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  1. RamboCras

    Black screen during game

    Issue is gone for me now (thank god). Was super annoying.
  2. RamboCras

    Game ending before time/1000points

    Hi, Does anybody know why the games are ending before the time is up or a team has reached a 1000? This early ending, when still alive stops you from making more damage and making more money in the game. Is it a way from wargaming to force people to go premium?
  3. RamboCras

    i won gaming laptop?

    Guys, let's stick to the subject...
  4. RamboCras

    Naval Tour contest - Wrong ingame notification

    f*ck... I never win anything.... now I thought I finally won something of value.... but no... :( :( :(
  5. RamboCras

    i won gaming laptop?

    I have 587 days of premium... rather have the roma :))))
  6. RamboCras

    Suggestions thread

    Hi Jessa, In 4500 games, I have been kicked from the server 3 times (all in the last 2 months). I find the systems very stable. And like I said, with one freebie a day... there is no problem with that. I would not get punished. You are addressing the bad players issue, hmmm hard one. You could make 2 flavors of matchmaking, 1 based on Ship, 1 based on the stats of the player. So you can choose which version of Random battle you play. On the other hand, I played Clan Battle and found the level of play quite high (and challenging) there. Ranked is driving me nuts, with only 7 ships, if 2 do something stupid, you lose. You say push, 2 hang back.. you lose... I just lost 2 games where after 3 minutes the outcome was clear. You can explain in chat what you want... no result... some people just don't want to know I suppose...
  7. RamboCras

    i won gaming laptop?

    Well.. if they give me the admirals version of the Roma.... I will accept that sending me a message was a mistake :)))))))
  8. RamboCras

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion: If someone is AFK for X minutes to punish him for Y hours (after like 1 freebee a day). Depending on the tier, Y goes up. I was just in a tier x game where the carrier was AFK for the first 3-4 minutes and he got caught by a DD that had crossed the map. It meant in the beginning of the game our DDs where easy game (and died). The game ended quickly causing 12 guys to loose credits. The game after that, a Moskva never showed up. He also was toasted by a DD that capped A and caught him behind D doing nothing. The regular excuse is that the game crashed. If these guys have their settings to high, crappy PCs, why should the other players (and the game) suffer. In team sportsplay, late for the training, you get a fine or you are benched. Result... everyone is early. Ps. getting in early allows you to scan the opponents, radar ships, map... so you come into the game more prepared!
  9. RamboCras

    Graphic Errors and FPS Drops

    I have that, in game when I get hit heavy, my screen goes black for 2-3 seconds. Extremely annoying cause sometimes I am still alive and need to dodge more incoming, island or decide if I use a consumable while I can't see the state of my ship. Never had any issues with this game, running a GTX980It, i-7700 intel, 32GB memory. Except for the video card, al latest greatest hardware installed 5-6 months ago. Any suggestions would be awesome (reinstall game? Clean install video drivers?)
  10. RamboCras

    Black screen during game

    Hello, Since a few days I have that my screen goes black during a game. Its usually when I get hit bad or die. Anyone else has or had this? I have a GTX980Ti, Latest video drivers, latest intel processor, etc. Help would be appreciated, this is quite annoying.
  11. RamboCras

    Fire maximum of secondaries

    Would be nice to understand that, cause that is exactly what I am looking for. if it stacks, and with every pie slice being 15 degrees, then it stacks maximum from approx 55 up to 135 degrees. The big questions is now, if the coloured section is longer, does that mean more guns can shoot at the target?
  12. RamboCras

    Fire maximum of secondaries

    Hmmm this surprises me... it looks like the 11.3 range is achieved by the guns that can mostly shoot at a 30 - 150 degree angle. However when I go straight for a ship with my secondaries on, it starts shooting at 11.2 (I assume guns need to rotate before firing). I am assuming the sector of fire for the Tirp and Bis are the same since they are sister ships. can you show these graphs for the Tirp and Yama?
  13. RamboCras

    Fire maximum of secondaries

    Thanks guys, my secondary built ships are the Yamato and the Tirpitz (and the Kurf when I have the captain points). My thought was that when ever in a battle with 2 ships to open more to a cruiser when fighting a BB a the same time to get more secondary guns on him. But you guys have answered my question, it's basically yes but it varies. (I saw a video of a guy who hammered 2 ships with secondaries in his Yamato and that didn't seem to work for me, but then again, I always angle and maybe there I need to change my approach. Open up more to get more guns blazing)
  14. RamboCras

    Fire maximum of secondaries

    Hello, I was wondering, how much do I need to angle my BB to use maximum of secondaries? I notice that when I go straight to target, nose right at him I see secondaries firing from the left and right side. However, you can also angle and do then more secondaries fire? Basically I am asking, how do I get as many secondary guns as possible firing on the enemy? Thank you!
  15. Hi All, I have Steven on my desmoines, expert marksman enabled... but I am not getting his perk top change ammo fast? Do I need to do anything else?? Help is appreciated