and Jervis today. She probably dropped from one of the containers I was committed to obtain no matter what, thus hanging all the available cloth to Jervis' mast. Salute.
  12. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I've faced @Torped1ne's Hakuryu during my streak with Midway. I was somewhat winning the aerial battle but utterly lost the damage and sinking race, which obviously decided the outcome. A bit later, @OttoZander's Henri IV ended top of the team while defending A cap in North with little support aside from the Worcester he was divisioned with. I, OTOH, was having a bit of a nightmare near the middle of the map due to the red CV and his AA division (Midway, Montana, Minotaur). Fortunately our main group was able to push through in the end and I could enjoy the guilty pleasure of harassing a Kidd to death. Salute.
  13. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I've been focused a couple of days with Midway and it paid: 4 carrier-related tasks from Halsey's campaign completed, including the 10M credits one, and stages 1 (100k XP) and 2 (8M credits) for the legendary upgrade also done. I've also had 3 battles above 1M credits: a 1.3M victory slightly shy in points compared to the second one shown (just by 44), another 1.15M victory and a 1.15M defeat. Oh, and getting the mission for Icarus and completing it in the meantime. This battle is from yesterday, and... well, let's say that getting a Kraken was denied in a very unsportmanlike way. Things could have been different if a King of the Sky had been achieved: Personal record in planes shot down, ousting Hiryu from her long attained throne, and I'm pretty sure that also personal record in base XP with CVs (the overall one still belonging to Missouri with 3k-something): Not Midway but Shimakaze in this case, featuring red Conqueror and Worcester: 92k damage dealt to them (the rest is from a Musashi and some shots to a red Shimakaze). They found their W, found their D, at least for a while, and then forgot that the keyboard exists: Salute.
  14. Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    I'll wait for my input in the poll until all is over (or more probably forget about it). I got Acasta mission during the first week and the one for Jervis yesterday, no premium containers bought for now. I agree with @Admiral_H_Nelson: at least Acasta feels like becoming a free slot, silver and a captain to be trained for something else, we'll se what happens with Jervis. Salute.
  15. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I could have chosen a different one because of their overall weirdness (first match with Shimakaze, Double Strike and brown alert due to a Henri IV -sunk- appearing 4km away from behind an island while below 3k HP, smoke on cooldown and the tubes still reloading; second game with Minotaur, I pop radar -funnily enough, I was the only radar ship in the battle- because of being spotted by 3 DDs and by the time it expires they were no more thanks to the team focusing them) but my first battle today with Minotaur should do: Apart from that, I've been carried (no shame admitting it) for a 5 star, Tactical Expertise in operation Dinamo at first try with Aigle, also first time taking her out. Scoring hits on the boats was a lottery and I even entered the fields twice but managed to get out without hitting a mine. And I completed Shimakaze's legendary upgrade yesterday. It's going to accumulate a lot of dust in the inventory, though. Salute.