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  1. ThePurpleSmurf

    Armory Update Review

    Absolutely unusable indeed. In case of the armory there is the web version as alternative: http://armory.worldofwarships.eu/
  2. ThePurpleSmurf

    Game crashes when entering battle

    When an applications/games crash or freeze or simply close after a while of working properly then it is often a heat problem, especially with laptops and during summer time. Have you monitored your temps? If not, download Open Hardware Monitor, it's a freeware diagnostic tool. Let it run while you use your laptop that it can track your temps. This can give you some good info and hints of where to start to look for what is going wrong. Also mention the hardware specs are usually a good idea that others know what we deal with.
  3. ThePurpleSmurf

    Continous chat bans

    It's like so often when context is missing. Imagine anywhere in the world, no matter what country, i set up a mouse trap and some other person sticks the finger into it and triggers the trap, hurting himself. Do you really think he considers it an insult if i call this person an idiot? No that person wouldn't. Imagine you park your car somewhere and out of the blue another car bumps into you and damage the side of your car. What is your first reaction? You call this person an idiot. What do you think how this person reacts? Getting all upset 'how dare you insulting me, blabla' or does he understand that he did something really stupid and apologizes despite the fact that i called him an idiot. The word idiot is so commonly used nowadays that it has little meaning and is not really an insult. But it's not only the word idiot when it comes to chat bans, but how chat bans are handled in general. The before and after as well as the actual context is not considered. The supposedly insult is look at isolated and judged by a 3rd party, in this case WG.
  4. ThePurpleSmurf

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    You confuse don't know with don't care.
  5. ThePurpleSmurf

    Continous chat bans

    That's the point. In the very most cases there are no hard feelings and it's done and dusted a minute later, both sides already forgot about it. But then it triggers someone not involved at WG because the system filter caught this one or two words that trigger the filter and without contacting either of the actual involved they just assume the worst and then, in many cases, completely overreact. Like on what planet does something trivial like this justify a multiple week chat ban, especially without contacting either side? Perhaps there was some beef but one side apologized afterwards and all was fine again, but WG does not care about this. I had this too with fellow forumites that i raged a bit in game and then contacted this player afterwards via forum PM and apologized and there were no hard feelings. Those are things WG does not see and does not take into account. They rather assume and based on their own assumption punish players. And even there is a chat ban for using a harsh word, how does this justify several weeks of chat ban, even if it's a reoffender (is this a word? hmm)? What happens if someone uses actual insults, racist slurs, threaten the other person with physical violance or wish them the worst deceases and their family to die. I've seen this so many times in my 4+ years of WoWs. What happen to these people? 1 day automated ban? Nothing at all? The relation between the type of supposedly insult and the severity of the punishment are not sound.
  6. ThePurpleSmurf

