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  1. #1 5000 Free XP #2 24h Premium #3 5000 Free XP #4 5000 Free XP #5 250 Doubloons #6 5000 Free XP
  2. The question is, why do you allow the storm to take out your power? And more important, why do you have the computer in the garage? Can I assume that you parked your car under the desk?
  3. Yeah damn 60 XP camos and 25.000 Elite XP. I was expecting something like a free Kutuzov plus 12.000 Doubloons and 3 months Premium Time for 15 minute playtime to complete this operation.
  4. Wait what? You don't want to have a player like this … … on your team? I wonder why.
  5. Page 4 is not where this thread is supposed to be.
  6. Why would you rotate the minimap in first place? This is confusing af and it take longer to see what is going on than you have time in a heated battle.
  7. The code lead to a URL and there is a signup for some event, but no idea what this event is about. Probably get a ton free stuff, because it is not EU. I have the flag too on NA but did not sign up yet.
  8. #1 5000 Free XP #2 24h Premium #3 5000 Free XP #4 5000 Free XP #5 250 Doubloons
  9. This really depend on your playstyle. I personally use this build on my Z-52. I know other players who specc BFT instead TAE, others take as second 4th row skill AFT, which is viable for Z-46 but IMO not Z-52 because it has more range by default. RPF in combination with smoke and hydro surely make a deadly DD hunter combination. But then again, german DDs are excellent at contesting and controlling caps, so enemy DDs usually come to you anyway and you don't have to search them with RPF. You should have grinded the line already then you could test different specs with the free reset.
  10. Recently we had a discussion about the Lo Yang torps in this thread. In the end it comes down to personal playstyle and preference.
  11. From the operation news:
  12. #1 5000 Free XP #2 24h Premium #3 5000 Free XP #4 5000 Free XP
  13. Everything in the shop is overpriced. Supporting the game one likes financially is okay, but most of the ships, prem camos and whatnot are way too expensive. The value you get out of this stuff is simply not worth it. Additionally there is no consistency in pricing like this camo or why does one Tx ship cost much more than another premium ship at the same tier (x = number of the tier and not tier 10, before some smartypants crawls out of his hole just to let me know there are no tier 10 premium ships [yet]). Buying items from the premium shop? Nope thanks.
  14. #1 5000 Free XP #2 24h Premium #3 5000 Free XP
  15. Come and be TOXIC with us