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  1. ThePurpleSmurf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Daily login reward SC was a Leviathan day. EU: 25 Leviathan NA: 50 Leviathan
  2. ThePurpleSmurf

    New players in high tier premiums

    At least he has the excuse of being new to the game. I've seen so many players with 10k+ games and way worse stats - they are the real problem at high tier, because the newbie can learn and improve but these veterans with 40% are hopeless griefer. But the game became so trash in every regard (cvs, subs, op superships, and so on), that these new whales don't matter.
  3. ThePurpleSmurf

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    EU: 2nd TYL container of the day gave me 15'000 coal. NA: two weeks ago from a More Resources, 50 French Riviera camos (that's one of the weaker camos, like 100% XP / 75% CXP / 50% FXP or something like this)
  4. ThePurpleSmurf

    FPS limiter apparently not working

    Directly in the gfx driver settings.
  5. Well, you can not complain that Apollo is using clickbait titles. You always know exactly what his threads are about before you click on the link.
  6. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    As we already speculated above, the start of the anniversary probably takes the time of the registration into account and not just the date. It's prone to cause confusion and probably some unnecessary support tickets (or forum threads line this one), but nothing too troublesome.
  7. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    Yeah I thought the same, but then they should show the exact date with time and not just the date on the profile page. But then again, daily resets are different for daily login reward and e.g. mission reset or Armory reset. Event missions often start sometime a day and not when the "WoWs day" starts and so on. WG just like to randomize everything and confuse people with it. If WG is consistent at one thing then it's being their inconsistency.
  8. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    I've updated the first post. The anniversary just started a bit delayed.
  9. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    That's from anniversary year 4 (2020) and year 5 (2021), screenshots have the date of May, 16th I'll contact support tomorrow and see what's going on. Maybe there was a change and I missed it.
  10. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    I played the day I registered. I also have received the rewards in the past years, always on the same day, May 16th and I believe I have even screenshots of some of them. And of course do I know that I have to play games to receive the rewards. That's what I said above, first game of the day awarded the white camos, second game awarded a premium shop coupon. Both with their own popup notification. You know how this works, you received them too, so did anyone else who plays this game for longer than a year.
  11. ThePurpleSmurf

    Did WG drop the player anniversary gifts/rewards?

    You can hover your mouse over your name (or any name of a forum member) on your avatar here in the forum (left side where your profile pic is) and a tooltip will show you when you registered your WG account. However, this is your WG account, not necessarily your WoWs account. That's why you see sometimes people with 2012 as register date, those are usually WoT players. The exact WoWs register date can be seen ingame on your profile/summary page top left corner. Here is a screenshot from my account as example, that I have uploaded to the forum a couple of months ago for my 10k random games thread.
  12. I have cake day today, 6 years of WoWs (not proud of it). All the years in the past after the first 2 games on cake day it was common to get a bunch of these white camos with 50% to everything as well as a coupon (30% IIRC) for the premium shop. Not long ago I had a several months long hiatus so perhaps I missed the news about that WG maybe dropped this tradition?! Update Apparently WG is using a different type of calendar or time measurement, because their days do not start at Midnight but somewhere between 18:00 and 05:00 the next day. I just hopped into Co-op to see if there is news on the anniversary front and look what arrived …
  13. ThePurpleSmurf

    New Codes

    You are late to the party. Most codes only work for a certain period of time (usually during an official stream) or have a redeem limit (set amount of accounts that can redeem the code).
  14. ThePurpleSmurf

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    As mentioned in the egg hunt news, already last week, they check all winners of the physical prices and announce them next Friday (06 May 2022). If you refer to the normal and random rewards, the complete list was published last week as well. All the information can be found in the egg hunt news on the main website.
  15. That's pointless. Reports don't harm or punish anyone, because Karma does nothing. Reports are purely to vent off some steam.