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  1. ThePurpleSmurf

    3 part question regarding the Friesland and upcoming changes

    Read the link that i have posted. It is planned that Friesland stays EU line but in a later patch Friesland owner will have the option to trade her for the NL version. So you can have it all. Friesland first to train EU commanders and then trade her for the NL ship to train NL commander. But as i said, read the dev blog link above for details.
  2. ThePurpleSmurf

    3 part question regarding the Friesland and upcoming changes

    1. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/161 2. nothing happens, everything stays as it is 3. one of the most fun ships in the game and unicums produce amazing games in it all the time. I'm not a real unicum yet … Friesland has insane firepower, but no stopping power (e.g. a BB charging your smoke). Amazing cap contester, DD killer, best AA for a DD i believe (if not best then top3 in the game for sure), prints credits and XP like crazy, which is important to farm elite commander XP.
  3. ThePurpleSmurf

    Update 0.10.5 - Bug Reports

    As reported earlier in this thread, there seem to be a problem with settings reset arbitrary. It seems it has to do with replays. I had this now happened twice, with different replays, that when i open a replay the client reset collision avoidance system, alternative interface mode, show main battery and torpedo reload indicator. It's weird that only these 3 settings get reset and other settings are not affected.
  4. ThePurpleSmurf

    Luigi Sansonetti's tri colore tracers

    WG sells these in the premium shop for those who miss tri-color tracers
  5. ThePurpleSmurf

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Being a -let's say- not so great player, playing the crappiest CVs in Ranked that are known to suck donkey balls and then complaining about nerfs. ooookay … WG what have you done? You have an unhappy customer here, please buff CVs and nerf AA and add 33% rudder shift time to surface ships to prevent these creatures from using WASD hacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (bah, let's not be stingy, a couple more exclamation marks is always possible) !!!!!!!!!!! /smh
  6. ThePurpleSmurf


    You do this since 2017 and didn't notice it until now? Also, reading news and patch notes helps. They are there for a reason, exactly for cases like this to prevent people from running to the forums, complain about announced and known things and make a fool out of themselves. Account register in july 2017 and still didn't learn how to use the website to find info like this.
  7. ThePurpleSmurf

    Upcoming Independence day Auction

    "Made of Steel" TX perma camo is 10k steel. 10k steel = 100k coal and 100k coal was roughly 80M credits last auction. This is actually a good price for a perma camo, IMO. When we had the Eagles vs Sharks event i considered to go for the Sharks camo for Wooster as it looks really nice, but eventually went for the Eagles camo for Des Moines and it served, and still does, me well. TX perma camos make premium time obsolete, because you can print credits at TX. In my opinion it's the camo that make high premium ships valuable, especially at TX.
  8. ThePurpleSmurf

    beginners ( less than 8 weeks play) and matchmaking

    Go and kick those who gave you this advice to practice in Ranked in the nuts. Worst and most moronic suggestion anyone can ever give to a new player. But just a glance at the players stats of your clans makes clear where this idea comes from. If you want to improve and get better at the game, never ever ever ever listen to people who have all red stats, especially if the players, like in your clan, have less than 500 battles under their belt. Asking players like this for tips on how to get better at the game is like asking a toddler for dating advice.
  9. Flags = commemorative flags, not combat signals. Is there a mod to change flags on all ships at once? If not, perhaps a modder is bored and want to create one? Would be a great time saver for people with 100+ ships, similar to the demount all signals that got implemented into the game by default.
  10. ThePurpleSmurf

    What is the best Steel ship?

    This alone makes it broken, because it's a CV and they are broken by design. The simple fact that a CV can sit anywhere on the map, hiding all game long and can spot every square of the map .. fair i guess? Also placing spotting beacons, a.k.a fighters, over caps to prevent DDs from doing their job and nullifying heavy investments in concealment, while spotting and harassing other ships somewhere else on the map ... fair i guess I think everyone in the game, except some CV mains, understand how broken CVs are and this is mainly because of their spotting ability. But of course, CV players deny this fact.
  11. ThePurpleSmurf

    Community tokens - your take on the new currency.

    You are kidding, right?
  12. ThePurpleSmurf

    What is the best Steel ship?

    Most fun: Bourgogne Best ship: FdR
  13. ThePurpleSmurf

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    I wasn't online at that time. Noticed it this morning at around 8 a.m. and reported it here in the forums, but there were already other threads about it. They'll fix it, soon™ What annoying is, no web site news about it, no news in the forum, nothing about it on the support website.
  14. ThePurpleSmurf

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    The entire clan section, not just naval battles, is not working for the entire day. Earlier today i got the webserver not available message but since a few hours it just loads forever and nothing else happens. Oh well …