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  1. Used to be Gearing but now it's Z-52. Why? German Hydro, 'nuff said.
  2. So am I the only one who feels like the changed behavior of the compliment/report menu annoys the heck out of me! Why the eff was it changed so the menu fly-out to the left side now instead the natural right side? It is soooo irritating and annoying how the menu behaves now. This better be a bug and will be fixed ASAP! If you don't know what I talk about. Rightclick a name in battle or post battle and try to report/compliment a player, then you'll see it.
  3. The 2 SC from the mission did not disappoint me - well they did but it was what I kinda expected, so it did not really surprised me. 100x +50% Commander XP Flags and 100x -20% Time of fire extinguishing Flags.
  4. Economically a satisfying Gearing game. 4 kills (2 full hp dds), 140k damage but unfortunately no caps or the base XP would be much higher.
  5. @Barney_Wobba Your Kraken might be impressive to you, but if you look at the stats altogether you see that you did very little for the team. 63k damage and 5 kills only underlines that you finished off low hp targets, the below 1k XP underlines this even more. This looks like a typical game of a BB player who sits all day long too far back or out of position and when the battle is already lost the enemy team, low on HP from the battle, chase you in the greed to get that last kill and you get some kills with stray RNG-luck shells. If you look at stat sites like you can see that you have a way below average aiming (very poor main battery hit ratio) and that you do a way below average amount of damage across the board. But on the other side, you are very new to the game with only 800 battles. Let's talk again once you have 2000+ battles and actually some experience with higher tiers.
  7. Most likely not, because so far all other mission/challenges/tasks explicitly mentioned ship torps or aerial torps.
  8. I'm curious, is there a statistics that shows the amount of detonations by ship class? From what I have experienced myself and have seen ingame, videos, streams and so on, it must be more than 80% of all detonations are Destroyers. My last detonation was in Cleveland (with equipped anti-deto flag!) in a ranked battle.
  9. If you reached rank 1 in a previous season you should already know that the JR flag, as well as Ship rewards, are always added to your account about one to two weeks after the ranked season ended. So the soonest you will get the JR II is after the next patch day at thursday. No it's not, you get different flags depending on how often you reached rank 1 in ranked seasons. Flag overview
  10. I really wonder if I have played a different ranked season than most others here in the forums. I have read so many complaints about DD heavy and way too much smoke meta. Actually smoke is absolutely needed for competetive, because this is how you position ships, execute surprise pushes and so on. But other than that, and speaking only about the premier league, did I have not a single ranked battle with 5 DD per side, very rarely 4 DD per side, often 3 DD per side, most of the time 2 DD per side and rarely 1 DD per side. If this ranked season was anything, than it was a BB campfest with usually 3 to 4 BB per side and very little smoke usage, because low amount of DD per battle and those were usually IJN with short duration smokes that mostly used them for themself. If there was a meta then it was the new Fuso at 20km flanking and spamming HE nonsense. I'm DD main but played only Cleveland this season, hiding behind rocks like a coward like smart Cruiser captians should do it and relied mostly on my catapult fighters to scout for me. I did not once rely on allies spotting for me nor did I rely on DD smoke me up that I can safely rain IFHE shells on the stupid BBs on the enemy team. This worked like a charm and it was way less stressful than previous season where I played DD.
  11. It never get old after a ranked season ended, how people who made it more than once to rank 1 still do not know that rewards like ships and the Jolly Roger are added manually and that it can take up to 2 weeks.
  12. I don't have the Flint that's why I can not answer your question. However, the Flint is a premium ship with all its advantages and you do not want a dedicated Flint commander anyway, but train commander for your other US ships on the Flint.
  13. After more or less skipping the last ranked season I decided to play this ranked season because I needed XP camos. As a -for me- very nice and welcomed surprise the rewards were changed from the modules to even more XP camos. I've played Cleveland only, although I'm usually a DD main. I ranked out with a 62% WR after 136 games (ingame stats) and this season was not as stessful as I've expected it would be. 52 of these 136 games were losses and I can say that at least 40 out of these 52 losses was the fault of idiotic playing DDs. Usually one or in some cases even 2 DDs died within the first 3 minutes for nothing and ruined the game. In other cases, which happened quite often, DDs have the retarded idea that it would be a good plan to go all around the map to torp the enemy ships from behind. No need to say that it did not work once and the DD always got killed without accomplishing anything other than put the team in a losing situation. My most memorable game of this season was, when my team was down 3 ships plus a cap zone after two and a half minute (after a fu**ing 150 seconds into the game the 'The enemy is about to win' sound appeared!). Due to whatever miracle I was able to claw back the game with 4 kills and a solo cap and in the end we won this battle. In my opinion the overall quality of players was the worst I have experienced so far in a ranked season. Tier 6 is too low for ranked, because this is the region where most newbies and novice players are. The real baddies who do not even have a ship in tier 7+ yet. If ranked should be at tier 6 again, WG should install some hurdle to be able to play ranked. Something like a player should have at least 1000 random games played or should have 1 T9 or 2 T8 ships in port. Anything that does not allow newbie players to participate in ranked when they just unlocked ranked in their service levels with their first ever T6 ship.
  14. What I'd like to see is a complete rework of all maps, make them smaller and add much more cover for all types of ships. Reduce the team size to 10 and reduce the battle time to 15 minutes. Reward active and aggressive play, punish cowardish play. Limit ships per class for the 10vs10 with 3 BB, 3 DD, 4 CA/CL and if it's a CV game make it 3-3-3-1 and make sure both team have the same amount of hydro/radar ships.
  15. I'd have to check who it was, but a streamer had a few days ago a battle with 11 BB and 1 Cruiser. Yeah, WG should certainly do something to get rid of the pesky DDs. But good news for all the BBabys, a massive smoke nerf is on the way. Yet another thing (after stealth fire removal, torps nerfed to ground, adding more and more hydro and radar with soon radar BBs too, extending secondary firing range, and so on and on) WG takes away from the DD players and at the same time releasing a new BB line (brits) while the next BB line (russians) is already in the making.