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  1. del537996336

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    *Edited Maybe hundreds of good players already stated ,that CQ is OP ( despite the fact ,that they own it..) and needs to be nerfed. *Edited
  2. del537996336

    WG's biggest lie.

  3. del537996336

    WG's biggest lie.

    Bot eliastion , when the wows started, there were 40-50000 online players every night for the first 3 months, then the stupid nerfing patches came and all went away.. 20k is not large player base. And it's dying JUST BECAUSE the decent players are leaving permanently and there aren't enough tomatoes to fill their numbers.
  4. del537996336

    WG's biggest lie.

    Every pvp game, as starcraft for example SHOULD have imidiatly leagues. So the tiers of players are separated and actually lesser players have the motivation to improve and go up - tier league. The stacraft system is working very nicely in their game. WG is making a HUGE mistake by not implementing this. It's much more important to keep the good stable long lasting players, than trying to keep the come-go tomatoes.. Thats the BIGGEST wg lie and mistake. *Edited
  5. del537996336

    WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    Some of the ,, teams,, die faster, than i can move from spot zone to another zone( 1-2 minutes). The gap between some players is so big, that the diffrence between cave man and modern astronaut is lesser..
  6. del537996336

    WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    He can't. He is like a old record tape, that goes only in 1 direction. He knows only 1 way and doesn't care what else can be done.. Also the perception of ,, good,, player here in wows is very wrong, some ,,unicums,, in clan wars are losing hard to even yellow clans.. In clan wars u can actually see the true player, not in the randoms..
  7. del537996336

    Easy way to limit the ,,new,, players... in high tiers.

    *Edited Last week, i had at least dosens of games, where the ,, things,, inside just sat ALL OF THEM afk on the spawn >> zone , not shooting and just waiting to die. *Edited
  8. del537996336

    Easy way to limit the ,,new,, players... in high tiers.

    The ,,new,, players will have to improve in order to get to drive their new ships. That will be their goal. They arent losing it. It will just stay locked, till they unlock the normal tier. That way the majority of the playerbase will actually have healthier playerbase, who wants to improve.. And not to drive with 100 pr in a tier 8 ship.. *Edited
  9. del537996336

    WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    *Edited The main reason WG are not reacting about this,, bug,, because the dds are powerfull as they are. *Edited And btw, the skill here and in wot is completely different, i can farm dmg from behind and still get 3000 average rating any day any time. I PREFER not to. So mr ,,skilled,, ur farming dmg skils means exactly crap in this game..
  10. del537996336

    Why even bother?

    The lowest common denominator= the level of the crowd.. == The lemming sheeps will follow any tomato anywhere, just because he has gone there.. Without any reasons..
  11. del537996336

    Easy way to limit the ,,new,, players... in high tiers.

    The premiums should be locked, till u got the certain tier normal non premium ship.. With at least 1 battle in it.. THAT SHOULD BE the way.. Example- you want to buy t8 tirpitz. u can, but in order to play it, u will need to have unlocked 1 tier 8 normal battleship with 1 battle played with it. and so on.. I suggest that the player CAN buy the premium ship ,but to be locked, untill he does the requirements.. Easy fix for the new players..
  12. Just put a ,,x,, ammount of xp in a game, where u are top dealer so u can unlock the next tier, with reasonable requirements. >>> EXAMPLE<< after researching the next tier ,for example 90000 xp earned already , the last thing u need to do is to make a 1 good game of 2000 base xp, in order to unlock the next tier ship... Easy... Just like in the missions ,but implemented for unlocking next tier ships. That way THE TOMATO will stay at low tiers, UNTILL he fkn learns.. PROBLEM SOLVED. The real problem is WG. They don't give a crap about the good gameplay, actually they want the gameplay to be filled with tomatoes ONLY, because they pay more..
  13. del537996336

    Why even bother?

    LOL>>> OP ofcourse WG CAN improve the gameplay>>> better mandatory tutorials/leagues/better maps/ actual ship balance/ more rewards for the players who try to carry.. *Edited
  14. del537996336

    Conqueror thoughts

    CQ is not even worth discussing.. It's broken crap designed to lure the tomatoes for moneh..
  15. del537996336

    WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    This ,,topic,, is nothing but another whine from *Edited, who want their dds buffed. Nope. dds are absolutely fine and their ever increasing numbers show that. *Edited