    Continous chat bans

    The comment by @floribe2000 in the now locked thread is interesting. How do you or anyone at WG know that someone is offended? You might think this is the case, but perhaps it is not. If someone reports me in game or complains then it is obvious, but perhaps the other person is not a snowflakes and takes no offence when he/she is called a potato. As long as someone does not report or complain, WG should NEVER punish someone based on their 'it could be' imagination. IF there is some serious harsh stuff involved, like sexual harassment, racist talk and stuff like this, then yes, chat ban is 100% deserved. But for calling someone potato or idiot for wrong action in the game in the heat of the battle should be a thing between the 2 players unless one side complains and reports. You can not simply assume that others could possibly think that maybe and blabla. Exactly this is the problem with this system. This and the absurd extended chat ban length for harmloss bullcrap. Especially when it comes to international cultural differences. There are cultures like USA but also some other countries that are, measured by european culture standards, extreme snowflakes. People getting offended by the slightest crap while other countries common tone is simply more harsh and rough and a lot that someone from one country considers an insult is not considered an insult in another country. But WG tries to force the same measure on everyone and this just doesn't work. You can not use a punishment system that is based on 'it could be and maybe'. This is how the system should work: Two players duke it out in chat, some potato and idiot are thrown back and forth, everything is fine. If one side reports the other for chat misbehavior, THEN the system should log and appropriate action should be taken by WG. If it appears that one side did not use an insult and the other just wanted to report the other side for the sake of reporting, then this is an abuse of the system and THIS should be punished. Right now it is: someone says a word. Oh a snowflake could be offended, let's chat ban for several weeks. you never know, it could be justified, it could be offensive for someone, maybe not this player but whatever. if the player complains we can simply ignore it or threaten him with an even longer chat ban. The current system is borked, foul and not transparent at all. This should be fixed, but we know it's WG so yet another will-never-happen case.
  7. I think i got 3 over the years as well and all were, well ... Krasny Krym, Dunkerque and Mutsu I also have Anshan but i'm not sure if this one came from a free xmas crate or a SC. Either way, Anshan is bad too. The tech tree version is better and in todays meta any DD at tier 6 is just trash.
  8. Back in 2016 when SC were introduced, i've started the brag about your SC thread: If you check the first dozens of pages you notice that people were really excited about the SCs. This has changed drastically if you look at the later posts and the reason for this are the rewards, they are dull and boring and far from being super or special in any way. When i got a SC it used to be like 'Wohoo, SC! YES! What do i get, what doi i get?' and nowaydays when a SC pops up it's more like 'oh sc, great another bunch of camos i don't need at this point' or when i'm really 'lucky' it's like 'aah, no camos, it's 1k doubloons which is what, 3 bucks worth? how great, kappa'. So how about to rethink the rewards and make Supercontainer really super or at least diverse. Here are a bunch of ideas that could be a reward from a SC: if camos then really only good camos. stop with the 100% XP Halloween and alike. 50 camos with 100% triple stats bonus (xp, fxp, elite xp) only premium time. 7 days or 14 days, really? it should be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months if doubloons then a decent amount, like 2500 or 5000 or 7500 so there is an incentive to buy a bunch on top of that and use a coupon to spend them on a ship permanent camos for tier 8 to tier 10. one that can be applied to a ship rather than a ship specific camo, so the user can chose for which ship of that tier it is. premium ships. should only be tier 7 to tier 9/10 coupon bundles. a set of coupons with 50% discount for 1x special module, 1x camos and 1x signals. SC can give 15k coal which is pretty much equal to these 3 coupons, but 3 rewards just feels like it's more. coupon, maybe 20%, for the expensive special commander, e.g. Lütjens, Kuznetsov special commander of the cheap ones, e.g. John Doe, Honore, Dunkirk. They are usually 1500 doubloons which is far below the proposed doubloon increase mentioned above 5000 or 7500 research bureau points XP boost. for 48h increase the daily win bonus by 100% XP. could be an incentive for people to play more and different ships to make use of the XP bonus to farm free xp or something like this if signals then only 100 of them and only useful ones. no more ramming flags or anti-detonation or zulus and so on. only useful combat signals like more heal, fire duration, speed flag, AA signals, stuff like this special signals. 50 or 75 of them, get rid of the 25 commander booster. boost one commander of choice instantly to 19 points for free Those were just a few idea, there are for sure many more ideas and suggestions. Yes, some rewards sound like they are powerful or valuable but then again, we talk about extremely rare Supercontainer, so make them super and exciting to get.
  9. ThePurpleSmurf

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    It's called communication. You know, the same principle as a stike works. One side boycotts, the other side seeks the communication to talk about what can be changed and then it is changed in a way both sides make a compromise, which results in an improved situation without a real loser. The problem int his case are two things: 1) WG is not interested in communication, because so many expressed concerns about CVs in CBs and yet WG still forced it upon the player. 2) According to WG from a Q/A, which is admittedly a few months ago so things could have changed, only a meager 5% of the entire playerbase is participating in clan battles. It's highly unlikely that WG will make drastic changes for such a small percentage. But then again, they forced the CV rework on us that nobody asked for and there is even less than 5% of the playerbase actually playing CV. So if they cater to this tiny amount of playerbase, rendering the other 95+ percent of the playerbase the minority, then maybe a miracle will happen.
  10. ThePurpleSmurf

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    Good time to do so as the steam summer sale just started yesterday and last until 9th of July i believe.
  11. ThePurpleSmurf

    Coordinated boycott of CB from EU and NA clans

    This is not a clan battle exclusive thing but even worse in randoms. So rather to boycott CBs, the playerbase should boycott the game as a whole until something happens - but this is wishful thinking and will never happen.
  12. ThePurpleSmurf

    Bad patch!

    It's not just co-op. On reddit are similar posts with 24vs24 with 3 cv one side and 1 cv on the other side and it's a random battle. Though, the other screenshot looks like a display bug where ships were cloned, because the minimap shows the normal 12 player start position. Whatever, yet another WG gimmick to entertain us plebs.
  13. ThePurpleSmurf

    Bad patch!

    This is epic 😂😂