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  1. ThePurpleSmurf

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    I have 15 tier 10s and i play pretty much exclusively tier 10, with some exceptions once every few weeks/months when i play a tier 7-8 ship or when i grind a new line. While grinding a new line looks more like free XP to tier 6 or 7, then play up to tier 8 or 9 and then free XP to tier 10 again. :D I have played 7500 random battles give or take (total number of battles in the profile include also ranked, co-op and stuff like this). Out of these 7500 i have played almost flat 3000 tier 10 games and games at tier 8 to tier 10 are 5300 out of 7500. According to my WoWs profile on the main page is my average tier used by player 8.3
  2. ThePurpleSmurf

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    The earliest date where you have enough of the points to buy Ohio is what, 7 or 8 or 9 months? There are seasons for the resets and these seasons are time gates as far as i understand this 48 pages long 'simple' instructions. So not need to rush the release of the ship that you can buy somewhen next year. On topic Nope, i'm not going to reset lines. I hate grinding, i especially hate anything below tier 8 and i don't even have the tier 10s that are in the game right now because i'm too lazy.
  3. ThePurpleSmurf

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    This is because they figured that whatever they do, how good or bad something is, the playerbase consist of mainly potatoes and they throw their monay at WG no matter what. Look at the new player ection where a guy complained how bad WoWs is and that he only loses. Turned out he was brand new, played less than 15 games in total but owned the Graf Spee and the Warspite. So apparently even the new potatoes throw their money first and then ask themself if the game is worth it.
  4. ThePurpleSmurf

    Can you control replays?

    Insert = speed up Delete = speed down Home = default speed End = pause Left mousebutton = free look
  5. ThePurpleSmurf

    2750 base xp.

    No caps, no medals, and feasting almost only on the ships that give the least XP and still 2600+ base XP. Point proven.
  6. ThePurpleSmurf

    2750 base xp.

    Here are some tips for high base XP: Play a tier 8 ship. Tier 8 get uptiered most of the time, damaging higher tier ships award a lot of bonus XP. The lower the general ship tier the lower the XP, like you can have a monster game at tier 5, your XP will still suck. Damage as many targets as possible, even if it's just a small amount of damage Play a ship with a high rate of fire. This makes it easier to damage different ships in a short amount of time and collecting different ribbons XP from damage is based on percentage damage. Dealing 10k damage to a DD is much more valuable xp-wise than dealing 40k fire damage to a BB. Get medals, because they give bonus XP. Pay attention on how close you are to medals like witherer or dreadnaught, fireproof and so on. Just let the fire burn full duration if you are in a ship with heal. You can heal back 100% of the damage. Focus on damage first, then XP multipliers such a capping, defending zones Kill as many planes as possible XP ship priority for most XP: CV, DD, Cruiser, BB Certain premium ships have a higher than usual base XP multiplier, like for example the US DD Sims But all the tips won't help if you are a potato and don't understand how to play the game properly.
  7. ThePurpleSmurf

    Subs unplayable now - demand refund!!!

    You just invalidated any threat to stop playing the game and uninstall because you revealed your long term plans of sticking to this future mess.
  8. ThePurpleSmurf

    Better rewards for DD

    Only at first glance. Most high tier DDs need 4 or 5 premium consumables to be competetive or at the very least survive the battle while most BBs have only 2 consumables. Doesn't seem much but play 300 games in either and do the math. Also the service cost is higher for DDs. And no, i do not mean the normal fixed post battle service cost but the ammunition which also cost credits per shell and especially torps. More consumables, extra cost for launched torps, this quickly sums up to 60k or 70k credits per battle. Is not much, right? Play 10 games and it's 600k to 700k, play 100 games and we are already at 6 to 7 million extra cost compared to BBs just for playing the game. The 'cheaper' silver price to buy the ship equals pretty fast. It is also a lot easier to play BB and much safer sitting far back out of range of everything that sinks you within seconds. The frustration level for playing DD is much higher and DD also has a much higher responsibility (play objectives, scout torps for the camper and so on, spot so the camper has something to shoot at) during the entire game.
  9. ThePurpleSmurf

    Pretty much everyone about the Somers right now

    Which proves my point even further. If you have to relay on a division with stacking radar then the Black alone can not be that strong. Division with a DM or a Radar Mino pretty much means that the enemy DD is dead no matter what DD you bring, because you are only needed to provide smoke for them and this does not require a Black. Don't get me wrong, Black is a good ship and fun to play, but it is not the monster DD it once was and the only thing it has going for it is the radar compard to i.e. Fletcher but this short time radar lost a lot of value to the powercreep (enemy DDs with almost 30k hp, heals, long duration hydro and so on). WG already said it won't come back in that form.
  10. ThePurpleSmurf

    Pretty much everyone about the Somers right now

    IMO Black is not worth it. It used to be very strong but times have changed. The radar + smoke combination sound good but the duration of the radar is very short and usually not enough to kill an enemy DD even if caught by surprise. Most of the time you end up in tier 10 games and you meet most of the time enemy DDs like Harugumo, Daring, Grozovoi. They either have enough health to outlast your radar or simply can heal back a huge chunk of the damage inflicted. And once your radar is gone you are in some serious trouble, because they all wipe the floor with Black. What remains is a Fletcher with much worse torps. The torps are the slowest in the game with 43 knots and you won't have much success with them. Even an ambush at 4-5km on a BB is often set to fail because the torps are so slow that the BB has time to dodge. Black is fun to play, just like Fletcher, and nice to have but more for the rarity value. Somers will be so much better than Black. m2c
  11. ThePurpleSmurf

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #06 (18-08-2019)

    OMG, to whoever created this mod be assured that you have at least one person who can't thank you enough for this. Really much appreciated!
  12. ThePurpleSmurf

    How many Solo Warriors do you have?

    4 in total, Benson in a tier 10 game, two times Gearing and one Des Moines. The Benson game was cap and run without much danger but for the other 3 i had to actually work to bring them home. But the achievement i'm most proud of is a Die-hard with my Gearing. One achievement that i never got is Clear Sky.