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  1. Hmm, i'm not so sure about this anymore. I have linked my NA and EU account to my Twitch account. It took almost 3 days before i received any twitch container. Here is the concerning thing. I have received 3 twitch container on NA yesterday but i have not received any containers on EU. Both region accounts are linked to the same Twitch account, Twitch drop obviously works because i received containers on NA. So what happened to the EU containers?
  2. The news clearly state start 18:00 CET (UTC+1) which is in a little more than 1 hour after this post. So if you watch twitch all day before 18:00 CET and get no drop.. well ;)
  3. @MrConway I've asked this a while ago on reddit when Femennenly posted the first time about the twitch drops but sadly i got no answer. If we have an EU and NA account, can we link the same twitch account to these accounts to receive the drop once per region or will the drop be awarded once per twitch account and will be randomly assigned to NA or EU? This random factor is why i did not link both accounts to the same twitch account. Or as simplified question: do we need a seperate twitch account per region to receive a twitch drop.
  4. ThePurpleSmurf

    So, no daily shipment today?

    Today seem to be a special day. I got mine on EU but i did not get it on NA. So it seems to be not a regional thing. Interesting way to punk out on the premium container :D
  5. ThePurpleSmurf

    Destroyers and bad game design

    This is probably the single most stupid statement i have EVER read in this forums.
  6. ThePurpleSmurf

    Destroyers and bad game design

    If BBs have problems with DD torps, maybe they start to use the tools that are in the game since ages but the BB players refuse to use them?! Vigilance and Target Acquisition System Modification 1 come to mind.
  7. ThePurpleSmurf

    Help me understand how Main Battery Hit Ratio is calculated

    Thanks for your replies guys. So it seem to be really that easy that only direct hits that generate ribbons count as MBHR.
  8. Well, i'm a noob because i'm approaching 8k battles and i have no idea how the MBHR is actually calculated. Let's take the Harugumo as example, just for the fact that she has 10 guns, this makes math easier. So, if i fire all 10 guns at a ship and all 10 shells hit and deal damage, it should count as 100% MBHR. If i park behind an island and can only get 4 guns on my target and fire a full salvo (doubleclick), 6 shells will hit the island and 4 shells will go toward the target. The maximum MBHR i can get from this salvo is 40%, because 60% (6 shells) left the barrels but hit the island. So far so good and easy to understand, but now comes the part i have no idea about. What about these 4 shells, what does count toward the MBHR? 3 shells hit and deal damage and one shell falls short into the water = 30%? or 40% because potential damage proximity counts too? All 4 shells shatter on the broadside belt and deal zero damage = 0% despite 4 hits or 40% because 4 shatter ribbons? All 4 HE shell miss but splash damage ignite a fire. 40% proximity or 0% because all shells missed despite damage is dealt through fire or 10% because no hits but one fire ribbon? There are more confusing scenarios. Anyone know what exactly count toward the MBHR? Yeah, it's not an important topic but i'm just curious and it bugs me that i don't know how it actually works.
  9. ThePurpleSmurf

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yueyang with a double Double-Strike, 7 kills in total
  10. ThePurpleSmurf

    WG plz bring back T10 Ranked

    hell NO!
  11. ThePurpleSmurf

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    This happens to me about 3 to 5 times per day. My highest was maybe 15. This ranked season was special, because i was only 5 or 6 times chat banned which must be a new ranked record for me. But people report for every crap, because the whole report system is a pile of useless doggy poo you know.
  12. ThePurpleSmurf

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Oh this thread is still alive and active, nice. Just a few more days and it's the 2nd anniversary where we got Supercontainer added into the game.
  13. ThePurpleSmurf

    Is JR3 still awarded?

    Yeah i did the same for the JR3, but i fear it was a waste of time, oh well.
  14. ThePurpleSmurf

    Too many dd

    OP is right, i hate it too when there are so many DDs. Mostly because i'm a DD main and i hate it when other DDs steal all my juicy BB targets and farm the damage that belongs to my torps and HE shells. My dream MM looks like this: 8 BB per, 3 Cruiser without radar and 1 DD. 200k average damage here i come. ^^
  15. ThePurpleSmurf

    Is JR3 still awarded?

    This season introduced a new (and ugly af) Jolly Roger flag and it was said that this season will be the last season where JR is obtainable. Is the new (and ugly af) Jolly Roger the only flag we get or will WG still award Jolly Roger III this season? p.s. have i mentioned how fugly the new JR is? Whoever thought this balloonhead abomination would be a nice award for reaching rank 1 should be slapped with a dead cat and be forced to eat 5 cans Surströmming at once!