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  1. RamboCras

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    4+ lines you need to reset to research on of the new ships (like Ohio). 4+ lines equals about 5 Mio XP if you want to keep 2-3 ships and have to research modules for them 5 Mio XP equals approx. 200.000 doubloons 200.000 doubloons equals approx. 730 Euro How many games is 5 Mio XP? If you average a 1000 XP per game, that is 5000 games, average 15 min per game, play 75.000 minutes (1250 hours). My math must be off, right? This can't be....
  2. Why do non DD ships sail straight into a cap at the start of the game? Just had a guy with 55% win rate (which is good right?) sail into the cap in his Yamato with 2 DDs in it (they were radared) en 2 tier X BBs en 3 cruisers around it? He was gone in 2 minutes..... Same with the 20k XP in DD, so many 4 DD games, In so many times 3 DDs are gone in 5 minutes...
  3. It took me years to have all lines grinded (and Doubloons). No chance in HELL I am going to do that x times over to get 3 buffs, not even for 1 or 2 chips. What will happen to my Premium Ships that are not in a tech tree? They will get them for free? People paid, grinded, whatever for them and now they are outclassed? Imagine a tier X with all buffs meeting a tier VIII first grind? How fun will it be for such a ship to encounter a Conq or Kremlin on steroids? If this goes go on, I am out. I know they hope people will spend a gazillion doubloons to speed up the grind but my account will go dormant. Maybe I'll sell it on eBay or something and get some of my money back. We have a clan whatsapp and ALL veteran players that reacted said they would quit the game. I scrolled through feedback on Jingles (1600) and Flambass (900) but I could not find 1 positive feedback on the idea. But seeing they have the screens already.... My guess is they will say [edited]the player feedback... we will do it anyway cause they hope they will make money... a lot of money. I fear for them that this idea is SO bad, it will blow up in their face. We will have lost a nice game, they will lose their jobs.... a lose-lose situation. Just to be sure: #NO NTC
  4. People will only regrind their favourite ship, it will be regrindend Kremlins and Conquerers and imagine those fighting a first time grind tier VIII ships? Took me years to get here and now suddenly my ships are degraded compared to others? My premiums don't have a tech tree, what happens to them? They get the boasts standard? If not, you have a serious problem, I bought them cause they were good. If you do, those are the only ones I will play. I am not going to re-re-re-re-re-re grind my ships. I'll be out of here finding a new game. I just posted this in the WhatsApp of my clan and every Veteran player said he would stop.
  5. RamboCras

    Naval center

    How can you sit in a room with people, suggest this, and then the rest thinks... yeah... great idea. You will get Class 4 tier X ships fighting first grind tier VIII? I have all tier X ships no way in hell I am going to regrind all them. What will happen to my stand alone premium ships? They will also be massacred by their Class 4 counterparts. And... if they get all the buffs cause they are premium, then I will just play them and seal club away and not regrind. But probably I will deinstall the game.
  6. RamboCras

    Detonation, incorrect & too often?

    I detonated in my first game of the day, that makes 4 now and the last 2 days in a row...
  7. RamboCras

    Detonation, incorrect & too often?

    Detonation It was gone for a while (turned of even i think), but I noticed (the hard way) that it's back. However, it is still broken: - I think I detonate to often (a WG trick to get you to buy the detonation flag?) - I detonate taking a torpedo on my BB's torpedo belt. That belt is made to catch the torpedo, how in the hell can I detonate? I purposely turn so it hits my BB's belt... As I recall, torpedoes explode outside the ship, the massive pressure creates an opening. Modern torpedoes create such a void under the ship it might even break. But the WW2 ones did not have that power. So technically speaking, I don't think your ship can't even detonate because of a torpedo. So: - To my knowledge, it's not correct to detonate because of a torpedo. - If you take a torpedo on your belt, you should certainly NOT detonate - I think I detonate to often (3 times in the last 7 days, yes I play a lot) I think they should turn it off again cause it is not working as it should.... what do you guys think?
  8. RamboCras

    Clear Sky - how, after the rework?

    Just did 65 planes, 61 with AA, 4 with a defensive squad. Got nothing...