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    pls no RNG in events wargaming u make it so difficult

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  1. ZifTTroll

    0.9.6 - General Feedback

    Got lucky with the tier 9 camo was the first one of the bundle :) Yeah as Ive said so many times WG is not doing a good job by locking things behind the hands of their RNG or $$$, pls allow players to get something good for free, even if it means a bit more work (not too much)
  2. ZifTTroll

    0.9.6 - General Feedback

    Yeah same here WG maybe it means Z-39?
  3. ZifTTroll

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Yeah that is just what WeeGee does I understand that some are historical collectors and would buy these historical ships but some buy these ships without knowing Florida will be coming and I hope they dont fall for these stupid traps by developers with eyes full of money
  4. ZifTTroll

    Share of real ships for each nation

    Well they are real but just look at USSR BB line above tier 5 and none is built...
  5. If you even want ONE of them you will have to pay...since only 300 tokens are available completely for free, the others are locked behind the new cvs/graf zeppelin, 7.5k doubloon paywall combat mission or just straight up premium shop pay for 600 I was hoping to get one but it seems my hopes have been too high for WeeGee again
  6. ZifTTroll


    It would be good if Karma did something with MM to make it so that you get paired with someone at your karma level or something, but otherwise its for those supersensitive souls that will report anyone that did something they dont like (even if its right)
  7. ZifTTroll


    If this is true then all the veterans will blacklist all the noobs they see, so no. Although WG can use general PR to determine teams, but they need to solve the lopsides that people have to suffer through
  8. Maybe this can help you Otherwise it might have a record for the powercreep since the new Florida already looks better than it and it was announced like 24h after california release. I dont have the California but it is just an example of WG trying to get money for mediocre ships.
  9. ZifTTroll

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    A quick question, doesn't Tallinn get turtleback like Hipper/Prinz or does it not, cuz according to wgaming wiki tallinn has hipper hull
  10. Honestly the camo is the only good thing about this event cuz many people have GK or Hinden or even Z-52 and they would definitely like to get a permacamo without paying 5k doubs (like me) Unfortunately being totally WeeGee they have decided to make it so that you have to pay even more or get EXTREMELY lucky to get permacamo for free, like what is the chance of getting all 3 cvs with the already limited containers you have and THEN hope that either you already have a graf zeppelin or you get it for rental 3 days right when you need it Yeah WG I think you are going the wrong path with this the pay pay pay idea is getting worse with each update plus 2 full tech tree lines of complete fantasy b******t which isnt making the game better and is just hoping to get more money for these supposedly "good" paper ships (to be nerfed)
  11. Just forget about it, you are only going to get 300 tokens for the free combat missions, the containers as everyone has pointed out are clearly lootboxes with very unfavorable RNG rolls, if you want to get the permacamo for the tier 10 ships then you will need all 3 german cvs and graf zeppelin, or buy one of the combat mission chains for 7500 doubloons, which you might as well spend on the normal permacamo... There is no guarantee at all to get anything during this event, you are lucky if you get a rhein with permacamo but even buying all the premium lootboxes and playing to obtain the rest can still give you nothing but flags, free xp, credits or coal, so dont bother.
  12. ZifTTroll

    Chat ban first game

    Same here, I use the chat a lot in game to offer suggestions especially after i died and never got banned, not even reported for karma.
  13. ZifTTroll

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Ranked the only good thing about this update, well just means I have more time for life than on "premium" events
  14. ZifTTroll

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Was hoping for Hindenburg Permacamo, but seems like I'll just be trading all my tokens for credits...Not even gonna bother with the directives cuz chance of getting one of those sky cancer things in the container is probably 0.1% I wonder how the Colorado+ event is gonna be... (more farm for my ships) Oh, and...... ITS BACK
  15. Just a quick note, I know that there have been lots of posts before on this topic, but I feel like there is something wrong with my situation here thats different from others. First of all, I played the game a month before for a couple of battles, just checking out after half a year of inactivity, and none of the battles that I played showed the post battle result screen. I thought it was just a bug but now after a month none of my battles seem to have any difference as they all have no results at all and afterwards when I check it just says unavailable from previous session even though I did not relog. I have also ran the client check and it didn't seem to do anything, and since after a month it is still the same I was wondering if it was my computer or my files that have problems, because I am playing on Mac (yes i know lol don't tease me) or if it is because I reinstalled the game the month before so there might have been some file clashes. I don't fancy reinstalling again because it takes such a long time and I do love the game so whatever you say I will just have to continue playing on this Mac but is there anything I should do to try to solve this issue or if it is something wrong with my wifi, I would appreciate the help.