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  1. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    to fubuki or not to fubuki

    im not looking to profit but certainly dont want to be loosing on it but anyway elenortirion has got in in one was just concerned about to possibility of a reshuffle during ranked season, minds made up fubuki it is
  2. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    to fubuki or not to fubuki

    yeah going to go for it as you said got a few weeks anyway and will deal with changes when they happen thanks lads.
  3. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    to fubuki or not to fubuki

    yeah man, think i will have to risk it no other options though im sure fubuki is going to end up tier 6 and im also sure wg said people affected would be compensated so maybe not work out too bad was just hoping somone had an almost exact idea of what is going on thanks
  4. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    to fubuki or not to fubuki

    was going to repurchase fubuki for t8 ranked matches but is there any point with the jap dd reshuffle, i dont have benson unlocked and im not using tashkent so leaves me the fubuki for my dd selection but dont want to waste credits as things are tight due to recently unlocking/buying the izumo.
  5. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    The cost of Tier X

    it is annoying but wg has it set up correctly imo, i loose coins alot in t10 too as im not good enough to play t10 yet but a game here and there is fun and it improves my game play as i think alot more in higher tier games rather than go all out attack.
  6. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    being hot by membe of your own team on purpose

    I knew i was going to get some stick after i posted that and fully deserved but come on its poor poor game play and there is no place for that
  7. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    being hot by membe of your own team on purpose

    Been plying this game solid now for a few months and loving it and today for the fist time ever i was shot numerous times by so called team mate leving me with around 2/3k hp his grumble was i want fireing at target which is no excuse imo i was in a shimakaze undetected with lots of enemy close by im hardly going to fire they shitty guns(compared to what was around me) and give the enemy a juicy target instead i hold the cap torping anything that comes towards cap anyways rant over his gamer tag is [edited] so watch if you find yourself in game with him he is wrong un and report the crapout of him.
  8. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    Post-Battle Stat improvement

    spotting damage rewards would be a great feature i sometimes spend full games in a destroyer spotting and torping areas to stop oncoming ships with no current reward apart from the odd long range torp hit
  9. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    Fail Divisions

    good move
  10. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    pc help

    thanks very helpfull im off to have a look at your suggestions thanks again.
  11. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    kiev help

    it certainly aint stealthy haha
  12. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    kiev help

    thanks guys will give it a miss and concentrate on the guns was just a thought, loving the kiev constant firing i litle change from the jap dds.
  13. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    pc help

    thanks ill use this info to help decide, im just looking to buy a built pc it would end badly if i was to try and build one haha
  14. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    pc help

    i dont have a budget in mind as in i dont know what they cost, hoping to spend under £1000
  15. Cant_swim_need_to_win

    pc help

    Hi guys, looking to buy a new pc so i can play and enjoy the highest graphic setting available for wows but i dont have clue when it comes to all the technical stuff hoping someone could point me in the right direction dont really have a budget in mind as again im clueless when it comes to pc ive always been a xbox man until now. thanks in advance keith.