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  1. RamboCras

    Matchmaking and Corona

    range, HP, Speed, the possibility to do damage, the fact that a yama can half your xp in a volley without citadeling you
  2. RamboCras

    Matchmaking and Corona

    Well I had 5 games in a row uptiered 100% sure, this morning first 2 games uptiered . So that means I have 1 more time uptiered and 12 games not uptiered waiting for me...
  3. RamboCras

    Matchmaking and Corona

    Well, no playing more games and the first 2... you guessed it.. uptiered!!
  4. RamboCras

    Matchmaking and Corona

    I work for myself and from home due to corona. That allows me to play a few times a day when my agenda allows it. I don't know how matchmaking works, but if you play a few times a day and log off in between (I play tier 8) because of work, I notice that I am almost always up tiered in my game. Only when I play several games in a row (weekend) I finally get a tier 8 match. Can you update the Matchmaking algorithm so it remembers you have been playing up tiered in your last x (2-3) games so it will give you a game at your own tier? It's not really a fun game when you are with a lower HP pool encountering Yama's, thunderers and other high tier (spam) ships.
  5. RamboCras


    Every so often, I can't shoot in the game. Guns are aimed, green, but when I press the fire button, nothing happens. I switch ammo type, still can't shoot. What is this?
  6. RamboCras

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    I think that when I am in a game with a submarine... I just yolo in till I have a game without one. If it takes too many yolo's it's been a nice game streak with 17.000 games. Otherwise I can always sell my account...
  7. RamboCras

    Blapping CVs with Yama/Musashi: spotting plane

    Musashi's and Yama main turrets go through the deck of a tier 8 CV right? And a tier X CV has shatters on the deck.... perhaps part of the sci fi version of the game... a force field
  8. RamboCras

    Blapping CVs with Yama/Musashi: spotting plane

    The game I was in, the CV tried to park behind a rock, but the arc was enough so he was gone in no time. How does the armoured flight deck handle Yama/Musashi shells?
  9. Dear Wargaming, Isn't it a bit silly to give Yama and Musashi with 26.x km range a spotting plane. Today in 2 games, the CV spots the enemy CV, which is still parked, and the BB blaps it, 2 minutes into the game, CV gone, game basically already over. WHY a spotting plane on these ships with already a ridiculous range?
  10. RamboCras

    Coal drops from Resource containers nerfed?

    I get more flags than coal when I choose resources, where is the logic in that?
  11. RamboCras

    Are secondary builds dead forever?

    I agree... I miss my secondary play. When you could set your sec. on a ship (DD or cruiser) on low health and know that they were taken care of. They are actually worse than broken, they are unreliable. I had a DD with a few hundred health within 1KM coming around a corner on my broadside in my Massa, so in range of ALL right side secondaries and the first 2 salvos missed completely. The third salvo just hit the back of the DD and killed him, but by now he had dropped his torps.......
  12. RamboCras

    Are secondary builds dead forever?

    Only 140 secondaries? :-)
  13. RamboCras

    I would like a refund please, WG

    I agree entirely that he should be refunded. If you buy a ship for a playstyle and the playstyle is nerved/killed/broken, you should get the option to get your payment back in whatever currency you paid for it. So euro for euro, doubloon for doubloon, cool for cool, etc How about you buy a tv and they say in the conditions that at any time they can remove a part that takes care of the color. And they do and after that it's B&W, wouldn't you want your money back? :-)
  14. RamboCras

    Worst match result ever?

    really? And how did he stay alive? :-)
  15. De gouden leeuw is a restaurant by Van Der Valk ha ha ha ha