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  1. dracken3

    penalised for server drop

    i get two classes of penalty for not being able to connect. 1st leaving the game early.........Well yes thats true, as it won't connect then i have actually left the game before i am even in it. 2nd. inactivity during the game. ,,,well yes as i cannot even connect to it then i guess i certainly would be inactive.
  2. dracken3

    penalised for server drop

    i played one game in random, changed ship and couldnt't connect. gave up. reloaded game about an hour later to play a random game, wouldnt connect, gave up after connect high lit 7 times. now, if i read this right i have to play 10 games in coop before i can go back to random. providing of course i can connect each coop game. Played 2 games so far, so good.
  3. dracken3

    penalised for server drop

    When i read about the new penalising solution, i thought good idea. That was untill i was dropped by the server and when i managed to finally get back on i was penalised. Its bad enough never knowing if you will be able to connect or not, but to get penalised for it is a bit rough. Just tried to start a new game, couldnt connect, hit connect 7 times before giving up. i'm off out now so no doubt i will now have gained another penalty..