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  1. The trailer looks pretty nice, although I'm not sure if covering his whole deeds from both WW1 and WW2 (and, by the looks of it, the "obligatory" romance/drama subplot) would work as intended. One Italian WW1 naval action that I'd like to watch since I read about it is the raid on Pola. It could even have a more straightforward, old-school script like the ones in the war movies of the '50s and '60s (I'm thinking about e.g. The Cockleshell Heroes, The Enemy Below or Sahara). To be fair, I'm a bit biased about how to make it because I'd like such a movie to roughly follow the events in the way Luis de la Sierra narrates them in his book Buques Suicidas, including the previous attempt with the Grillo (link to the Italian Wikipedia article about the "barchini saltatori", a kind of tank-boat hybrid designed to surpass the defensive barriers of naval bases). Anyway, Memento Audere Semper. Salute.
  2. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    That appears to be the case. Putting myself in a surface ship player perspective, it's reasonable that the Furutaka adds both an extra threat (more guns and torpedoes at the front row due to it going ahead of the BBs) and a diversion of fire focus (it's a juicier target, hence attracting shells towards it and letting the DDs be unmolested for longer). OTOH, it reduces the risk of losing a star by not completing the "sink all ships" objective: Zuiho had a tendency of turning around and hiding at the NW corner of the map if suddenly focused or quickly deplaned, which made that secondary objective nearly impossible to attain if it slipped away and no human carrier was in play. Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    As promised, and thanks to the aforementioned battle, here's the comparison between old and new second wave spawns in middle. I even added a XOR composite in the middle which further improves the analysis: notice in particular the fading of Kaiser's and Ishizuchi's ship icons and the total disappearance of the name for the latter as well as for the T-22. Salute.
  4. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    Well, I've made a division with @ForlornSailor and operation completed with 5 stars and Tactical Expertise. Luckily enough, the second wave spawned in its usual place in the middle and it seems that the locations are exactly the same as previously, with the only change of the Furutaka at the rear instead of the Zuiho. We also had the fortune of a listening team that didn't spread much and focused fire, so the stars aligned a lot. Salute.
  5. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    I've checked my replays down to 0.7.5 and in none of them the spawns of the second wave coincide with those on this last iteration (old second wave used to appear in the middle, while the new one has shown to NE in all my tries for now). I could go further back but maybe playing some more would be the better approach, which is what I'm going to do now. Send a message if interested, I'll take my Ryujo for that. Salute.
  6. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    True, it could be that. Well, the best way I have to check it out is running one of the latest replays and an old one, both with the minimap expanded to the maximum, take screenshots and superimpose them. I suppose I can do that later in the evening. Salute.
  7. Estaca_de_Bares

    Newport scenario after changes

    I've tried this iteration with Ryujo a few times and for CVs it's a lot easier but, and it's quite a caveat, the friendly bot Baltimore is really hard to keep alive if the team isn't fully committed to do so. I also feel, but it could just be that I had an established routine for dealing with the ships when bot carriers were around and it's now shattered, that the final wave arrives a bit sooner. Combining both facts means that I've only managed to get 4 star completions thus far. Not to that level but yes, I've also noticed that the second wave is now a lot more prone to get awfully close to the harbour, while the only ship that previously used to break through was the Furutaka in the third wave. This might be due to the lack of bot carriers too: since there's no Zuiho to "protect", slowing down the others, the corresponding wave has free reign to push forward. Salute.
  8. Estaca_de_Bares

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    That was pretty clear but, in my case (and in other's too: @Sargento_YO would have the same problem since he chose his beloved Zuiho), the fact that the CV rework is underway yet with no definite ETA is a big handicap. Let's say I chose Hiryu and with 0.8.0 the rework is introduced: I'd play WoWS during 2019 for less than a month, then forcibly park the game until the next year. You might argue that I could have chosen an even tier CV instead, thus not being affected by that, but for me Hiryu is the weapon of choice: neither too high nor too low in the tiers, which means the right balance between gameplay demands and enjoyment. Salute.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares, all replays past 30 deleted again

    I agree it's going to be a bit annoying if the file edition has to be done every single time a new patch appears. I suppose I'll have to check out and modify again if needed before I try to play today, it would be quite enraging losing all but the replays from the last 3 days or so. Salute.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Well, even if the current number of participants triplicates my odds would be much better than trying to ask for a raise or a free week, so why not? I want to join the lottery. Salute.
  11. Estaca_de_Bares

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Limited to one ship... Well, considering that WG intends to get rid of odd CVs, I suppose I'd make as many good memories with Hiryu as I can if the rework's introduction to the live server is delayed for long enough. Otherwise, Fiji. Salute.
  12. Estaca_de_Bares

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Since I forgot about Yugumo when naming the ships for free XP conversion I decided to take her out a couple of times. Seems like she's accepted my apologies: Apart from that, the Royal Navy collection completed. Seriously, I don't know how many duplicates of Icarus' badge and Tarigo's picture I've received, but those two really stood out among the collectables. Salute.
  13. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Exactly my thoughts, it didn't seem like a defeat for us when your position near C started to crumble. And I managed to survive (I was a HE salvo with a lucky fire away from blowing up a couple of times) by repeating in my mind "I'm an Emerald with spotter plane, not a BB" in order to hug the islands as tight as possible. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met @Negativvv's Conqueror today, me in Missouri, although I only noticed in the heat of the battle with no time to cheer. It was a strange match to be honest, with his friendly Shimakaze putting himself in front of the firing squad, then a general push towards him but turning the tables after his demise in a very akward manner the moment a Zao and a Loyang appeared. It was a serious mistake letting one of the Hippers on his flank survive, because its presence made me not have the right ammo at the right time during my final moments: when Loyang let himself be spotted I had AP loaded, when the DD cloaked and Hipper shot there was HE inside my breeches. Oh, and @Max_Kammerer's Richelieu in Hermes yesterday while taking my Lyon for a tour. In spite of having Richelieu too, I find the little blunderbuss more useful in that operation so she's become the one to go if I need a bit of French farming. Salute.
  15. Estaca_de_Bares


    Yes, that name please, as a T4 so we can have divisions or face-offs like this: On a more serious note, a Dido-class in the AA role or Kent-class' HMS Suffolk as a testing for RN CAs (WG could even copy-paste it in order to make HMAS Canberra) would be nice additions. Although the latter would be a pretty odd one (even more than Atlanta was before the introduction of the USN CL line) without accompanying silver ships. Salute.