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  1. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    Absolutely true, and to get 12 stranger to play as a team would be amazing. If you could get 6 it would be awesome. Unfortunately, that's rare. Personally I am already glad when I am not 4 ships down in 5 minutes.
  2. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    500 is not hard to reach..... If you enjoy the game, I doubt you will not make it.
  3. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    Nope, the other raises up too fast in comparison to their skill level. It takes under 2000 Coop games to get to the Yamato With a tier IX you end up in tier X games very often...
  4. RamboCras

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    Of course, you disagree... you are WG. Here are your players saying telling you, all you need to do is press a button in the premium shop and you are instantly tier 9.
  5. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    Go to the store, tier IX for sale. Flambass made a video about it, and he did not even win all games. Same a guys, got his Yamato after 3 weeks. 1870 coop battles.
  6. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    Nice discussion guys, I come from a sports background, there you need to train hard to be good and to win to go to the next division. It's ok if you don't want to.. but then you end up in a competition where there are similar people like (some are called beer - teams). Its where I ended up after I got too old to be competitive. I have had to do many annoying assignments for this game, so for me, if I don't make my 500 points. I would not mind playing tier IX or VIII for 3 games. So many games now are done in max 12 minutes and I think it's a combination of spam and OP ships combined with players that lack skill. Hoe over when your team is massacred did you not lose all DDs in 3-4 minutes? How often were there not ships pushing a cap without knowing what is there? People see this is punishment, I see it as making people practice on a level they should be comfortable with.
  7. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    Most other games have normal progression modes.
  8. RamboCras

    Please built in a competence rule.

    This is not incompetence, i can handle someone trying but not succeeding..... this is ignorance, they should not be on tier X.
  9. RamboCras

    General CV related discussions.

    Just plaid clan ware tier 6 (really stupid) and I noticed that even at the end of the game the CV was pumping out full squadrons. The game after that I noticed that hardly any planes were shot down? Is AA broken at low tier? Couldn't BBs and cruisers in that era not shoot down simple wooden biplanes? Or is a free training ground for CV players??
  10. Dear WG, With players having the possibility to go tier X within 26-29 games. Reaching tier IX within the press of the button in the store. Can you please make the following rule: if, in a tier VII-X game, you can't make 500 points, the next 3* games you have to play at least 1 tier lower. So that: - people steaming in caps in cruisers and BBs straight at the start of the game - people that can't count and don't see that they are vastly outnumbered from all sides - people that overcommit (usually without knowing what enemies are there) - DDs that go DEEP into enemy caps with the whole enemy team alive without knowing where the radar ships are - DDs that race for caps without AA protection in a CV game - AFK people that never show up (or incredibly late) - CVs that sail forward from when the game starts and get deleted in the start of the game At least can't be present in the next 3* games!!! *Preferably 5 games. You never know, maybe they will also buy a brand new ship from the store a tier lower?
  11. RamboCras

    Games over in under 10 min

    Today I got a Kraken and lost.. My team killed 6 in total... the other flank evaporated, I don't even think the ships coming from there had any damage. Today, tier 9 game, Sinop my right just sailed straight into cap.. CV game so you know you are spotted, 5 enemy ships on all side, I say 'Go Back", but full speed into cap... didn't last 3 min. I shoot 2 times... look at the score... 4 ships down in 4.5 min wtf. Perhaps if damage counts for less experience in the beginning then in the end.. then maybe people play more to stay alive and play a little smarter??
  12. RamboCras

    Games over in under 10 min

    Is it me or do the under 10 min games happen more and more? Annihilate or get annihilated. Today first game 8 min, second lasted 7min31.... WTF is going on with this game? Is this so no one makes any credits anymore and they have to buy credits/Doubloons???
  13. RamboCras

    Dutch speaking? Nederlands?

    JOIN VLOOT!! Fun, relaxed, TS server where it's always friendly, young and old. People that are willing to teach you, learn you the ropes of the different ships. gezellig leuke clan, jong en oud, we gebruiken TeamSpeak voor communicatie!
  14. RamboCras

    General CV related discussions.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make it harder to reach the high tiers for CV!!! by going tier 4-6-8-10 people reach the highest tier WAY to quick!!! Put some kind of skill demand on it, even IF you have the experience points if you don't have something like 20 games above 1400-1500 points you can't progress!!! FFS, no spotting, no DD focussing, minimap oblivion, how to use the defensive planes to help teammates, deaf and blind to chat and help requests, torpedoing from the front or back instead of broadside, attacking AA strong ships, not knowing on who to use your AP bombers, Going with torp planes and bombers after DDs, etc etc My fav. thing is when a CV doesn't spot DDs is when they get torpedoed by them cause they break through :) :).
  15. My team last within 8 minutes in a tier X battle!!!! That must be an amazing achievement?? Edit: today first lost 8 min, second loss 7min31 (tier 9 game)!!! 7min31 - no ships above 500 points, 9 under 400 points, 4 under 300. Amazingly Epic bad!!