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  1. I've been exposed, damn!
  2. It's not a screenshot of a map, but it's somehow sad anyway. This guy really has only these ships plus the other T1 you get for free. Then you think 'wow crazy crap, this is dedication but sad though' and then you click the coop button and discover that this guy has played another 2600 Hermelin games in coop mode. That's about 6000 games in Hermelin. Just wow.
  3. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    We do understand this. We know there are legal reasons behind this. What we do not understand is, why in first place are events/contests/whatever picked by WG that exclude a bunch of their playerbase? Why don't WG just make a event/contest/whatever where the winners get, let's say, 1 year premium and 5000 doubloons. Boom done! This is cheaper for WG, everyone can participate, nobody need to be pissed off because they were excluded. No matter how you look at it, WG does not learn and they seem to not think as well, when they make stuff like this. They have not the same issues when it comes to accepting the money from players, no matter in which country they live.
  4. Upcoming Events Sidebar

    It takes up about 1/4 of my viewport (visible area of the browser), which is a lot and i do not maximize my browser as other stuff is going on, on my screen as well. If people only check subforums and not the portal for news and the calender, which has a own permanent link, then this is their problem and not the problem of those who do check the important sources frequently to not miss anything. I also do not consider this upcoming event as that important, that it must permanently waste 25% of my viewport. Especially not if the events are posted in polish, turkish and other languages i do not speak. I also find it remarkable that 'Important Topics' and 'Staff Posts' (which usually provide important info/news) are considered less important, because these categories are hidden in subforums, yet the events stuff is visible. But whatever, you have your reasons why this sidebar is there all the time, though i would appreciate it to hide it in subforums or add an option to let the user decide wether or not he want to see this sidebar.
  5. Upcoming Events Sidebar

    Well, we have to face it, they don't care and we are stuck with this ugly sidebar for the rest of our WoWs life.
  6. Upcoming Events Sidebar

    Well, it's annoying. It's a good feature on the forum portal, like the WG Staff Posts, Important Topics and so on, but once i click a forum/subforum, this sidebar has to hide. It takes up so much space for nothing and with info, that actually belong on the main portal in the right sidebar or calender and not necessarily in the forum in first place. So please WG web team, change the settings so the upcoming events are hidden while browsing the forums, just like it is with the other sections, like it is on all other WG regions forums. p.s.: yes i know, it is not gameplay related, but the forum actually has no proper subforum to deal with suggestions/complaints that are website/forum related.
  7. Pan Asian Destroyers - They're a bit rubbish

    It seems that the T7 is the only good PA DD, all other seem to be mediocre to bad compared to their counterparts at the same tier. Due to rl commitments i haven't much time for WoWs right now and haven't played any PA DDs yet, but watched some vids and streams and apart from the T7 they all looked meh.
  8. WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    Luckily not me
  9. WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    WG already answered this question. It's not as simple as changing 2 lines of code and it's done, but it's to rebalance the shell balistics, which is pretty much the core of the game and everything revolve around this. Tiny changes there can have a huge impact on the whole game and doing changes with a rush might result in a completely screwed up game.
  10. Deepwater Torpedoes

    All PA DDs are clones of already existing tech tree line DDs. Don't like DWT? Simply play the original from a different ship line and you are good to go. Other than that, learn to play, learn to ambush, learn to trick BBs to charge you in your smoke and torp them from there - same tactics other DDs with shorter range torpedoes do it since years with success.
  11. What do you play when a new ship line is released?

    I play as usual and do not jump on the new line hype train, that most people seem to enjoy. For the PA DD in particular, i was very interested in this line but the more i have seen them on streams, youtube and so on, the more i think that these DDs will most likely be played only by very few people, especially at high tier (8+). Their main weakness is the lack to torp enemy DDs and this cripple these DDs by a lot. It will be extremely hard to contest cap zones and hunt down enemy DDs, flushing them out of smokes with torps and so on. This will result in, most of the time, pityful rewards XP-wise (can't torp DDs = huge xp loss, can't contest caps = huge xp loss, and so on). I really expect to see very few of these ships at tier 8+ because people who try the line will realise how difficult they will be to be played and drop the line at tier 6, maybe 7, because the tier 7 seem to be the best DD in this line.
  12. The DD spam has to stop

    You should try NA. Five DD per side is normal and if there are less than 4 DD per side people think the game is bugged. Their amount of CV games is maybe 20% of what we have on EU. That's good if you hate CV games, but it's bad in terms of spotting torpedoes from so many DDs. You see, it could be worse. Besides, the DD overpoluation is only temporary and happen only very few times a year while we have always, in every battle, at least 5 BBs per side and WG keeps on pumping out more BB premiums (for cash and Free XP) and BB ship lines.
  13. Your highest kill count in random battle

    Pff, you guys are low tier seal clubbers. Real men do it in tier 10 matches
  14. New Moderator in English Section

    Welcome and good luck
  15. Go and yell this into the face of the WG guys who write the official announcements for the portal, because there, right there in the one and only official announcement, it is explicitly mentioned that 'some cruisers' are safe. A normal person with common sense and logical thinking would take the official announcement over radmon players 'but it was said...' information, especially if you know WG and howthey have -more than once- changed ships and whole lines 24h before release. All ST, CC and whatnot would have sworn that this would never happen, yet it did. And until the line is official released for everyone, people take the word from WG officials that they spread in their official announcements on the official portal. Want to stop people quoting this? Go and tell WG to post correct news and announcements. Simple as that.