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  1. AhnKahet

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    Okay, we all have to agree that Henri's acceleration(with the speed boost, which was active 80% of the time) was a bit too much. I can understand the logic behind the nerf, but not behind the brutal murder of it. Did it require a nerf? Perhaps yes, but I think you may have overdone it a tad bit. 10%~15% acceleration nerf would still be huge, but somewhat reasonable and still playable. This was an overkill. Please do take #number tweaking into the consideration. @YabbaCoe
  2. AhnKahet

    New clouds

    What do you guys think about new sky/clouds? Looks like Mordor! That is not the only map where i encountered this Edit #1: Those black barely readable letters say: ''not found''.