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  1. RamboCras

    Hakuryu Tips

    Hi, On my Midway, I now to start my torp-run between 5.5 en 6km and drop the torps last moment and like 10m before the ship. If I catch a ship broadside, I very often get 6 torps hits in 1 run. My Rockets I start the run sometimes at 4.5km but also read people start it at 6.5 so the aiming circle is very small? Soon I will grind the Hakuryu, if anyone likes to share there experience on the torp drop & lead I would be very much appreciated. I also saw Notser do a multiple run on a stationary ship. With the 8k torp range, at what range do you start that run so you can throw the first set at exactly 8km?
  2. RamboCras

    Good CV players, CV OP?

    I heard Notser say he used the brake so the AA would dissipate and do no damage. But what I read here is, the faster you fly, the wider the flag. So, zig zag to the target because the flak is always shot in your path? And what can you do when you are in bomb-torp-rocket run range? Only braking and as little manoeuvre as possible since the aiming rectangle gets bigger otherwise?
  3. RamboCras

    Good CV players, CV OP?

    I saw a game today where a friendly AKAZUKI shot down 47 planes.... 47!!! Even for a AA cruisers that is impressive! (I have had those games in my Groz also, not as much but multiple times 30+ plane kills)
  4. RamboCras

    Good CV players, CV OP?

    Hi, I just had a game in my Grozovoi vs a Midway. Normally my Grozovoi shreds planes like it was an AA spec'd Montana before the terrible 0.8.0 upgrade. The CV spots me right in the beginning and I turn into him to make his aim time as short as possible and be a target as short as possible and he bombs off 15k health in his first run (2/3 of my total health), that leaves me 9k health. I use a heal and I turn on my AA consumable and with him staying in AA range he does 2 more runs. The second he mostly misses ( 1-2-k) and the 3rd run finishes me off. What's more, I didn't shoot down a single plane, I only did 9860k plane damage. Is this normal? Is a CV supposed to be able to kill a DD with Bombs? Besides being spotted all the time, the CV is now able to finish me off within 2 min of the start if he sees me? Should I as a result now stay with AA cover as a DD and not play in front of the fleet to spot for torps? Not close enough to the enemy to torp? Is AA that has been able to kill 40 planes in a game due to a skillful flak avoiding CV player useless? What happened to this game? Has wargaming made the CV now playable for the pre 0.8.0 bad CV player with the effect that the good CV player makes his CV OP? Of course, the only solution is to nerv it, or make AA stronger and than the bad CV players start crying again.... where is this going to end?
  5. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    I was alone. I was almost in cap and no other ships near enough. They came from the enemy side so I am absolutely sure it was just me. A full squad and none were smoking coming from the enemy side, I assume 100% health. I don't have it every game, but sometimes I wipe out the squad completely and in this case even before it reached me. Maybe it is then a tier VIII carrier against my tier X Grozovoi? All of them right in my flack? My Groz is fairly AA specked. When I zone it goes to 150%, it has the AA consumable. (Yesterday I killed 47 planes with the Grozovoi in a game it that had 2 CVs a side)
  6. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    I disagree, I play DD. I play Kidd or Grozovoi - when planes see you, it's too late and they are within AA range - you can switch the zone in 3 seconds so attacking planes are always facing 150% AA - Besides the 150%, you have the AA consumable - Carriers want to focus you with their rocket planes so they bring the planes to you to farm Just played a 2 CV a side game, Grozovoi got 47 planes.
  7. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    it would be nice if once in a while (more often then now), call it gunners expertise or sheer firepower, you shoot one of the incoming planes so fewer torps are dropped.
  8. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    Just had a Double CV a side game in my Grozovoi.... 47 (yes 47) plane kills. What is weird is sometimes you seem to make little damage, but 1 full squad was completely shredded before they reached me.
  9. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    yes, I can't play at this moment either... that means they are down for 1 hr at least. Must be some serious issue.
  10. RamboCras

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    Depends a bit, Groz and Kidd have repair and AA consumable. I have done 30+ plane kills with both already in double CV games. :)))) So for the assignment, it is very good.
  11. Where are the carriers? I have played almost 10 games and NO carriers. I'm in my Kidd (together with my Grozovoi my best AA ships- don't laugh, it's true) but I have not seen a single CV in a game this morning. The meta of the play is already FUBAR'd, but now they FUBAR'd the CVs so much no one wants to play in them? Great idea to have a shoot planes assignment in the FLY STRIKE WIN assignments. You can leave FLY out of the title I think. Thanks for the Alaska, can we no go back to pre 0.8.0?
  12. RamboCras

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Roll back the patches! Give us WOW pre 0.8.0 back!
  13. RamboCras

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    I don't like the new CV play at all. I find that DDs are better capable to shoot down planes than cruisers or BBs who have like 6+ times the guns. When I have a 'shoot planes down assignment' I use my Kidd, Grozovoi or Gearing (exchanged speed boost for AA consumable). Especially with the new detectability, it like catching flies in a web. Also, the fact that the zoning in a DD switches really fast means that planes will always be on the 150% side. Perhaps CV planes stay away from my Montana (AA spec'd) which they can spot more early than the DD or not, I shoot down MUCH more planes with my DDs than in my Montana. Sometimes it's attacked 3 x by a wave and I take down 2-3 planes where my DD would do 5-6 or even 8 planes per flight. Personally, I think that AA support should be (I think) a cruiser role. If you see Notser's last video he is defending his team from planes in a Gearing. This shows how much the Meta of the game is affected to the point of being silly. And, stupid CV players, stay stupid CV players. The majority of them still support the flank that's already winning and not the flank that is outgunned and really needs their help. So, on the CV irritation side, nothing has changed other than the fact the game is less fun, a lot of players are complaining, we have had 3 rounds of nerfs, buffs and fixes and the end can't be near because it's still a mess. General buffs influence high tiers in another way than low tier. The fly-strike-win assignments are super simple to keep people playing but the complaints remain. I also notice that CVs are less and less in the game due to all the nerfs. Even without the CVs I personally notice that it's quite easy to stop playing where 3 months ago I would still do one more game. I wonder where this is going....
  14. RamboCras

    Fly Strike Win Event

    Awesome, not to hard assignments, actually enjoyed playing the Atlanta again. Hadn't touched it in a year or so. The hardest one was shooting planes due to the lack of CVs in the higher tier games (don't play lower tiers). But after 10 games with either my Kidd or Grozovoi (DDs do the most plane kills) I managed. pity about the new meta gameplay. I hope they well go pre-patch with the work. I'm actually hoping the old carriers are back, it was far from perfect but WAY better than now.
  15. RamboCras


    I actually think WG did so many changes that you only see a carrier like once every 6-7 games LOL. That's also a way to stop the negative feedback/comments. So, since that is resolved, can we now go back to the pre-patch version and get our old gameplay back? Where BBs and cruisers shot planes and not DDs? I am doing the fly-strike-win assignment using my Kidd or Grozovoi, averaging 20 planes per game if (big IF) there is a carrier in the game. I'm not a DD player, but I had to play like 10 games to get 2 games with a CV in it so I could kill the planes. Killing planes was the hardest assignment due to the lack of CVs lol. Ps When will WG see the light? Or will this game die a slow death due to less and less people playing it.