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  1. RamboCras

    Games over in under 10 min

    Today I got a Kraken and lost.. My team killed 6 in total... the other flank evaporated, I don't even think the ships coming from there had any damage. Today, tier 9 game, Sinop my right just sailed straight into cap.. CV game so you know you are spotted, 5 enemy ships on all side, I say 'Go Back", but full speed into cap... didn't last 3 min. I shoot 2 times... look at the score... 4 ships down in 4.5 min wtf. Perhaps if damage counts for less experience in the beginning then in the end.. then maybe people play more to stay alive and play a little smarter??
  2. RamboCras

    Games over in under 10 min

    Is it me or do the under 10 min games happen more and more? Annihilate or get annihilated. Today first game 8 min, second lasted 7min31.... WTF is going on with this game? Is this so no one makes any credits anymore and they have to buy credits/Doubloons???
  3. RamboCras

    Dutch speaking? Nederlands?

    JOIN VLOOT!! Fun, relaxed, TS server where it's always friendly, young and old. People that are willing to teach you, learn you the ropes of the different ships. gezellig leuke clan, jong en oud, we gebruiken TeamSpeak voor communicatie!
  4. RamboCras

    General CV related discussions.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make it harder to reach the high tiers for CV!!! by going tier 4-6-8-10 people reach the highest tier WAY to quick!!! Put some kind of skill demand on it, even IF you have the experience points if you don't have something like 20 games above 1400-1500 points you can't progress!!! FFS, no spotting, no DD focussing, minimap oblivion, how to use the defensive planes to help teammates, deaf and blind to chat and help requests, torpedoing from the front or back instead of broadside, attacking AA strong ships, not knowing on who to use your AP bombers, Going with torp planes and bombers after DDs, etc etc My fav. thing is when a CV doesn't spot DDs is when they get torpedoed by them cause they break through :) :).
  5. My team last within 8 minutes in a tier X battle!!!! That must be an amazing achievement?? Edit: today first lost 8 min, second loss 7min31 (tier 9 game)!!! 7min31 - no ships above 500 points, 9 under 400 points, 4 under 300. Amazingly Epic bad!!
  6. Captains don't change when selecting a new ship. they still have some items to fix I assume....
  7. RamboCras

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Tried it, don't like it. BB player here, introducing a class that's invulnerable to another class is stupid. 3 BBs in the game means a LOT less hitpoints in the game, and the games are SO fast these days with all the spam ships.
  8. RamboCras

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    This is the death of the BB player. And you already see games in submarine battle with only subs, dd, and cruisers... and it's logical: - there is a boat that you can't kill - he can perma spot you - he is faster underwater than you above - the only ship with a missile guidance system while there is sailing pre and during WWII ships (why can't DDs/Cruisers use the same system, imagine seeing 15 shima torps home in on a cruiser or BB). - there is a lot of damage you can't farm anymore since 3 slots will be submarines And like the CV, WG put a lot of work into this, so they are not going to throw it away. Meaning... they are going to force it onto you. Their end game? We all play Russian OP ships. I'll bet if they bring out a Russian Sub, it will be faster dan the Kleber, can shoot 2 x4 torps from the front and 1x 6 from the back, reloads in 10 seconds. Als comes with a special commander that can heal the whole sub back to health after it exploded and sunk. Oh and the sub has the best detectability in the game, and awesome AA even if he is under water.
  9. Wtf is going in, 2nd game where people are just cruising around and not fight, first game a Shima, last game a Smolensk. Do something about that Wargaming!!!! People are getting in top tier ships WAY to fast.
  10. RamboCras

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    HA HA HA HA HA HA, try playing the Henri or the ZAO or Hinderburg or Minotaur or Venezia or Worcester... see what happens to them when they get hit from behind. At least you have the range and arc to play the long game. So a cruiser hurts when a BB hits it and you want that compensated? Perhaps we should do that for DDs too when they get hit by cruisers. Halland breaks when someone presses F3. And.. in the Russian ships you just lay there and spam... why show the backside of your ship??
  11. RamboCras

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    Can you make them more OP? Then we don't have to grind any of the other lines anymore... everyone will be playing Russian ship. Perhaps auto-aiming projectiles? the subs have them, why not the Russian ships? Layered armour, icebreaker nose, citadel under any angle, impervious to HE, great AA, fast... Oh.. and to compensate we give them a big turning circle, I know.. they just lay there and shoot.. but it is so it seems fair....
  12. RamboCras

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Well just watched toptier video, a game with no BBs (what a surprise) and now the CV can only hunt Subs, DD and Cruisers. So.. I would not be surprised if the fav. target of CVs being no longer there (big BBs with bad AA), the game is no fun for them either LOL and it will turn into a DD - Sub - Cruiser battle. Guess what, WG put so much time and effort in this, they are going to push this through our throat weather it improves the game or not (not). Probably do the CV thing, a full squadron will always go through your AA screen (CV happy), but the damage is less (BB happy).
  13. RamboCras

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    I am a BB player, for me, it means there is a class I can't kill. It also means if 3 subs are in-game, the game will have much fewer hitpoints to harvest. Imagine coming into a game with 3 subs and 3 DDs... why are you even in the game as a BB? The logical solution would be to make it optional to be in a submarine game, but that won't work, it would probably be filled with subs and DD and some cruisers. Won't be fun for sub players. Resulting that very few would play, so WG is going to allow this class in random otherwise it shows they fucked up massively and invested a lot of time and material in something where a large part of the hardcore playing community said, don't do it. What does it mean for me? I played Wow 100%, after the CV fuckup I started playing eve online and now play 60-40%. I was someone who spends money on a game he likes. After this, I'll try it (i played test server and did not like it at all), if I don't like it, it's probably going to be 30-70% or more. The money I spend on Wow I am spending on Eve. Why? Cause I think the game is getting worse and worse and I am not going to invest in a game that is end of line for me. I liked it because it was a tactical game and it's getting more and more arcade. So, who knows... soon there will be an account for sale with almost every tier X in the book, billion credits and 1 million free xp
  14. RamboCras

    Talin CAMO first??

    Why the f*** do I first need to save up for a Talin camo (400 soviet tokens) before I can get the ship itself??? Have they gone nuts at WG? Is this another one in annoy the player base streak? So after the CV rework, the spam ships, the Russian OP line, the submarines, Research points, the Puerto Rico scam, the new legendaries*, the 50.000 (150 euro) doubloons random bundle, radar from stealth, 2 Mio free XP ships, ability to get steel, the clear disregard of player base wishes and more, games almost never lasting more than 15 min, more spam ships, and what else I forgot of the last 1,5 year. Now I first have to save up for a camo, before I can get the ship, I have over a 1000 camo's in-game? * just another trick to make you spend doubloons/credits
  15. RamboCras

    Tirpitz is back!!!

    8 x 2 105mm every 2.9 sec, 5% fire chance and 6 x 2 150mm every 6.4 sec 8% fire chance. That's 1 fire per 15-20 seconds. Add turtleback and you have torps if they get too brave. Place a Tirpitz against a Massachusetts, secondaries only and the Tirpitz will win. I think there is even a Youtube clip by flamu or another player about it.