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  1. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Before my last pause from the game due to RL commitments I shared icon colour with @Zen71_sniper's Kidd, me in Shimakaze. Also @The_Chiv's (against) and @Inappropriate_noob's (same team) CVs while trying to do the main battery hits task from PR's fifth directive. After coming back I stumbled upon @_Teob_ testing Halland and learnt first-hand how frightening that Swedish cockleshell can be in good hands: one brief encounter in a cap and he almost halved my Shimakaze's HP. Salute.
  2. Estaca_de_Bares


    During fall, in the same vein as it happened in summer, I've only followed faithfully Honzuki no Gekokujou (Ascendance of a Bookworm). It's been so successful that it'll get a continuation next spring. There's an extra couple of animes I would recommend: Hoozuki no Reitetsu (3 seasons and some specials) and Kagewani (2 seasons). The former shows the daily life and work in Japanese hell by following it's sadistic and cool-headed second-in-charge. The latter (if neither the aesthetics nor the 8-minutes episodes put you down) starts as a series of horror stories related to cryptids and mythical creatures and evolves into a thriller trying to find and kill the source of them. Salute.
  3. Estaca_de_Bares

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I had a pretty good session with Shimakaze yesterday afternoon, 80% WR including this battle: Things weren't as successful at night, although I got a weird battle with Takao: two T6 CVs per team, their Ryujo tried to hit me 5 times with either AP bombs or torpedoes and only managed to do it once... and it was a dud. Also scored a 5-citadels salvo on a Mogami, but it was a defeat in the end. And I've acquired... Salute.
  4. Estaca_de_Bares

    Four DD's per side now....

    You should be thankful there were only four: once upon a time DD parties (50% or more of each team) were quite common. I actually enjoyed them, even when I was still pretty bad at target prediction, and maybe that's why I still keep a "gunboat" build in my IJN torp DDs. Apart from that, they weed out themselves faster the more there are, although it's not very pleasant being in the team with the expired glyphosphate. Salute.
  5. The task's main condition is also completely clear in the Spanish client. It's the small print (battle modes and ship tiers) what is hidden behind a click, but that should be the same in any client no matter the language. Salute.
  6. Estaca_de_Bares

    Linked Cammos

    I stand corrected then. I know I checked if they could be mounted on one of my T8 premiums (Massachusetts and Saipan) but it could be I did it on the CV and extrapolated from that. Salute.
  7. Estaca_de_Bares

    Linked Cammos

    The linkable Christmas camouflages are intended only for T8 silver ships, which means that they can't be equipped on special (e.g. Takao) or premium ships (e.g. Massachusetts, so this should apply to Atago as well), i.e. those with golden leaves. Unless you really want it for the aesthetics it's not that relevant not being able to link it to Takao, it just offers the very same benefits of any other basic permanent camouflage (concealment and dispersion, a 10% reduction in costs and 50% extra XP IIRC). Salute.
  8. Estaca_de_Bares

    In game chat

    There are plenty of Philip F. Queegs out there, it's an inevitable thing although I'm not encountering them that often lately. To be more precise, not while they're still alive, but sunken ranters are still as common as before. I tend to communicate my intentions, special perks (TRB in Yugumo or radar in Minotaur, for example) and particular conditions (being radiolocated) at the beginning of the match and then become pretty much silent unless something noteworthy happens (a red eats a torpedo that causes flooding and DCP's it). Occasional witty comments, suggestions and advices are also thrown from time to time. So far it's worked for me. Salute. P.S.: Speaking of witty remarks, in the second battle of this "great achievements" post the red Somers asked in open chat how much remaining HP I had, so I answered "enough, and certainly more than your BB" referring to the ship that had just been sunk. I've also posted a few others in the "funny and sad screenshots" thread.
  9. Estaca_de_Bares

    New Year Bonuscode

    It worked, I'll check later what's in them and update. One thing the shipbuilding container solves for me is the collection if I manage to fulfill all the T6 ship missions because I was short by one for a guaranteed completion IIRC (I'm not confident in being able to do the CV-related PR tasks.in time). Salute. P.S.: As expected, just camouflages and flags. The funny thing is that the shipbuilding container not only guaranteed the collection completion but even accelerated it: that one and the two following containers dropped non-duplicates, which automatically left me with enough duplicates to exchange for the remaining items.
  10. Estaca_de_Bares

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I've embarrassed myself a few times in front of forumites these last days: firstly, @Panocek and @Yoshanai in a dirty division while my Shimakaze became someone's First Blood IIRC; then "facing" (not shooting at each other though due to distant spawns) @FallenOrchid's Missouri in Roon, although this time we both did pretty bad; finally, @Beastofwar and his Georgia in Musashi, but it was such a fast victory that only 3 or so participants managed to go past the three-digits base XP. Salute.
  11. Estaca_de_Bares

    What "rare" ships do you have ? And how did you get them ?

    Missouri, Musashi and Vampire in the rare section. The last one from the respective mission, the other two with FXP (with some doubloons spent in Mo, to be fair). As additional ships, the ARP ones: Kirishima and Ashigara from ranked seasons and all the others at the last chance for getting them. Salute.
  12. Estaca_de_Bares

    Back to port or battle on?

    Without camo, flags and/or consumables, depending on how you set up your refill of any of them. I haven't used the "to battle" button in the post-battle briefing screens since so long ago (probably when I started playing) that I simply ignore it now. I also like to manually equip everything, which means I would enter the next battle barenaked if I ever press it, because it gives me time to check how many items I have (I'm making a camouflages collection, so I wouldn't like to accidentally spend the last one of each) and decide what to use next (including switching to a different ship instead of only continuing with the selected one), and provides some delay when entering the queue, thus not ending up with/against the same people again and again (subject to gaming session hours and server population, that is). Salute.
  13. I acquired Salem for the final grind of Halsey's campaign as a substitute for Worcester, and Scharnhorst, although I've only taken her out in Narai. For the new coupons I haven't decided yet: maybe Somers with the resources one and Aurora or Mikasa (collection purposes) with one of the temporary doubloon coupons, keeping the "permanent" one for later. Salute.
  14. Estaca_de_Bares

    When you get Kraken but don't

    Well, we've got another Schrödinger's ship! But yes, a bit infuriating not getting the Kraken due to that. Salute.
  15. Estaca_de_Bares

    What to do with the Mighty Jingles commander (poll)

    Or put him in Dreadnought, down there at T3 Jingles' IFF superb skills aren't as critical. Salute.