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  1. ThePurpleSmurf

    What happened to Slava/Pobeda?

    It's still in the dock. Word on the street has it that they have trouble mounting the 6 additional guns and the smoke generator is leaking.
  2. ThePurpleSmurf

    New Code...?

    Works on EU, error message on NA.
  3. ThePurpleSmurf

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Thanks, much appreciated. And yeah, there is really not much of a difference to notice with the reticle. Maybe the under-the-hood changes open the door for modder to add interesting features, just like with the minimap.
  4. There are not enough TOXIC people on the server. Just saying
  5. ThePurpleSmurf

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    From PTS patch notes Can someone post a ingame screenshot how this looks? WG does not provide a screenshot and nobody is streaming PTS, but i'm curious what this change is about.
  6. ThePurpleSmurf

    Next ranked season

    It's a strong BB for randoms, but i doubt this will be the case for ranked. Simply for the fact that Thunderer is probably the most squishy tier 10 BB. It has no superheal and a low HP pool. Yamato overmatch it, everything else get full pens and every HE spammer can feast on this ship if in range with HE pens. Yes, the guns are amazing but they won't help if you have no HP left. You can not push or tank in the Thunderer at all which you kinda have to do a lot in ranked games as a BB.
  7. ThePurpleSmurf

    Next ranked season

    This is impossible because sky cancer is allowed to play ranked too and this ruins any tiny bit of chance to have fun in ranked with whatever class or ship.