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  1. KARIM__7


    Bonjour, C'est pour quand que les places de port seront a 75 dublons ??
  2. KARIM__7

    Pseudo WOW

    y'aura t'il des réduction pour changer son pseudo wow ??? je trouve 2500 dublons c'est cher
  3. KARIM__7

    Twitch Epic Drops

    I received a notification on my port stating that I had won the epic T6 Mutsu, but I do not have it in the port, is there a delivery date?
  4. KARIM__7

    pseudo WOW

    can we change our WOW username for free ??
  5. KARIM__7

    pseudo WOW

    pouvons-nous changer notre pseudo d'utilisateur WOW gratuitement ??
  6. KARIM__7

    promo in WOW

    I want to buy places in the port, it's for when the promo ??